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Blog Post - Me and my new BFF Mr Nigel NG!!

To all my new friends/haters MrNigelNg and I have just had a lovely afternoon discussing my 'crimes' against rice... watch this space.. collab coming soon, give me a follow!


  1. Nemu’s World

    Nemu’s World

    38 minutes ago

    Yehey! Came here from uncle rogers insta post. Now I’m thinking BBC doesn’t research much on their recipe. I also watched Gordan Ramsey cook rice and perhaps he set the standard for BBC just saying. No to bullying Hershey! Looking forward to the rice 🍚🤤

  2. sd.sophie


    2 hours ago

    And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

  3. Ismail Choudhury

    Ismail Choudhury

    3 hours ago

    You’ve got a sub!

  4. Abhishek Sharma

    Abhishek Sharma

    4 hours ago

    Indian and Chinese being friends. Nicee.

  5. Angelo Cruz

    Angelo Cruz

    5 hours ago

    I swear she is really reminding me of maze from lucifer

  6. T X

    T X

    9 hours ago

    So Uncle roger found his tinder mate now hahahah..

  7. Be Red

    Be Red

    14 hours ago

    Why did she censore the likes

  8. O R E O

    O R E O

    15 hours ago

    Cool vibe and all but I still want to see rice how we asians do it

  9. Hồng Nhung Nguyễn

    Hồng Nhung Nguyễn

    15 hours ago

    You are the shit

  10. Stefani Salovni

    Stefani Salovni

    17 hours ago

    lol hahha

  11. Isaac


    18 hours ago

    This channel needs to get more energy in its vidoes like this one!!! Honestly. If you wanna see this channel blow just try smile and laugh in your next videos like you did in this one!

  12. Isaac


    18 hours ago

    Am sorry but but I feel as though this woman should be in comedy, the energy just these few seconds is real. Most people would be out here crying and justifying themselves but she went along with the flow!

  13. piranhas fish

    piranhas fish

    23 hours ago

    She was kind person, but still, the rice that she cooks sucks!

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      15 hours ago

      follow 👋🏻

  14. Gelo Ubalde

    Gelo Ubalde

    23 hours ago

    You go girl, there is no right or wrong way to cook rice as long as it is properly cooked, those making a fuss about it doesn't know about making your own spin on things, it's like they are trying to measure something that ain't fixed to a certain form.

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      15 hours ago

      "hate" would be a strong word to use in this context) her. I was laughing my arse out throughout the reaction. Looking forward to your collaboration, Hersha and Uncle Roger.

  15. Shijoe Joseph

    Shijoe Joseph

    Day ago

    Oh, Uncle! Why are you so handsome!

  16. its me DOJO

    its me DOJO

    Day ago


  17. Albert Chan

    Albert Chan

    Day ago

    They are really a good example of how to transform the negative energy to positive energy.

  18. Immortalsidathara29


    Day ago

    Oh playa playa.....

  19. Subham Choudhury

    Subham Choudhury

    Day ago

    Use rice cooker, otherwise we'll tell Auntie Jenny about it 😂

  20. Vengale Lim

    Vengale Lim

    Day ago

    Uncle Roger finally found his match. But not in tinder. :))

  21. Boss Jones

    Boss Jones

    Day ago

    Oh boy I can’t wait ... is there another way to infuriate uncle roger cooking rice?

  22. Raven White

    Raven White

    Day ago be honest I'm quite scared for you to come out like this.... Please be sure to not get sued or something by the big bad corporation? (That sounds troll-ish, but big corps really sucks to be on the opposite side of....)

  23. Arion


    Day ago

    Hi your so beautiful and cool on how you handle situation.

  24. Angel Demon

    Angel Demon

    Day ago

    I love this video. They look so cuteee together in this video. ^_^

  25. Howard Young

    Howard Young

    Day ago

    I ship this 👀

  26. Johny Myers

    Johny Myers

    Day ago

    Is he in UK or in e US

  27. Dick Head

    Dick Head

    Day ago

    Hi Rice

  28. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga

    Day ago

    Aiiiyyyaaa.. U r killing me woman 🤣🤣🤣 That video reaction was hilarious.. Even though Hersha messed up everything from the very start, I just couldn't bring myself to dislike('cos "hate" would be a strong word to use in this context) her. I was laughing my arse out throughout the reaction. Looking forward to your collaboration, Hersha and Uncle Roger. Also you're pretty. At first I thought we were black, it never crossed my mind that u actually r Indian origin ("Patel" is Indian if I'm not mistaken). Much love, cheers. Off to insta to follow 👋🏻

  29. Penpen


    Day ago

    This is How I Meet Your Mother



    Day ago

    Awwww ill delete my hateful comment

  31. Steven Phang

    Steven Phang

    Day ago

    Hersha, I really respect you how you handled the negative comments from the previous video and I am really confident that you are a great chef too! All the best with your career!

  32. Ethan Clarke

    Ethan Clarke

    Day ago

    Make friends not enemy!

  33. Lawm Sanga

    Lawm Sanga

    Day ago

    Wow ! Nice to see positive women . 👍👍👍

  34. B K Lau

    B K Lau

    Day ago

    Oh, the BBC showing how egg fried rice was tortured and murdered? Good to know this is the lady ... Rather insulting egg fried rice for Asians ...

  35. MapleMeHoney


    Day ago

    This video made me fall in love with Hersha, mainly because she has such a good sense of humour! Way to go girl!! Teaching us how to respond appropriately to being trolled with fun and humour 🥰 This is actually very powerful how you turned something that could be very divisive and damaging into an opportunity to connect and learn from each other!! Omg ur amazing!

  36. disdathit


    2 days ago

    Little bit of casual violence there :/ :/ So can't cook rice and also violent. What a peach.

  37. darlene edwards

    darlene edwards

    2 days ago

    Please do because that video on friend rice you do do was so wring to all cultures. They don't cook friend rice that way

  38. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    2 days ago

    they looked familiar, so i clicked and i've got to say I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED also: lowkey they're so cute??? like what? am i being crazy

  39. Cilla L

    Cilla L

    2 days ago


  40. Wah A

    Wah A

    2 days ago

    Finally someone explain the egg fried rice essence in this youtube link

  41. dracolnyte


    2 days ago

    make a collab of him making indian curry the BBC way and you critique him back in reaction video

  42. Kah Hwee Lee

    Kah Hwee Lee

    2 days ago

    Aunty Helen?

    • zijuiy wttuy

      zijuiy wttuy

      2 days ago

      Uncle roger will come to her house and Do a tutorial on how to PROPERLY COOM EGG FRIED RICE

  43. Jan Bunag

    Jan Bunag

    2 days ago

    Ignore the haters, Ms. Hersha. Looking forward to your collaboration with Uncle Roger. 🙂

  44. san san

    san san

    2 days ago


  45. Ava. S

    Ava. S

    2 days ago

    She’s a nice person but she should still wash the rice. Why she drain it afterwards as well

    • Ava. S

      Ava. S

      Day ago

      Rene Austin Ik the bbc should change it

    • Rene Austin

      Rene Austin

      Day ago

      She was following the method given to her from the bbc

    • Vincensius Christopher

      Vincensius Christopher

      Day ago

      She will learn how to cook rice correctly with uncle Roger, don't worry.

  46. Cid Vlogs

    Cid Vlogs

    2 days ago

    looks good together!

  47. SeanTEMGlitchy6


    2 days ago


  48. Adrian Mei

    Adrian Mei

    2 days ago

    Thanks, Hersha :) expose the BBC for who they really are

  49. 4leafclover


    2 days ago

    Sorry Hersha ...if you can indeed cook rice you should've informed BBC to modify their recipe. You represent Asians all the over the world in a very bad light. Rant done..let's move on.

  50. RS Stenger

    RS Stenger

    2 days ago

    I want to feel bad for her, but then she claimed that she knows the correct way to cook rice but did it that way because the BBC told her too ..... 🤨

  51. Nicholas j Chan Shadowman

    Nicholas j Chan Shadowman

    2 days ago

    she's true love

  52. Jeff Clifford Cruz

    Jeff Clifford Cruz

    2 days ago

    Hersha is really beautiful, I like her.

  53. Jaan C

    Jaan C

    3 days ago

    She is an Indian, of course she knows how to cook rice. Her fried rice video is meant to stir the Internet. She did it.

  54. Edmund Tan

    Edmund Tan

    3 days ago

    No matter how much I cringe when I watch the BBC video, it does not warrant any hate comments to Hersha.

  55. jj meira

    jj meira

    3 days ago

    Please, i need the fanfic 😫👉👈

  56. Haziq Hakimi

    Haziq Hakimi

    3 days ago

    Uncle roger will come to her house and Do a tutorial on how to PROPERLY COOM EGG FRIED RICE

  57. Baudilaire


    3 days ago

    People are strange, yes the rice was wrong BUT the video was very funny. I don't know why trolls exist, people are just nasty at times. Knowing that you followed a recipe from the BBC, it all makes sense now haha.

  58. bibimbap .u

    bibimbap .u

    3 days ago

    Me if my lecture probably ask me what did i do during my quarantine daysssss if soon College is open in malaysia belike :: Heol. Totally gonna ment that ive been watch on how to make a rice content in utube 😂

  59. Lovely day

    Lovely day

    3 days ago

    Please collab with indira kalistha!!!

  60. Huelya Ak

    Huelya Ak

    3 days ago

    You both have a lovely smile :)

    • Cassie


      3 days ago

      She seems a positive women. Glad both are in UK.