Roddy Ricch Performs “High Fashion” & “The Box” Live! | BET Awards 20

Roddy Ricch delivers a live performance of his hit tracks “High Fashion” and “The Box” for the 2020 BET Awards! #BETAwards20 #RoddyRicch

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  1. David Hicks Jr

    David Hicks Jr

    15 hours ago

    I see what you did there Roddy.

  2. Blog of The W3st

    Blog of The W3st

    Day ago

    Another song about his money and black libido, how refreshing. How’d he get so many of the white man’s cars? Are there any of the Japanese man’s cars there?

  3. Stephen Eguilos

    Stephen Eguilos

    3 days ago

    *8k u

  4. gyonia


    3 days ago

    I wish he’d heave them earphones alone but he still killed this lol 🥰❤️

  5. Griff Tastik

    Griff Tastik

    3 days ago

    Tbh sounds bad live

  6. 04lakendra


    3 days ago

    To me when roddy singed the box he sounded indian for a sec drip report

  7. Jarec A

    Jarec A

    3 days ago

    lauren daigle

  8. jalynn prudholme

    jalynn prudholme

    5 days ago

    Anyone know where I can cop his BLM shirt?

  9. Groupe de Musique

    Groupe de Musique

    5 days ago

    *my love songer*

  10. Storm. Emad

    Storm. Emad

    5 days ago

    The thing is when he’s singing the song now he sounds different

  11. Madlad516 -

    Madlad516 -

    6 days ago


  12. The Don of James

    The Don of James

    7 days ago

    The band ripped it though!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Lisa Walker

    Lisa Walker

    7 days ago

    I like roddy ricch songs

  14. Asher Atubra

    Asher Atubra

    7 days ago

    the transition *FIRE*

  15. Clivira


    8 days ago

    I swear this sounds nothing like the roddy ricch on the radio lol

  16. Stivens Jean Baptiste

    Stivens Jean Baptiste

    8 days ago

    Nice ahh voice

  17. Scientists Baffled

    Scientists Baffled

    8 days ago

    Never sell his soul but he wears a CNN approved hoodie...

  18. Bum Boi

    Bum Boi

    9 days ago

    So top comment of the the box music video was talm about how it would be dope if he the made ee er noise be the window wipers and he did that bruh idk if I’m just that high but that was lit

  19. VortexIsSimp


    9 days ago

    2017: lil peep 2018: xxxtentacion 2019-2020: da baby, Roddy rich, nle choppy, alot others lll

  20. Loretta Jackson

    Loretta Jackson

    9 days ago

    🤗🎶 Luv Video 🔥 keep it 💯 Poppin smiles 🤩

  21. K wilson

    K wilson

    11 days ago

    Roddy rich is dabomb

  22. Idk1234


    11 days ago

    Roddy ricch honestly my top 5, watch mad people say he overrated. Hate is all over🤷🏾‍♂️

  23. Inez Hunter

    Inez Hunter

    12 days ago


  24. 666 wmdi

    666 wmdi

    12 days ago

    How he stopped the N-word like a boss

  25. Melissa Ross

    Melissa Ross

    12 days ago


  26. lea like

    lea like

    13 days ago

    I love is✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊ song

  27. A.S.A.P A1 YOLA NhYsE

    A.S.A.P A1 YOLA NhYsE

    13 days ago

    The lives version of The Box 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



    14 days ago


  29. Lego King

    Lego King

    15 days ago

    Nice performance roddy

  30. LC do Cantão

    LC do Cantão

    15 days ago

    Deus é fiel

  31. MAG 777

    MAG 777

    16 days ago

    Oh shit! a real black girl😳.....I had to rub my eyes👀

  32. Idk _

    Idk _

    17 days ago

    I love this

  33. Alex A

    Alex A

    18 days ago

    If these sick drums were in the actual song I probably would actually listen to it.

  34. Ezzy Atoms

    Ezzy Atoms

    18 days ago

    Am the 2020 president in Canada ❤

  35. Ezzy Atoms

    Ezzy Atoms

    18 days ago

    The king

  36. Itszz Rinzz

    Itszz Rinzz

    19 days ago


  37. Ruby Rubz

    Ruby Rubz

    19 days ago

    Idk but this should be available for streaming in all platforms 🥵😩🔥

  38. Eighteen Catss

    Eighteen Catss

    20 days ago

    Those musicians 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  39. Eighteen Catss

    Eighteen Catss

    20 days ago

    He did such a wonderful job

  40. Tangela Davis

    Tangela Davis

    20 days ago

    bts fake love

  41. English Football

    English Football

    21 day ago

    The outfit is fire ash

  42. Tiffany Winchester

    Tiffany Winchester

    21 day ago

    Man, these virtual performances are so much better than live ones! The artists can explore more creativity and the audience isnt screaming the whole time.

  43. Lil Mouha

    Lil Mouha

    21 day ago

    @roddy ricch The goat

  44. h4rmony


    21 day ago

    I love him

  45. Mister Natural

    Mister Natural

    21 day ago

    After thousands of rappers Roddy Ricch truly stands out.

  46. seble dejene

    seble dejene

    22 days ago

    Roddy you are my favorite tankyou my brother

  47. Kayla Francis

    Kayla Francis

    22 days ago

    I like he’s real voice

  48. Kisha Pope

    Kisha Pope

    22 days ago

    Um I had a boyfriend crush my heart lies better than that

  49. Rajeeyah James

    Rajeeyah James

    22 days ago

    489 people what's up? What's wrong with his performance?

  50. William Christian

    William Christian

    22 days ago

    I just released he has a black lives matter shirt on

  51. Kel0390


    23 days ago

    I can't understand a word he's saying.

  52. Desmond Youngblood

    Desmond Youngblood

    23 days ago

    Man I'm a fan

  53. Derrick Sumah

    Derrick Sumah

    23 days ago

    Finally the car made eer eeh



    23 days ago

    This young man is unique, and VERY TALENTED👏👏👏💝🙏!

  55. Tisha Pink

    Tisha Pink

    24 days ago

    Sick of the pandering

  56. Maryum K

    Maryum K

    24 days ago

    His eyes kinda remind me of Ty dolla signs eyes



    24 days ago


  58. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson

    24 days ago

    1:13- Eee Ehur

  59. King Wolf

    King Wolf

    25 days ago

    This man has Eagle vision on the box see his eyes I want thos eyes

  60. Emmanuel Annan

    Emmanuel Annan

    25 days ago

    he is now the best