BLACKPINK(블랙핑크) - How You Like That @인기가요 inkigayo 20200628

BLACKPINK - How You Like That #SBSInkigayo_EP1053
블랙핑크 - How You Like That #BLACKPINK #HowYouLikeThat
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  1. Beam Channel

    Beam Channel

    5 hours ago

    ลิซ่าลุคนี้สวยน่ารักมากค่ะ เจนนี่ก็เหมือนกัน

  2. username


    5 hours ago

    hm i might just become a blink

  3. Mami K.

    Mami K.

    5 hours ago

    We have a lot of denims with the new stylist

  4. Feni Handayani

    Feni Handayani

    5 hours ago


  5. bitch


    5 hours ago

    they are so expensive

  6. 정유열


    5 hours ago

    테디 음악성도 좋지만 블핑도 너무 잘한당

  7. Fabio Rolando Torres Martinez

    Fabio Rolando Torres Martinez

    5 hours ago

    tan bueno blackpink

  8. StanBp


    5 hours ago

    Rosé forehead

  9. Otoi Saputra Chanel

    Otoi Saputra Chanel

    5 hours ago


  10. Loving Life

    Loving Life

    5 hours ago

    The new stylist is amazing all the girls look amazing and comfortable 😍



    5 hours ago

    LES INVITO A QUE MIREN EL VIDEO DE HWASA us-state.com/v/m6OQgqrMenuqrNc/video.html

  12. 『 nêm 』

    『 nêm 』

    5 hours ago


  13. Maria Liezel danganan

    Maria Liezel danganan

    5 hours ago

    My beautiful girls slayed the comeback 👏👏 We Wish to hear jiso singing "blackPink in your area" solo😍😍

  14. adam dark

    adam dark

    5 hours ago

    Weak sauce, same as all their other songs

  15. Yothika Viwasuk

    Yothika Viwasuk

    6 hours ago


  16. ela erianti17

    ela erianti17

    6 hours ago

    I like your face blackpink🤣

  17. 갸아아


    6 hours ago

    블핑언니들은 존나 이쁘고 멋있고 여전히 오지는데 저번 앨범보다 약간 뭔가... YG가 존나 급하구나 싶음... 블핑언니들 빨리 탈 YG하자 빨리 거기서 나와ㅠㅜ

  18. Angelina Tan

    Angelina Tan

    6 hours ago

    best comeback ever

  19. Paegan


    6 hours ago

    Kpop actually kinda slaps I just can stand the toxic fanbase

  20. Helen Villasante

    Helen Villasante

    6 hours ago

    Me encanta ver a Lisa en el escenario. Tiene tanto estilo cuando baila.

  21. Reena Gacha ツ

    Reena Gacha ツ

    6 hours ago

    *They put candles on the place of fans because they know they already killed us*

  22. Camila


    6 hours ago

    AAAHHHH this seriusly is very very beautiful :(💗



    6 hours ago


  24. Ilayda Yilmaz

    Ilayda Yilmaz

    7 hours ago


  25. Dudi Mahpudi

    Dudi Mahpudi

    7 hours ago

    Black Pink in yuor Area...?

  26. Ali Ullah

    Ali Ullah

    7 hours ago

    I've listened to this song so much and it hasn't even been out that long. I keep finding myself putting it on repeat.

  27. tatas tatas

    tatas tatas

    7 hours ago

    2.57 gorila style, jennie said😂

  28. Jace Justin

    Jace Justin

    7 hours ago


  29. Jace Justin

    Jace Justin

    7 hours ago


  30. Fernanda Alcala De La Torre

    Fernanda Alcala De La Torre

    7 hours ago

    Oh my god Queens I love this

  31. Tonton Tan

    Tonton Tan

    7 hours ago

    Jennie still the prettiest

  32. momo !!!

    momo !!!

    7 hours ago

    Jisoo is so gorgeous, she’s improved so much 🥺💘

  33. tatas tatas

    tatas tatas

    7 hours ago




    7 hours ago

    0:13 and i thought that creepy big ass statue is back

  35. Olivia Park

    Olivia Park

    7 hours ago

    와..리sa 외mo shil화naa? huk발jhon나 e쁘ne....(이ru면 u튜be가 해suk 안ha나?)

  36. Chai Mesa

    Chai Mesa

    7 hours ago

    Best birthday present. Released last 26, my birthday was on 28

  37. Alimah Syrf

    Alimah Syrf

    7 hours ago

    I love you

  38. Alimah Syrf

    Alimah Syrf

    7 hours ago


  39. Alimah Syrf

    Alimah Syrf

    7 hours ago


  40. Alimah Syrf

    Alimah Syrf

    7 hours ago


  41. ano


    7 hours ago

    coi mắc cười khúc cuối mấy chị tạo dáng mà thở hổn hểnnn

  42. Elisa feng

    Elisa feng

    7 hours ago

    rose kinda looks like lee sung kyung 0:38

  43. Mareyam Mayeram

    Mareyam Mayeram

    7 hours ago


  44. Mareyam Mayeram

    Mareyam Mayeram

    7 hours ago

    I love lisa

  45. Cici Lin

    Cici Lin

    8 hours ago

    Love you, Blackpink.

  46. 내꿈은백수


    8 hours ago

    다 영어네 🤔

  47. Julia Correa Petermann

    Julia Correa Petermann

    8 hours ago

    this song is amazing, but I worry about everyone's safety ... I didn't see anyone wearing a mask and this is a danger

  48. Menii21


    8 hours ago

    Wow us-state.com/v/mneJkdS0nau8tbE/video.html

  49. Desired Loved

    Desired Loved

    9 hours ago

    Lisa honestly carries the group I’m so fond of her. She makes any song a masterpiece just by rapping like daaaaamn 🤧🤧👍👍👍so sad yg takes so long to release a song for blackpink

  50. aya hafidi

    aya hafidi

    9 hours ago

    omg i love you blackpink

  51. Celine Gavy Bonilla

    Celine Gavy Bonilla

    10 hours ago


  52. Bijou Ham

    Bijou Ham

    10 hours ago

    Que bonita es Jisoo, a parte de su bella voz, te cautiva con su rostro, es tan dulce.

  53. Danielle Sarti

    Danielle Sarti

    11 hours ago

    Cara...elas não cantam nada! Só dão show...

  54. Sansan.sss107 Sandra290588

    Sansan.sss107 Sandra290588

    11 hours ago


  55. Scott Richardson

    Scott Richardson

    11 hours ago

    Excellent song, moves & looks, this has to be one of the best songs so far, BLINKS forever, 💞💖💗

  56. Lily Franco

    Lily Franco

    11 hours ago

    This is everything I also love jisoo's shoes 😌

  57. Cynthia Gonzalo

    Cynthia Gonzalo

    11 hours ago


  58. BLACKPINK made YouTube freeze

    BLACKPINK made YouTube freeze

    11 hours ago

    Some say this intro is hint to their July release? But then again we cannot say for sure until YG release it

  59. 범규


    12 hours ago

    Blackpink songs are so good and catchy but this one wasn’t the best the lyrics were repeated and most of the song is boom boom and daradarada it’s like the recycled version of kill this love and dududu even the Samsung ad they did is more catchy than this song I know they can do better than this they’re talented I’m just disappointed in this comeback because I know they can do better this isn’t supposed to be a hate comment I’m just stating my opinion sorry if it’s offensive

  60. oti taga

    oti taga

    12 hours ago

    Their performance is literally boring yeah they look pretty but what else to notice their powerful music saves them otherwise it will look really dull and boring I used to love them but over the years every time we get same concept and after this MV i'm really done being a fan 🙄

    • marry me jisoo

      marry me jisoo

      6 hours ago


  61. Lyly Atun

    Lyly Atun

    12 hours ago

    They r so sexy

  62. Stingpriw Lageday

    Stingpriw Lageday

    13 hours ago

    i love lisa❤️

  63. sunshine


    13 hours ago

    you can really see the difference between the old stylist and the new ones. the girls looks amazing, and seems like a good outfit for dance too. and they are also playing with different looks for them, i love it.

  64. jUnGkOoKiE LoVeR

    jUnGkOoKiE LoVeR

    13 hours ago

    Me: *trying so hard to focus on everyone* Lisa: “look at you now look at me” Me: oh ok😌😭 Who else just can’t get their eyes from Lisa❤️

  65. BiEn J 비안제이

    BiEn J 비안제이

    13 hours ago

    Covered us-state.com/v/gJiNgdytqpHDsaU/video.html

  66. Putri Rally Jelita Aprilia

    Putri Rally Jelita Aprilia

    13 hours ago

    So energic

  67. Great Lilili

    Great Lilili

    13 hours ago

    Omg this is queen’s 👑

  68. eden


    13 hours ago


  69. George Boseah

    George Boseah

    13 hours ago

    i’m sorry but the intro- 🗿

  70. smile manes89

    smile manes89

    13 hours ago


  71. welhelmus lakilangi

    welhelmus lakilangi

    14 hours ago

    Sori Rossie is the best of all 🥰🥰🥰

  72. knj cult

    knj cult

    14 hours ago

    Jisoo, that’s it

  73. Emmi's Welt

    Emmi's Welt

    14 hours ago


  74. vishnu priya

    vishnu priya

    14 hours ago

    QUEEN LISA in the thumbnail !!!!!!!!!!

  75. Denzel dlR

    Denzel dlR

    14 hours ago

    2ne1 pa rin. Asan ang mga blackjacks? Hahaha

  76. Sinadi Ranathunga

    Sinadi Ranathunga

    14 hours ago

    Lisa gang?

  77. thirdfvnc _

    thirdfvnc _

    14 hours ago


  78. Дильназ Есенгельдиева

    Дильназ Есенгельдиева

    14 hours ago


  79. LightYagami


    14 hours ago

    In my opinion I think they kinda did Jisoo dirty with the cloths,I'm sorry but I despise the chunky half worn overalls she's wearing. No hate to Jisoo,I love her to bits and she still rocks during the performance ❤️

  80. Audrey Budiyanto

    Audrey Budiyanto

    14 hours ago

    I made a BLACKPINK notebook