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Is the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Really So Special?

Too portly, too big, too gimmicky, too…well, everything. Adventure bikes have gotten out of hand. Yamaha wants to change that by offering something just right - nothing more, nothing less.
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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar (

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  1. Andrew Atkinson

    Andrew Atkinson

    Hour ago

    Really great review. The construction had me taking notes.

  2. mazurekkamil1


    Hour ago

    Who directs your videos? Spiellberg? Great job as usual.

  3. Benji Byte

    Benji Byte

    Hour ago

    Man.. a die-hard all-terrain all-weather rider to the bone

  4. Jimena Gulla

    Jimena Gulla

    2 hours ago

    So Yamaha spent 3-4years on the frame but didn't include a bolt on sub frame? How many rally bikes use the cp2 engine? "Crickets chirping) sorry Ryan, I don't buy the elaborate physics course on how the higher counter shaft pushes the front end down, but yet it's woefully soft suspension allows one to "float" the front end over obstacles, great production values as always, I'm gonna now go for a ride on my turd.

  5. Scrambler Krush

    Scrambler Krush

    2 hours ago

    Defiantly the best technical review of this bike...I was looking forward to something that could go head to head with the KTM690 Enduro though....that and those endless “teasers” wore my interest down....never mind!

  6. vierdecromagnon


    3 hours ago


  7. illizard8


    3 hours ago

    The effort you put into this makes the effort I put into everything seem... pathetic

  8. carfactorycustoms


    5 hours ago

    went to the opening of the ténéré 700 and i thought it looked and sounded pretty cool

  9. Hector


    5 hours ago

    Only channels I watch videos in 480p 1 Ronnie and Barty 2 Fortnine

  10. Paolo Romano Torquati

    Paolo Romano Torquati

    6 hours ago

    Thank you 🙏

  11. Sumil Sinha

    Sumil Sinha

    6 hours ago

    Your editing puts network television to shame. Incredible work!

  12. Noufal Tariq

    Noufal Tariq

    7 hours ago

    This channel has become so awesome over the years, that is what i call Growth. Keep it coming, one of the best places to be in YT

  13. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    7 hours ago

    Well done babish?

  14. D


    7 hours ago

    Hey Ryan, I'm keen to see you do a review on the SWM Superdual if you get the opportunity. I'll give you mine to test if you ever get down to Aus.

  15. ssamorfati


    8 hours ago

    There is no better review of the T7 out there. Dry wit mixed with a genuine mechanical and rider review - thank you FortNine from out here in Oz.

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      7 hours ago

      hours at 65-70 mph?

  16. Rick Vann

    Rick Vann

    8 hours ago

    That weak ass suspension kills it for me. Think about when it's loaded up... come on Yamaha this has been a known issue.

  17. Aleks


    8 hours ago

    Honda Transalp is even more special :)

  18. Weekend Warriors

    Weekend Warriors

    9 hours ago

    I love this channel but please don’t rush out and buy this bike without test riding it. It is good on the dirt but not so good on the highway. The engine is underpowered and very vibey at 100kph, gear box is notchy and the wind screen does a terrible job of wind protection. Once you test ride the triumph tiger 900 the issues with the T7 will be glaring.

  19. Jon c

    Jon c

    10 hours ago

    0:17 is it really pronounced like that? I always thought it was YAH-MUH-HAH

  20. Dieter MacPherson

    Dieter MacPherson

    10 hours ago

    Do we get a letterkenny Canada day special again :D

  21. Davfon23


    10 hours ago

    Another quality bike video. Thank you greatly Ryan. Would there be a 2nd Part, or even 3rd... 4th ??? I would love to see a further comparisson against the 790 adv and the africa twin. Any way this about the 5th time I watch this video hehe. Unfortunately, here in Costa Rica the Teneré is not as affordable as it supposed to be, over $15k

  22. Bigirish Yeti

    Bigirish Yeti

    12 hours ago

    I'm sorry this dude is just too creepy

  23. Dzon Smit

    Dzon Smit

    12 hours ago

    i've heard that this video is directed by david lynch :)

  24. 4tasmic


    13 hours ago

    I just got off work and slammed 4 beers. This could be the greatest review I've ever watched 🤪

  25. QQtomo


    13 hours ago

    Bravo 👏 could very well be the best review on youtube ever

  26. Al


    13 hours ago

    As usual, excellent review with awesome (dry) humour!

  27. Martin F

    Martin F

    14 hours ago

    He if you want a see what a Tenere 700 can do . I invite you to take a look at this 2 French guys going south Africa 16000 milles on a Tenere 700 . They have 9 episodes with it . pushing the T700 to the Max . you gone a like it . but it's in French ( ) Kap 2 cap

  28. More Bad Ideas

    More Bad Ideas

    15 hours ago

    nice work on that uphill!

  29. luigiseventyseven


    15 hours ago

    What an amazing video! Congrats.

  30. Glenn Fryer

    Glenn Fryer

    15 hours ago

    Always a flawless production.... love the bike ....

  31. MotoTerra


    15 hours ago

    This bike looks sick and seems to be pretty damn good. I only have one question. How is it on the freeway? If it takes a wile to get to the dirt will I be ready to kill my self after two hours at 65-70 mph?

  32. Robson Enduro

    Robson Enduro

    16 hours ago

    no, it's not that special after all when you look closer.

  33. richmotion


    17 hours ago

    I was looking for "road" testing the Tenere 700. But when F9 came up, I knew I would not find anything better on youtube. I appreciate the work that goes into these videos, lots of research and creativity. Thanks a lot!

  34. tifacoba


    17 hours ago

    I think you could have sold that video to yahma for 1$ per view after them paying for the production cost.

  35. simo mancini

    simo mancini

    17 hours ago

    SPOILER: yes, it is.

  36. Rummi


    17 hours ago

    nice review

  37. g samanyika

    g samanyika

    18 hours ago

    I will stick to my xtz 750 thanks

  38. Solo Calculo

    Solo Calculo

    18 hours ago

    -Romans 8:25. «But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently» Just gold.

  39. jp1234554321


    19 hours ago

    I have ZERO intrest in these types of bikes... but 100 PERCENT intrest in ryans vids. Awesome content... keep it coming.

  40. Gabe H.

    Gabe H.

    19 hours ago

    What's the price on your used gs?

  41. moris1200gs


    21 hour ago

    J’ai eu l’occasion de l’essayer , c’est une très bonne moto , elle est joueuse et très maniable , un super moteur un bon freinage, et la position est bonne pour une personne de 1m85 comme moi , bon je garde mon 1200 GSA mais j’y pense pour plus tard ... bon Trail à tous :)

  42. New Rider RX4

    New Rider RX4

    21 hour ago

    I'd love to see you do a review of some of the CSC motorcycles.

  43. Conrad Mccall

    Conrad Mccall

    21 hour ago

    Your video quality, information, and entertainment level is umatched on US-state. You could easily do the promotional videos for the big brand name motorcycle companies and you would kill it.

  44. Mano Ranjith R

    Mano Ranjith R

    22 hours ago

    Those headlights though😍

  45. Matt Perry

    Matt Perry

    22 hours ago

    Yamaha forgot one thing, they should let the designer Oberdan Bezzi design the T7, much more pretty

  46. GR8TWHITE2008


    23 hours ago

    ... Well it's nice, but still not sure about if it's a movie or a review .... the only thing I want to know is: Where are those hills ? Qc ? ..I want to go :-D

  47. Everything Is Better In Chicago

    Everything Is Better In Chicago

    23 hours ago

    Yamaha could take a page from your marketing ... I did not even give this bike a second look. I looked at the initial specs and passed. Now I am interested...

  48. Adam Butler

    Adam Butler

    23 hours ago


  49. Aashish


    23 hours ago

    I stopped my porn for this. Totally worth it

  50. vTwinForest


    23 hours ago

    Waiting on an hour long movie by FortNine🤞

  51. Jellethegreatest


    Day ago

    What a video! Most motorcycle 'reviews' are a subjective 15 minute GoPro video taking from a presslaunch in Spain...

  52. Russ Perkins

    Russ Perkins

    Day ago

    Phenomenal video! This video is worth watching for the lesson on suspension and chassis design. If you have an interest in the T7 that is just icing on the rich-moist cake.

  53. Jaroslaw Adamkiewicz

    Jaroslaw Adamkiewicz

    Day ago

    Ryan did it again! Nice work!

  54. Marakhovsky


    Day ago

    Can't understand how other reviewers could exist after this. Epic.

  55. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    Day ago

    You put more effort into this review than I did in all of my years in highschool

  56. simone casadio

    simone casadio

    Day ago

    I'm a proudly T7 owner and I was waiting this review!!!! good job Ryan! As always.

    • fouoii gyhh

      fouoii gyhh

      Day ago


  57. SeaBoundRhino


    Day ago

    +1 sub

  58. Anto


    Day ago

    Ryan did you already bought the Ténéré? i did not see any "thank you" note like in the GS review.

  59. Filipe Lemos

    Filipe Lemos

    Day ago

    While the other brands are playing with senseless horsepower and stupid marketing, Yamaha makes a bike with a decent frame, an engine with excellent power delivery, a perfect off-road bike without losing capacities on the road, it pays off without needing electric shit, to compensate poor engine and frame engineering, at a good price and able to take long trips with a bulletproof engine. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Well done Yamaha, again.

  60. Φώτιος Τσακωμάκας

    Φώτιος Τσακωμάκας

    Day ago

    It's not something special. It didn't finish the climb

  61. scannorse


    Day ago

    I think this is the best explanation to hide the design fail by dropping a heavy street engine into a on/offroad bike i have seen in a looong time ? And do we really like to get the engine to mess around with the suspension in that way ? That would mean the suspension is depending of your throttle suspension, i.e. not acting in a predictive way.... Reminds me of an old BMW boxer with stick drive, where the rear jumps up when you twist the throttle and fall down when you release throttle... (And hey....whats going on with those flashlights ?)

  62. therealturbofanisme


    Day ago

    I really liked this video... And I ride a ktm 790 adv.

  63. Pavel Semonov

    Pavel Semonov

    Day ago

    Almost every review tells _what_ is great about something, very few tell _why_ it’s so. As a side note: the channel is piece of art and mastery.

  64. Jon McGrath

    Jon McGrath

    Day ago

    I'm curious where this was shot. That would be a fun footnote to add to future video descriptions. Your location choices are always interesting to me.

  65. Huy Luong

    Huy Luong

    Day ago

    Not sure if I was watching a bike review or a short movie. The production quality is always first class on F9.

  66. Lucky Larrikin

    Lucky Larrikin

    Day ago

    Well that popped my cork Ryan!

  67. julyman9


    Day ago

    Awesome review!

  68. Thallium RC

    Thallium RC

    Day ago

    Im terrified of the T700. Im afraid of what it will do to my relationship with my KLR 650 if I even test ride one.

  69. Lucky Jordan

    Lucky Jordan

    Day ago

    Ryan knows his bible! Romans 8:25 spot on !

  70. stephane matis

    stephane matis

    Day ago

    I wonder if Yamaha would be nice enough to let Ryan and Aneesh a stab at filming the Ténéré Rally Edition after this successful video. Potential owners, aka punters, would love to see that one immortalized like this as well. I do wonder if the "Rally" parts will be available to fit on the regular one...

  71. eduardo cyraax

    eduardo cyraax

    Day ago


  72. Štěpán Karásek

    Štěpán Karásek

    Day ago

    TopGear of two wheels

  73. Hubert


    Day ago

    Legend has it that in 1980 a guy in Yamaha ordered a billion instead of a million turn signals and his boss said: "dude, we won't order newer ones until we use all those we have".

  74. Hamza Khaouti

    Hamza Khaouti

    Day ago

    8:51 Morocco?! 🤔

  75. Switch 800

    Switch 800

    Day ago

    Another clear reason and example Yamaha simply OWNS the motorcycle world and most likely always will

  76. Darrell V

    Darrell V

    Day ago

    Yamaha filled a much needed void in the market with a middle weight adventure bike...that you can actually take off road....and undercuts the expensive KTM by thousands

  77. Nico van den Heuvel

    Nico van den Heuvel

    Day ago

    Thank you for this realistic vieuw, I watch so many of them, now I really are thinking to trade my Harley fxdx for the Yamaha T 700. My doubts are gone

  78. Cleber Machado

    Cleber Machado

    Day ago

    A review with a story and movie-like production!!!! Amazing as always. Keep up the good job... and keep riding.

  79. Miro Mirinamama

    Miro Mirinamama

    Day ago

    Anti-squat does not reduce weight transfer to an even remotely significant degree.

  80. Carson Welborn

    Carson Welborn

    Day ago

    This is almost a top gear worthy review. Hats off to you sir.