Ep. 72 Attracted To Crazy w/ Christina P | Dr. Drew After Dark

Dr. Drew is joined by Christina P in this episode of Dr. Drew After Dark. They discuss relating to psychopaths, 90 Day Fiance, Teen Mom, things that make Dr. Drew happy, and Jackass. They take calls from the listeners about bleeding caused by birth control, psychological problems from medication, and a peener that whistles while making white. Christina shares some of her recent TikTok curations, clips from the Garth docuseries Garth Brooks: The Road I'm On, a cool girl filling herself with water, and a new FedSmoker video with Dr. Drew. They also take a look at YMH All-Star Robert Paul Champagne's new premium content!
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  1. Audriana Roberts

    Audriana Roberts

    12 days ago

    Might be crazy but I get that pasta eating bit, my great grandpa used to eat spaghetti like a serial killer looool

  2. theroyalscrewgee


    13 days ago

    "...a little tough to swallow." ~Dr. Drew's comment on RPC's ejaculate. God I love this show!

  3. namesbooty


    17 days ago

    when you start crossing your legs... 30:40 - you can carry on

  4. Mo-hammad Abunaser

    Mo-hammad Abunaser

    20 days ago

    21:07 Christina's opinion on the Hijab is so awesome! Didn't know she liked it!

  5. ocpd23


    21 day ago

    How is that pandemic going Drew?

  6. Zane Daniels

    Zane Daniels

    23 days ago

    /Enraptured - give intense pleasure or joy to. Dr . Drew is a true fan of RPC 😂

  7. Giovanni Favero

    Giovanni Favero

    25 days ago

    I like Christina, but she's like the girl who took a single psychology 101 class in college and starts diagnosing everyone she knows.

  8. Bourbon Ernie

    Bourbon Ernie

    Month ago

    I'm only into pregnant girls because I know I can't get them pregnant.

  9. Tyler McVittie

    Tyler McVittie

    Month ago

    who the hell hit him in the head

  10. Doran Clerinx

    Doran Clerinx

    Month ago

    I have to put my volume down so much when RPC comes on

  11. Lou


    Month ago

    7:00 90 Day Fiance Avery and Ash

  12. ConnConn1996


    Month ago

    In a parallel universe i could see Christina and Dr. Drew as a great couple.

  13. Clifton Sargent

    Clifton Sargent

    Month ago

    I have to skip RPC busting a nut....catch listen to it I don’t know how they can.

  14. Kip Hebert

    Kip Hebert

    Month ago

    Did y'all see The Whitakers on youtube yet? Check this one please.

  15. Marie Rockets

    Marie Rockets

    Month ago

    Dr drew needs to rewatch that 90 day fiance with ash and avery. Ash lied so much and it’s so gdamn irritating

  16. Robyn Alice

    Robyn Alice

    Month ago

    I've had men on tinder ask if I was a gay man behind my photos because of how blatant I was with my attraction level right off the bat. It's such a self-destructive behavior on their part when you think about it.. lmao.

  17. Matt Lucas

    Matt Lucas

    Month ago

    I'm gonna make ya cry!

  18. Kelly Goodridge

    Kelly Goodridge

    Month ago

    You give great commercial. Had to. I’d be more inclined toward Christina. But “it’s hard to get your head around” the sounding (? I think that’s what I heard) thing- classic. But ew.

  19. Kelly Goodridge

    Kelly Goodridge

    Month ago

    My favorite too! Cate & Tyler. Odds stacked against them but what a great life they’ve made, not w/o challenges but they made it themselves. Good stuff.

  20. Kelly Goodridge

    Kelly Goodridge

    Month ago

    What a great way to describe codependency... I get it now!

  21. Rigo Tomas

    Rigo Tomas

    Month ago


  22. Billy Boggle

    Billy Boggle

    Month ago

    Nadav, idk HOW U DO IT UR A KING!

  23. Billy Boggle

    Billy Boggle

    Month ago

    I'm with mommy, I'm into some funky shit but sounding is "upsetting." Haha

  24. Drew Hinners

    Drew Hinners

    Month ago

    So is this just now the Dr. Drew AND Christina P. show?

  25. Kalan Lis

    Kalan Lis

    Month ago

    I love Christina P but I think she should be just an occasional guest on Dr. Drew After Dark or have Dr. Drew on YMH occasionally to answer her questions about people. Kinda feels like I'm watching a different version of YMH.

  26. BattyB


    Month ago

    The rpc clips are killing me with whatever I'm doing and having to run to pause or mute 😂😭

  27. Abdul-Hakeem Burns

    Abdul-Hakeem Burns

    Month ago

    21:09 wow she actually gets it, wouldn't have expected that 👍

  28. Extra


    Month ago

    oh that's obscure...

  29. Natalie M.

    Natalie M.

    Month ago

    Dr Drew’s reaction around 46:00 made my entire day so much more bright

  30. Codename


    Month ago

    Lmao “there will be drugs.”

  31. Bryson Taylor

    Bryson Taylor

    Month ago

    Robert Paul Champagne is the American version of Randy from Trailer Park Boys

  32. eudaimon


    Month ago

    21:28 - Truer words never spoken, Mommy Krystal Please isolate this Native, you know Tim would use the fuck outta that drop

  33. gibboa


    Month ago

    We need dr drews reaction to burt drinking a gallon of koolaid per day

  34. Daavhimself


    Month ago

    No talk of Chris D'Elia?

  35. Gary Warren

    Gary Warren

    Month ago

    what changed you didn't say a second wave before. More down today

  36. Daveauchery


    Month ago

    Jeans, c'mon. I think I had to lower the volume for half of this episode.

  37. TheMusicmak3r


    Month ago

    ZOEY 101 was the start decline of Nickelodeon And Teen Mom was the start to MTVs decline.

  38. Tyler Conley

    Tyler Conley

    Month ago

    I only like seeing her and Sagura cuz they love each other and I love that

  39. mpd


    Month ago

    when is Christina gonna show everyone pictures of her in her goth phase?!?!?!? MY EMO ASS NEEDS TO SEE IT.

  40. John Candler

    John Candler

    Month ago

    You don't switch hands with your fork. If you cut then you keep it in your left hand

  41. Ashleysart Attack

    Ashleysart Attack

    Month ago

    About snap in dentures. Extremely expensive. I need them done, but i was told too by a team of oral surgeons that it’s extremely “traumatic” when they do the surgery. Cause they’re actually drilling screws into your jawbone. It also doesn’t always work. Some people’s bodies reject the screws. Just like piercings and tried to push them out. It actually happened to my great-uncle, as bad teeth run in my family. So he spent all this money and is just shit out of luck. It also doesn’t help those with jaw bones that have diminished severely like mine. It’s really not that great of an option. It is supposed to look natural. But there’s a high risk of a lot more pain and problems.

  42. W J

    W J

    Month ago

    Just the idea of lumpy cum is making me feel sick, so I get how Drew reacted.

  43. Todd Howard

    Todd Howard

    Month ago

    Around 40 minutes, I think RPC was saying he wants to be raped for charity to help with the coronavirus

  44. B L

    B L

    Month ago

    I like how Drew always acts so irritable at the phone call delay, lol

  45. B L

    B L

    Month ago

    Dr. Jeans

  46. Elizabeth Herlihy

    Elizabeth Herlihy

    Month ago

    Does anyone know how that girl is filling herself with water? Asking for a friend

  47. PunchDrunk


    Month ago

    Secret Time: I love watching Christina torture Dr. Drew.

  48. Jaybe


    Month ago

    Love how Christina hit the “its only just begun” like Mac Miller

  49. Mike Haun

    Mike Haun

    Month ago

    Take a lower dose of marijuana meing just because you roll a blunt does not mean smoke the whole thing or low dose edibles.... I was the same way!

  50. Synthesizer Sam

    Synthesizer Sam

    Month ago

    What’s with the red/pink stuff on dr Drew’s head?

    • Todd Howard

      Todd Howard

      Month ago

      Yeah 30 seconds into last weeks episode he says it’s a chemo scar from skin cancer

    • Todd Howard

      Todd Howard

      Month ago

      I think he said on a recent podcast he had skin cancer burned off

  51. Dyllan


    Month ago

    People really don’t like Christina huh?

  52. Zakk Holguin

    Zakk Holguin

    Month ago

    anyone else's ad blocker not working as good? US-state has been making me skip blank screens.

  53. ocpd23


    Month ago

    Hows that pandemic going Dr Drew?

  54. Gem Harper

    Gem Harper

    Month ago

    You call yourself a “water champ”? You swallow that water like a champ, or don’t call yourself ‘champ’. LOL



    Month ago

    You are so obsessed with RPC. Grow up dude. Dr drew is so much better than this.

  56. Amanda Panda

    Amanda Panda

    Month ago

    My poor neighbors

  57. Morgan B

    Morgan B

    Month ago


  58. alamsas2


    Month ago

    That guy from the second tiktok rocking the Joe Exotic hair lmao.

  59. Daniel Mebus

    Daniel Mebus

    Month ago

    Nadav: "So Drew, we can't show the people this. Can you describe what you're seeing Robert do?" Drew: "No!"

  60. Chris Redland

    Chris Redland

    Month ago

    The graphic designer in me noticed the odd the about RPC's video. On his border background he's spelling "Paul" with 2 P's!