You can visit people's dreams, but you appear naked [Sober Convos 5]

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  1. Kelly Thorp

    Kelly Thorp

    17 hours ago

    No offense here I’m very short😅

  2. Josue Ravena

    Josue Ravena

    23 hours ago

    Also, theirs a thing called Sky hooks which is a feasible idea but that's for space travel.

  3. Jimmyn19


    Day ago

    What if you had a dream vpn so nobody could enter your dreams...

  4. ZeSovietOnion


    Day ago

    i-is that haikyuu

  5. Jubby Stew

    Jubby Stew

    Day ago

    You should make a podcast

  6. Johnny Beary

    Johnny Beary

    Day ago

    I have an idea you can swap body with someone for one day

  7. Jeanette Levy

    Jeanette Levy

    Day ago


  8. Sarvesh Kate

    Sarvesh Kate

    2 days ago

    Why would anyone think the dream was wierd they don't know that I made the choice to enter their dream naked they would just think that they are there thoughts

  9. Matthewpoopystinky


    2 days ago

    Luffy 😂

  10. Zapgod 89

    Zapgod 89

    2 days ago


  11. Global Dank

    Global Dank

    2 days ago

    2:17 Uh... You're a little behind on One Piece...

  12. Dragon Dangon Gaming

    Dragon Dangon Gaming

    2 days ago

    Finally someone with the same name as me

  13. _ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ _

    _ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ _

    3 days ago

    4:10 He made himself taller and kresh shorter

  14. Anders Gesagt

    Anders Gesagt

    3 days ago

    Just whip the towel off the hook. Works for me ;)

  15. sizly boi

    sizly boi

    3 days ago

    This is like Inception but weirder

  16. mattbot


    4 days ago

    Another reason why I’m unsubbed

  17. Strawberry Mochi Cosplay

    Strawberry Mochi Cosplay

    5 days ago

    Haikyuu reference 😼😼

  18. Swiftcloud Private

    Swiftcloud Private

    5 days ago

    Just find clothing before finding friend

  19. Cybil


    6 days ago

    4:05 haikkyu reference

  20. RhapsodyInCrimson


    6 days ago

    Dude please don't try to be the next danplan

  21. DragonAnimates


    6 days ago

    Bout the zip line question do you have safety?

  22. Hunterr


    6 days ago

    Literally any youtuber: *exists* Raycon: its free real estate

  23. IRMMZ 1

    IRMMZ 1

    6 days ago


  24. John Balci

    John Balci

    6 days ago

    yall ziplining at 100 km/h

  25. qt_ Shadow._

    qt_ Shadow._

    7 days ago

    The fact that this is my type of humor scares me

  26. cixlo


    7 days ago

    Prank playing time.

  27. lor mau

    lor mau

    7 days ago

    💜🔥JAM💫🤩 , 💙🔥DAMN✨🤩 and 😣crush😭

  28. Bisexual Biscuit

    Bisexual Biscuit

    8 days ago

    Imagine the pacer gram test with zip lines

  29. JayJay Aviation

    JayJay Aviation

    8 days ago

    2:55 OMG ZIP??? Dom you absolute legend

  30. aramirezyara21


    8 days ago

    What happens if you die in a dream will you die in real life

  31. Origami Crane

    Origami Crane

    8 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can buy the yellow cat with the white bow at the end of the video when Domics is sponsoring the earbuds? At 8:45. Thanks!

  32. Low Zison

    Low Zison

    8 days ago

    Why did youtube recommend me this channel only now

  33. BlueOwl Playz

    BlueOwl Playz

    9 days ago

    maybe u could do that in animal crossing

  34. Zazz E

    Zazz E

    9 days ago

    my dreams are just oml i had a piano zombie and it chased me too eat my brain i woke up like whaaaaaaaaaaaaa just wait huh why cant i have normal dreams

  35. Smokey Nifty

    Smokey Nifty

    9 days ago

    I would say yes to the dream power

  36. Jeff。ExE


    9 days ago

    We need more of this

  37. Amalie Mehren

    Amalie Mehren

    9 days ago

    But would the person dreaming (when you wisit naked) be embaresed or blanke Thea self if a FriendFeed apierd naked in their dream, if they dident know about the power

  38. אנימציות בשקל

    אנימציות בשקל

    9 days ago

    If you have a superpower and you never use it, are you just a normal person?

  39. That Macaroon Was Eaten

    That Macaroon Was Eaten

    10 days ago

    I do not think hot dogs exist in France.

  40. That Macaroon Was Eaten

    That Macaroon Was Eaten

    10 days ago

    There’s no avoiding traffic because there IS no traffic.

  41. Bojo Petrov

    Bojo Petrov

    10 days ago

    Yo I love this channel

  42. Razzin Nasarruddin

    Razzin Nasarruddin

    10 days ago

    I’m offended... I’m 6ft but yea....I can’t jump for shit...

  43. Aditi Uthale

    Aditi Uthale

    10 days ago

    -5:30 are you talking about hinata from haikyuu

  44. Catherine Giles

    Catherine Giles

    10 days ago

    Me watching this with a raycon buds: ... 'FUCK'

  45. Asha Sithamparam

    Asha Sithamparam

    10 days ago


  46. Geoff Easton

    Geoff Easton

    10 days ago

    I'm 6ft and cannot jump to save my life. ama

  47. spotlight productions

    spotlight productions

    10 days ago

    I’m 5,0 ft and every day I jump in the mirror and am again that I was that High 🥺🥺

  48. RescueDawg


    10 days ago

    Is there a possibility you can do a unsober convo,🤔wonder how will that turn out

  49. Morbid Arts

    Morbid Arts

    10 days ago

    I jump evErYDAY!

  50. Ferretboy56


    10 days ago

    1:13 Dom didn't draw his legs

  51. MISSed Bandwagon

    MISSed Bandwagon

    10 days ago

    I like the reference to the previous peanut butter and jelly podcast. I was going to say “peanut butter and jelly podcast? You can do something with that...” but it sounds too much like ProZD’s “Press Buttons and Talk” 😅

  52. Adam P

    Adam P

    10 days ago

    Lol yeah

  53. Kurtis Wells

    Kurtis Wells

    10 days ago

    What if the zip line had a harness so you didn't have to hang on. That would also allow you to be unconscious

  54. Some Girl :D

    Some Girl :D

    10 days ago

    Dom's ads are the funniest

  55. Space Pup

    Space Pup

    10 days ago

    also could you go into your OWN dream?

  56. Space Pup

    Space Pup

    10 days ago

    can you walk?

  57. ivan cunj

    ivan cunj

    10 days ago


  58. Larry the cucumber

    Larry the cucumber

    11 days ago

    How would it be a "lower price" if it's free



    11 days ago

    Domics sumo

  60. Keilani Fifita-Lamb

    Keilani Fifita-Lamb

    11 days ago

    Mate I'm 5’9 and I’m 12 (No offensive dude we Stan short kings dude)