2020 US MRE Menu 20 Sausage Peppers & Onions Review & 2019 Hashbrowns w Bacon Taste Test Comparison

The newest US MRE menu for 2020 is a hit - but is it better than the previous Menu #20, Hashbrowns with Bacon? Witness the duel of Menu #20's & find out!

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  1. Just A Gamer

    Just A Gamer

    26 minutes ago

    The three types of Hiss: “No Hiss” “Nice little Hiss” and of course, “NICE Hiss”

  2. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    44 minutes ago

    Contents aside, why do the new MRE packages look like the front cover of a Farmer's Almanac ?

  3. Mujjo Heisenberg

    Mujjo Heisenberg

    2 hours ago

    you can get coffee milk if you kill an opposing cow

  4. dolofonos


    3 hours ago

    I'd be interested in knowing how servicemen actually consume these--I'm presuming there are some unconventional methods.

  5. condor67


    3 hours ago

    "All he wanted was something to eat" 😂

    • zijuiy wttuy

      zijuiy wttuy

      44 minutes ago

      Imagine if steve was in anime and in Food Wars judge. his tongue tasted stored food 100 years ago would be enough for qualification 😂👌

  6. Sour Candy

    Sour Candy

    3 hours ago


  7. Jayce Walter

    Jayce Walter

    4 hours ago

    21:18 was anticlimactic

  8. Aiden Hunt

    Aiden Hunt

    5 hours ago

    Where did you get these?

  9. Clizia Lee

    Clizia Lee

    7 hours ago

    Steve I love your videos

  10. Mister Mysterio

    Mister Mysterio

    8 hours ago

    You are the man Steve! Where can I order some US MREs for the bug out bag? Thanks!

  11. Alex Kerley

    Alex Kerley

    8 hours ago

    All about preparing it, as I get 4 minutes to eat it while I drive a bradley...

  12. Jay Vee

    Jay Vee

    8 hours ago

    14:39 me 3 hours after eating both of these MREs

  13. Duck Council

    Duck Council

    9 hours ago

    We love you Steve

  14. King_Jeremy21


    9 hours ago

    Bill brew is the best

  15. The Prepared Norseman

    The Prepared Norseman

    10 hours ago

    I find it strange how many snack items they include, I’d much rather have a bigger main with something like a side of rice than a bunch of crackers for dinner.

  16. e m

    e m

    11 hours ago

    Oh the memories just flow back lol

  17. Easy One

    Easy One

    12 hours ago


  18. FEROX


    12 hours ago

    Two videos a week!!!!

  19. ThatConfused1


    12 hours ago

    Going to be honest looks like that main would go great with a Japanese rice ration.

  20. Lunatic Zaine

    Lunatic Zaine

    15 hours ago

    Imagine if steve was in anime and in Food Wars judge. his tongue tasted stored food 100 years ago would be enough for qualification 😂👌

  21. BlackRockBrewing


    15 hours ago

    The cheese spread in these is terrible. They just need to use peanut butter or jelly and get rid of the cheese spread all together.

  22. ChrisTopher


    15 hours ago

    God I wish they would get rid of that cheese spread. It’s so nasty

  23. Sgt Orangutan

    Sgt Orangutan

    19 hours ago

    Steve really be a jacked Reviewbrah.

  24. Ira Simmons

    Ira Simmons

    19 hours ago

    I can't believe I reenlisted just for them to get rid of my hasbrowns and bacon

  25. WilliamTheFloydian


    20 hours ago

    Anyone else hit the link without reading the whole title and get STOKED at two videos for the price of one???

  26. J Scott

    J Scott

    21 hour ago

    Clean plate club!

  27. markointhesky


    22 hours ago

    Any plans on doing those NERV rations made for the new evangelion movie when they come out?

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      19 hours ago

      “They smell like grass”

  28. Nathan C

    Nathan C

    23 hours ago

    What if some people have peanut allergies, cause that’s a lot of nuts

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      19 hours ago

      Isn't that Vic Morrow in the background?

  29. Fishing757


    23 hours ago

    Can you send me the link where you get these

  30. AndrewKidd14145


    Day ago

    Coffee looks nasty and off.

  31. MrKidkiller159


    Day ago

    Been awhile. Where you been ??? Thanx for making content, I watch all I can.

  32. Dave Classick Jr

    Dave Classick Jr

    Day ago

    man.. getting fast and loose opening those sausages and peppers haha... Also, missed opportunity... Spread cheese on crackers, then use cracker as spoon into package of sausages and sauce.. makeshift pizza.. mmmmm

  33. Loki Takahashi

    Loki Takahashi

    Day ago

    so basically get the hasbrowns and just mix it all in the bag. sounds legit.

  34. spokiee2000


    Day ago

    Shout out for the HICK'S shirt :D LT. Ellen Ripley would be most proud

  35. Slippin' Jimmy

    Slippin' Jimmy

    Day ago

    Is Steve Reviewbrah's dad?

  36. The Nightmare Before you

    The Nightmare Before you

    Day ago

    Why are you eating fresh mowed grass??

  37. Jerry Seinfeld

    Jerry Seinfeld

    Day ago

    0:14 Me when Steve tears open an MRE

  38. Brett_Kendrick


    Day ago

    Steve be loving Deez Nuts

  39. ShadeSlayer890


    Day ago

    Where can i order some

  40. E Santibanez

    E Santibanez

    Day ago

    Dude your lean as fuck is that from the MRe

  41. BASE


    Day ago

    The Rambo shirt is pretty awesome.

  42. hemjl4


    Day ago

    Isn't that Vic Morrow in the background?

  43. Jack AndTheBeanstalk

    Jack AndTheBeanstalk

    Day ago

    “They smell like grass”

  44. David Anzalone

    David Anzalone

    Day ago

    When shopping for glassware, Steve rates products primarily on their acoustic properties. Steve: "Nice clink."

  45. Igor Kralnova

    Igor Kralnova

    Day ago

    17:19 That sounds awfully logical

  46. Stian


    Day ago

    Steve1989, it would be so cool if you did a top 10 of your favoritt modern MRE and top 10 vintage. I'd love to see that!

  47. DevonTMB


    Day ago

    Where do you get your MRE’s?

  48. Brandon Bock

    Brandon Bock

    Day ago

    Can i have an mre please

  49. Christian Trap Music

    Christian Trap Music

    Day ago

    Freshly mowed grass cashews😂😂

  50. Killroy 05

    Killroy 05

    Day ago

    I'm still trying to figure out where did you get all these MREs from

  51. Phi Hồ Nguyễn Ngọc

    Phi Hồ Nguyễn Ngọc

    Day ago

    Ah yes, the US MRE, containing 50% of the daily intake of Cholesterol with just the main. A balanced meal for Americans.

    • Spiv Gennedy

      Spiv Gennedy

      3 hours ago

      Hey, it's only 22%. 50% sodium though.

    • Alex Kerley

      Alex Kerley

      8 hours ago

      Except you may only get to eat one or two mres at best in a day under actual conditions...

  52. Humann Contact

    Humann Contact

    Day ago

    A moment of silence for the loss of mountain house granola. I loved you, Hash Brown Menu.

  53. Caleb M. F

    Caleb M. F

    Day ago

    These videos always make me hungry 😂

  54. August Ryckman

    August Ryckman

    Day ago


  55. Steve Coutee

    Steve Coutee

    Day ago

    No Tabasco

  56. Michael Zhang

    Michael Zhang

    Day ago

    Imagine Steve being your drill sergeant

  57. Benton Kuntz

    Benton Kuntz

    Day ago

    The hashbrown MRE is my absolute favorite.

  58. Zildjian Sese

    Zildjian Sese

    Day ago

    Thought those round pretzels were macadamia nuts

  59. Kai Calvi

    Kai Calvi

    Day ago


  60. West Point Fever

    West Point Fever

    Day ago

    It puzzles me why they got rid of the hash brown menu. I can think of at LEAST 4 menus that would be best in the garbage, and they replace the best one...