Barstool Sports founder reacts to AOC calling him out

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy reacts to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's accusation that he's 'likely breaking the law.' #Tucker #FoxNews
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  1. heaven on earth

    heaven on earth

    Day ago

    aoc has to be the dumbest person in congress.

  2. michael reynolds

    michael reynolds

    Day ago

    Please give AOC as much airtime as possible. Everytime she speaks on MSM 500 democrats WALK-AWAY from their party.

  3. christopher jennings

    christopher jennings

    2 days ago

    I’d love to see tucker and Cuomo go at it. 60 minutes of a fact based slap fest over feelings

  4. Eronga Michoacan

    Eronga Michoacan

    2 days ago

    Fck fox news

  5. Hursty Prime

    Hursty Prime

    2 days ago

    Let’s start counting how many debates AOC turns down. She has no confidence in her own opinion and it shows.

  6. Kris Parker

    Kris Parker

    3 days ago

    she wont debate anyone cos she knows she will look like the idiot she is

  7. stenbak88


    3 days ago

    Unions need to be made illegal

  8. Richard Pearson

    Richard Pearson

    5 days ago

    One bite everybody knows the rules

  9. Michele Donahue

    Michele Donahue

    6 days ago

    The squad should be locked up

  10. Joe O'Malley

    Joe O'Malley

    7 days ago

    Portnoy seems like a pretty cool dude. Love how he calls this crazy person out.

  11. U K

    U K

    7 days ago

    Now I know why people like this guy

  12. Donna Chump - DRAFT DODGER

    Donna Chump - DRAFT DODGER

    8 days ago


  13. John Dockert

    John Dockert

    8 days ago

    AOC os an idiot!!

  14. DuuudeMaaan


    9 days ago

    One bias news station everyone knows this country's corrupt and in turmoil

  15. Will Harris

    Will Harris

    9 days ago

    This guy should be president

  16. Ryan Oneil

    Ryan Oneil

    10 days ago

    Wait, to have a debate requires intelligence. No wonder she has passed on every invitation to debate anyone.

  17. Mick & Shelly Hanks

    Mick & Shelly Hanks

    10 days ago

    Perfect!!! Alexandria Ocrazy Cortez! Dumbest little girl since, let’s see, EVER! She better hope they keep the home doors open later so she can be bundled up and taken home for her medication.

  18. SusieQ_Songbird


    12 days ago

    Haha funny! 🤣🤣 O crazio!

  19. Chuck Taylor

    Chuck Taylor

    12 days ago

    I said it 1st "Castro Cortez"

  20. Chuck Taylor

    Chuck Taylor

    12 days ago

    She kept 25,000 jobs out of the Bronx and then defends union workers. She is too stupid to insert a tampon.

  21. Russell Drew

    Russell Drew

    12 days ago

    She needs to take 1 min and learn about Dave's story with Roger Goddell. It's not gonna end well for her

  22. Rocks Cousteau

    Rocks Cousteau

    13 days ago

    AOC is a scumbag.

  23. John Ziggy Kelleher

    John Ziggy Kelleher

    14 days ago

    Love how you bring cheap labor in and than trash them for Chump.

  24. Mario Hinsche

    Mario Hinsche

    14 days ago

    AOC LOL now this circus freak is what we call A Special Kind OF Stupid

  25. Upsidedurn


    14 days ago

    They need to deport her ASAP 😂

  26. Claudia O'Leary

    Claudia O'Leary

    16 days ago

    Tucker do you know that a black man killed 2 white men yesterday in mich

  27. Caluchi


    16 days ago

    We should stand together against the LEFT !!! They are the cause of all this madness

    • Mowgloi Stan

      Mowgloi Stan

      7 days ago

      THE LEFT?!??!?!?!? 😤😤😤

  28. Caluchi


    16 days ago

    Defund Ocasio Cortez !!!! She should go back to where she came from !!!

    • Mowgloi Stan

      Mowgloi Stan

      7 days ago

      She was born in the Bronx you hollow skulled fucknut

  29. Joseph Benjamin

    Joseph Benjamin

    17 days ago

    Attacking sports!!! Now you have gone too far. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. Patriotic Asian Populist

    Patriotic Asian Populist

    17 days ago

    I love Dave Portnoy.🥰

  31. Trapped Under Ice

    Trapped Under Ice

    18 days ago

    I guess we're not allowed to post comments about the violent things we would love to do to Cortez. I got so many

  32. WOLF and FX88

    WOLF and FX88

    18 days ago

    Ever time anyone wants to debate her she just calls them sexist! That way she can try to hide how stupid she is! Not doing good job of hiding it!

  33. Daryl Dixon

    Daryl Dixon

    18 days ago

    Barstool Sport vs Bartender...

  34. Petit Européen

    Petit Européen

    19 days ago

    AOC is what happens after decades of de-westernization pushed with a vengeance by secret societies... Children of the frankfurt school. 💀

  35. Joe Feraco

    Joe Feraco

    19 days ago

    Debate her then hit her in the face with pizza.

  36. The Real Denzel Washington

    The Real Denzel Washington

    20 days ago

    This chick is a embarrassment to humanity

  37. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia

    21 day ago

    This is why I like bitcoin

  38. 2K Voodoo

    2K Voodoo

    21 day ago

    Imagine being a career politician and being afraid to debate pres😂

  39. omnipotent tissue

    omnipotent tissue

    22 days ago

    This guy is a -jerkoff

  40. phil threlkeld

    phil threlkeld

    25 days ago

    Let me have an interview with AOC so I can jump over that chair and knock her the f*** out

  41. Paul Gagnon

    Paul Gagnon

    25 days ago


  42. Rubye Gayton

    Rubye Gayton

    27 days ago

    0:13 0:18 03:40

  43. mike odonnell

    mike odonnell

    28 days ago

    AOC is the pretty leader of the squat squad. she ain't been in DC since 1975 like Biden.

  44. Dominic Gervasio

    Dominic Gervasio

    28 days ago

    1 terrible politician everyone knows the rules.

  45. Mark Capestro

    Mark Capestro

    29 days ago

    O-Crazio 👍👍

  46. John Dirac

    John Dirac

    29 days ago

    Unions are useless. Yes those specific workers get more time off and higher pay, but what does that do for the rest of us? We get less product and it costs more anyway. What happens when an entire city does it? It's called New York City, very little to go around, and it's all very very expensive. Not a functioning economy at all. Once everything gets more expensive, there was no point in even starting the unions in the first place.

  47. Angie


    29 days ago

    She's unintelligent

  48. paul whitfield

    paul whitfield

    29 days ago

    All political waitrons should be barred

  49. Julie Puga

    Julie Puga

    Month ago

    What an idiot. Can the people who voted her in wake up... I'm soo frustrated on her BS.

  50. Anthony Murano

    Anthony Murano

    Month ago

    That's completely unfair to Dave Portnoy.... He deserves to debate someone that doesn't have the mental intelligence of a child...

  51. Majah Productions

    Majah Productions

    Month ago

    I love this guy

  52. Alvaro Vargas bang-wutang

    Alvaro Vargas bang-wutang

    Month ago

    f*** that rich want to be minority b**** she doesn't represent me I'm Mexican she is nothing like me she can go home to your nice little Rich Mom and Daddy.

  53. lay low

    lay low

    Month ago

    One of the dumbest videos i seen this week . Fox news . You sound like your the one who needs attention. By mentioning Alexandra ocasio cortez just to get some one to watch your show .

  54. Fredy Mendez

    Fredy Mendez

    Month ago

    That English guy sounds like a cartoon seems lost for words, as to what he’s gona say next twitchy.

  55. If u disagree with me u are stupid

    If u disagree with me u are stupid

    Month ago

    Portnoy crushed Ocrazio you know the rules

  56. Nate Cote

    Nate Cote

    Month ago

    Wow. Smart guy on Fox news. Oh wait... It's just a british accent.

  57. Earl Delsanto

    Earl Delsanto

    Month ago

    The poor girl is ugly as sin. Awful nose,bad profiles. Horse face. Sorry horse. Crazy O. Love it.

  58. Adrian


    Month ago

    If I had a nickel, everyone knows the rules

  59. Dalton G

    Dalton G

    Month ago

    I’d love to see this 29 year old with no real world experience debate him. Or whatever she is.

  60. Pete Bailey

    Pete Bailey

    Month ago

    aoc is as stupid as they come when it comes to her children should be seen and not heard period shes a mega waste of fed tax dollars as is the rest of her ilke thnx

  61. carol paventi

    carol paventi

    Month ago

    🥰👍👏😂👌I love the name she called her I love the several names you called her. This was fun thanks for the laugh!

  62. elchessboy0wnzuagain


    Month ago

    ocasio-cortez ia a beautiful WOMAN! my god!!

  63. Theiss


    Month ago

    I hope all your God given spidey senses are on.

  64. Jamesjean Alexander

    Jamesjean Alexander

    Month ago

    Funny a bar fly calling on a barstool!

  65. David Lawrence

    David Lawrence

    Month ago

    A.O.C is just a pure waste of human space!

  66. Brian Benthall

    Brian Benthall

    Month ago

    I call her crazy eye's Cortez

  67. Frank Armilio

    Frank Armilio

    Month ago

    This woman is insane. Look up her greatest hits, total crazy person.

  68. brandoncrawford1982


    Month ago

    She wouldn’t debate Ben Shapiro either when he offered to donate thousands to her charity of choice even. She called him a sexist male or “white” privilege even though he is Jewish....

  69. Timothy Martin

    Timothy Martin

    Month ago

    AOC is a joke their leader is a no good....

  70. Supreme Commander of the Solarverse

    Supreme Commander of the Solarverse

    Month ago

    O’Crazio Cortex is a fn moron. Literally a mouth breathing dolt. I would say the dumbest politician ever, but then there’s Maxine Waters, Shelia Jackson Lee and some other Dem 70 IQ reptiles.

  71. Nick B67

    Nick B67

    Month ago

    these 2 wankers afraid of aoc

  72. Kirk Petersen

    Kirk Petersen

    Month ago

    Her tv is on but there is no antenna

  73. Dimedawg


    Month ago

    Occasional Cortex is better and as old as her term has been..and I heard Ocrazio when she was campaigning...

  74. Nikoli 514

    Nikoli 514

    Month ago

    El prez

  75. Chris Rurka

    Chris Rurka

    Month ago

    Dave would run that clown under the table. She is a national joke!

  76. David Ross

    David Ross

    Month ago

    AOC gives handies for nickles

  77. Graham Foy

    Graham Foy

    Month ago

    ...I just came here for the triggered conservative comments. Also the Great Value-brand Piers Morgan that I guess FNC has at the ready these days LOL

  78. Gary Ha

    Gary Ha

    Month ago

    He's speaking some sort of foreign language, where does he live, Yorkshire?

  79. Exquisite Splendor

    Exquisite Splendor

    Month ago

    AOC is the definition of all in the Kool-Aid, and don't know the flavor.

  80. MegaAngel307


    Month ago