I Surprised Him With His Least Favorite TikToker

Sorry Grayson...I just had to
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  1. Jay H

    Jay H

    5 hours ago

    I don’t think he looks like Grayson. Sorry but Grayson is still #1

  2. Abigail Ellwood

    Abigail Ellwood

    5 hours ago

    is no one else gonna mention how cute ethans phone background is 🥺 4:08

  3. Josie Roberts

    Josie Roberts

    6 hours ago

    Thomas looks like there cousins honestly

  4. Sarai


    6 hours ago

    That man does not look like Grayson lmfaooo

  5. Joanna Timm

    Joanna Timm

    8 hours ago

    this video is so weird to me because i think my bother kinda looks like ethan but nothing like grayson

  6. Rajanya Chowdhury

    Rajanya Chowdhury

    8 hours ago

    Omg the laugh😅😅

  7. Jasmine Tapia

    Jasmine Tapia

    9 hours ago

    I don’t see it😂😬

  8. Anony Myus

    Anony Myus

    10 hours ago

    Meh, they do look alike. Obviously not twin levels of alike, but two strangers on the street levels of alike.

  9. Daicy Robinson

    Daicy Robinson

    10 hours ago

    He looks like if Grayson and Ethan were combined Thomas has a wider face like Ethan

  10. Yee yEE GrAciE

    Yee yEE GrAciE

    11 hours ago

    Me and my name being Gracie: 👁👄👁

  11. Francisca Walsh

    Francisca Walsh

    12 hours ago


  12. Follow baby_Lyra420

    Follow baby_Lyra420

    12 hours ago

    he looks like emo shane dawson 😂

  13. rubyysoho


    12 hours ago

    He looks like a young Richard Greico.....

  14. Samantha Pietrangelo

    Samantha Pietrangelo

    12 hours ago

    this whole video is so awkward

  15. s hathboor

    s hathboor

    14 hours ago

    Thomas made the hype house

  16. Remi Buxaplenty

    Remi Buxaplenty

    16 hours ago

    "Only Tommy can call me Gracie" 😂

  17. Sophie Giannapolous

    Sophie Giannapolous

    16 hours ago

    Thought it was gonna be Noah beck ngl

  18. Catherine Bel

    Catherine Bel

    16 hours ago

    I do kinda see it Thomas is just more beefy whilst Grayson is muscly

  19. Myst Gecko

    Myst Gecko

    17 hours ago

    60 years later: our house is still being remodeled

  20. The Little Ramos's

    The Little Ramos's

    18 hours ago

    Slow down the speed around four minutes 10 seconds you can clearly see her face on his wallpaper. It’s Kristina alice

  21. none of your business

    none of your business

    19 hours ago


  22. Nikkiyo 124

    Nikkiyo 124

    20 hours ago

    No❤️he does ✨not✨ look like Grayson at all

  23. Rosie Mayer

    Rosie Mayer

    20 hours ago

    Okay I’m sorry but that is not a hippy van lmaooo

  24. Sarah


    20 hours ago

    Idk if he realized but he showed his phone background which is his gf Kristina or whatever his name is

  25. Waterfall Waterfall

    Waterfall Waterfall

    20 hours ago

    Thomas looks nothing like Greyson am I the only one who does not see it

  26. Davina Velasco

    Davina Velasco

    21 hour ago

    hahaha because I'm vegan

  27. Lauren Moore

    Lauren Moore

    21 hour ago

    To be honest thomsas looks nothing like grayson!

  28. Queen x Christine

    Queen x Christine

    22 hours ago

    See... in order to look like Grayson, you have to be attractive... 🥴🤭 tommy ain’t it. oop 😂

  29. Abby_Ave


    23 hours ago

    Triplets!!! 🙃

  30. pale


    23 hours ago

    dont be shy un-blur your number

  31. Anna Marema

    Anna Marema

    Day ago

    I fucking love Grayson in this LOL. So cute But check yalls DM's bc I sent you something lol

  32. Aime Guache

    Aime Guache

    Day ago

    he literally looks nothing like Grayson

  33. MadCat :3

    MadCat :3

    Day ago

    14:32 you guys are pretty t h i c c g e n t l e m e n

  34. matthew soto

    matthew soto

    Day ago


  35. Amanda Aguilar

    Amanda Aguilar

    Day ago

    ok i’m glad that i’m not the only one that knows they’re completely different looking

  36. Haley McKinney

    Haley McKinney

    Day ago

    I’m kinda offended that guy says he looks like Grayson

  37. Daniela Bermudez

    Daniela Bermudez

    Day ago

    All the dislikes are rude if you don’t like the video don’t watch it!!!

  38. shesus


    Day ago

    Thomas doesn't look like grayson, I know we ain't supposed to talk about him but i think griffin johnson looks like a paler dolan twin, kind of

  39. Kayla Callia

    Kayla Callia

    Day ago

    is no one gonna talk about how cute Ethans laugh was at the end.

  40. Ashtyn Turner

    Ashtyn Turner

    Day ago

    nobody: ethan the whole video: “it’s not beef, it’s beans” “it’s beans cause we’re vegan” BEANS BEANS BEANS

  41. Sydni Kate

    Sydni Kate

    Day ago

    i REALLY didn’t think it’d be thomas wow

  42. BROKElyn Morris

    BROKElyn Morris

    Day ago

    He doesn’t look like Grayson at all. I’d be mad if I was Grayson. I wouldn’t want somebody that wasn’t as hot as me saying they look like me. Lmao

  43. Niamh Barker

    Niamh Barker

    Day ago

    “I’m not gonna say beef cause I’m vegan” 😂😂💀

  44. Maisie Anderson

    Maisie Anderson

    Day ago

    Is it just me or does that Ethan guy really look like Grayson

  45. Aubrey Rawlinson

    Aubrey Rawlinson

    Day ago

    thomas is the walmart version of gray

  46. Florentius Chana

    Florentius Chana

    Day ago

    Such a cheeky, funny video! 🤣

  47. Dxyna


    Day ago

    anyone else confused cause Thomas doesn't even rlly look like gray at ALL... like- wth

  48. Kari •

    Kari •

    Day ago

    Thomas scares the shit out of me

  49. Izzy


    Day ago

    i miss the sister sqaud :[

  50. Stefanie Barrett

    Stefanie Barrett

    Day ago

    did you guys hear somebody say "sister squad" at 13:25

  51. Taylor Neish

    Taylor Neish

    Day ago

    thomas is just the walmart version i guess

  52. Courtney Hardy

    Courtney Hardy

    Day ago

    Cough *Awkward* cough

  53. Michelle


    Day ago

    He look like Shane Dawson lmfaoo💀

  54. Kiaya Courtney

    Kiaya Courtney

    Day ago

    Anyone else thought it was gonna be James charles?? No just me? Ok

  55. emms gloss

    emms gloss

    Day ago

    Thomas kinda cute doe

  56. emms gloss

    emms gloss

    Day ago


  57. Crystal Couture

    Crystal Couture

    Day ago

    Y’all should do ancestry to see if ur related

  58. annelise williams

    annelise williams

    Day ago

    am i the only thinks they look so alike

  59. Moonstonelosers


    Day ago

    I lowkey feel like grayson was just playing along to not hurt his feelings, because I definitely don't see it. The only part where I saw it, was when he had his back turned.

  60. Mrseasy143


    Day ago

    Kinda sad he didnt go into the hype house😁 buut honestly i couldnt stop laughing