Lexi Hensler

Lexi Hensler





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    2. Hanna Smiths

      Hanna Smiths

      11 minutes ago

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    3. Autumn Awesome

      Autumn Awesome

      15 minutes ago

      I'm so happy she didn't really move😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    4. Annabel Purvis

      Annabel Purvis

      21 minute ago


    5. Manya Tinna

      Manya Tinna

      23 minutes ago


    6. Nicole Orders

      Nicole Orders

      30 minutes ago

      Lexi should have been in the chair not blindfolded Andrew Jeremy Brent and but not the same time in the all push the x button like six times

    7. Laksika Kottegoda

      Laksika Kottegoda

      32 minutes ago

      Part two pleas...

    8. glenn Oh

      glenn Oh

      34 minutes ago

      Yesh i wanna see

    9. Stella Kinnaird

      Stella Kinnaird

      46 minutes ago

      Are they dating

    10. Soheila Nasrollahi

      Soheila Nasrollahi

      50 minutes ago


    11. Soheila Nasrollahi

      Soheila Nasrollahi

      56 minutes ago


    12. Dayziy Walters

      Dayziy Walters

      56 minutes ago

      Ummmmmmmm ur mean bruh

    13. Tina Mbashu

      Tina Mbashu

      57 minutes ago


    14. Soheila Nasrollahi

      Soheila Nasrollahi

      58 minutes ago


    15. NΓ±eka Jones

      NΓ±eka Jones

      59 minutes ago


    16. Soph Mc

      Soph Mc

      Hour ago

      It got 200 000 likes so what is going to happen now?

    17. Max Martinez

      Max Martinez

      Hour ago


    18. Abigail COSTELLO

      Abigail COSTELLO

      Hour ago

      How much is a Nintendo switch 🀣I wan

    19. Gigi Mcquesten

      Gigi Mcquesten

      Hour ago

      Brent just shaking his hand like crazy!!😭πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

    20. Jenice Chan

      Jenice Chan

      Hour ago

      Brent waving his hand like a maniac (6:33) is legit so funny

    21. Swastika Kumar

      Swastika Kumar

      Hour ago


    22. Bernard Hung

      Bernard Hung

      Hour ago

      Talks to Jermey asks how old he is he says "Im Seventeen" oh im 24 hits button takes off blindfold relizes he is hot what have i done NoOoOoOo

    23. Bernard Hung

      Bernard Hung

      Hour ago

      Puts out hand he has a brocken arm

    24. erik joseph velasco

      erik joseph velasco

      Hour ago

      go on a date with the girls

    25. sheen john

      sheen john

      Hour ago

      ive seen lexi rivera when she was a kid and she was like the bestt gymnast

    26. jaques olivier

      jaques olivier

      Hour ago


    27. Carmen Abrahams

      Carmen Abrahams

      2 hours ago

      I love your channel 😍

    28. Craig Hutton

      Craig Hutton

      2 hours ago


    29. Bill Wolf

      Bill Wolf

      2 hours ago

      The tattoo works u just need a serten perfume

    30. Prem Kumar

      Prem Kumar

      2 hours ago

      Strawberry ya

    31. Saleha Hamid

      Saleha Hamid

      2 hours ago

      Hey Lexi Peirson will be so mad when brent s having a blind date

    32. TJ MIKO

      TJ MIKO

      2 hours ago

      The lexis are the best revenge on Lexi vs Lexi in confuse which one is Lexi rivera and wich one is Lexi hensler

    33. Lugox


      2 hours ago

      I like how they didn’t think about gift cards

    34. Jolene


      2 hours ago


    35. Justin Brooks

      Justin Brooks

      2 hours ago

      I wanna do it

    36. bslaulbs


      2 hours ago

      Lexi hensler ?

    37. Carrie Nguyen

      Carrie Nguyen

      2 hours ago

      Ben is so nice to Lexi.

    38. jerryclint kouam

      jerryclint kouam

      2 hours ago

      Brent was faster

    39. Justin Brooks

      Justin Brooks

      2 hours ago

      I wanna do this

    40. Kaylin Gilbert

      Kaylin Gilbert

      2 hours ago


    41. Kristal Bayliss

      Kristal Bayliss

      2 hours ago

      i love you lexi (hensler not revira although i love her to)

    42. Arielle David

      Arielle David

      3 hours ago

      i love dares

    43. Unicorn Savagecandy

      Unicorn Savagecandy

      3 hours ago

      The picture when you see the video:never never I have. try to spell never have I ever with the words never never and I have good luck πŸ‘πŸΌ:)

      • Unicorn Savagecandy

        Unicorn Savagecandy

        3 hours ago


    44. Prerana Nayak

      Prerana Nayak

      3 hours ago

      no i think ben won

    45. Jayla Daniels

      Jayla Daniels

      3 hours ago

      Selena! minnesota gang!!❀️

    46. Prerana Nayak

      Prerana Nayak

      3 hours ago

      i think brent won to be honest

    47. Kevin Miller

      Kevin Miller

      3 hours ago

      My first sex she said what does she mean

    48. Gershaun Arulanantham

      Gershaun Arulanantham

      3 hours ago

      o my gosh lexi you cut your hair

    49. Kevin Miller

      Kevin Miller

      3 hours ago

      Hopefully they don’t drink

    50. TreandTiff Marshall

      TreandTiff Marshall

      3 hours ago

      litterly me and my bff both moved at first we were both in chicago then i moved to florida then she moved to st louis so through this whole vid i was like crying and saying pierson is gonna be pissed

    51. State of Art

      State of Art

      3 hours ago

      The boy who put the spaghetti on the table at the start is chole’s from lexi’s video with her male friends

    52. Arielle Reign Esponilla

      Arielle Reign Esponilla

      3 hours ago

      Part 2 please

    53. YEET squad

      YEET squad

      3 hours ago

      I cracked up at the end when Lexi R said that Lexi h probably does want to go out with Brent.🀣🀣🀣

    54. James Bincy

      James Bincy

      3 hours ago

      Lexi hensler where're you living

    55. Gianna Perez

      Gianna Perez

      3 hours ago

      Both please

    56. Arielle Reign Esponilla

      Arielle Reign Esponilla

      3 hours ago

      The girls are too old for themπŸ˜‚

    57. Lydixsy


      3 hours ago


    58. Max Martinez

      Max Martinez

      3 hours ago

      Let’s get married!...

    59. Micah-JennΓ©t Parker

      Micah-JennΓ©t Parker

      3 hours ago

      I feel so bad for Jeremy because so many girls shut him down because his age:(

    60. Sibs X3

      Sibs X3

      3 hours ago

      His reaction was so cute

    61. Roopneet Cheema

      Roopneet Cheema

      3 hours ago

      Lexiii... please make a vedio on your skin care routine... Cuz u said in a vedio that your husband will be so lucky because u won’t have any wrinkles and that stuff... So please i wanna use the same routine β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»

    62. Isabel Falling

      Isabel Falling

      4 hours ago

      I love how Brent just waves weirdlyπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

    63. Realgirl Chanel

      Realgirl Chanel

      4 hours ago

      I want a part 2

    64. Laasya Pullabhotla

      Laasya Pullabhotla

      4 hours ago

      Lexi R: I feel so bad Makes Lexi Hensler get everything on the menu anyway.

    65. Sapphire Winterburn

      Sapphire Winterburn

      4 hours ago

      You should do one for the girls!

    66. Leslie Ramirez

      Leslie Ramirez

      4 hours ago

      The way andrew sits

    67. Cherrie Tondapu

      Cherrie Tondapu

      4 hours ago

      I think Ben won...

    68. Sadiq Baahir

      Sadiq Baahir

      4 hours ago

      So good of u Lexi

    69. Ashley Ee

      Ashley Ee

      4 hours ago

      Plz do a part 2 for this vidπŸ‘β€οΈ

    70. Mahmoud El shazly

      Mahmoud El shazly

      4 hours ago

      Let’s see them going on a date with them

    71. Isabella Utley

      Isabella Utley

      4 hours ago

      :0 this prank backfired on Lexi lol P is going to get revenge

    72. Dani Sandeen

      Dani Sandeen

      4 hours ago

      Date video!!!!! YES!!!

    73. IAshiam Amir

      IAshiam Amir

      4 hours ago

      Oh Jeremy πŸ˜‚

    74. Olixivrii


      4 hours ago

      4:13 so when exactly will this be happening? πŸ˜‚

    75. Olixivrii


      4 hours ago

      Who else likes lexi’s writing πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

    76. shekinah mushid

      shekinah mushid

      4 hours ago


    77. Christopher Holm

      Christopher Holm

      4 hours ago

      Lexi H you are such an amazing person and I love you. If I could meet you in real life I would and I would do anything to have met you in person keep doing what you doing we love you

    78. Charlotte Ryan

      Charlotte Ryan

      4 hours ago


    79. Mayrin Martinez Perez

      Mayrin Martinez Perez

      4 hours ago


      • Mayrin Martinez Perez

        Mayrin Martinez Perez

        4 hours ago

        im kidding you look great

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      4 hours ago