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  1. P R

    P R

    11 minutes ago

    I hope no one watches this film over the greed of the shithole conglomerate company. $29.99. Can't wait to see E.P. heads roll..

  2. first last

    first last

    21 minute ago

    What the What? All is kings.

  3. Brittanie Alvarez

    Brittanie Alvarez

    22 minutes ago

    Jesus is King.... Beyoncé is the Devil

  4. Steven Brown

    Steven Brown

    26 minutes ago

    I'm thinking of making a film, White is King, or am I being a racist?????????????????????????????????

  5. Morgan Young

    Morgan Young

    37 minutes ago

    Ever since Beyonce & Jay-Z hung out with Serbian conceptual performance artist Marina Abramović they've then considered themselves cemented in the High-Art world. It seems to all have begun right then and there. Black Is King is just a by-product of Beyonce thinking she is now many things, a performance artist, avant-garde director/filmmaker and visionary poet. I'm not detracting the obvious vocal talent she possesses, but when you've got the type of wealth she has, you can pay someone to create a something as visually stimulating as any Almodóvar, Argento, Kubrick or Del Toro film. It's almost as though Beyonce watched Jodorowsky's "Holy Mountain" once and said to herself, "I'm going to make the black version of that". And much like Lemonade, she'll just confuse her fanbase with yet another visual album that is so cryptic and shallow fans will only eat it up because it's brimming with irony, but accept and laud it because it's new to their eyes and ears. Ultimately this is most likely her "redemption" offering to the black community because just like Will & Jada Smith, the Carters were no where to be seen nor had much to say when the BLM protests were in full swing....that truly surprised me. In the end, this is what you get from talented people with no artistic depth....they just throw it at the wall hoping it will stick. Grade C+

  6. Nicky Faalogo

    Nicky Faalogo

    40 minutes ago

    This is all a hoax. She did this in regards to satanic worship. Pay attention to her music videos of her new album and the outfit she's wearing. It all signifies demonic practices.

  7. derek chauvin

    derek chauvin

    41 minute ago

    This movie is so overrated . It's fucking stupid

  8. Lexi Elisabeth

    Lexi Elisabeth

    43 minutes ago

    Beyoncé is racist lol. No one seems to bat an eye. If this was labeled as “white is king “ with ONLY white people, the general public would absolutely lose it .

  9. NightSeeker Klemont

    NightSeeker Klemont

    59 minutes ago

    Not interested. It's pretty derivative if you ask me.

  10. Pathak Pratyush

    Pathak Pratyush

    59 minutes ago


  11. Ranya Bashar

    Ranya Bashar

    Hour ago

    I read the book in grade 2. It changed my life.

  12. Lizbeth Batista

    Lizbeth Batista

    Hour ago


  13. El intocable 007

    El intocable 007

    Hour ago

    MIB + Harry Potter = this movie 🤣

  14. Black face Darius

    Black face Darius

    Hour ago

    White is king coming next ! Everyone hit up my main page leave a like ! Darius truxton

  15. Wyattcannotguy


    Hour ago

    I mean not to be rude or anything but this is offensive in a way

  16. asunil Ajju

    asunil Ajju

    Hour ago

    Please full movie in hindi

  17. עידו אלי

    עידו אלי

    Hour ago

    lets just all agree no race is suprior to another race

  18. caoimhe conneely

    caoimhe conneely

    Hour ago

    I’m so happy I saw this movie

  19. Slimeface


    Hour ago

    Love Beyoncé, but this was horrible. You can justify it by saying how beautiful the scenery was as well as the rich African culture, but my goodness this was awful.

  20. Krishna Parida

    Krishna Parida

    Hour ago

    kab release hoga..?

  21. Hillary


    2 hours ago

    She played Maleficent perfectly!

  22. facts for study

    facts for study

    2 hours ago

    I love Disney from childhood

  23. Piotr Wydra

    Piotr Wydra

    2 hours ago

    Was I actually choosing who goes to heaven and who to hell when I was banging between two walls with my hands? Right vs left side?

  24. Reality Love

    Reality Love

    2 hours ago

    Can people not understand ending racism will be easier if we start treating every single person from every single race equal there was a segment on Snapchat called are black people cooler than white people and how ridiculous is that! Wanting racism to end but then in the same sentence saying one race is better like Gurl how bout we all stop seeing skin colour

  25. Greg Dahlen

    Greg Dahlen

    2 hours ago

    looks intriguing, I think I would have seen it if it'd been in theaters but I hate to pay to see anything on my little computer the grandeur is lost

  26. MrBrational


    2 hours ago

    Black is really trendy this year. Poor asians, always getting shafted.

    • boom in your face.

      boom in your face.

      2 hours ago


  27. A B C

    A B C

    2 hours ago

    Racial propaganda. Just what we need in 2020. Why doesn't Beyonce move to Africa?

  28. Ruben Whitter

    Ruben Whitter

    2 hours ago

    Is Beyonce even African though? Africa is a giant continent and which if the countries or cities therein is she connected to?

  29. bimbo bread

    bimbo bread

    3 hours ago

    lets all delete social media until a year when hopefully this “you should be bad for being white” shit will end.

  30. Littletee23


    3 hours ago

    Why is the comments FLAMING Disney and Beyoncé?

  31. bwampbwamp yoshi

    bwampbwamp yoshi

    3 hours ago

    Right, because everyone in Africa conforms to this "culture" lmao right. Heres an idea, why doesn't Disney take all the profits from this sham film, and donate all of it to humanitarian aid in Africa? There's about 8 different conflicts going on there right now.

  32. bimbo bread

    bimbo bread

    3 hours ago

    this is bad

  33. John_ Browne

    John_ Browne

    3 hours ago

    This kind of racist because if I white famous person made a movie called white is king would get in trouble.

  34. Rachel M

    Rachel M

    3 hours ago

    We As Blacks Disapprove!!! Scenes in this movie have nothing to do with our Black African culture