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SCP-035 Possessive Mask (SCP Animation)

TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-035 Animation.
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SCP 035 appears to be a white porcelain comedy mask, although, at times, it will change to tragedy.
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  1. Jesse Palmer

    Jesse Palmer

    2 hours ago

    Explain 035 in under ten words *”The Mask starring Jim Carrey”*

  2. Spectre Phoenix2

    Spectre Phoenix2

    2 hours ago

    jojos bizarre adventure?

  3. Joon L

    Joon L

    2 hours ago

    035 lost to a tinfoil hat

  4. Spectacle Channel

    Spectacle Channel

    3 hours ago

    This is a mask JIM CARRY ITS NOT GREEN

  5. Jade Tula

    Jade Tula

    6 hours ago


  6. Doc Holiday

    Doc Holiday

    8 hours ago

    Am I the only one thinking of Dio Brando this whole time

  7. GH - 06JZ - Allan A Martin PS (1223)

    GH - 06JZ - Allan A Martin PS (1223)

    8 hours ago

    I guess 035 is symbolic of the film industry



    8 hours ago

    just like the stone vampire mask

  9. ink bendyplayz123

    ink bendyplayz123

    9 hours ago

    Make a vido of scp-001

  10. Mattías S

    Mattías S

    10 hours ago

    That wasn't latin but esperanto

  11. SCP_Foundation_User1433


    10 hours ago

    Thank you Rubber for doing this SCP. I have always been interested in SCP 035, and I learned lots more about this SCP in this video, so thanks! =D

  12. hello johhny

    hello johhny

    10 hours ago

    Person killing another person - Death sentense Scp wiping whole security - Lockdown

  13. Banana Slip

    Banana Slip

    10 hours ago


  14. Meme kid

    Meme kid

    11 hours ago

    DonT ToUcH My tAiL

  15. Lucia Loyola Maulen

    Lucia Loyola Maulen

    11 hours ago

    Spc is real?

    • Lucia Loyola Maulen

      Lucia Loyola Maulen

      11 hours ago

      Sorry scp

  16. a alma de humanox

    a alma de humanox

    12 hours ago

    0:44 I hav a gif off him and ever is tragedy maskk

  17. Niko BS

    Niko BS

    14 hours ago

    Hey SCP-035 guess where your new unit cell is. You cant escape there. Here we are. SCP-087.

  18. Zawand Sarkawt

    Zawand Sarkawt

    17 hours ago

    because was the first

  19. Antonio Wijaya

    Antonio Wijaya

    17 hours ago


  20. Wiktoria Słomczewska

    Wiktoria Słomczewska

    18 hours ago

    It can change ANYONE'S mind? Bring the Karens! Maybe they will understand that vaccines are safe and that they should wear masks...

  21. Crow tit

    Crow tit

    19 hours ago


  22. Food Lover

    Food Lover

    19 hours ago


  23. Constantin Ursu

    Constantin Ursu

    19 hours ago

    Pls make scp 073

  24. Candyzipzop UwU playz

    Candyzipzop UwU playz

    20 hours ago

    Web eater

  25. Candyzipzop UwU playz

    Candyzipzop UwU playz

    20 hours ago

    Next is webeater plis!

  26. Ander Robles

    Ander Robles

    21 hour ago


  27. sakha today

    sakha today

    21 hour ago

    scp pizza

  28. prime gamer

    prime gamer

    22 hours ago

    roblox the rubber

  29. Donaldc Bain

    Donaldc Bain

    23 hours ago

    That means the possessive mask has got nothing on me I'm already hostile on my own

  30. Axel- The-Vessel

    Axel- The-Vessel

    23 hours ago

    Wait, I thought SCP-035 was eucild it got moved to class Keter?

  31. Scopria Playz

    Scopria Playz

    23 hours ago

    hey The Rubber can you do a video on SCP-151-D please i'm interested to know what that SCP's Origin is.

  32. Jak


    Day ago

    4:02 they're melting a furry.

  33. Thanos A. Copter

    Thanos A. Copter

    Day ago

    The laughing sound effect is extremely annoying because they use it like every 15 seconds, but other than that great video

  34. Meowly UwU

    Meowly UwU

    Day ago

    If u be a SCP officer *i can't wait to go there*

  35. Nayomaise


    Day ago

    10:16 okay what madlad submitted a roblox avatar cosplaying as the rubber

  36. Mystic Frøg

    Mystic Frøg

    Day ago

    Mask Person with curiosity Jojo’s bizarre adventure

  37. Demonetization


    Day ago

    Can u do one on a safe scp? Like scp-999?

  38. Hudson Efferson

    Hudson Efferson

    Day ago

    I found out a way to terminate shy guy as you said he has a humanoid shape and possessive mask can take over any humanoid shape until it decades

  39. stan


    Day ago

    Two weeks later, a blonde British man stole this mask and and put it on, screaming that he rejects his humanity.

  40. Sam Saladino

    Sam Saladino

    Day ago

    that mask looks like a mrtygrall mask if that was on my futrue child ill slap him to deaph

  41. Lawrence Greene

    Lawrence Greene

    Day ago

    im scp like but not cot

  42. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


    Day ago

    1:10 Absolute genious...not using glass under it...

  43. MR. Bunny

    MR. Bunny

    Day ago

    Is the scp foundation real or fake

    • _


      Day ago

      We don't know

  44. Jax Wilder

    Jax Wilder

    Day ago

    I want you to talk about SCP 6789 Is the other name is siren head

  45. Jax Wilder

    Jax Wilder

    Day ago

    I want you to talk about SCP 6741

  46. 2 Bros

    2 Bros

    Day ago

    soo...... the scp is a discont version of the mask?

  47. ShinoKuma


    Day ago

    Where is Dr. Bright?

  48. xxx_DarkGalaxyGamer :]

    xxx_DarkGalaxyGamer :]

    Day ago

    Can u do scp 001 cause it’s like very bright

  49. TTV hecticbrave

    TTV hecticbrave

    Day ago

    Just go to scp 999 after 035 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  50. Exnever01


    Day ago

    I was watching this normally and my nose started to bleed.

  51. Benjamin Hager

    Benjamin Hager

    Day ago

    I feel like 035 is deteriorating it's cell to make the foundation give it more hosts. I mean it is good an influencing people I guess this is just his upgraded version

  52. Reynaldis Aditya Cahyadi Panenga

    Reynaldis Aditya Cahyadi Panenga

    Day ago

    Wait, what would happen if you brought scp 999 when entering scp 035 chamber? Would it negate the effect cause by scp 035?

  53. Kenzi Chito

    Kenzi Chito

    Day ago

    Mr rubber pls make a documentary about scp 106

  54. Bruh Channel

    Bruh Channel

    Day ago

    Oh boy jojo fans will love this scp

  55. E Boy

    E Boy

    Day ago

    What if you tried to put SCP-035 on SCP-096

  56. Hồng Gấm Le

    Hồng Gấm Le

    Day ago

    Scp 457

  57. Nick Frutos

    Nick Frutos

    Day ago

    Nooo you can’t just use a toinfoil hat against me it’s gonna weaken my affects Haha conspiracy fashion go [mind control redacted]

  58. Cancandoo


    Day ago

    what happened if you have dog face surgery and put on SCP 035

  59. erik fenech

    erik fenech

    Day ago

    Yeah but wait 682 isn't humanoid, sooo.... How would that work??

  60. 「C H A S E」

    「C H A S E」

    Day ago