World's Strongest Man vs 100 Layers of Concrete! - Challenge

World's Strongest Man vs 100 Layers of Concrete! - Challenge with Preston 👊
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  1. Preston


    9 days ago

    Subscribe 100 times

    • Dylan Ayden

      Dylan Ayden

      9 days ago


    • Nicole Fischer

      Nicole Fischer

      9 days ago

      Preston You should make Rob play Minecraft and see if he can break obsidian with his bare fists

    • Estrella Hernandez

      Estrella Hernandez

      9 days ago


    • AJ Ord

      AJ Ord

      9 days ago


    • Cats_ruleツ


      9 days ago

      Hiiiiiii I loveeeeeeeee your vids

  2. The Koopaling Master

    The Koopaling Master

    19 minutes ago


  3. The Koopaling Master

    The Koopaling Master

    20 minutes ago

    Like to make Robert stronger



    Hour ago

    To the person who is reading this: Just wanna let you know that you’re fabulous, intelligent and unique. Have a nice day and stay safe❤️❤️

  5. Jennifer Mejia

    Jennifer Mejia

    Hour ago

    1 like = 1 lyric of Preston hitting the flashing steel

  6. Shia Thornton

    Shia Thornton

    2 hours ago

    robert is just hulk

  7. qayne


    2 hours ago


  8. CF kin

    CF kin

    2 hours ago

    The concrete was like wood to Robert 🤣

  9. Bobbi Jo Allen

    Bobbi Jo Allen

    2 hours ago

    I know we’re the Knick is I don’t see a size for using it for hi Lindsey can you use one hand

  10. Aidan Ashcroft

    Aidan Ashcroft

    3 hours ago

    100 layers of flex tape?

  11. Ane Nichols

    Ane Nichols

    3 hours ago


  12. Alex Chisley

    Alex Chisley

    3 hours ago

    It sounds like lighting stirke

  13. Erikas Lek

    Erikas Lek

    4 hours ago

    I don't think you should do this because it's COVID-19

  14. 1 Million Subscribers Without any Videos!

    1 Million Subscribers Without any Videos!

    4 hours ago

    Lets try to get 1 million subscribers without any videos! Like if you think Preston is making this quarantine!

  15. Dena Bedson

    Dena Bedson

    5 hours ago

    Add me on roblox name is sonic11320 I guess can’t remerber

  16. Luis gaming 😄

    Luis gaming 😄

    6 hours ago

    Who remembers when preston hide joshes phone. Preston tell your dad

  17. ItsMack


    7 hours ago


  18. Chaz’s Show

    Chaz’s Show

    7 hours ago

    Preston I saw da cheese ball tik tok video with rob

  19. Emily An

    Emily An

    7 hours ago

    I feel sorry for preston’s neighbors cuz of all the sound XDD

  20. Joanna Wezyk

    Joanna Wezyk

    7 hours ago

    I think you should do 1,000 layers of cavelar

  21. Truong Tran

    Truong Tran

    7 hours ago

    He’s is Strongest man in the world

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      7 hours ago

      Never mess with him

  22. TheGamingMacaw


    7 hours ago


  23. Kelly Didi

    Kelly Didi

    8 hours ago

    Dad: who is the strongest man in the whole world? Me: Robert! Dad: is he big Me: not that much

  24. DreadTadpole516


    8 hours ago

    Dont try at home, they did this at an office

  25. asdjklkk


    8 hours ago

    I wear ur merch

  26. Laylea Ashane

    Laylea Ashane

    8 hours ago

    Do not do this at home

  27. kaylaplazroblox


    8 hours ago

    Everyone: subscribe and hit a like to Preston I did

  28. wes and bree crafts

    wes and bree crafts

    8 hours ago

    I love you Preston and Brianna soo much and Robert

  29. wes and bree crafts

    wes and bree crafts

    8 hours ago

    I love you so much

  30. Mandia Boys

    Mandia Boys

    8 hours ago

    It is the buff mans you tube Chantal now

  31. Mandia Boys

    Mandia Boys

    8 hours ago

    Stop with the fat/buff man

  32. Bobby Knight

    Bobby Knight

    9 hours ago

    You should get Trent from just Dustin

  33. Jaidyn Howard

    Jaidyn Howard

    9 hours ago

    Tiny crowbar thing is called a cat paw

  34. Ttvdanielzgod2008


    9 hours ago

    Lol Preston more like paintston

  35. Karsen Animations

    Karsen Animations

    10 hours ago

    I wanna see how far he can whack a golf ball

  36. Clement Tam

    Clement Tam

    11 hours ago

    Never mess with him

  37. Oscar List

    Oscar List

    12 hours ago

    Who is the girl

  38. Xx_JordiUnicorn_xX


    12 hours ago

    Guys he has pink merch with a purple donut coming out soon! The tea has been spilled!

  39. Ryan Westwood

    Ryan Westwood

    12 hours ago

    My dad makes concrete so I know so much about it lol this comment is usless

  40. Jerome Andee Santerva

    Jerome Andee Santerva

    12 hours ago

    He is like a son of Hercules 😆😆

  41. Unbreakable- Gamez

    Unbreakable- Gamez

    12 hours ago

    This is basically the world's strongest man channel now

  42. Hannes Devisch

    Hannes Devisch

    12 hours ago

    you guys should try chicken wire inside concrete and let robbert destroy it. btw big fan of robbert

  43. xXPurpleGalaxyxX alma dapatin

    xXPurpleGalaxyxX alma dapatin

    12 hours ago

    perston what is Roberts favorite color

  44. xXPurpleGalaxyxX alma dapatin

    xXPurpleGalaxyxX alma dapatin

    13 hours ago

    He can break down the metal

  45. Melissa Mosley

    Melissa Mosley

    13 hours ago

    Me: lalala I’m looking for a new US-state video lalala. the video: hey hey watch me. me:oh ok it’s my favorite US-stater yay. The end

  46. Tabrez Shaik

    Tabrez Shaik

    13 hours ago

    Hello hi preston i want you to do tnt wars😀

  47. Lucas Fiel Penaso

    Lucas Fiel Penaso

    13 hours ago

    I mean not thihg think

  48. Lucas Fiel Penaso

    Lucas Fiel Penaso

    13 hours ago

    I thing preston is super rich

  49. Anett & Eliah

    Anett & Eliah

    13 hours ago

    preston: oh! It's bending! me: bending what, airbending?

  50. Michael Tomkins

    Michael Tomkins

    14 hours ago




    15 hours ago

    hi how are you

  52. YouTube Collection

    YouTube Collection

    15 hours ago

    Preston: strongest person Me: Russian people does pushups with no arm

  53. Shahwaiz Siddiqui

    Shahwaiz Siddiqui

    15 hours ago

    Give Robert a pistol 🔫 and he will shoot a 100 layers of ice

  54. Prinz Ezekiel Perez

    Prinz Ezekiel Perez

    15 hours ago

    plz make more 100 layers chalenge

  55. Bicippi_myepic On tiktok

    Bicippi_myepic On tiktok

    16 hours ago

    Whos here from tiktok

  56. PS4 Games

    PS4 Games

    16 hours ago

    I love Preston like in you like Preston 👇

  57. Alex_Playz


    17 hours ago

    When I saw preston do alot of damage, I feel he is powering up

  58. Charchar 31

    Charchar 31

    17 hours ago

    Leave the poor man alone already 🤣😅

  59. Harrison wall 2 feet tall

    Harrison wall 2 feet tall

    18 hours ago

    I have a mini chanesaw ?

  60. Pursuit diamond

    Pursuit diamond

    18 hours ago

    He says s**t