BET Awards 2020 Performances!

Missed the BET Awards 2020 performances? Watch it right here, now!

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  1. BETNetworks


    Month ago

    Missed the BET Awards 2020 performances? Watch it right here 5p ET and live chat with us!

    • joekesh highstarmakeit

      joekesh highstarmakeit

      18 days ago




      22 days ago

      @Karma Blessings thank you😘😘😘

    • kader Miguel

      kader Miguel

      26 days ago

      Bet award only for English country who win never see French country win from Africa

    • hip hop Mexican Carrillo

      hip hop Mexican Carrillo

      Month ago

      @Freshestt Wwg 💯🎶🔥🎶🖤🤎🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Sawadogo Isma

      Sawadogo Isma

      Month ago


  2. 72CapMart


    18 hours ago

    Keep it up the great music. Black American Music and singers are so talented particularly the music from the old days without negative messages instead with messages of love, empowerment, and etc

  3. Monkey D. Rennie

    Monkey D. Rennie

    3 days ago

    Hold on hold on...was this actually 12 hours on the TV as well?🤔

  4. stingers army

    stingers army

    4 days ago

    Dababy is the reincarnation of eazy-E....

  5. Play Anglin

    Play Anglin

    5 days ago

    Wayne in that kobe tribute 🔥🔥

  6. Play Anglin

    Play Anglin

    5 days ago

    That rockstar video did it for me if u wasn’t fan than u are now wow

  7. Fernando Gonzalez

    Fernando Gonzalez

    5 days ago


  8. Tam Shari

    Tam Shari

    5 days ago




    6 days ago


  10. Treys vlogzz

    Treys vlogzz

    7 days ago

    Why was dababy lil syncing

  11. King Lenyora

    King Lenyora

    7 days ago

    Megan Thee Stallion🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. wanyoike samwel

    wanyoike samwel

    8 days ago


  13. Michelle Dozier-Slaton

    Michelle Dozier-Slaton

    9 days ago

    I am diggin this kid Roddy Rich.....love his voice, tone and deliverance. Super dope.

  14. remy LeBeau

    remy LeBeau

    10 days ago

    who sold out edition

  15. Juanee’ Brown

    Juanee’ Brown

    11 days ago

    55:03 . not the bangyang ..

  16. Marshall Cox

    Marshall Cox

    11 days ago

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  17. boo843348


    12 days ago

    Music is horrible now

  18. Mary Charlotte

    Mary Charlotte

    12 days ago

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  19. Demichael McAdory

    Demichael McAdory

    13 days ago




    13 days ago

    Dis 11 hrs

  21. PrendasBaby


    13 days ago

    Wayne Brady did a great job!

  22. Noard


    14 days ago

    How to get 100 copyright in one video

  23. Ahmad Butler

    Ahmad Butler

    14 days ago

    dance gavin dance

  24. Spekyy


    14 days ago


  25. hermann esmond

    hermann esmond

    14 days ago

    who is this guy singing. men i love him

  26. Reel Tahk

    Reel Tahk

    15 days ago

    YASSSS!!!!!! This was a beautiful thing to watch and a beautiful to see - respect BET!

  27. Michelle D.

    Michelle D.

    15 days ago

    It’s looping. I’m done

  28. Manilla Jones

    Manilla Jones

    15 days ago

    black lives do matter a lot

  29. Isabel Prado

    Isabel Prado

    15 days ago

    So doja cat wasnt here >:(

  30. Khadijha Ross

    Khadijha Ross

    15 days ago

    24:00 instantly made me think Of Higher Learning...

  31. Cookie_Plays


    15 days ago

    Megan’s performance 😬 Edit: me poor eyes but AYEEE MEGAN GET ITT

  32. TheDistrict644


    16 days ago

    Feeling the new talent

  33. TheDistrict644


    16 days ago

    Kid from the start's nice.Was expecting garbage. Old schooler

  34. DessenciaTV


    16 days ago

    puta merda que negocio é esse cinematográfico

  35. Wanted Cortez

    Wanted Cortez

    16 days ago


  36. Healthy Mike

    Healthy Mike

    16 days ago

    Megan Mcdonlads messed up Eazy E beat. Y would do that hahahahah. Eazy mad angry

  37. Christian Figuroa

    Christian Figuroa

    16 days ago

    hopefully megan hes completely

  38. Christian Figuroa

    Christian Figuroa

    16 days ago

    they loook so fit

  39. karina richard

    karina richard

    16 days ago

    The box Roddy Ricch 🤳🏻

  40. Kia the CEO

    Kia the CEO

    16 days ago

    Fight the Power!✊🏾

  41. Jon Wilson

    Jon Wilson

    17 days ago

    That Kobe tribute hit hard. It was a foreshadowing of what was to come in 2020. RIP GOAT and Mambacita GiGi.

  42. Jordan Jackson

    Jordan Jackson

    17 days ago

    But no no I am no no not at least my car no no one else no car is my car and car no car and car wash my

  43. TAT


    17 days ago


  44. Senat Ernst

    Senat Ernst

    17 days ago

    Dababy so tight

  45. Super BowserZeelo

    Super BowserZeelo

    17 days ago

    I think rockstar was the best of this year man

  46. NELLZBS2 Bristol

    NELLZBS2 Bristol

    17 days ago

    Bro you sold you're soul wen u sign the contract to music

  47. Joann Mena

    Joann Mena

    17 days ago

    I’m doing the twist yes tooth fruity.

  48. Moh Mar

    Moh Mar

    18 days ago

    04:11:15 lil wayne really dope RIP Black Mamba

  49. Jalina A

    Jalina A

    18 days ago

    Baby song

  50. Jalina A

    Jalina A

    18 days ago

    That's the bad song

  51. Jalina A

    Jalina A

    18 days ago

    Bai tong

  52. Jalina A

    Jalina A

    18 days ago

    Tongue out 😈😋😏

  53. Jalina A

    Jalina A

    18 days ago

    That's mama song no that's not mama song no it's not don't listen to him he's five years old and he's just using voice commands

  54. ¿UFILME? FILMS ©️


    18 days ago

    Megan used the California love motif.

  55. Raul Matos

    Raul Matos

    18 days ago


  56. Mike Jenkins

    Mike Jenkins

    18 days ago

    When did Jennifer Hudson knew how to play the piano I didn't know that

  57. Jonae Baskin

    Jonae Baskin

    18 days ago

    Damn Alicia Keys’ performance had me tearing up 20secs in.

  58. Aaliyah Julian

    Aaliyah Julian

    19 days ago


  59. Aaliyah Julian

    Aaliyah Julian

    19 days ago

    wow so cool

  60. Ldvus 187

    Ldvus 187

    19 days ago