"When Kobe Bryant died, a piece of me died." - Michael Jordan | CBS Sports

Michael Jordan spoke at the memorial for fellow NBA great Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles. He compared their bond to a brotherhood in a tearful tribute to the late Lakers legend.

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  1. Logan Campos

    Logan Campos

    12 hours ago

    Yeah they set up kobe Bryant. Everyone knows. Especially Hollywood.

  2. Jeff Gumawid

    Jeff Gumawid

    15 hours ago

    MJ: Heartfelt speech *Dislikes vid* MJ: Okay, Fine.

  3. corrupted peanut

    corrupted peanut

    15 hours ago

    Seeing jordan in tears over kobe breaks my heart, please internet i beg you DO NOT MEME's too much R.I.P Kobe

  4. Joseph Lenoir

    Joseph Lenoir

    22 hours ago


  5. warriorprince101010


    Day ago

    Kobe Bryant admitted to "strangling" her during the encounter, stating that he held her "from the back" "around her neck", that strangling during sex was "his thing" and that he had a pattern of strangling a different sex partner (not his wife) during their recurring sexual intercourse. The Blood of the victim was found on Kobe's T-shirt.

  6. doucey1992


    Day ago


  7. J Breezy

    J Breezy

    Day ago

    Damn now Kobe is up there with Chick Hearn and all the Laker greats man

  8. BaconYT - Gamblog

    BaconYT - Gamblog

    Day ago

    man 7months and im not yet over this

  9. lips ducky

    lips ducky

    Day ago

    when he said "rip little brother" my heart just warmed up. rip angels never forgotten

  10. Sle3py.


    Day ago

    bro imagine disliking

  11. Paige Kelly

    Paige Kelly

    Day ago

    To the motel

    • Paige Kelly

      Paige Kelly

      Day ago

      You can stay here if you want

  12. Thomas McCombs

    Thomas McCombs

    Day ago

    Kobe Bryant was racist and he only Freewheel believed in players and black community yet he didn't help communities out like you think kobe would Own the group his wife and she got paid I don't see where Kobe Bryant deserves any great and some who's even worse than him is King James is everybody want to call it which is LeBron's racist chains he is still on the plantation I mean what does he give his money to what do you think about it with an open mind probably to Black lives matter in at Iva who are no different than Neo-Nazi groups the KKK Southern Law Firm Black Panthers and the ones I mentioned ultra white summer black all they care about is there self and trying to get Trump out of office because they know that he could change his country US-state a business where people can actually make money but yet they want people to be under there 15 size Shoes to keep them down most sports players for like that.

  13. John B

    John B

    Day ago

    Not a single part of Jordan died when Kobe died.

  14. supermariofan03


    Day ago

    MJ is almost 60 yet he looks more like he’s nearly 40.

  15. Magical Muffin

    Magical Muffin

    Day ago

    This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all day😂😂

    • Kutay Kaplaner

      Kutay Kaplaner

      Day ago

      Is there a funny part that we're all missing or something??

  16. Clarence Ross

    Clarence Ross

    Day ago

    Kobe is one of my fav athletes 💜💛💪🏾 Michael Jordan too 💯🇺🇸 great powerful message.

  17. Doug Tarnopol

    Doug Tarnopol

    2 days ago

    Jesus, I hadn't seen this till just now. Tore my heart out. Well done.

  18. Jayden Pippin

    Jayden Pippin

    2 days ago

    I haven’t see Michael Jordan cry the first time and this have me heart 💔💔💔

  19. Harith Galaxy Ninja 2

    Harith Galaxy Ninja 2

    2 days ago

    I never seen basketball but i feel like i have connect little bit with basketball i started to play basketball at school itreally hurt i got injured at my hand,kobe Bryant you will be here for you❤❤❤and im malay, i will still pray for you kobe❤❤❤

  20. Michiel Forier

    Michiel Forier

    2 days ago

    He hit Michael with the lmao, lmao

  21. Well well well How the turntables

    Well well well How the turntables

    2 days ago

    Whoever disliked this will burn in hell

  22. George Sumu

    George Sumu

    2 days ago

    in 2019 i knew that 2020 gonna suck

  23. tiporosso


    2 days ago

    Already forgotten, people will remember the memes about Jordan crying, human life do not have any value at all, we'll all be forgotten sooner than later.

  24. Jonah Francois

    Jonah Francois

    2 days ago

    Micheal Jordan and Kobe is the same as Tony Stark and Spiderman

  25. Cookies 'n Cream

    Cookies 'n Cream

    2 days ago

    Sounded like all MJ did was talk about himself in repeat for 12 minutes, using Kobe as an excuse to do so.

  26. Braylin Harrison

    Braylin Harrison

    2 days ago

    6:35 I didnt know michael jackson still alive in front of curry

  27. Gifleo


    2 days ago

    I couldn't care less about sports but this was incredibly emotional and depressing.

  28. JESSE B


    3 days ago

    Don't even look like MJordan... It seems like celebrities age much faster than normal working people, but MJ's voice is still the same, he has a iconic never changing voice🏀🏀🏀

  29. adam koestline

    adam koestline

    3 days ago

    Was Bill Russell sleeping?

  30. jxmxs


    3 days ago

    i have this hat with kobe's signature own it and now i don't even wanna wear it anymore :(

  31. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee

    3 days ago

    Kobe has the GOAT crying 😭 much love ❤️

  32. ceegun


    3 days ago

    Michael doesn't have any sons exept Kobe Brynt

  33. Yo Misma

    Yo Misma

    3 days ago


  34. Ryan Montanez

    Ryan Montanez

    3 days ago

    Been 6 months and it still doesn't feel like this is real life, I've spent the last 2 hours watching Kobe stuff and I'm just crying and crying why do I keep doing this to myself??? I do it at least twice a month 😭😭😭

  35. Fretchie Geverola

    Fretchie Geverola

    3 days ago

    3:17 - 3:25 "Talking about Postup moves,footwork and sometimes the TRIANGLE" Sound's Strange hmmm

  36. Bikes cars and everything in between

    Bikes cars and everything in between

    3 days ago

    If you ever need to wash your eyes out,WATCH THIS!!!!!!!

  37. Cory Wilson

    Cory Wilson

    3 days ago

    LeBron had Kobe killed!

  38. thomas magnum

    thomas magnum

    3 days ago

    No. This is BULLSHIT. Jordan resents anyone with any talent that gave him any competition or opposition.' Just ask any of his teammates. Listen closely to Jordan's words. It was like: what would I say about myself at my own funeral? Then keep listening. People that don't like you will tell you if you let them talk. And we've heard a lot from Jordan since he revealed his true nature at his 'Hall of Fame' speech. IF #23 could have done that, he would go down in history as the greatest of all time. As it stands, he's just going down in flames.

  39. missmindersue


    3 days ago

    Kobe’s death was a Satanic Ritual 👿 we’re on to you idiots. 🙄

  40. Morgan Trombly

    Morgan Trombly

    3 days ago

    Kobe was so special even Jordan couldn’t hate he took all his moves nobody else could get away w that but Kobe was that good

  41. KenishaM820


    3 days ago


  42. Animal Planet Tv

    Animal Planet Tv

    3 days ago

    3:44 claro the third

  43. Set Me Free

    Set Me Free

    3 days ago

    You ain't a real man unless you can cry and keep talking.

  44. Ein Badner

    Ein Badner

    4 days ago


  45. Kis Jorgensen

    Kis Jorgensen

    4 days ago

    Michael Jordan is not only a great man on the court, he's also a great man i life.

  46. ltod2


    4 days ago

    MJ knew Kobe looked up to him,class act he is.When MJ dies,world will miss him dearly

  47. Morgan Trombly

    Morgan Trombly

    4 days ago

    Kobe was so special even Jordan couldn’t hate he took all his moves nobody else could get away w that but Kobe was that good

  48. serendipity


    4 days ago


  49. Liam


    4 days ago

    somebody cutting onions for real..

  50. Lisa Chlastawa

    Lisa Chlastawa

    4 days ago

    His daughter is 27 not 30

  51. Robin


    4 days ago

    Man what a speakers voice

  52. Otis 29

    Otis 29

    4 days ago

    It’s good

  53. Francis Palustre

    Francis Palustre

    4 days ago

    That's it mj..ur such a big brod for Kobe..tnx to you both..hall of famer to you both kobe.we miss u a lot..

  54. Ryan Silvester

    Ryan Silvester

    4 days ago

    how tf this got 2.4k dislikes

  55. Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior

    Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior

    4 days ago

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  56. Myrna Alatorre

    Myrna Alatorre

    4 days ago

    Great great speech MJ l really loved and l can watch it over and over and still cry so hard to believe Kobe died, I DON'T GET IT 😢😢😢

  57. shank shrek

    shank shrek

    4 days ago

    'When kobe died, thats when I really took it personal"

  58. Zain Chupacabra

    Zain Chupacabra

    4 days ago

    "Farewell To A Legend" What's that? Oh right. The other randos who died as well. Farewell to them I guess, sure.

    • bhalterman30


      3 days ago

      I'm sure at their funerals you'd be saying the same thing if they didn't bring up kobe right? Not to mention Jordan did offer his and his wife's condolences to all the families affected by this tragedy

  59. Amu Solomona

    Amu Solomona

    4 days ago

    Lebron is no where 2 be found at this time

  60. Kandance LaRoy

    Kandance LaRoy

    4 days ago

    Isaiah 26:19 💐🌎