Binging with Babish 7M Subscriber Special: LOTR Part 1

Years in the making (because I kept putting it off out of fear), the Lord of the Rings Special is finally upon us. And it's in two parts instead of three - you know, a trilogy. Babish you're a dumbass sometimes. Anyway we're diving into the make-ahead recipes for this seven-course feast, covering all the major hobbit food groups, and getting into the heavy stuff next week! Thank you so much for helping me reach 7 million subscribers!
Recipe: www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/lotr-feast-special
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish

    Month ago

    We’ve had one yes. What about second Babish?

    • DaDoc540


      18 hours ago

      If and when you were to reach eight million subscribers, would you consider some of the foods shown in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

    • Firebird


      3 days ago


    • kreznik


      11 days ago

      That apple tart looked so awesome I just had to make it .....lol

    • arham_


      11 days ago

      Theres another?

    • Joshishere96


      18 days ago

      Bringing with banish is a sore loser millenial entitled hipster claiming to know everything about food. I don't care how skilled you are, I'm a Gen Z and your disgusting unprogressive generation destroyed all trends in the 2010's. I just hope 2020's will not repeat the same mistake your millenial narcissism scarred the world with.

  2. Kai Gundlach

    Kai Gundlach

    2 hours ago


  3. James Gannon

    James Gannon

    17 hours ago

    Place your oblong hunny turds on some parchment paper and lightly brush with a beaten egg

  4. Anna Verena

    Anna Verena

    18 hours ago

    Honestly i can't be the only one whi expected gingeebread. Theres honey in that and it lasts forever

  5. johnny joestar

    johnny joestar

    Day ago

    Almost 8 million already DAMN

  6. Andrew M

    Andrew M

    Day ago

    IMO the closest thing to lembas bread would be communion wafers

  7. Ezra Edmonds

    Ezra Edmonds

    Day ago

    The closest equivalent to lembas is "calorie mate" shortbread from japan

  8. Schrödinger cat

    Schrödinger cat

    2 days ago

    You can do that in premier.

  9. Melissa Caceres

    Melissa Caceres

    2 days ago


  10. Joshua Burns

    Joshua Burns

    2 days ago

    "I'm making the mince pies hobbit sized." Babbish you fool, hobbit food is human sized because they love eating so much!

  11. Robert Goins

    Robert Goins

    2 days ago

    Props for the Wegmans plug. Way to go western NY!

  12. SundayMorrigan


    3 days ago

    Originally, mincemeat pie filling had meat in it along with suet. I had it when I was a small child and it was amazing.

  13. Koro Plays

    Koro Plays

    3 days ago

    I expected mince meat to atleast be minced??

  14. Ron Košak

    Ron Košak

    3 days ago

    COOL a townsends crossover

  15. Erik Westwood

    Erik Westwood

    3 days ago

    I'm disappointed that Babish didn't lay his own eggs and use those.

  16. YT Gaming andrei

    YT Gaming andrei

    3 days ago

    Why won’t can’t he be a chef at a fancy restaurant

  17. Nigos


    4 days ago


  18. Laisa hh

    Laisa hh

    4 days ago

    LOTR is so iconic

  19. N M

    N M

    4 days ago

    Wtf is a saucepen

  20. Giraffe FlavoredCondoms

    Giraffe FlavoredCondoms

    4 days ago

    "Till it's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen" Babish says. I glanced over and saw my partner has fallen asleep with his phone still in his hand and thought "No, I definitely don't think that pie is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Thought this was cute enough to share haha

  21. MagicLars15


    5 days ago

    Thanks for name dropping tbe Townsends channel! They really deserve the attention

  22. William Herbert

    William Herbert

    5 days ago

    Those are perfectly sized Mince Pies, sir! You get unnecessarily large ones in supermarkets.

  23. Ngaire Taylor

    Ngaire Taylor

    5 days ago

    Mincemeat used in pies and puddings use to actually have pork mince and pork fat in it. Hence the meat in the word mincemeat. Heston Blumenthal did a show on the history of Christmas food in which he cooked one of the original recipes for plum pudding which had more meat from an animal then dried fruit. In the middle ages dried fruit was added to a boiled sausage of pork and poultry mince in order to give it sweetness and show off how rich you are. This meal of a boiled sausage which became the boiled pudding to history was eaten a lot during the winter months because it was easy to store and did not go off easily. Alcohol is quite often added as a preservative and when Europeans came back from the Middle East spices were added to cover any taste of the meat going off.

  24. TheGuitarkris


    5 days ago

    Minced meat it what you guys call ground beef, and it is called a mince pie because it used to be made with meat in it :)

  25. I Thomas

    I Thomas

    6 days ago

    Man I love mince pies

  26. Martin Harte

    Martin Harte

    6 days ago

    You didn't mince the fruit?? It's also called Mince Meat because in Victorian times the fruit used wasn't available as much hence they used mince 'actual' meat pies

  27. Dave Slattery

    Dave Slattery

    7 days ago

    Always wanted to try elfin bread.... Edit: Lembas bread...

  28. Ethan Thompson

    Ethan Thompson

    7 days ago

    Also The Way You Say Apricot Makes a My Ears Invert.

  29. James Hughes

    James Hughes

    7 days ago

    lembas bread could easily be a savoury short bread biscuit. Butter, flour and parmesan cheese makes them really nice too.

  30. Nero Krell

    Nero Krell

    7 days ago

    He could have improved the lembas bred by adding those seeds they usually have it in certain diet foods that when you eat them they expand my sucking up meat saliva and fluids cause you need to feel fuller

  31. -


    8 days ago

    I can't believe you made mince pies haha. We usually have them around Christmas time. Along with Christmas cake and Christmas pudding....

  32. tehmedulla


    8 days ago

    You can just say PAN all day. That's all.

  33. TheFunnyPotato Boy

    TheFunnyPotato Boy

    9 days ago

    Some guy trying this at home: *starts watching yt while waiting for things to bake* Fire alarm: *goes off* Him: that is no orc horn

  34. NannerMan


    9 days ago

    Come on babish you and i both know a hobbit will devour a full sized pie 😉

  35. Johna Aisa

    Johna Aisa

    9 days ago

    honey cakes looks more like sweet rolls. Id eat them both ngl

  36. Lindsey Squire

    Lindsey Squire

    9 days ago

    What about the Wiggles song for honey cakes? I can't be the only one.

  37. Silver Duck

    Silver Duck

    9 days ago

    FYI, I tried making the apple tart. The recipe he says uses 280 grams of melted butter and that was way too much butter. It ended up as more of a paste. After searching the internet, the recipe to make the tart was closer to 10 tablespoons butter.

  38. man o' fruits

    man o' fruits

    11 days ago

    we kinda have honey cakes in israel , its quite common in supermarkets and their pretty similar.

  39. Sans the Skeleton

    Sans the Skeleton

    12 days ago

    Babish seems to be rather insistent that almonds are very important to agriculture across all of middle earth, or maybe he just likes almonds, but hey, that's just a theory, a comment theory, this joke sucks.

  40. Merry C.

    Merry C.

    12 days ago

    Why hasn't anyone done this before now?! :`) Tyvm ❤

  41. PapillonNoir


    12 days ago

    boy the hobbits sure loved their almonds

  42. Peter J

    Peter J

    12 days ago

    Lembas makes complete sense as a hardtack-style food, but I always imagined it as something like a giant square shortbread cookie given how amazing it was supposed to taste.

  43. Michael Z.

    Michael Z.

    13 days ago


  44. Tv Head

    Tv Head

    13 days ago

    babish should your sugar box be leaking

  45. kaduzy


    14 days ago

    The fact that there's no actual meat in mincemeat is blowing my fucking mind.

  46. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    14 days ago

    "Hobbit-sized" as if a hobbit wouldn't prefer their pies several times that size

  47. Golden Owl Events

    Golden Owl Events

    14 days ago

    This show makes me happy 🍄

  48. Jakiro 305

    Jakiro 305

    14 days ago

    I love you

    • mikin lirou

      mikin lirou

      14 days ago

      did he repost this?? I remember it from a few years ago?

  49. Panavarr 00

    Panavarr 00

    14 days ago

    To confuse you even more, we British have 2 kinds: mincemeat - fruit & nuts mix mildly fermented and minced meat - what the US calls ground meat.

  50. Dr. Munch

    Dr. Munch

    14 days ago

    As soon as I realized it meant lord of the rings I was over here faster then a raccoon driving a fast car.

  51. Elle G

    Elle G

    14 days ago


  52. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford

    14 days ago

    A shoutout to the Nutmeg King AKA Townsends! I like!

  53. BlOoDyRhUm26


    15 days ago

    Nooooooooooo subtitles T.T

  54. Who am I? No one knows

    Who am I? No one knows

    15 days ago

    In Australia minced meat is “ground meat” so a minced meat pie is savoury and usually beef

  55. better late than never

    better late than never

    15 days ago

    Ngl. I always pretended a poptart left out until hard was lembas bread(spelling?)

    • better late than never

      better late than never

      14 days ago

      @Ask to seduce Miss well, it wasn't terrible. Plus I was 12. However, I don't regret it

    • Ask to seduce Miss

      Ask to seduce Miss

      14 days ago

      That was amazing ?????

  56. Chris Rodriguez

    Chris Rodriguez

    15 days ago

    its a pan not a pin.

    • Ask to seduce Miss

      Ask to seduce Miss

      14 days ago

      Looks delicious!

  57. ArtByAidan 2001

    ArtByAidan 2001

    15 days ago

    We refer to it as mincemeat, yes, but we also call minced meat mincemeat.

  58. Max Koski

    Max Koski

    16 days ago

    that moment when a hobbit might be tempted to beat him with his 'hobbit-sized' pies. Hobbit appetites are no joke XD

  59. Tyler Lashway

    Tyler Lashway

    16 days ago

    Like ... idk, this is cool and all, but have hobbits ever heard of chicken or beef?

  60. momodoesdance


    16 days ago

    Babish: “does it bother you I’m using the measurements in the metric system?” Me: “ELIJAH WOODS IS AMERICAN! I DONT UNDERSTAND ANY OF THESE MEASUREMENTS!” *...cries in American...*