How I Destroyed My School With Nice Cock Posters

This is the story of how I hung Nice Cock posters in my school bathroom and caused a ton of conflict between the teachers, the students, the mafia, and the Starbucks Crusaders.
0:00 - Intro
2:47 - Preparations
8:39 - The First Mission
17:00 - The Rest of the Week
18:30 - Revenge of the Cock
24:35 - Aftermath
30:26 - Call to Action
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  1. Flor Geneva

    Flor Geneva

    5 months ago

    I don’t think there is a way to accurately describe how I am feeling right now. I never pictured this video crossing 100K views let alone ONE MILLION! Thank you everyone you have no idea how happy I am right now. Your constant support is what’s helping me keep going forward. I love you all.

    • Graut


      4 days ago

      He said there was something big in the works a while ago. Then I remember about it and no new videos have been posted.

    • FBI Agent

      FBI Agent

      5 days ago

      Mad lad

    • tier 3 sub

      tier 3 sub

      6 days ago


    • Elephant In The Room

      Elephant In The Room

      8 days ago

      When will there be the nice cock operation number 2?

    • Parker Kevin

      Parker Kevin

      15 days ago

      Come back

  2. SiGHT SMaSH


    3 hours ago

    na we would just destroy the school tbh

  3. でSelim


    Day ago

    Dang, I'm gonna do this too, when school starts. I'll keep you guys updated. Greetings from Austria

  4. cjcjcjcjcj


    Day ago

    5:48 nice danganrompa 2 reference HOPE you dont put poision in a fire enstiguser

  5. Luiz Quevedo

    Luiz Quevedo

    Day ago

    Dasha is the absolute bro, followed by the 6th grader. This kind of people is needed

  6. Joseph Rigor

    Joseph Rigor

    Day ago

    You accidentally left a button from your shirt behind, which could be incriminating evidence. IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?!

  7. Shade Pizza

    Shade Pizza

    2 days ago

    When's operation nice coming out

  8. FURY_Alex


    3 days ago

    The males: lol funny posters The females: *D E A T H T O T H E M P L A*

  9. LG56


    3 days ago

    this man is destined to become a full time youtuber

  10. shino kun

    shino kun

    3 days ago

    they initiated order 66 smh

  11. shino kun

    shino kun

    3 days ago

    you should have put "removing the posters are lame" or something

  12. Lumanis


    3 days ago

    I came from Emkay

  13. ZZekedia 222

    ZZekedia 222

    5 days ago

    Neiß coq

  14. Sun tzu

    Sun tzu

    5 days ago

    You know the “mafia” at my school is the opisite, they jump you if they see you with anything below a c and collect the school currency Just from seeing how much my friend collected they had well over 600 on top of that they’re ironicly the strongest people in the school If you dont see how that’s ironic it’s very stereotypical and entitleing strong people as dumb

  15. Pigan! :p

    Pigan! :p

    5 days ago

    How you destroyed your whole career with sexual harassment

  16. Survival Boss

    Survival Boss

    5 days ago

    Well ur F ed when any o the tellers in your school sees this video R/madlad

  17. Warfare Wardon

    Warfare Wardon

    6 days ago

    I did the same but with smoke

  18. tier 3 sub

    tier 3 sub

    6 days ago

    ok, so I'm gonna watch this and then go to sleep

  19. meekal wit

    meekal wit

    6 days ago

    sorry all out of cock

  20. BTz_mota


    7 days ago


  21. Raine Cloud

    Raine Cloud

    7 days ago

    I know it's been long, but I apologise on behalf of all girls; they were uneducated, forgive my kind. But honestly, it was pretty funny that they broke down all the stalls

  22. dustyrx


    8 days ago

    My part makes me want to die I was a such a retard just 6 months ago

  23. dustyrx


    8 days ago

    This gave me cancer would not recommend also check your twitter DMs flor

  24. Taylor Edgell

    Taylor Edgell

    8 days ago

    Can we at least talk about the crazy bitch factory you call a school?

  25. jotaro kugeo

    jotaro kugeo

    8 days ago

    Lego Star wars EPISODE | | REVENGE OF THE COCK

  26. Xazny


    9 days ago

    this man legit started a new founding day in that school

  27. lolihavenoface


    9 days ago

    boys: lol, my dick big girls: this is sexism

  28. Reat


    10 days ago

    Nice Cockumentry

  29. ŁUN4TY Ṛ4IN


    10 days ago

    Ima do this once quarantine is over ima tell u how it went

  30. Okuyasu nijimura

    Okuyasu nijimura

    10 days ago

    Nice Cock

  31. Røsè


    11 days ago

    This dude is my new hero

  32. killervshot MLG

    killervshot MLG

    11 days ago

    Mission Success Respect +

  33. Maxim Karapetov

    Maxim Karapetov

    11 days ago

    BIS starting to sound pretty fun ngl



    11 days ago

    dee dee mega doo doo

  35. the Russian cat

    the Russian cat

    11 days ago

    The Karen crusaders

  36. Mei The Rando

    Mei The Rando

    11 days ago

    This sounds so insane and amazing. I love it!!!! And if I have the courage i will one day pull something like this.

  37. zaggyzombie


    11 days ago

    In hindsight, putting on Razormind or Backstab would be a nice heist music....

  38. GamerAlex604


    12 days ago

    this video is beautiful

  39. mahdy amjad

    mahdy amjad

    12 days ago

    خرا بعضرك صدك بطل *slow clapping*

  40. Gamerel 0

    Gamerel 0

    12 days ago

    This is an amazing documentary on the NICE COCK HEIST.

  41. PabloRoblox2008


    12 days ago

    Так это и в России было? Во че русский народ творит

  42. MissCreative Gamer

    MissCreative Gamer

    13 days ago

    Being a female myself, I would genuinely laugh and probably ask around so I could help in the operation. Or take one of the posters to keep. Idk why the people at your school got mad at tit bat, honestly they need to chill

  43. Emiliano Camarillo Vega

    Emiliano Camarillo Vega

    13 days ago

    Nothing but the legend itself

  44. Haise Sasaki

    Haise Sasaki

    13 days ago

    It makes me sad I wasn't able to participate in the raid

  45. Evan Schneller

    Evan Schneller

    13 days ago


  46. Cerberus the Nightwing

    Cerberus the Nightwing

    13 days ago

    I need to do this because my high school is huge

  47. Russian Racc

    Russian Racc

    13 days ago

    This got my sub

  48. KillerWolf 2019

    KillerWolf 2019

    13 days ago

    Stand proud plays in background 15:32

  49. Mimikyu Cutie

    Mimikyu Cutie

    13 days ago

    This is beautiful 🥺💕

  50. ZecorVtoro &

    ZecorVtoro &

    13 days ago

    Imagain if someone had somethg stolen and they had every one open and show there bags and all of a sudedn 100 nice cock posters flow out

  51. That1boi 221

    That1boi 221

    14 days ago

    Next vid when?

  52. ZakkBWyldin


    14 days ago

    I am here from a youtuber called ezpz

  53. A. Garcia

    A. Garcia

    14 days ago

    1:03 Watamote!

  54. Jackson Bolton

    Jackson Bolton

    14 days ago

    Nice cock

  55. toveey


    14 days ago

    Now that’s a _nice cock_

  56. Prem Nair gaming

    Prem Nair gaming

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  57. Exposer Fanny

    Exposer Fanny

    14 days ago

    Imma tell my kids this was WWI

  58. Wu de fuq

    Wu de fuq

    14 days ago

    He’s like a passive aggressive kira

  59. MasonH


    14 days ago

    What is the name of the anime character that represents the guy in this story?

    • Captain Spy

      Captain Spy

      5 days ago

      Yoshiga Kira?

  60. In5ertName


    14 days ago