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2020 Unity Murphy Bed

Enjoy a guided tour through the 2020 Unity MB, featuring the optional patented Leisure Lounge Plus, a 68" × 76" bed, a three-piece dry bathroom with large stand-up shower, a 39" pop-up LED TV, and abundant storage. Configure your Unity today:
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  1. felerlos


    54 minutes ago

    How much does one cost?

  2. Andrey


    Hour ago

    best home i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    5 hours ago

    I admit. It is quite a smart and specious RV. But for 150-200 000$ ...nah. For that price you can book 200 weeks of vacations on quite luxurious cruise ships, or in group touring of different countries in all inclusive 3-4 star hotels.

  4. A. Ries

    A. Ries

    10 hours ago

    $19.99 a month

  5. ahmed benalia

    ahmed benalia

    10 hours ago

    M'y drems😍🙏

  6. Anthony Preece

    Anthony Preece

    21 hour ago

    I'll get all the options possible. Didn't need my soul anyway...….Man he is the BEST. It never ends

  7. D&L K

    D&L K

    21 hour ago

    Did he say masterbator pump?

  8. tyrsting


    Day ago

    Buy a carado i447 much better ;-)

  9. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez

    Day ago

    For a fancy and state of the art model, you should be using lithium iron batteries, not AGM

  10. Alex Gonzalez

    Alex Gonzalez

    Day ago

    Very nice vehicle

  11. Hannah McKenna

    Hannah McKenna

    Day ago

    I'm scared to se how much it costs😅

  12. Bilyana Dimitrova

    Bilyana Dimitrova

    Day ago

    That man is so annoying :(

  13. amardeep mann

    amardeep mann

    Day ago

    How does one import this motor home to India

  14. Mahesh Vasava

    Mahesh Vasava

    Day ago

    how much of this

  15. Rockstar Implementations

    Rockstar Implementations

    Day ago

    People are complimenting the salesman but honestly when you have such a beautiful, flawless product selling it is easy. Absolutely fantastic, everything has been thought of.

  16. C.H.E.F CookingHealthyEthnicFood

    C.H.E.F CookingHealthyEthnicFood

    Day ago

    Of all the RVs I have seen this fits my description of an ideal motor home. I would have designed slightly more space for the toilet. Yes. 160K no problem.

  17. Tom Kitchen

    Tom Kitchen

    Day ago

    I think that wall mirror is going to get damaged.

  18. Paul Sandberg

    Paul Sandberg

    2 days ago

    So what's the price?

  19. Ed Vergara

    Ed Vergara

    2 days ago

    "Opens both ways!" 😂

  20. Hikari Aie

    Hikari Aie

    2 days ago

    What I'm attracted most to: That China's toilet

  21. Kunal Parmar

    Kunal Parmar

    2 days ago

    My "favourite" discovery show. 😂

  22. Durga Selvam

    Durga Selvam

    2 days ago

    Look I can put two feet now, before I can put only one 😅😂😂

  23. TM


    3 days ago

    Do americans need recliners and big screen tvs everywhere they go?

  24. prezo


    3 days ago

    One of the best designs I have ever seen, underfloor radiant heat would be a great feature to add, and tv with a built in sound bar would be a great feature too would be a fab feature.

  25. Niuniunini feifeimimi

    Niuniunini feifeimimi

    3 days ago


  26. Saraj Manes

    Saraj Manes

    3 days ago

    Hi Sir Unity Murphy So Beautiful & Lovely What Price Thanks

  27. total verheldet

    total verheldet

    3 days ago

    Is there a possibility to have this in europe germany, Netherlands, belgium? I see only dealerships in USA. But the interior, used materials and transformation is exactly what I want but couldn't find in Germany.

  28. Mud The 1st

    Mud The 1st

    3 days ago

    I'm from states. I should go over to Canada and buy an rv.

  29. Letrano


    3 days ago

    I want one so bad that's the best class B RV I've ever seen by far

  30. pranav nanda

    pranav nanda

    4 days ago

    Nice Beautiful video.. watching this big beautiful van and on my big beautiful screen on a beautiful Saturday in my big house.

  31. Kat the Foxtaur

    Kat the Foxtaur

    4 days ago

    The pull-down table support looks like it's resting directly on the glass mirror. Also, that refrigerator design is amazing with the double-swing doors! That really needs to be a thing in regular fridges too, haha. Beautiful motorhome, love the clever designs!

  32. Dave Black

    Dave Black

    4 days ago

    Exceptional use of space 👌

  33. cisumevolneblok


    4 days ago

    This guy‘s way of talking is so annoying

  34. Aaron Link

    Aaron Link

    4 days ago

    Oh my God, these comments are gold.

  35. Michael Mack

    Michael Mack

    4 days ago

    I would love to call this home. Perfect for the van life. Have everything you need. C'mon lottery numbers, pleas come up



    5 days ago

    Oh my god. This is a one of a kind vehicle!!

  37. Jhon Kennedy

    Jhon Kennedy

    5 days ago

    Even if you consider living here instead of a house, your monthly payment be 1200 a month, plus the price of your rent space where you decide to live when not traveling, so unless your living on a walmart parking lot the price is crazy,

  38. Mark Graham

    Mark Graham

    5 days ago

    Can you repeat that?

  39. Cristal Moreno

    Cristal Moreno

    6 days ago

    Hellou sweet un argentina quisiera saber cuánto me sale este motohom en pesos

  40. Kris Bowler

    Kris Bowler

    6 days ago

    Best one I’ve seen yet!

  41. Rajiul Raji

    Rajiul Raji

    6 days ago


  42. inayathkhan mohammed

    inayathkhan mohammed

    6 days ago

    Very useful information video Sir 👍

  43. scott Eller

    scott Eller

    6 days ago

    yes the perfect vehicle for the future! It screams rob me I'm rich!!

  44. Santosh Kumari inspired

    Santosh Kumari inspired

    6 days ago

    So beautiful ❤️ I can stay full time in this van ...sad I can't afford it 😔

  45. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan

    6 days ago

    AGM batteries? What? Not Lithium? Old tech.

  46. LAURY676


    6 days ago

    El mejor motorhome que he visto dentro de los de tamaño "manejable".😅... hay otros hermosos pero son enormes...este es mediano y tiene todo!! Me.encantó!!!😍😍.

  47. twitch moments

    twitch moments

    7 days ago

    I need ittttttt

  48. Josephine Rocque

    Josephine Rocque

    7 days ago

    How much this beautiful van love to live as my home .please need to know how much .

  49. Moataz magdy

    Moataz magdy

    7 days ago

    short bed

  50. Mariana Maza

    Mariana Maza

    7 days ago

    This motorhome is bigger than my appartment lol

  51. Faiiryliigxts


    7 days ago

    Same tv and soundbar setup I had until they both just stopped working lol

  52. Aimee Stockton

    Aimee Stockton

    7 days ago

    Unity 24RL is $162,194 fully equipped.

    • Aimee Stockton

      Aimee Stockton

      7 days ago

      Maybe I’ll buy 2. 😂😂😂

  53. Kelly Slater

    Kelly Slater

    7 days ago

    Bigger on the inside!

  54. Ro Bo

    Ro Bo

    7 days ago

    I wantses it.

  55. Gerolf Schepp

    Gerolf Schepp

    7 days ago

    Base PrIce 146 025 USD plus options 173 000 USD = 230 000 CDN PLUS 13 % HST = 29 900 TOTAL 259 900 CDN WELL if you live in Toronto sell my Condo pay cash for it and have plenty cash left over.

  56. Jai Brown

    Jai Brown

    8 days ago

    Damn he could sell me air

  57. Patricia Nelson

    Patricia Nelson

    8 days ago

    Can I win one? PLEASE!!!!!

  58. Patricia Nelson

    Patricia Nelson

    8 days ago

    I want it! Omg amazing! How much? Out of my league I'm sure!!! I love it!!!!

  59. Road Runner

    Road Runner

    8 days ago


  60. Mayra Frias

    Mayra Frias

    8 days ago

    I can't believe I spent 30 minutes listening to this guy, and I didn't even get bored. Now I want the 2020 Mercedes Benz luxury Unity MB with all the optional features. LOL.