Lil Baby Reveals Young Thug Paid Him to Leave the Hood

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Lil Baby welcomes XXL to his Oakland City stomping grounds in Atlanta, where he chilled in the streets before becoming a rapper. The Quality Control artist discusses his friendship with Young Thug, kicking off his rap career and fatherhood.
Read Lil Baby's full-length XXL magazine cover story interview here:
Beat produced by D-Fresh Beatz.
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  1. XXL


    10 months ago

    If Lil Baby and Young Thug made a joint album, what should it be called?

    • Shirley Reynolds

      Shirley Reynolds

      14 days ago

      Youngest thugs

    • Leaks 101

      Leaks 101

      Month ago

      500th reply haha y’all mad

    • Leo Casey

      Leo Casey

      Month ago

      Est. Atlanta

    • Cj So Cool FanPage

      Cj So Cool FanPage

      Month ago

      I’m the 500 reply

    • evil.piggeh


      Month ago

      Lil Young Baby Thug

  2. Jon Elliott

    Jon Elliott

    17 hours ago

  3. Eli Diaz

    Eli Diaz

    Day ago

    I respect how real and genuine he is

  4. Lunitic_ Clapz

    Lunitic_ Clapz

    Day ago

    Man I wish my dad was this good when I was growing up

  5. Lejit The Wasteland Prince

    Lejit The Wasteland Prince

    2 days ago

    Can't do nothing but salute!

  6. ISTP the prince

    ISTP the prince

    2 days ago

    I really like Baby ❤🤞🏽

  7. Rodney Lewis

    Rodney Lewis

    3 days ago

    Yo that's what up bro you are the first rapper I heard bout being a parent instead of wanting to kill or die in life you keep God first b4 anything and you can never loose let God continue guiding you in your journey and blessing you as he see's fit thanks for sharing and God bless Lil Baby Peace

  8. Miami Dadesbde

    Miami Dadesbde

    5 days ago


  9. Brandy Maulden

    Brandy Maulden

    5 days ago

    💯 Musical Mindsets 💯 You should be proud of your life cuz I am!! 💯💰🗽😇👑🔺️😎💙💰💯

  10. Feo Diente

    Feo Diente

    5 days ago

    3:22 His Young Thug impersonation lowkey was pretty good

  11. Isabel Vega

    Isabel Vega

    5 days ago

    HOTBOII, Lil Tjay, T9ine, St. Veezy, Lil Zay Osama, YFL Kelvin = next XXL Freshmen, I'd bet anything on it.

  12. FamousDeepo


    6 days ago

    Thugger was gonna kill him.

  13. bclaude87


    6 days ago

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    illuminati temple

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  15. Lyncoln Mana

    Lyncoln Mana

    8 days ago

    why cant all rappers be like lil baby.

  16. Christopher Hobbs

    Christopher Hobbs

    9 days ago MUST WATCH!!!!!!

  17. Franck Alexis

    Franck Alexis

    10 days ago

    RIP Marlo

  18. Makayla Hutchins

    Makayla Hutchins

    11 days ago

    That is my husband❤️❤️ but if can count how many times he said like it was funny

  19. Kentrell


    11 days ago


  20. Nick G

    Nick G

    12 days ago

    At 0:54 he’s pretending to use his phone but I noticed it’s just the case😂😂😂

  21. Nelson Lozano

    Nelson Lozano

    13 days ago

    I ship dababy daughter and lil baby son

  22. A. Potato

    A. Potato

    13 days ago

    Misunderstood because this fucking title

  23. Xnvyz


    13 days ago

    Notice he said ''my right hand man Lil Marlo. R.I.P Marlo

  24. Stacy Johnson

    Stacy Johnson

    13 days ago

    Salute to Lil Baby for being awesome Dad.

  25. Jayden Francois

    Jayden Francois

    13 days ago

    He is a good guy but he has extreme adhd

  26. Taissa Mendes

    Taissa Mendes

    14 days ago

    não conhecia

  27. Onkabetse Moloi

    Onkabetse Moloi

    14 days ago

    How many times did he say like.

  28. Jessica DeFosset

    Jessica DeFosset

    14 days ago

    That's good shit! I hope one day you get to.have those five kids you want.

  29. Michael Brewer

    Michael Brewer

    15 days ago

    I like this kid.

  30. Mrdiallo Diallo

    Mrdiallo Diallo

    15 days ago

    Lil baby supert from African

  31. jack Rannells

    jack Rannells

    16 days ago

    R.I.P. Marlo .

  32. H2O La Wav3

    H2O La Wav3

    16 days ago

    You got more kids 🤣🤣

  33. oWayWard -

    oWayWard -

    16 days ago

    0:46 Ahh jit feelin himself 😁.. too cute haha!

  34. Tyrannosaurus Flex

    Tyrannosaurus Flex

    16 days ago

    Need more ppl like this

  35. Darrion Dixon

    Darrion Dixon

    16 days ago

  36. Sylvexter Hendrix

    Sylvexter Hendrix

    16 days ago

    Real Guy 💵👶🏿💵

  37. kenneth ivy

    kenneth ivy

    16 days ago

    Ain't no doubt about it the young n**** hot and he popping Death lyrics I'm real interested to see what he's going to be at in the next 5 years

    • hateyouwithapassion1


      15 days ago


  38. David Whitaker

    David Whitaker

    17 days ago

    He seem like a humble dude. I don't like the new era of rap but I gave him a listen a few months back and actually fucked with his music

  39. FlogrownCJ


    17 days ago

    Awww 🥰 it's tough in the hood and I understand not everyone is dealt a good hand in this life but there are still CHOICES that you must ultimately make and are responsible for. God bless those who are doing the right things to get ahead in life cuz the world needs more superheroes in it! The lil kids are looking up to the adults around them.

  40. Too Much

    Too Much

    17 days ago


  41. Alicia Carty

    Alicia Carty

    17 days ago

    He trowing his hand while talking like a 5 year old telling there mom abc

  42. LadyPlantz Alot

    LadyPlantz Alot

    17 days ago

    Well if someone could get this man and help him to invest ... His son won't be left in the lurch... Like that cardi and offsets kids gonna be. Even Gucci,. He easily should be leaving trustfunds y'all educate these kids in finance please

    • LadyPlantz Alot

      LadyPlantz Alot

      16 days ago

      @Joe Connor cardi is broke she only got a million dollar deal, And she's not doing shows. These artist are out here at the pawn shop.

    • Joe Connor

      Joe Connor

      16 days ago

      Cardi and offset literally invest in real estate.... they got like 5 houses... and Gucci has an entire record label to passed down to his kids along with his fortune...

  43. Quadro Dinero

    Quadro Dinero

    18 days ago

    R.i.p. Marlo he lost his right hand man stay prayed up my brothers 🙏🙏

  44. Mac Brown

    Mac Brown

    19 days ago

    That's super dope. Love how he loves and cherish his son. Super Dad💯🤙

  45. Admin Imomify

    Admin Imomify

    19 days ago

    Spoken like a true gentleman and a good father.

  46. TooGoatedForYu


    19 days ago

    3:25 is the part this isn’t a clickbait

  47. All4one Jerzy

    All4one Jerzy

    19 days ago

    This was a min ago n now look he has the GAME on Smash, I can't front...getting 100 grand a show.. in the states..

  48. Fanatic Philly fan!! Fanatic Philly fan!!

    Fanatic Philly fan!! Fanatic Philly fan!!

    19 days ago

    To His man has great music and underrated lyrics. G.O.A T. Status!!

  49. Thubelihle Nxumalo

    Thubelihle Nxumalo

    19 days ago

    A loving father.

  50. Wesley Harris

    Wesley Harris

    19 days ago

    What if he want to be a rapist do you still support him

  51. Dale Chester

    Dale Chester

    19 days ago

    I think it gave lil baby a better future leaving the hood and pursuing music... what do y’all think?

    • Quadro Dinero

      Quadro Dinero

      18 days ago

      Obcourse that's a no brainier

  52. Jordan Herman

    Jordan Herman

    20 days ago

    Other rappers always talk about how thug literally grew up with absolutely nothing 🐐

  53. max ras

    max ras

    20 days ago

    Was up with this names pussy cat lil tug cry baby WTF 2020

  54. yuck fou

    yuck fou

    20 days ago

    How many babies are in rap

  55. Breckney El

    Breckney El

    20 days ago

    Get the hell out the hood bro. You made it enjoy your kid and your success. These ppl be low key jealous man. Yiu a loo ready lost to many homies recently

  56. TH3 KIDD A1

    TH3 KIDD A1

    21 day ago

  57. EVG theArtist

    EVG theArtist

    21 day ago

    Lil Young Baby Thug

  58. Lanard Gilchrist

    Lanard Gilchrist

    21 day ago

    Funny how he said bigger picture when that’s the name of one of his songs

    • Getitrtye Riley

      Getitrtye Riley

      22 hours ago

      Because it takes time sometimes to 👀 da BIGGER PICTURE, LOOKING PASS THE MOMENT IN ⌚.

    • Lanard Gilchrist

      Lanard Gilchrist

      8 days ago

      YoungTalent facts

    • YoungTalent


      8 days ago

      but notice how this was before that song

    • Lanard Gilchrist

      Lanard Gilchrist

      10 days ago

      India Glover yes look it up

    • India Glover

      India Glover

      10 days ago

      Are u sure abt that

  59. truongthuy nguyenpham TV

    truongthuy nguyenpham TV

    21 day ago

    my hero academia

  60. sweet p

    sweet p

    22 days ago

    You have to leave the hood when you become famous or become some body that’s having something because people in the hood get jealous and they try to kill you set you up you got a leave trust me I had to leave my hood just go back and visit and dip right back out 👌🏼💯