David Blaine Sews His Mouth Shut in Insane Trick (w/Jimmy, Priyanka Chopra & The Roots)

David Blaine sews his lips together for an insane magic trick that shocks Jimmy Fallon, Priyanka Chopra and The Roots.
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David Blaine Sews His Mouth Shut in Insane Trick (w/Jimmy, Priyanka Chopra & The Roots)


  1. Pin Chia

    Pin Chia

    Hour ago

    Priyanka: Very no no no no no

  2. Shawn Rhem

    Shawn Rhem

    Hour ago

    You’ve heard of “slight of hand”? The frog trick is slight of stomach.

  3. Daniel Lander

    Daniel Lander

    13 hours ago

    This dude is Rico from penguins of madagascar

  4. Messiah Gray

    Messiah Gray

    15 hours ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that David already knew Jimmy's Phone Password

  5. mamad chaie

    mamad chaie

    21 hour ago

    jimmy says dont try this at home dont worry nobody can even if they want too!!!

  6. sicboi


    Day ago

    Huge respect for David Blaine man. He's studied the old school physical magic illusions and just does what would seem absolutely crazy things which back in the day there was really no alternative but to really have to swallow frogs and kerosene, stick needless through your body, and hold your breath for 18 minutes etc. This guy is big balls.

  7. Gustavo Pinto

    Gustavo Pinto

    Day ago

    1:58 😂

  8. Abhishek Ghosh

    Abhishek Ghosh

    Day ago

    Greatest ever of even before time

  9. Sanga Khiangte

    Sanga Khiangte

    Day ago

    The impression of Priyanka Chopra is so relatable

  10. isis fanpage

    isis fanpage

    2 days ago

    He wears the same clothes everyday

  11. Consequence No. 62

    Consequence No. 62

    2 days ago

    Imagine if at the end he didn't spit out a frog but instead goes "This is some good water."

  12. cybernessful


    3 days ago

    OK, folks, it is not as painful as you think. Seriously, do you remember when you have got a shot in the clinic? It is not so bad, isn't it?

  13. Robert Lust

    Robert Lust

    3 days ago

    Nah mistaken

  14. Zoe Me

    Zoe Me

    3 days ago

    It is neither entertaining nor funny. It's just disgusting🤢

  15. cdrichmond


    3 days ago

    I like how Quest just has to check the f out during these

  16. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader

    4 days ago

    Priyanka is so sexy hot.

  17. larturors


    5 days ago

    What the f... Priyanka is famous?

  18. Bruno Coelho

    Bruno Coelho

    5 days ago

    Teacher - "Can't you just keep your mouth shut?" David - "Well..."

  19. KaliBudP


    5 days ago

    His greatest trick is being him mad props to you

  20. koushik talukder

    koushik talukder

    5 days ago

    Religious people make money by showing this kind of trick.

  21. One Twenty Nine Studios

    One Twenty Nine Studios

    5 days ago

    If he had the vibes and outfit like Criss Angel, people would be scared of him a lot more.

  22. Jonathan Haas

    Jonathan Haas

    5 days ago

    That poor frogs prob been chillin in there forever, u could see him trying to escape

  23. flash korvette

    flash korvette

    6 days ago

    She is beautiful and David is the goat

  24. Awan Zain

    Awan Zain

    6 days ago

    1:58 he didn’t blink

  25. Dylan Bentley

    Dylan Bentley

    6 days ago

    David’s Girlfriend- Hey Babe what did u do last night? David- nothing much just performed surgery on my mouth and swallowed a fucking frog

  26. The Game Grinder

    The Game Grinder

    6 days ago


  27. ethan hornby -Abandoned-

    ethan hornby -Abandoned-

    6 days ago

    my mans using mods irl

  28. Riley Naehu

    Riley Naehu

    6 days ago

    1:59 David didn't even flinch lol

  29. boom boom

    boom boom

    6 days ago

    thats insane fuck

  30. Vahn Garren Rojo

    Vahn Garren Rojo

    7 days ago

    I loved the reaction of female

  31. Raksa / James Var

    Raksa / James Var

    7 days ago

    Oh my god

  32. Scott McCall

    Scott McCall

    7 days ago

    I swear this is the first time I've seen him smile 0:06

  33. Vanilla Mango

    Vanilla Mango

    7 days ago

    Fucking legend

  34. Booredyeah


    7 days ago

    Would love do to some lsd with this dude

  35. Bovino


    7 days ago

    David playing the forbidden you laugh you lose

  36. Kennard Stinnette

    Kennard Stinnette

    7 days ago

    man that junk is bananas!!!

  37. Michele Salvemini

    Michele Salvemini

    7 days ago

    Priyanka's face at 10:58

  38. eltoro gillz

    eltoro gillz

    7 days ago

    that's how you know Dave's amazing, when he gat priyanka standing next to him during a performance and yet no simps are thirsting over her in the comments.

  39. Balázs Gyurák

    Balázs Gyurák

    7 days ago

    David's face at 8:33 says everything about how ridiculous Jimmy Fallon is

  40. Christy George

    Christy George

    8 days ago

    Priyanka such a fake

  41. Илья Колесов

    Илья Колесов

    8 days ago

    О май гад

  42. Jas Gill

    Jas Gill

    8 days ago

    Black Thought 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Ethan Humphreys

    Ethan Humphreys

    8 days ago

    This is what happens when the special quite kid in the corner of the classroom becomes famous!😂😂

  44. Teran Icer

    Teran Icer

    8 days ago

    THAT.... is a gorgeous woman. Shout-out to Mr Blaine too. 😁

  45. Pac Man

    Pac Man

    9 days ago

    Rip malik

  46. Mac N Cheekss

    Mac N Cheekss

    9 days ago

    I'm starting to think he got a condition or sum to do with pain and blood .

  47. Asian Alien

    Asian Alien

    10 days ago

    Imagine he spits out a frog and it’s dead

  48. Ayrton Cobb

    Ayrton Cobb

    10 days ago

    best trick here is at @1:57 making David Blaine break character.

  49. 一二三


    10 days ago

    He has to reveal all his secrets when going to the grave!

  50. Ankita Sardar

    Ankita Sardar

    10 days ago

    Blaine: "mom what's for dinner"? Mom: "glasses".. Blaine: 😋😋😋😋😋

    • Quantum Venom

      Quantum Venom

      8 days ago

      Nice joke man

  51. Vexlyz


    10 days ago

    I guess he keeps a frog in him for good luck..

  52. Arene Armstead

    Arene Armstead

    11 days ago

    Revelations: And out of his mouth came 3 frogs! Folks this is a spirit assisting this brotha.

  53. Arene Armstead

    Arene Armstead

    11 days ago

    The greats of Magic! Reminds me of Harry Whoudini and others! To see him in our generational time carry the banner just really makes this so surreal!

  54. Spyder8000


    11 days ago

    I cant even swallow a pill and my guy swallows a FROG

  55. Tarang Kadyan

    Tarang Kadyan

    11 days ago

    Jimmy- come here Questlove- for whatttttttttt *Few minutes later* 'i have to throw up' *Literally me watching this video with mind blown my goddddd*

  56. JLP


    11 days ago

    Questlove you're not in the house.

  57. Ryan Henderson

    Ryan Henderson

    11 days ago

    He must just pre pierced lips. They'res no way he does that without bleeding and scarring.

    • ᴡᴏʀʀʏ ɴᴏᴛ!

      ᴡᴏʀʀʏ ɴᴏᴛ!

      8 days ago

      Jimmy and Priyanka said there was blood, but idk if there is really.

  58. Anas Khan

    Anas Khan

    11 days ago

    that's some SAW shit

  59. tabrez malik

    tabrez malik

    11 days ago

    I can’t see anything bcz of priyanka chopra top

  60. 2manyspruces


    11 days ago

    “I have to throw up” he’s says while exiting the stage. LMFAO!!!