10 Reasons 10 Duel Commandments Is Amazing (How Hamilton Works)

PART 2 of HOW HAMILTON MAKES YOU CRY (Story of Tonight):
0:18 Hip-Hop Influences
1:17 Form Follows Function
3:39 Crafting a Rule-Bound Melody
4:16 Duality (or is it Duel-ity?)
5:26 Cabinet Battle No. 1
6:58 Take a Break
9:04 Washington on Your Side & Election of 1800
10:03 Blow Us All Away
11:28 Stay Alive (Reprise)
12:11 The World Was Wide Enough
The 10 Duel Commandments is one of the most important melodies in Hamilton, but what does it mean? Why does it sound the way it sounds? And how is this musical thread weaved into in the amazing tapestry that is Hamilton? Let dive right in!
The West Wing Cabinet Battle Full Video:
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  1. LegoMyEggo eee

    LegoMyEggo eee

    11 hours ago

    i got this in my recommended despite the fact it came out 3 years ago and i literally just realized philip and eliza were singing the same melody from the ten duel commandments when counting in french. after 3 years of loving this musical my dumbass realized this just now

  2. ola עומר

    ola עומר

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  3. Mary Collins

    Mary Collins

    6 days ago

    I hear Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

  4. Chris T

    Chris T

    7 days ago

    The more I learn about Hamilton (thank you for these awesome videos, BTW) the more I appreciate the artistry, intelligence and beauty of the show. Amazing!

  5. HeyElayna


    7 days ago

    Wowww this was amazing!!

  6. Pearly


    7 days ago

    Another thing I just discovered while singing the French countdown after watching this video, going to get some cereal, then continue to watch your other videos: Despite it being written in the sheet music, I don't believe Eliza sings "sept" as a quaver, she just sings it as a crotchet, rather than the quaver "se - ept" Philip does. I think this further iterates Eliza's wish for safety, not being as daring and extra as Alexander or Philip. The fact that Philip goes and sings the quaver also causes it to exactly mirror the countdown motif, a foreshadowing of Philip's fate in duel. Also, I would just like to express my appreciation for this video! I love music theory (especially musical theatre theory) and learning about all these things. I've tried to detect all these little things myself, but I'm not very good at it (heck- I even did a viva voce for Cabinet Battle #1 for my HSC last year but I got nervous and forgot everything so I ended up impromptu performing Helpless instead 😂). I also aspire to write my own musicals one day, so these videos are not only informative as a Hamilton fan to truly appreciate this amazing piece of work, but also educational to help me see all the little things that go down in musicals, as inspiration to consider when writing my own!

  7. Zara Scott

    Zara Scott

    9 days ago


  8. Shriya Neupane

    Shriya Neupane

    9 days ago

    why did i just now realize that you said “rise up” after philips image came

  9. Jonathan Fuentecilla

    Jonathan Fuentecilla

    10 days ago

    You’re a genius for figuring this out

  10. Preston the fire dragon king.

    Preston the fire dragon king.

    10 days ago

    I see what you did there

  11. Autism Rocks - Music by The Positive Autism

    Autism Rocks - Music by The Positive Autism

    11 days ago

    Wonderful music lesson! Thank you!

  12. Bianca Lynch

    Bianca Lynch

    11 days ago

    2:58 BRUH



    11 days ago

    “The world was wide enough” Everybody gucchi until the world becomes overpopulated.

  14. Connor Turney

    Connor Turney

    12 days ago

    I don’t understand how 10 Duel Commandments matches up with Cabinet Battle Number 1. The music that is showed in there is not what is legitimately played in the show.

  15. Alex Gilmore

    Alex Gilmore

    12 days ago

    you sound like cody ko

  16. SquirrilahFish


    13 days ago

    I love these videos. I was thinking early on, like hey! That’s the frame for ‘Washington on your side’ too And then you went there, and showed it’s significance too. I felt this video very well resolved.

  17. Mardi Taylor

    Mardi Taylor

    13 days ago

    How genius is Lin Manuel?? He thinks about ALL these things, at this deep level? Amazing!

  18. Baby LuLu

    Baby LuLu

    13 days ago

    I swear I saw this before, so why does it feel so new?!

  19. benedicte andersen

    benedicte andersen

    14 days ago

    It’s not a stuttering gunshot, guns make noise when the bullet leaves the gun and while the bullet is in the air so it is accurate too

  20. JhadeSagrav


    15 days ago

    Omg i'm crying... this is amazing!

  21. OoeyGooeyLady


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  22. Harrison T

    Harrison T

    16 days ago

    Please analyse more songs from Hamilton because damn I’m so impressed by this musical rn 😂 Edit: I just realised you did and Imma watch em all. Glad you noticed Yorktown has the same piano as Hurricane that’s awesome.

  23. Midhuna Immaculate Maran

    Midhuna Immaculate Maran

    16 days ago

    12:00 I'm confused, isn't Eliza ending the song on D here as well?

  24. María Paula Zavaleta Vega

    María Paula Zavaleta Vega

    16 days ago

    mind blowing!!!!

  25. Pablo Salazar

    Pablo Salazar

    16 days ago

    Bruh, as a theory nerd this is amazing work!

  26. Tessa Delee

    Tessa Delee

    17 days ago

    this is so fucking interesting I only thought of half of this

  27. knifesedge


    17 days ago


  28. jackdeath


    18 days ago

    No, Hamilton didn't grow up with it. He wasn't from Ireland, and these Irish rules for dueling, written when Hamilton was 20 years old, only became popular in America after when he was in his 30s.

    • Howard Ho

      Howard Ho

      17 days ago

      Ohh...good to know.

  29. Jimit _Up

    Jimit _Up

    18 days ago

    Just wow!

  30. Anna H

    Anna H

    18 days ago

    3:54 it's- it's as if it- no.. " would be NICE, it would be NIIIIICE..."

  31. Sarah K

    Sarah K

    18 days ago

    Musical Dramaturgy is awesome. Thanks for this!

  32. pkeod


    18 days ago

    Hamilton was a slave owner. I don't care if you blackwash him, you could do that to the Confederates and they would still need to physically removed. Stop supporting works glorifying slave owners or you are on the wrong side of history.

  33. Owunya Drake

    Owunya Drake

    19 days ago

    This was absolutely amazing

  34. Paula Browning White

    Paula Browning White

    19 days ago

    Mind blown!

  35. Maria Quezada

    Maria Quezada

    19 days ago

    the more I learn about this show, the more I am amazed at the talent. If I could have a dinner with 5 special people, one of them has to be Lin - I am a music buff and I continue to be blown away by this creativity

  36. Sean Mccloughlin

    Sean Mccloughlin

    20 days ago

    when he was talking about the ending of "take a break" the violin melody that played in the background sounded SOOO familiar and I cant put my finger on it...CAN SOMEONE PLS HELP ME AND TELL ME WHAT SONG THAT IS

  37. Dino Spumoni

    Dino Spumoni

    20 days ago

    What is the clip at 6:50 from? Would love to see that.

  38. bassplayer2011ify


    21 day ago

    No Dies Irae, shame it would have been appropriate.

  39. Cosmixx Draws

    Cosmixx Draws

    21 day ago

    Him: And Phillip...*Gives a picture of laurens*

  40. Cheryl McNutt

    Cheryl McNutt

    21 day ago

    I love this! Brought me back to my Conservatory Music History, Music Theory, and 18th Century Composition. Thanks!

  41. Michael Mendoza

    Michael Mendoza

    21 day ago

    So much info!!! I love it!

  42. L Moore

    L Moore

    21 day ago

    When you just wanna rise up to the D

  43. •Sharky Pastel•

    •Sharky Pastel•

    21 day ago

    2:25 Idk why but at that moment my brain went: "You'll be Bach"

  44. Juco Cast

    Juco Cast

    21 day ago

    "Ni entiendo"

  45. Mark Ross

    Mark Ross

    21 day ago

    16th Century Counterpoint (Bach-era) was the only class I struggled with in my Music Composition degree. That shit's HARD.

  46. Formula Fanboy

    Formula Fanboy

    22 days ago

    I thought the title was "dual condiments" and the video was gonna be about how ketchup and mustard are great or something.

  47. Roth Nieto

    Roth Nieto

    22 days ago

    Who else thought he was giving away the tickets?

  48. Nicholas McCarthy

    Nicholas McCarthy

    22 days ago

    Howard: Methodically explains every intricacy of Hamilton's music Me, having never studied music in any way: idk sounds cool tho

  49. IbokRock811


    22 days ago

    People are saying Philip counts to 3 when he's dying to finish the 7 from when he was shot and get to 10! Do you agree??

  50. IbokRock811


    22 days ago

    He said let's put in a rest and the video paused....I was like is this clever or my crappy wifi

    • IbokRock811


      22 days ago

      It was my wifi of course 😂

  51. Patrick Ford

    Patrick Ford

    22 days ago

    Lost it at 2:50. Leading up to it all I was thinking was “Oh, right. I remember having to learn this counterpoint crap in first year college music theory.” (To be fair, it was more useful than shape notes which I also had to study.)

  52. Emilie Lantz

    Emilie Lantz

    22 days ago

    Am I the only person that cried during this video 😭 this was so beautifully done ❤️🎶 what a true gift

  53. Alec Xavier Que Esteves

    Alec Xavier Que Esteves

    22 days ago

    When he played out the cabinet battle cannon I was like wtf

  54. Mr. wizard

    Mr. wizard

    22 days ago

    Its not a stuttering gun shot thats how a firelock works you hear the flint stick and burn the power in the pan then you hear a 2nd sound beig the power in the chamber igniting and sending the shot out. So if anything they tried to make it sound as accurate as possible

  55. Richard Terry

    Richard Terry

    22 days ago

    I never even noticed how the resolution of the melody they were singing was safety vs shining. I only ever noticed how the melody Phillip sang, as did his mother, never resolved to 10. His Duel never resolves to 10 as he's shot on 7/8, and he's never able to sing to 10. There's a few others as well, but I never caught how the Melody had a issue on 9 as well. Oh right, we only ever meet him as a character at Ages 9 and 19.

  56. Sunday Rain

    Sunday Rain

    23 days ago

    I don't know why I'm learning this but, it makes Hamilton so much better

  57. Midnight Queen

    Midnight Queen

    23 days ago

    I have no idea about all this music talk😅 but I enjoyed the video😁

  58. Vijay Ahluwalia

    Vijay Ahluwalia

    23 days ago

    The symbolism and interpretation is nothing short of amazing. Merging Science and Arts at another level. 👏👏 Thanks for putting this together.

  59. Isiabella Forks

    Isiabella Forks

    23 days ago

    Okay but I am a studying music in college and the way he talked about Bach and writing counter melodies and the rules it was a pretty accurate representation of how we do it and quick we get bored

  60. shahira shahromey

    shahira shahromey

    23 days ago

    lin is a WHOLE genius wtf