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Chocolate Covered Potato Chips Strawberries Almonds Espresso Beans (episode 113)

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Chocolate dipped potato chips, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped almonds, and chocolate dipped coffee beans all have one things in common; they're not dipped in latex. While the preservative qualities of latex are widely known, it is foolish to use latex as a preservative when there are so many better ways to make food last longer.
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  1. Dr Ere

    Dr Ere

    2 hours ago

    Dude I just realized you didn't do a famous dessert.. Lava cake!

  2. Adam Hill

    Adam Hill

    4 hours ago

    What espresso machine did you use.

  3. Eryk Sędkowski

    Eryk Sędkowski

    6 hours ago

    Your videos bring joy :D

  4. Jim T

    Jim T

    6 hours ago

    So I got my finally got my Fun Carrot today and its too small. Wont stay put. Do you sell it in larger sizes? Can I exchange this one?

  5. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    8 hours ago

    I see that now we've dipped all our fruit and nuts in chocolate, we are now graduating to vegetables. Humankind really is brilliant.

    • You Suck At Cooking

      You Suck At Cooking

      8 hours ago

      It's a sight to behold

  6. Bamboo łeaf

    Bamboo łeaf

    9 hours ago

    I saw your comment saying hi ,and I thought you’d like to know that chad comments hello and get more likes not that it matters or anything

  7. Space Y

    Space Y

    9 hours ago

    Not that it matters or anything but I heard chad does weekly uploads and stuff not that it matters just thought you’d like to know

    • Space Y

      Space Y

      9 hours ago

      You Suck At Cooking I’ve been trying to think of a funny reply to this comment ,chad also knows what to write thought you like to know that to not that it matters

    • You Suck At Cooking

      You Suck At Cooking

      9 hours ago

      damn you

  8. Dark Themse btw

    Dark Themse btw

    9 hours ago

    2:44 * 𝗡𝗼𝗰𝗹𝗶𝗽 𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 *

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      8 hours ago

      Imagine just seeing a guy outside rolling a orange on the street lol

  9. Guriqbal Singh

    Guriqbal Singh

    9 hours ago

    Have you ever felt that feeling where you've done everything you can(liking, commenting, subscribing) but still want to do more. Like "liking" "subscribing" more than once.

  10. Miguel Cuevas

    Miguel Cuevas

    9 hours ago

    Bring back plimblockto.we need to see him get back together with you

  11. J Meza

    J Meza

    10 hours ago

    Lanna Coffe is one of the best coffee beans around.

  12. imprtytall


    12 hours ago

    idk how people can downvote this

  13. Fayhaa


    14 hours ago

    I fear that ysac is really old

  14. Angelica Marez

    Angelica Marez

    18 hours ago

    I love your imagination. You’re very creative!!

  15. WeCook / Gatuajme

    WeCook / Gatuajme

    18 hours ago

    Looks delicious ❤️

  16. My Random Stuff

    My Random Stuff

    19 hours ago

    “Heat remover”

  17. Shiny Mimikyu

    Shiny Mimikyu

    19 hours ago

    I loved the reference to egg mcmuffin episode

  18. Dean Billman

    Dean Billman

    20 hours ago

    “While your at it put your bed in a double boiler” 😂😂

  19. Stuff From Sarah

    Stuff From Sarah

    23 hours ago

    wheres the music??! you suck at cooking yeah you totally suck!

  20. rachel.doremi


    23 hours ago

    I hope kids watch this

  21. Neko


    Day ago

    Next up, make a Peanut butter Pickle sandwich Yes it sounds weird, but it's Fricking good

  22. Stratos Fair

    Stratos Fair

    Day ago

    Are potato chips dipped in chocolate really a thing ? Has anyone tried ? Is it any good ? I'm confused

  23. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    Day ago

    Imagine just seeing a guy outside rolling a orange on the street lol

  24. Firewolf 00

    Firewolf 00

    Day ago

    You are the best youtuber of all, just thank you ❤️

  25. Frances


    Day ago

    Unfunny. Tries way too hard

  26. Jklol Gaming

    Jklol Gaming

    Day ago

    This guy has balls of steel to name his channel an insult

  27. Vijisha Sajeevan

    Vijisha Sajeevan

    Day ago

    One time i found some literal chocolate chips like chips made from chocolate nd stuff and we bought it so yea

    • Charming nowhere to hide

      Charming nowhere to hide

      Day ago

      Your video universe continuation is more complicated than every plotline of Fringe.

  28. dontmindmefellers


    Day ago

    No one: US-state on all your videos: mh yes, subtitles

  29. Peter Meyer

    Peter Meyer

    Day ago

    My favorite part was the absolute miss that was the harpoon shot, ye chocolate dipping landlubber

    • You Suck At Cooking

      You Suck At Cooking

      Day ago


  30. vαυgнη ηαcxιlε-削除

    vαυgнη ηαcxιlε-削除

    Day ago

    i love how his Rube Goldberg worked this time

  31. Marvin


    Day ago

    everybody gangsta till he opens that heat remover



    Day ago

    Nice episode 109 (better mcmuffins) reference at 2:27

  33. Mark Palma

    Mark Palma

    Day ago

    What happened to the EGG SERIES? im on edge!

  34. 877-Cash-Now


    Day ago

    Still a master at the Rube Goldbergs, I see

  35. Crashvorce


    Day ago

    tHis Is sO sTuPid

  36. asianduck


    Day ago

    I can’t wait for you to reach three millo

  37. AJ


    Day ago

    I am cackling

  38. StukaJi86


    Day ago

    259ppl live in a hot as f**k appartment

  39. Oren Keoviengxay

    Oren Keoviengxay

    Day ago

    Wtf why am I named after a coffee

  40. Goodi2shooz


    Day ago

    This was the best video yet everything was delicious and perfect and magical and so much going on and the Rube Goldberg thing oh, my brain is literally going to explode could someone please clean up the mess.

  41. TrueDragon13


    Day ago

    Your video universe continuation is more complicated than every plotline of Fringe.

  42. //\\//\\//\\ film

    //\\//\\//\\ film

    Day ago

    What's a strawberry?

  43. Augustine Jesmer

    Augustine Jesmer

    2 days ago

    Incredible effort in this one

  44. Isaac Fielding

    Isaac Fielding

    2 days ago

    Ok, but chocolate covered potato chips actually slap

  45. Ivory Fong

    Ivory Fong

    2 days ago

    Fuck you

    • Retardation RETARDATION!!!!

      Retardation RETARDATION!!!!

      2 days ago


  46. Sarah ross

    Sarah ross

    2 days ago

    "Potato chips are made of potatoes" Ah yes, the floor here is made of floor

  47. Theo S-C

    Theo S-C

    2 days ago

    his stop-motion animations are actually so good though

  48. Chief Bluejay

    Chief Bluejay

    2 days ago

    I’m feeling judg-y today and I have to say there are too many mannequin heads as well as too many laws of physics broken in the this video. But on the other hand you did show me how to melt chocolate with a hair dryer so 10/10 on your video.

    • You Suck At Cooking

      You Suck At Cooking

      2 days ago


  49. Jeremy D

    Jeremy D

    2 days ago

    We've seen wall smashing and auto-chopping, but this was only the beginning of his editing powers...

  50. Eduardo Mendonça

    Eduardo Mendonça

    2 days ago

    I love you, bro!

    • You Suck At Cooking

      You Suck At Cooking

      2 days ago

  51. Joe Quartiano

    Joe Quartiano

    2 days ago

    3:58 how the frig did you put holes in those chips to hang without breaking them lol.

  52. Christlin's Food and Drinks

    Christlin's Food and Drinks

    2 days ago

    That would be great if he change from "suck at cooking" to become a Pro 😂 👨‍🍳

  53. D D

    D D

    2 days ago

    Am I the only one who lovessssssssssssssssssss the intro

  54. Fujoshi Here

    Fujoshi Here

    2 days ago

    The amount of effort this man put in just to dip some chips in chocolate 👏👏

  55. Sugar Vampy

    Sugar Vampy

    2 days ago

    I didn't believe YSAC was really certified sensitive until I saw his threaded potato chips at 3:57. We all know only those with a black belt in sensitivity can accomplish such a feat. Well done, good sir.

  56. Katherine Kass

    Katherine Kass

    2 days ago

    Yum, but probably not very healthy

  57. Filip Vašš

    Filip Vašš

    2 days ago

    So when do I use the wangjangler?

  58. Ruby Dee

    Ruby Dee

    2 days ago


  59. beehwi


    2 days ago

    k just gonna ignore the dead body

  60. Spenser Archbold

    Spenser Archbold

    2 days ago

    I'm very proud that YSAC has improved his Rube-Goldberg machine skills.