Do It - Live at GLAAD Awards - Chloe x Halle

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  1. Chrishelle Gilbert-Gray-Strudwick

    Chrishelle Gilbert-Gray-Strudwick

    7 minutes ago

    Beautiful ladies

  2. Amaysin Fitness

    Amaysin Fitness

    23 minutes ago

    Sing then Little Mermaid & Sis! 🥰

  3. Arianne Winkler

    Arianne Winkler

    39 minutes ago

    I love this so much!

  4. James M

    James M

    40 minutes ago

    It's normal to take notes from successful artist but not take on there entire persona still I love the song

  5. Love LadyD

    Love LadyD

    56 minutes ago

    Yasssss they kilt that?? Love you ladies are amazing.

  6. Charllotte Miller

    Charllotte Miller

    Hour ago

    if your hear their voices when you enter heaven then kill me now

  7. bippity boppity boo

    bippity boppity boo

    Hour ago

    Background dancers seemed very stiff, but I dug it. Nice vibe

  8. J Kalama

    J Kalama

    Hour ago


  9. Rubi Lyrics

    Rubi Lyrics

    Hour ago

    vmas all yours 😭

  10. Rubi Lyrics

    Rubi Lyrics

    Hour ago


  11. Mrs. Wheatly

    Mrs. Wheatly

    2 hours ago

    People swear they are singling live because they are just that damn good

  12. Allan M. Hanson

    Allan M. Hanson

    2 hours ago

    I thought it was going to be a Spice Girls’s Do It cover, well because you are dressed as them 😂 I love this song tho 😍

  13. Camilo Ramirez

    Camilo Ramirez

    2 hours ago

    Looooove Chloe´s stage presence!!! she´s like a mini Beyonce Ps. MISS VANJIEEEEEEEE MISS VANJIEEEEEEE

  14. Fernanda Vale

    Fernanda Vale

    3 hours ago

    Eu realmente amo essa música 😍

  15. jayjay. piano.90

    jayjay. piano.90

    3 hours ago

    Voice of angels, both of them. Can't wait to see Halle as Arielle ❤️

  16. Fernanda Salazar

    Fernanda Salazar

    3 hours ago

    Vanessa vanjie having a moment

  17. Kuralay V

    Kuralay V

    3 hours ago

    Their style is so underrated! Like not enough people talk about their cute outfits 🤤

  18. Tamron Hampton

    Tamron Hampton

    4 hours ago


  19. eu mesmo

    eu mesmo

    4 hours ago

    Omg this is so so so perfect

  20. Colours Film

    Colours Film

    4 hours ago

    This is soooooo cute!!!! I love it. The black spice girls reference is everything

  21. Mic M

    Mic M

    4 hours ago

    I love this song!! Plus the black community sexualises curves, thickness, over sexual things...but wanna get made when people oversexualises is. Halle is slim, petite, innocent look and that is not achieve in white status

  22. Younique2011


    4 hours ago

    Are those dudes dancing

  23. Gggg Gggg

    Gggg Gggg

    4 hours ago

    Halle’s voice....I ain’t never heard a voice like hers and it’s so effortlessly PRETTY, like I can’t describe it any other way ugh I’m in love 😩

  24. Dae Charlene

    Dae Charlene

    5 hours ago

    OMG Vanjie😍 Chloe x Halle killed it per usual!!

  25. Keesha Lafaye

    Keesha Lafaye

    6 hours ago

    Look at Ms.Vaaaanjie💛💛

  26. Neige D'Amour

    Neige D'Amour

    6 hours ago

    Woooeeee big fat beautiful curves

  27. Carolette Wright

    Carolette Wright

    6 hours ago

    Too cute!!!

  28. Tammy HD

    Tammy HD

    6 hours ago

    Chloe is Beyoncé’s MINI ME! Halle is so heavenly...PERFECT COMBO! Both just GORGE & FULL of TALENT! ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Ina


    7 hours ago

    Sorry but the drags in the background make absolutely no sense with them or the song 🤦🏻‍♀️

  30. Danielle Reibert

    Danielle Reibert

    8 hours ago


  31. Paddy The Queen

    Paddy The Queen

    8 hours ago

    1:03: OMG!! Naomi Smalls and Vanessa Vanjie 🔥♥️

  32. Elle Vonn

    Elle Vonn

    8 hours ago

    HALLE'S body is just goals my gosh

  33. Nya Sings

    Nya Sings

    8 hours ago

    I need Beyonce to do a real video with them

  34. Cooking with Vikia J.

    Cooking with Vikia J.

    9 hours ago

    They are giving Spice Girls music video vibes! yaaas

  35. Brayan Saldivar

    Brayan Saldivar

    9 hours ago

    Naomi smalls cant dance a shit

  36. Luthfia Ersyana D.

    Luthfia Ersyana D.

    10 hours ago

    Halle's voice is so sweet omg cant wait to hear her singing TLM songs!

  37. itsbritt91


    10 hours ago

    Chloes bawwwdyy! Yas! 🤩

  38. DeAngela Boyd

    DeAngela Boyd

    10 hours ago

    Chloe's outfit and hair are giving me Mel B as Scary Spice vibes and I AM HERE FOR IT!

  39. jessicalico j.

    jessicalico j.

    10 hours ago

    I just realized that the sang a bit differently here than the official music video 😍. I love this version more because they add more adlibs and soft vibratos..my fav is Halle's 'with you~~~~' 😍😍 Edit: I didn't realized this was a different version at first. My friend introduced me to their music with this song. I'm sad that they don't have this version on spotify

  40. Gabriel Santos

    Gabriel Santos

    10 hours ago


  41. BR PTP

    BR PTP

    11 hours ago

    LOL Love the song But is this for real? Is this the real MV or just a parody?

  42. Allen J

    Allen J

    11 hours ago

    Yes for the drag

  43. teetee


    12 hours ago

    Them dancers could’ve did better, thank god for these girls voices

  44. Елена Наумова

    Елена Наумова

    12 hours ago


  45. Ema K

    Ema K

    12 hours ago

    Chloe and Fka Twigs sound alike and I love it

  46. Temajuki


    12 hours ago

    Soooo guuud. Such a fun video with all the lights and outfits and make up looks. Im so excited for more

  47. Lisa Heavener

    Lisa Heavener

    12 hours ago

    Gross. 🤢 Something synthetic about this crew. Can you say CLONE?

  48. The Cliff

    The Cliff

    12 hours ago

    These young ladies can blow. I don't know why they're not singing songs along the lines of Whitney Houston style. I love this hit too.

  49. Dylan Blue

    Dylan Blue

    12 hours ago

    They both oversing everything.

  50. Mariah Smiley

    Mariah Smiley

    13 hours ago

    Halle reminds me of a young Janet Jackson like similar facial structures, absolutely stunning. Love them both! Get it ladies ♥

  51. GoddessPucci


    13 hours ago

    That weight gain 😍😍

  52. Harrison Ave

    Harrison Ave

    13 hours ago

    This is actually dope.

  53. Not2008Me


    13 hours ago

    We need to seriously pray for these young ladies. They have been gifted by God with beautiful voices, beautiful faces, and beautiful bodies, but instead of using all of that to glorify Him... Now they've titled an album "ungodly hour" whilst dressed like fallen angels in black and they're performing for an awards show that promotes perverse lifestyles that is of satan's kingdom and not of Jesus Christ. I'm sincerely scared for them. Only to have the video blasphemously end at the The Chapel at the Abbey...which is actually a gay bar that has scenery that mocks the church. There is mockery and blasphemy all over the place...and hyper-sexuality...breast grabbing, and now a strip pole? No ma'am. If I hadn't watched them since they were kids maybe I wouldn't be so sad for them, but I know God is stronger than the influence of the devil, so I'm going to keep praying for them. I knew Bey would turn these precious ladies out to evil once she got them, so sad. Lord please help these young ladies turn back to you and away from the world.

  54. Hilton Gouveia

    Hilton Gouveia

    13 hours ago

    The Spice Girls 2020 the return. amazing

  55. Tk


    13 hours ago

    Anybody notice the Spice Girl theme .... Loves ❤️

  56. Bri Baby

    Bri Baby

    14 hours ago

    halle sings so soft &’ clam like it’s nothing.

  57. Ayna Safiyah

    Ayna Safiyah

    14 hours ago

    can we talk how clean their voice is ?! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 IM IN LOVERE

  58. Teresa Holmes

    Teresa Holmes

    14 hours ago

    Mic on your body when you can.

  59. Karthika Menon

    Karthika Menon

    14 hours ago

    ALL 5 of them QUEENS!!!

  60. Dulzo


    15 hours ago

    are those dudes ??