Trope Talk: Dragons

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Dragons! They're big, they're scaly, they're legendary! But how deep does the wyrmhole go?
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  1. Joey A dePub

    Joey A dePub

    39 minutes ago

    Working theory: Dragons everywhere: dinosaur skulls. Dragons vs. Storm Gods: dinosaur skulls found in marshes, bogs, places that look like they've been flooded, or where a flood has removed a lot of sediment concealing dinosaur fossils.

  2. ᅚᅚᅚᅚ


    59 minutes ago

    **furious clicking**

  3. 핑엘리


    Hour ago

    Could you... maybe do one about extraterrestrials? edit: i forgot to say please i am so sorry

  4. CounterShift


    Hour ago

    I saw you acknowledging dinosaurs in the captions, forgot to record that? lmao. Would've been good to let people know that one directly too XD

  5. shagohad3


    2 hours ago

    I'm sad the glory of Trogdor wasn't spoken of in this video.

  6. Mr Ferris

    Mr Ferris

    3 hours ago

    Dragon is not cat, cat has no loyalty and no interest in helping anyone. Dragon is odd dog!

  7. Spencer Willits

    Spencer Willits

    3 hours ago

    The motif of the Thunderbird (storm god) vs. the Mishipeshu/Unktehila/horned snake/underwater panther/sea dragon is remarkably universal throughout American Indian mythology

  8. Dragon Turtle

    Dragon Turtle

    4 hours ago

    Dragon taxonomy is still fun and interesting though. And it helps clarify what people are talking about in online nerd debates.

  9. Tim Sparkes

    Tim Sparkes

    5 hours ago

    Is, is godzilla a dragon?

  10. Alex Jewett

    Alex Jewett

    5 hours ago

    I don't really count "just a giant snake" as a dragon.

  11. Emily Kavanagh

    Emily Kavanagh

    6 hours ago

    One of the most interesting takes on dragons has to be in Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea cycle! They were definitely more on the divine and mysterious side, and I was really fascinated with her take on them and how they were ancient and wise

  12. Andrew Murray

    Andrew Murray

    6 hours ago

    I see Lucas, i click like. good stuff, thankyou.

  13. JD Draws

    JD Draws

    8 hours ago

    Red: "The audience will know to expect something powerful and important, no matter what shape it is" Me: *stares at the Horse from Journey to the West*

  14. Don Nguyen

    Don Nguyen

    8 hours ago

    Sky god vs dragon is actually an allegory of order vs chaos. A lot of cultures revere sky gods as the ones in charge of maintaining order in the universe because powers over sky which is what us humans can’t reach means ultimate status for gods. So it’s the storm gods with their power and status that are given the job of maintaining order in the cosmos and the dragon serves as a symbol of chaos and evil. The dragon in question is also usually a water or underworld serpent because most people view water and the sea as powerful but violent and unpredictable and the underworld is basically dangerous and deadly. Snakes/dragons are the monsters usually because of most venomous snakes, the violent tendencies of some snakes and the way snakes move like ripples of water. So when you have sky/storm god vs dragon it basically means opposites in conflict: order vs chaos, sky vs Earth (or water), good vs evil etc. note: the term usually used for this conflict is called chaoskampf which basically means struggle with chaos or overcoming the monster. Also check out Harry Potter chamber of secrets and you see the same struggle and trope when Harry fights the basilisk which is a big venomous snake lives in the flooded chamber and saves Ginny Weasley (his future wife)

  15. Scherazade , Teller of Tales

    Scherazade , Teller of Tales

    8 hours ago

    In Wales we have a story about two dragons fighting, one red and one white. Aka one welsh and one english. Legend says that in the time of wales’ need, the red dragon will return and defend us from the english

  16. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu

    8 hours ago

    "What do Dragons eat?" "Maidens chained to rocks." "Well it'll starve here, we're on loam."

  17. Mike K

    Mike K

    9 hours ago

    I have to imagine that part of the idea for dragons came from different societies all over the world finding dinosaur bones. If you look at a T-Rex skull and had no concept whatsoever of dinosaurs, it's not a stretch to say "Hey, this must be a dragon skull!"

  18. Cole Manning

    Cole Manning

    10 hours ago

    Tiamat, mother of all dragons. Yes, I recall

  19. Sommer Blume

    Sommer Blume

    10 hours ago

    The thumbnail is a wyvern, though, not a dragon

    • soinhu foitu

      soinhu foitu

      8 hours ago

      town with it, with a lot of very creative designs that still managed to make good use of the trope baggage

  20. Nicolas Khodabandeh

    Nicolas Khodabandeh

    10 hours ago

    why is there no more dragon? one thing : "here be dragons" (SCP)

  21. Erene Theodorakis

    Erene Theodorakis

    10 hours ago

    Can't wait for the demons and faeries trope talks next.

  22. Jackson Bowns

    Jackson Bowns

    10 hours ago

    A massive dragon shows up somewhere in Eurasia causing havok. Indra: Aw yeah, time to slay a drago- Oh, what are you doing here? Thor: I'm here for the dragon. Zues: Well this is awkward. Susanoo *walks in dressed as a woman and carrying sake*: Alright let's do this thing!

    • kunik61


      9 hours ago


  23. Adoki


    10 hours ago

    The new generation of gods killed the dragon industry

  24. Lunar Shadow55

    Lunar Shadow55

    11 hours ago

    Could be that Dragon vs Storm God is so common because it is some kind of meaning of Dragons being long living Mortal that tries for immortality by trying to overtake gods only for the Storm to act as a cage that keeps dragons forcibly grounded so they can't reach the golden realm of the gods. But as for why there are so many dragons, i would say it is because lizards are everywhere, as long as it isn't below a certain temperature, there will always be a lizard slithering or walking somewhere

  25. Adyen Lichtwachter

    Adyen Lichtwachter

    11 hours ago


  26. kitchensinkchronicles


    11 hours ago

    honestly they all probably found dinosaur bones - while their skulls looked like lizards and arms looked like bird’s wings - and went “cool. giant lizards that can fly.”

  27. ILiveFor TheChaos

    ILiveFor TheChaos

    11 hours ago

    15:06 Okay, that picture is pretty cool and I kinda want it as my desktop.

  28. Nathan Black

    Nathan Black

    12 hours ago

    All these cultures probably had the same thought in reference to storm/sky gods fighting dragons: "both dragons and (insert god of the sky) claim the sky as their dominion so obviously they're gonna fight"

  29. Georgina Ribera i Caro

    Georgina Ribera i Caro

    12 hours ago

    sees a trope talk about dragons. *asexuals have entered the chat*

  30. Juan Carlos Montilla Correa

    Juan Carlos Montilla Correa

    13 hours ago

    Oh come on.. Lucas the spider is cute!

  31. Maggie McGonnell

    Maggie McGonnell

    13 hours ago

    As far as modern dragons go.... Dragon Booster. That is all, you're welcome.



    13 hours ago

    Weird that dragons have bat wings when birds are the actual reptilians.

  33. DaemosDaen


    13 hours ago

    I was soo happy when you mentioned the Dragonriders series. Red: 8 headed snake that really like booze DM Me: I can do something with that *writes down* Red: the ultimate fusion of human primal fears would have a lot more spiders involved. DM Me: It's kit-bashing time. Gargantuan spider legs, check. Leftover dragon body and tail, check. Giant bird winds, check, giant spider head and mandibles, check. Why hasn't this been a mini already :/

  34. Sergio Herrero

    Sergio Herrero

    14 hours ago

    I always found interesting the approach of the breath of fire 4 game to this trope. It uses the most basic definition of dragon (awe inspiring and vaguely serpent-y) and went to town with it, with a lot of very creative designs that still managed to make good use of the trope baggage

  35. X


    14 hours ago

    Red: the ultimate fusion of human primal fears would probably have a lot more spiders involved Me: Me: why won't you let spiders get married?

  36. 1ofthem !!!

    1ofthem !!!

    14 hours ago

    Trope Talk: Orphans? There are just a lot of orphan characters in fiction that seem to come in two types either a Moses/superman type or a more batman type I think it be interesting to talk about.

    • 1ofthem !!!

      1ofthem !!!

      8 hours ago

      @FRANKLIN Z Right but most of those kinds of characters do have parents, there just not mentioned, not important or not involved in the polt or would raise some questionable stuff in the story if they were involved because as you mentioned that would make them terrible parents. Many anime high school romances do mention parents and if they do mostly have them as minor background characters that don't do much. The characters do have parents but they aren't important enough in the story to be brought up. I'm mainly talking about characters that are actual orphans. Which as I stated before comes in three types. The Adopted Orphan (ex: Moses, Superman, Spider-Man, Harry Potter), The Traumatic Orphan (Ex: Batman, Daredevil,) or the Half Orphan (EX: Nemo, Chuckie Finster, Max Goof)



      8 hours ago

      @1ofthem !!! Typically in anime high school kids has to make life decisions, has a harem, regularly face life-threatening battles, needs to save the world, gets badly injured, kills people, etc. Having parents around will either crash the world building or make them terrible parents.

    • 1ofthem !!!

      1ofthem !!!

      11 hours ago

      I also forgot another type of Orphan. The Half Orphan.

    • 1ofthem !!!

      1ofthem !!!

      11 hours ago

      ​@FRANKLIN Z Many of those could just mean that the parents aren't an important factor of the story may be because the character in question is too old for parents to matter or some other reason. Or it could just boil down to the Moses/superman type which we can just simply call the Adopted type as many of those characters may have a mentor/parental figure that took them in



      13 hours ago

      @1ofthem !!! Look at all the JRPGs and anime. Although in anime the parents are usually away on vacation (for years until it is time for the love interest to meet them).

  37. Nao Frost MC

    Nao Frost MC

    16 hours ago

    oh wow.. never thought i own a dragon this whole time

  38. Jane Ross

    Jane Ross

    17 hours ago

    "A metric buttload of dragons." That's the collective noun now. No, I won't accept that it isn't.

  39. Samuel Henricks

    Samuel Henricks

    17 hours ago

    Does this guy have another channel? I swear I've heard this voice elsewhere.

  40. Frederik Johnsen

    Frederik Johnsen

    19 hours ago

    You know thinking about it maybe the whole "dragon is killed by storm god" comes from the fact that dragon scales are often portrayed as being extremely durable, so perhaps people thought that only something like a bolt of lightning could pierce them and storm gods are often shown as being among the strongest in their pantheon. But hey what do I know.

  41. Kyle Givens

    Kyle Givens

    21 hour ago

    Would you rather trust a Fairy or a Dragon?

  42. the little prince

    the little prince

    21 hour ago

    Why dragon? Because they exist! Not a the winged scally fire breathing one but the giant serpent/ lizard tingy one. I mean giant serpents that devour humans are real (anaconda, phyton, etc.) And they might more common in the ancient days. You have giant lizards like komodo and crocodiles/alligators that can make any prehistorian seing them as some type of godly creature (first they are majestic and second they dont really attack/pursue you outside of their domain unlike the common predatory animal).

  43. Nightmare Wings

    Nightmare Wings

    21 hour ago

    My favorite creature, I love dragons especially feathered ones

  44. Ash Vincentius

    Ash Vincentius

    21 hour ago

    Fáfnir?!?? Quetzalcoatl?!??? OMG- KOBAYASHI DRAGON MAID CONFIRMED

  45. James Wang

    James Wang

    22 hours ago

    There are two important evil dragons in Chinese mythology: Xiangliu(相柳), the nine headed evil serpent; and Gonggong(共工), dragon deity of water. The nine headed serpent Xiangliu, is killed by Yu the Great.

  46. Dom


    22 hours ago

    I really enjoy this channels work but I wish you did some more African mythology. Not exactly the right video to post this on but I still wish you did :( Otherwise keep up the fun entertaining and educational work.

  47. kevin nguyen

    kevin nguyen

    23 hours ago

    If you want to play dragons instead of the humans, check out Dragonhearts by Alex Guerrero (FractalDragon on itch)! Argue, Fight, Compete, Dance, Dine, and Battle each other to prove yourself to the universe worthy of saving it in the prophesied ritual~ A very good game worth checking out if you get the chance!

  48. LPerrotta


    23 hours ago

    When will we see a Trope Talk video about the Worf Effect trope?

  49. Abigail Flemming

    Abigail Flemming

    23 hours ago

    Ouroboros... please do a run down

  50. Arthur Hill

    Arthur Hill

    Day ago

    Weirdly, I don't think anyone calls Godzilla a dragon, despite being a giant fire breathing lizard. Maybe 'Kaiju' is starting to take on some use as an alternate term covering similar ground?



      13 hours ago

      I'd say you need to either fly or be snakly or both. What matters more is if the writer call it a dragon. I read a web novel where dragons are actually dragonflies.

  51. Grey Paladin

    Grey Paladin

    Day ago

    I taped some wings to my barbecue and it is now a dragon. Fight me.

  52. viperblitz11


    Day ago

    In Monster Hunter, they categorize a "dragon" as an incredibly rare monster whose power and/or nature defies explanation in some form or another. Any possible similarity you might find in their taxonomy is sheer and utter coincidence. A large venomous chameleon which can turn invisible, a flaming/explosive manticore, a unicorn which summons lightning, a kilometer-long tunneling serpent, a bearded whale with horns, an enormous floating jellyfish and a kaiju-sized living nuke with a volcano on its back are all classed as "dragons" together with a number of western and eastern inspired designs.

  53. Talon Greenlee

    Talon Greenlee

    Day ago

    In Dark Souls, the dragons were killed by gods using lightning. Just putting that out there as another example of that.

  54. ed invested

    ed invested

    Day ago

    well done as always

  55. Mama B

    Mama B

    Day ago

    In the Council of Wyrms box set for AD&D, the dragon hoard was required for their growth. When they gained enough experience and gold, they would pile it up in a safe place and sleep on it to reach the next level/growth stage. This bonded the hoard to them spiritually and if even one single coin went missing they couldn't level up until they got it back. I liked that dynamic because it went less greed and became necessity instead. More gold meant more respect in draconic culture.

  56. ComXDude


    Day ago

    I'm just over here writing a book with a multidimensional multiheaded dragon (like a legally-distinct anime King Ghidorah, but not shit) as the big ol' bad guy.

  57. Danael849


    Day ago

    Put it in the Elder dragon pile, monster hunter player will said .

  58. Tylabs


    Day ago

    Was Yoshi used to censor that XD ?

  59. Oscar Melby

    Oscar Melby

    Day ago

    FYI, your censoring of the F-Bomb later in the video was a bit too short... I noticed because swears at this level equal to a slap in the face. :l

  60. Mocha Tiki

    Mocha Tiki

    Day ago

    What if the Dragon IS the Storm God?