Lockdown in Paradise - USVI - S5:E46

The beaches begin to close as the lockdown happens in the USVI. We enjoyed our mooring at St John's USVI
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  1. Gabriel Uribe

    Gabriel Uribe

    20 hours ago

    Her scuba diving is a lot better than her s***ing

  2. YeuLaKho


    4 days ago

    Taylor 💟💐😁

  3. Pwn


    4 days ago

    I am a jealous man.

  4. mr magmind

    mr magmind

    4 days ago

    i live on st croix right next to them

  5. 5 days ago


  6. michael bergeron

    michael bergeron

    5 days ago

    Yay boobies

  7. rinatos111


    5 days ago

    струны опусти на гитаре ,играть легче будет

  8. Nick


    5 days ago

    Every night that boat would be “rocken”!!!

  9. rohanadhav39


    6 days ago

    Beautiful Singing so Pleasant 💗

  10. Ryan1977 Pattiasina

    Ryan1977 Pattiasina

    6 days ago

    Perfect episodes during covid 19, when covid 19 is over, I am gonna buy a sailingboat, whoop whoop

  11. Cuộc sống quanh ta Vlog

    Cuộc sống quanh ta Vlog

    6 days ago

    Great video. Love from Vietnam!

  12. Sherwood Blunt

    Sherwood Blunt

    6 days ago

    Safe to say, very few of us are here for the sailing.

  13. Artem Banchik

    Artem Banchik

    7 days ago


  14. Nhas balanquit

    Nhas balanquit

    7 days ago


  15. Popeye The Sailorman

    Popeye The Sailorman

    7 days ago

    what size are those melons??? and can we get a sneak peek at her chestnuts???

  16. Bloodcheese Economy

    Bloodcheese Economy

    7 days ago

    This is a repressed society wherein people need more boobs and more tropics

  17. Solo Carpi

    Solo Carpi

    7 days ago

    Taylor bella fica...

  18. Ronaldo's 777

    Ronaldo's 777

    7 days ago

    Its Free

  19. Jhose murin

    Jhose murin

    7 days ago

    love it. amazing

  20. cougarlopez


    8 days ago

    Music at 5:44 where can I get it?

  21. Frank Martodam

    Frank Martodam

    8 days ago

    Beautiful beach think I will move in to abandoned hotel yuppppperrss.

  22. Steve & Eva Sue McAdams

    Steve & Eva Sue McAdams

    8 days ago

    Taylor is beautiful woman but she won’t make a living singing!

  23. Juan Barreiro

    Juan Barreiro

    8 days ago

    Hola soy Juan Carlos

  24. Raul Rodriguez

    Raul Rodriguez

    8 days ago

    where is Laura ?

  25. Adonis Salerno Blanco

    Adonis Salerno Blanco

    8 days ago

    Are her breasts natural?they are perfect 👌



    9 days ago


  27. MasterOfNone


    9 days ago

    So is this dude rich or have good drugs or what? Sounds/looks like a tool but yet he’s presumably banging two smoke shows.

  28. citra barber

    citra barber

    9 days ago

    Woww nice brother

  29. Von Edward Pain

    Von Edward Pain

    9 days ago

    Taylor and punky should come to philippines

  30. J Kumar

    J Kumar

    9 days ago

    Love love ❤️

  31. için yaparmısın

    için yaparmısın

    9 days ago

    us-state.com/v/spSNctiUhqCvmL0/video.html :-D

  32. Lawyerlogy Legal

    Lawyerlogy Legal

    10 days ago


  33. Ravindra Kumar

    Ravindra Kumar

    10 days ago

    Good luck

  34. Sarad pal

    Sarad pal

    10 days ago

    Nice.... www.yourSharad.com

  35. Koukou BENBOUZID

    Koukou BENBOUZID

    10 days ago

    Elle chante faux cette gourde ! Avoir des nichons ne signifier pas savoir chanter !

  36. David Charles

    David Charles

    10 days ago

    Hey are you guys stay here great video hope I meet u guys one these days i live on st.john

  37. Roberto Ranieri

    Roberto Ranieri

    10 days ago

    Ragazze meravigliose.

  38. Tamad Tamad

    Tamad Tamad

    11 days ago

    She can barely hold her strapless top :)



    11 days ago

    Beautiful place

  40. Dexter Burley

    Dexter Burley

    11 days ago

    Cool bro are u still here I would love to say hi 👋

  41. Сергей Маслюк

    Сергей Маслюк

    12 days ago

    Ну и сиськи....

  42. VAMSI .S

    VAMSI .S

    12 days ago

    01:00 & 0:05 if remove hands definitely it will fell down 🙈 I'm from India 🙏

    • Macho Cool

      Macho Cool

      7 days ago

      Thanks mate for advertising... 😅 and glorifying our country 😄😄

  43. Bizbkak248


    12 days ago

    @2:21 lets just take a moment to appreciate serenity.. Looks like yall having a great time thanks for sharing..

  44. King Kohls

    King Kohls

    12 days ago

    Her feet and booty are super sexy 👣😘 🍑

  45. Energia Vadász

    Energia Vadász

    12 days ago

    Baracudas ever bit pepole? Just asking.

  46. Simon Walters

    Simon Walters

    12 days ago

    Holy shmoly was I on that pause button........ it wore my ffffinger out

  47. Yves Gosse

    Yves Gosse

    13 days ago

    Très belle jeune femme

  48. Patrick Vicencio

    Patrick Vicencio

    13 days ago


  49. Дар Ветер

    Дар Ветер

    14 days ago


  50. Orion Taylor

    Orion Taylor

    15 days ago

    so where was that staph infection?

  51. Dartmoor Dave

    Dartmoor Dave

    15 days ago

    I guess the 300 odd thumbs down are those that don't boat, can't swim, are dead envious and don't have a bod as tight as Punkies?

  52. Reza Nazir

    Reza Nazir

    15 days ago

    Ой сиски !

  53. IwillBwaiting


    15 days ago

    I am so glad the world is waking up to what is really happening and many child traffickers are being caught and put to justice. Now ask yourself, how could you contribute to the world, to change the view on how we look at each other as humans or how we show ourselves to others.

  54. Eddy Dreves

    Eddy Dreves

    15 days ago

    I love she grabs her breasts all the time.

  55. Ken Woomer

    Ken Woomer

    15 days ago

    She's got bigguns!

  56. 1SmOkEYj3


    15 days ago

    That guy is living life

  57. Tuan Tran

    Tuan Tran

    16 days ago

    To everyone. Vicky Starks, your welcome

  58. W01234567 89101112

    W01234567 89101112

    17 days ago

    Have the beaches opened up yet? St Johns is the place to be 🏝

  59. Александр Барсуков

    Александр Барсуков

    17 days ago


  60. Begrafenissen Vanmechelen

    Begrafenissen Vanmechelen

    18 days ago

    can anybody tell me what camera is used?