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This Dream Tiny House Is A Total Game Changer

This stunning tiny house is packed full of amazing, game changing design! From the ultra clever, future-proofed layout and space-saving furniture to the incredible green-wall, exquisite reclaimed timbers and green-roof features, this truly is a dream tiny house.
It’s hard to believe that it’s now been almost seven years since we filmed our very first tiny house tour with Shaye. At the time, she was living in Lucy, a cute DIY cottage-style tiny house. You can see a link to our first tour here:
Since then, life has changed a lot and Shaye has started a tiny house building company. Years of tiny house design experience and over 30 tiny house builds later, this home is a conjunction of many of her favourite design concepts.
Enjoy the full tour of this incredible tiny home. To find out more about Shaye and her tiny house builds, you can visit her website:
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  1. Living Big In A Tiny House

    Living Big In A Tiny House

    6 days ago

    It's hard to believe that it's been seven years since we visited Shaye in her original tiny house on wheels. That was our very first tiny house tour! The show has come a long way since then, and so has Shaye's tiny house designs! I hope you enjoy this very special episode! With love, Bryce & Rasa

    • lashey fields

      lashey fields

      7 hours ago

      Loved the video ❤ interested in information on her designs & company thank you. 😊

    • Robert Perez

      Robert Perez

      8 hours ago


    • TruLy - 4 - Ever

      TruLy - 4 - Ever

      15 hours ago

      ```...thank u much,,,dEAR,,, Bryce & Rasa...for ALL that Time & Efforts put in : ) ```...truly enjoy how your videos bring my heart & soul such good hope and pure joy ! ```...wishin U - BOTH - MUCH CONTINUED SUCCESS !! YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! ; D ; )

    • Diane Burnett

      Diane Burnett

      Day ago

      Is there any storage under the stairs?

    • vachief


      Day ago

      @Warren Sanders You'd save thousands by buying an older 900 sf house and totally renovating it.

  2. So M

    So M

    5 hours ago

    Not very tiny though

  3. Carl Vlaeminck

    Carl Vlaeminck

    5 hours ago

    Waw. This is tiny home living on a entirely different level. How beautiful this house is and what an incredible location. Love everything about it. Very clever design, great features, especially the rooftop garden. Breathtaking.

  4. Марина Карницкая

    Марина Карницкая

    5 hours ago

    Самый великолепный, потрясающе зеленый, красивый, вдохновляющий и уютный интерьер tiny house💖🏡 Замечательная местность, великолепные виды из окна, видно как с любовью💖 всё сделано хозяйкой, Shaye Boddington, для себя и дочки👍💖🍀🌿🌱 Magnificent amazement💖🌺

  5. kiky kiky

    kiky kiky

    5 hours ago

    Feels like in bali

  6. razor kortex

    razor kortex

    6 hours ago

    Hey Bryce! You two would make a great couple😏

  7. K A

    K A

    6 hours ago

    One of the most beautiful "tiny" homes. They didn't talk about the bath tub outside.

  8. Hartini van Rijssel

    Hartini van Rijssel

    6 hours ago

    This is a big tiny house, beautiful tho!

  9. R Heron

    R Heron

    6 hours ago

    She is so thirsty when the host comes into her bedroom....

  10. Navneet Chand

    Navneet Chand

    6 hours ago

    I love that tiny sweet beautiful house 😍

  11. Inez Huntly

    Inez Huntly

    6 hours ago

    By far the best Tiny Home I have ever seen - very talented lady.

  12. Twichy Ramen

    Twichy Ramen

    6 hours ago

    How often you think she hooks up with people while hazels home

  13. phangsong hringna

    phangsong hringna

    7 hours ago

    So lovely

  14. Manda Miner-Babb

    Manda Miner-Babb

    7 hours ago

    Me: Wishing I could do something like this. Also me: That would require too much work.

  15. 16Notepads


    7 hours ago

    Mom: I didnt want to have to worry Also mom: Makes death trap with stairs

  16. Shakira Bells

    Shakira Bells

    8 hours ago

    i love the roof garden wow

  17. Gathania, Mukesh

    Gathania, Mukesh

    8 hours ago

    You guys are awesome, where get these types of thought , Speechless Lots of love from Himachal, India❤️

  18. Anh Do

    Anh Do

    8 hours ago

    I love her story! Prove that you can still compete at the highest level no matter what your setback.

  19. esraa awad

    esraa awad

    8 hours ago

    its abeautiful house ,and you are beautiful women ,i wish you get what you want soon 😉

  20. Nora Saldana

    Nora Saldana

    8 hours ago

    Such an amazing home.😍



    8 hours ago

    I love this home. I so wish I could down size from my big home. It's just me now. Trying to find property here in Utah is impossible to find that's affordable.

  22. Deidre-Ana Maluyo-Gilman

    Deidre-Ana Maluyo-Gilman

    8 hours ago

    The fact that she modified the tiny house for her future family is amazing . Everything about this house is a dream ! Great job !

  23. Tri Fleming

    Tri Fleming

    8 hours ago

    Such a smart lady.

  24. Mark Lambert

    Mark Lambert

    9 hours ago

    Only needs a one word description....GORGEOUS!

  25. Reddylion


    9 hours ago

    Good 👍

  26. Rikycard 01

    Rikycard 01

    9 hours ago

    This is the best house I've seen, and $150k is a steal for it. I'm genuinely impressed and that doesn't happen often

  27. Dena Byrne

    Dena Byrne

    9 hours ago

    Shay is an amazing business woman, designer, home owner and mother. (Let’s not forget professional athlete). This is my favorite Tiny House. I love the front porch and the plant 🌱 and flower 🌺 decks on top.

  28. Nature Lover

    Nature Lover

    9 hours ago

    Im so happy y’all have now 3M+ subs. I remember when you still have a less than a million subscribers I kept wondering why, your contents are so amazing , your channel is the best!

  29. Be Awake

    Be Awake

    10 hours ago

    married for the divorce money smh typical

  30. Eden Garaygay

    Eden Garaygay

    10 hours ago

    For me this is a very beautiful tiny house I 👀

  31. Moushey Islam

    Moushey Islam

    10 hours ago

    After watching this house tour like me who has been dreaming to live in a beautiful modern high tech tiny house like this. ❤️💆🧘

  32. Sofia Martinez

    Sofia Martinez

    10 hours ago

    What about when hasesly grows she won’t be able to stand in her room

  33. Karyn S

    Karyn S

    10 hours ago

    This is one of the most beautiful and best designed tiny houses I have ever seen! Amazing

  34. Daniél Lindström

    Daniél Lindström

    10 hours ago

    Sim Settlements right here

  35. raghu devarakonda

    raghu devarakonda

    10 hours ago

    Bryce is probably the only person who would walk into someone else's bathroom and say that it looks lovely. But it's true, though. The entire house is gorgeous.

  36. Jaydeep Parekh

    Jaydeep Parekh

    10 hours ago

    અધભુત.... ક્લ્પના જ લાગે છે આવું હોઈ શકે દુનિયા માં... લાખ લાખ સલામ આવા ઘર ની કલ્પના કરનાર ને... This is Gujrati langauge.. No words for this video... Anchor and the owner of this tiny house. Only word Superb... No words.

  37. Maria Moran

    Maria Moran

    10 hours ago

    This woman is RADDDD

  38. 86cdp1997map


    10 hours ago

    What a pretty mini home but with lots of space. So creative!

  39. 89crix


    11 hours ago

    She is hella hot. If she ever needs citizenship to the U.S. lmk I'm sure we can work something out 😀

  40. Victoria Castillo

    Victoria Castillo

    11 hours ago

    My favorite House ever❤

  41. Tina Anderson

    Tina Anderson

    11 hours ago

    Oh Shaye! How LOVELY!! Such a wonderful evolution in design!!! I’d love to hire you to design my tiny house!

  42. regaliz


    11 hours ago

    For me this tiny home is the best😍😍😍😍reallyyyyy sweet home

  43. J.R Cody

    J.R Cody

    12 hours ago

    I know that this video is all about the tiny house, but I just want to say what a frickin boss that woman is.

  44. Marumito Tokugawa

    Marumito Tokugawa

    12 hours ago

    This tiny house is the bomb diggidy!!! I wish they have more of these types of sustainable homes here in Minnesota USA. I'm saving to build my own tiny home in the future...

  45. Tram Anh Pham Ngoc

    Tram Anh Pham Ngoc

    12 hours ago

    Amazing tiny house!!! Can't wait to live in one in VIetnam

  46. mandyforever1989


    12 hours ago

    Chick was totally hitting on Brice

  47. Joe Van Seeters

    Joe Van Seeters

    12 hours ago

    Absolutely beautiful home. Love that bi-folding door that opens up to that tropical paradise. And all those high end appliances, finishes and incredible "living wall" were the icing on the cake. I could easily live in a space like that. I love the Tiny house movement of late. It does have a following in the USA with many people. But there are still a lot of the "McMansion" crowd out there too that want the BIGGEST HOUSE they can get. Many buying a house that's FAR FAR FAR too out of their price range, only to become "house poor" which is nuts. I've actually knew a person who bought a huge house and didn't have hardly any furniture in it because they couldn't afford it. HUH? I definitely think that as much hidden or smart storage as possible is a big part of successfully living in a tiny house.

  48. C Golden

    C Golden

    12 hours ago

    OK, this is my new fave. The best use of space and so stylish. Love it. Does she sell the design?

  49. Kevin Corcoran

    Kevin Corcoran

    13 hours ago

    Damn, She was HOT!!!!!!!

  50. Mag Wils

    Mag Wils

    13 hours ago


  51. trevis757


    13 hours ago

    Id be happy to teach her to cook.

  52. Erika America

    Erika America

    13 hours ago

    Brilliant design❤️

  53. Big Mama

    Big Mama

    14 hours ago

  54. Chevy R

    Chevy R

    14 hours ago

    Toh tru ah 😆

  55. Kay Grazette

    Kay Grazette

    14 hours ago

    This house is so beautiful.

  56. we are one

    we are one

    14 hours ago

    You can't go wrong having a mirror in a bedroom 😀

  57. rawad Tripoli

    rawad Tripoli

    15 hours ago

    00218928253735. K

  58. Vanessa Tarcak

    Vanessa Tarcak

    15 hours ago

    My heart, 😍😍😍😍😍 absolutely fantastic fantastic !!! The woodwork is so so warm and very cozy, in love with it all

  59. Sandy Ranny

    Sandy Ranny

    15 hours ago

    Hey Bryce nice to see you again on US-state 😊the epidemic 😷 is quite alarming how have you been pls stay safe love ❤️ from Nigeria 🇳🇬 always

  60. Maximilian Kiy

    Maximilian Kiy

    15 hours ago

    Did I somehow miss it, or did they forget to mention the size of the house?

  61. Midlife My Ass I'm just getting started! Lonnee Rey

    Midlife My Ass I'm just getting started! Lonnee Rey

    15 hours ago

    STUNNING!!! KUDOS!!!!! 💥

  62. Roger Günther

    Roger Günther

    15 hours ago

    totally remember this wonderful lady yrs and yrs ago. great work again... :)

  63. TruLy - 4 - Ever

    TruLy - 4 - Ever

    15 hours ago

    ~*~ ...WOWZA !!! ~*~ ...dEAR Shaye ...U ...R ...AMAZING !!! ...much thanks for your footprint on OUR planet and many - many blessing for U & Ur cutie ( Lucy )..! ...wishing U MUCH ..FUTURE success with UR ...OWN BUSINESS !! ...keep being such a wonderful soul for OUR WORLD -- Thanks Again : )

  64. MaryMix


    15 hours ago

    I’ve seen many tiny houses, a very few I really liked. In this, I would move immediately in. 😍 Thanks for sharing! Greets from Germany. 🇩🇪

  65. Cloudcuckolander


    15 hours ago

    This house is absolutely beautiful but I dont know why you guys call this tiny. I know people who live in smaller places and would never call that "a tiny house". I guess expectations vary a lot depending on the region (I'm from Spain). Nice video, anyway. I don't really care if it fits the "tiny house" category, I just want to see nice homes with an efficient use of space, so thanks for this, it's inspiring

  66. Midlife My Ass I'm just getting started! Lonnee Rey

    Midlife My Ass I'm just getting started! Lonnee Rey

    15 hours ago


  67. Christina_ Hicks_Art

    Christina_ Hicks_Art

    16 hours ago

    This one is gorgeous. Thanks Shaye, I'm inspired.

  68. Topanga Reyna

    Topanga Reyna

    16 hours ago

    SHE IS HAWT!!!!

  69. Black Hermit

    Black Hermit

    16 hours ago

    One of the best tiny homes I’ve ever seen. Kid friendly , a lot of sunlight. And a lot of space❤️❤️❤️

  70. Georgina Taylor

    Georgina Taylor

    16 hours ago

    I love this Tiny House! There is very little I would change. What a Great Living Space design!

  71. Margaret Lee-Reed

    Margaret Lee-Reed

    16 hours ago

    Wow .... Upscale tiny house!

  72. brokenwing beer

    brokenwing beer

    16 hours ago

    She has built herself such a great home....perfect the the the fact that things are full size. Just love it..

  73. helenrushful


    17 hours ago

    At the risk of upsetting some tiny house enthusiasts, I'm seeing a bit of a trend where people start off living in really tiny houses on a tiny budget and then they move to a bigger tiny house, then a tiny house with a porch, then one with underground parking and a second level, and then we don't hear much from them again... .....

  74. Yunis Rajab

    Yunis Rajab

    17 hours ago

    The second floor garden and put-away toilet are stunning additions

  75. TheScords


    17 hours ago

    just watched a video about a 30mio villa but if i had to choose i would live in that tiny house instead

  76. jbowerdel


    17 hours ago

    love the porch set up-esp the green roof! also crazy about the outdoor bathtub-great idea! the house overall is amazing, and well designed-inspiring! question is about location-since is forgotten corner of large garden, what is source for electric and water? was it available onsite, added during build? Generator and water tanks? thanks for tour!

  77. Cupcake Paper

    Cupcake Paper

    17 hours ago

    Stop talking and show the freaking house! I stopped watching

  78. kira kira

    kira kira

    18 hours ago

    that green wall was just amazing! but im just wondering, is it too much to take care of? like how do you keep it like that like? like neat, when to water it etc.. and does it attract insects and mosquito's? im always amazed seeing green wall and wanted to have my own but those questions keeps me from not doing it.

  79. sharmila jadoenath

    sharmila jadoenath

    18 hours ago

    Lovely 💜

    • Ashhar Hasan

      Ashhar Hasan

      12 hours ago

      “Isn't it?”

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