20 Types of People in Face Masks

These days, we all wear face masks to protect ourselves but some aren't too happy about it. How many of these people do you see around you?
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  1. JianHao Tan

    JianHao Tan

    10 days ago

    Have you seen any of these people around? Which ones? 😂

    • Zhishan Wu

      Zhishan Wu

      3 days ago

      Yes the ones that don’t cover their nose

    • qalaxxu


      7 days ago


    • AmeerAliPlayZ


      7 days ago

      Yep ...

    • My life As Mahi

      My life As Mahi

      7 days ago


    • mxple berry

      mxple berry

      7 days ago

      I saw the sleeper in church last sunday but they were awake

  2. Prince Jazen Labrador

    Prince Jazen Labrador

    17 minutes ago

    Video scene suggestion:when they can go to the school now let Denise and Terry not be study buddies/friends and Denise and jian Hao get together by revealing that they have a crush on each other pls pin this..

  3. Nora Lee

    Nora Lee

    Hour ago

    Jian there is another youtuber called Multi DO who copied the types of students on picture Day!

  4. Navita Lall

    Navita Lall

    3 hours ago


  5. Ryuken Hayirou

    Ryuken Hayirou

    3 hours ago

    Hello's 4.10 am in my country and I stayed up all night thinking....."it would be sooo exciting and refreshing to see jianhaotan doing a video using all Malay language where all cast are only allowed to speak malay"..... OMG that would be so dope Weeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. BTS Paved The Way

    BTS Paved The Way

    3 hours ago

    Debbie doesn't look like she is a mom of a kid 😍😍 She is so pretty 💜💜

    • Rhea K.

      Rhea K.

      2 hours ago


  7. hemn hameid

    hemn hameid

    4 hours ago

    Lol the mask went in his mouth.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. COVID-19


    4 hours ago

    can anyone give me a mask im not feeling well :(

    • Rhea K.

      Rhea K.

      2 hours ago

      Sorry. Cant. Social Distancing. Trying. Not. To. Get. Infected.

  9. Sadie l

    Sadie l

    4 hours ago

    Have a great day everyone one!!

  10. KCN 0304

    KCN 0304

    5 hours ago

    How bout the fabric mask? I was waiting for it...

  11. Janice Chu

    Janice Chu

    5 hours ago

    XD When She be like Karen’ : Where is your supervisor? The other girl : I am the supervisor ‘Karen’ : Where is your manager? The other girl : I am the manager Karen’ : THEN WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER? ARE YOU YOURE OWN MOTHER AS WELL?

  12. gisselle herrera

    gisselle herrera

    6 hours ago

    jianhao u rock

  13. gisselle herrera

    gisselle herrera

    6 hours ago


  14. • g a̸ c н a̸ _ a̸ l p н a̸ •

    • g a̸ c н a̸ _ a̸ l p н a̸ •

    6 hours ago

    8:36 LOL I'M DEAD XD 😆👌

  15. Sassy Sassy

    Sassy Sassy

    7 hours ago

    I am a big fan of yours ❤️❤️. My name is Shreya Biswas and I hope that you are able to get🤑🤑 Million, Billion subscribers 🤑🤑 LOVE LOVE from INDIA 💜♥️🧡💛💚💙💜♥️💙🧡❤️💛💚 Hope to see you soon

  16. Ahmed Ayaat

    Ahmed Ayaat

    7 hours ago

    You live in Singapore, right?

  17. rose


    7 hours ago

    Anyone use a sock for a mask?

  18. M e t r i x

    M e t r i x

    7 hours ago

    I wanna be like seth too , getting 1M likes on a comment and getting a custom gift from youtube LEMAO S L A P P LIKE RN !

  19. ツProfessional Dreamer

    ツProfessional Dreamer

    7 hours ago

    Why are guys so freaking amazing? I love all of you so much! Thankyou so much😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️

  20. xX small Cookie Xx

    xX small Cookie Xx

    7 hours ago

    Debbie is like a model

  21. kpop lover

    kpop lover

    8 hours ago

    No one : Not even a single soul : Not even keven : Dan : uses mask as a sleeping mask

  22. Amna Khalid

    Amna Khalid

    8 hours ago

    No one: Me wondering: How many kids does Miss Soot Beng even have???

  23. r i l a k k u m a ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    r i l a k k u m a ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    8 hours ago

    The karen is the best-

  24. kiara sharma

    kiara sharma

    8 hours ago

    Plz upload some videos fast I have watched your all videos 3 to 4 times because of you I started watching kdramas because you uploaded video a week ago

  25. Elizabeth_Playssx x

    Elizabeth_Playssx x

    9 hours ago

    So Madam Soot Beng is still Pregnant? After she gave birth? She Ate the kid again?

  26. HENZYOfficial Yt

    HENZYOfficial Yt

    9 hours ago

    the surgical mask actually is better than a cloth mask..and u have to bend the wire thing part in the nose area so no virus can get in

  27. Anonymous


    9 hours ago

    Amander: *Do you own your mother* Me: getting choked due to laughter

  28. mimi sisy

    mimi sisy

    9 hours ago

    Am a huge fan but in this video am not gonna mention names but someone is being way too favoured like “special” please take it into the consideration

  29. LionCat79Gaming Gameplay

    LionCat79Gaming Gameplay

    9 hours ago

    im my own mother

  30. Peach K

    Peach K

    10 hours ago

    That’s just an drama🙄

  31. Penguin Gacha

    Penguin Gacha

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  32. Transcendent RBLX

    Transcendent RBLX

    10 hours ago

    I can relate to the Face ID one

  33. Kumaraguru Manickavasagam

    Kumaraguru Manickavasagam

    10 hours ago

    Debbie is so cute 😀😀😀Jian hao why are you giving debbie the character like this ????

  34. School Bunny

    School Bunny

    10 hours ago

    Hey JianHoa,my Thai friend was wondering if you’re in Thailand and also if ur Thai?

  35. Nicholas Chee

    Nicholas Chee

    10 hours ago

    I don't remember Trev pulling his mask and it breaks one time

  36. 70MISTAKEz


    11 hours ago

    The wrong purpose Phone Bacteria - Mask use - wipes it Hair dandruff - Mask use - slides it on his head Water spill - Mask use - wipes with it - JianHao Tan trying to act Eshay - Me: How does he even get the courage to put the mask back on? Coronavirus 2.0? Positive.

  37. 70MISTAKEz


    11 hours ago

    The Celebrity First Man's POV: Oh damn son look at that celebrity... hmmm i might have a chance with her... hehe. Second Man's POV: OH SNAP LOOK AT THAT LADY...Huh whats he looking at..? OH HELL NO HE AINT STEALING THAT GIRL AWAY FROM ME Celebrity takes her mask off: First man: Jaw dropped and tries to run but panic stops him Second man: Already gone one mile away

  38. 70MISTAKEz


    11 hours ago

    The wear it wrong 1:Doesnt cover nose 2:Doesnt cover mouth 3:Doesnt cover mouth + nose 4:Doesnt cover whole face 5:Runs out of masks 6:Gets Coronavirus 7:Gives Children Cancer... Yeah the Coronavirus is definitely gonna come back soon.

  39. dzemkuk


    11 hours ago

    Do they normally speak chinese?

  40. GO BATS


    12 hours ago

    1 billion views completed !!!!!!

  41. Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy

    12 hours ago

    9:13 100% protected from virus lol

  42. Thị Nguyệt Lê

    Thị Nguyệt Lê

    12 hours ago

    This episode is a (insert place like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th) episode of The Return of Soot Beng.

  43. Aryan Kaushik

    Aryan Kaushik

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  44. Night Warrior

    Night Warrior

    13 hours ago

    5:19 quarantine hair

  45. Lorenzo Tan

    Lorenzo Tan

    13 hours ago

    Hey Jian hao, I actually seen all types of these people before. IN UR VIDEO

  46. Lorenzo Tan

    Lorenzo Tan

    13 hours ago

    The last one lol

    • Lorenzo Tan

      Lorenzo Tan

      13 hours ago

      Wait I actually see mask haters and people who buys but don’t wear masks a bit

  47. help me get 2k subscibers before covid-19 finish?

    help me get 2k subscibers before covid-19 finish?

    13 hours ago

    video title: 20 types of people in fact mask me: I am all of them.

  48. Icy waves 03

    Icy waves 03

    13 hours ago

    my sis screenshotted juhi's face and made it into a meme LMAO

  49. Tuấn Nguyễn

    Tuấn Nguyễn

    13 hours ago

    abbey and trev is a great couple

  50. C_Agility


    14 hours ago

    Why is there no episode that ridiwhan turn into his old self, and got attracted from pei shi.

  51. Jingga A.L

    Jingga A.L

    15 hours ago

    Madam sutbang

  52. Dan Dennis Dizon

    Dan Dennis Dizon

    15 hours ago

    jianhao is literally the guy who is the best youtuber to replace homework 😂😂

  53. Cody Nichols Jr

    Cody Nichols Jr

    15 hours ago

    * girl outside no where near where she lives at all so was probably out there for along time * also girl: oh wait I forgot my mask

  54. Ng Wai Ling

    Ng Wai Ling

    15 hours ago

    I am your mesenger friend!reply pls

  55. Imagine and Create

    Imagine and Create

    15 hours ago

    4:28 Looks like someone has been doing their homework. 😆😆😆

  56. Lazy Pix

    Lazy Pix

    15 hours ago

    Me: Oh, the Celebrity is so pretty! Her: *takes off mask* Me again: ••• She's still pretty though!

  57. Nimisha Gururaj

    Nimisha Gururaj

    15 hours ago

    You can do a dance volg

    • Ruxs


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  58. Yilin Yao

    Yilin Yao

    15 hours ago

    0:32 Imagine seeing this at school lol

  59. Darinda Limweiru

    Darinda Limweiru

    16 hours ago

    You should do a parent teacher meeting

  60. Draco Malfoy

    Draco Malfoy

    16 hours ago

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  61. Vishana Jadunauth

    Vishana Jadunauth

    16 hours ago

    Am the person that hates Masks

  62. Alisa Dedic

    Alisa Dedic

    16 hours ago

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  63. Betty Moreno

    Betty Moreno

    17 hours ago

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    Msakumi channel

    17 hours ago

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    BJB Jarvis Advanced Tech

    17 hours ago

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    Hanako kun

    17 hours ago

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  68. Cloudyyシ


    17 hours ago

    literally one second in the video *hey that's a pretty cool mask man!*

  69. Leo Padrsky

    Leo Padrsky

    17 hours ago

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    Gaming Penguins

    18 hours ago

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  71. :D*sunny _roblox

    :D*sunny _roblox

    18 hours ago

    Debbie is so pretty ! Also stay safe guys

  72. Lxcky_


    18 hours ago

    I'm low-key confused, are they protecting themselves against the TikTok Virus or Covid 19?

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    Cokiee gamer playz

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  74. Frenzy Dev

    Frenzy Dev

    18 hours ago

    You didnt the which colour of the mask should be on the outside, like the mask have white and blue colour.

  75. xxxtentacionfanxxxgachalife gacha life

    xxxtentacionfanxxxgachalife gacha life

    19 hours ago

    Asthema so i have to have my mask off sometimes

  76. AnnoyingOlaf。 。

    AnnoyingOlaf。 。

    19 hours ago

    Omg Jasmine😂 (DONT you want boba?!) (ooooh girl your lips are so big is it Kylie lip kit?) I cant lol😂😂😂

  77. StoB iT BtS T-T

    StoB iT BtS T-T

    20 hours ago

    "A bit wet, lip gloss" Hahahah life hack 😅

  78. Cenagirl Creepypasta

    Cenagirl Creepypasta

    20 hours ago

    I’m the mask hater

  79. dunya munkhbat

    dunya munkhbat

    20 hours ago

    This is how manny masks they used in this video

    • Ruxs


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  80. Lil Kookie tae tae

    Lil Kookie tae tae

    21 hour ago

    Ok who else has this issue when you get a docs mask and it’s bigger or smaller than your whole face that’s why I make my own or just use a simple staplers xD