Who Can Punch The Hardest? - Challenge

Who Can Punch The Hardest feat @Bradley Martyn at the FaZe House with @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Kay @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Adapt
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  1. Drew Nowell

    Drew Nowell

    5 days ago

    Jarvis this is the best video ever, vids have been fire lately

    • Virakboth 2E Ly

      Virakboth 2E Ly

      6 hours ago


    • Elemental X

      Elemental X

      11 hours ago

      Let me come thru and hit a 990

    • Crystal Boris

      Crystal Boris

      13 hours ago


    • Zack Grida

      Zack Grida

      Day ago

      Drew Nowell Hi

    • Archan Mainali

      Archan Mainali

      Day ago

      Who agrees

  2. 2K Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    2K Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    Hour ago

    6:15 😂😂

  3. Sxmply


    Hour ago

    Jarvis should hit it with his head 😂

  4. YT_GotS-killz


    2 hours ago

    Where is blaze?

  5. Vexzgraal


    2 hours ago

    man Jarvis can punch

  6. neokhorle 1914

    neokhorle 1914

    2 hours ago

    IAM from Greece and you say κανέλα 😂

  7. Nick Rivera

    Nick Rivera

    3 hours ago

    Brother Nature Matured finally or is that his father lmao 😂 no cap

  8. tbagjag


    3 hours ago

    the end was cringe i’m starting to think like rain now everything’s just cringe and scripted emotionless videos 😔 RIP faze clan

  9. MemeWater


    3 hours ago

    I wonder where they got this video idea from.😒😒

  10. xrs sixth Smith

    xrs sixth Smith

    4 hours ago

    i dont want to be mean but faze tiko weak

  11. JoAnne Foard

    JoAnne Foard

    5 hours ago

    Adapt looks like a crackhead

  12. Rev


    6 hours ago

    Bro why is Hannah simpin

  13. Janet Balog

    Janet Balog

    6 hours ago

    Any cons bad at this in his it is ugly and a dad is the best and Brown is going to lose to

  14. Fortnite Clips

    Fortnite Clips

    6 hours ago

    Who else misses Jarvis play Fortnite 😞😭

  15. Sylvie Mpanzu

    Sylvie Mpanzu

    7 hours ago

    Never mind big guy won

  16. Sylvie Mpanzu

    Sylvie Mpanzu

    7 hours ago

    Ah why is marten punchedes so weak

  17. Sylvie Mpanzu

    Sylvie Mpanzu

    7 hours ago

    Wait why doe faze adapt looks like he’s been beat up

  18. Rekt U

    Rekt U

    7 hours ago

    Yo lowkey alex should be called faze stark Cause he lowkey looking like tony stark

  19. Gina Perry

    Gina Perry

    7 hours ago


  20. Trippy Games

    Trippy Games

    8 hours ago

    Keep in mind Lil Uzi hit 950 I think

  21. lil_skate !

    lil_skate !

    8 hours ago

    Adapt looks hella tired

  22. Alyson G

    Alyson G

    8 hours ago

    First thing Teeqo can’t do

  23. justin burnham

    justin burnham

    9 hours ago


  24. FaZe ghost

    FaZe ghost

    10 hours ago

    Faze backwords is ez as f ck

  25. Tullah Jabarkhil

    Tullah Jabarkhil

    10 hours ago

    Who that girl with pink ? Never seen her before

  26. Jalen


    11 hours ago

    Anyone Know why Adapt look 35

  27. Dekkuo Is here

    Dekkuo Is here

    11 hours ago

    Adapt then Rain!?!?

  28. Kioツ


    11 hours ago

    10:50 😂



    13 hours ago

    Jarvis u be ugly tho

  30. Justinn1520


    13 hours ago

    You guys had the bag on different settings for different people

  31. MILETH Villatoro

    MILETH Villatoro

    14 hours ago

    Bad game

  32. Sean Ohare

    Sean Ohare

    14 hours ago

    Y r u still in the faze house and u do t play fortnite

  33. Chris McBeth

    Chris McBeth

    14 hours ago

    Adapt is such a douche bag

  34. Bro get Good

    Bro get Good

    14 hours ago

    I have one at my house I can do 1136

  35. SGG Story264balding

    SGG Story264balding

    15 hours ago

    Brad is 100% steroids

  36. Lok Kaos

    Lok Kaos

    15 hours ago

    Who agrees that Jarvis is probably the most dirty minded in Faze 😂😂😂

  37. /Derofox\


    15 hours ago

    1v1 entre les 2 😂

  38. Neo gumede

    Neo gumede

    15 hours ago

    Adapt is alot fresh

  39. Cloudy_Edits_GachaBobaTea._. Anime Girl ÙwÚ ._.

    Cloudy_Edits_GachaBobaTea._. Anime Girl ÙwÚ ._.

    15 hours ago

    I sad that you got banned I did to

  40. Cooper Roberts

    Cooper Roberts

    15 hours ago

    Jarvis. Your too young for this life. He may trick you into thinking he’s innocent, the same way he tricked steve. He will ruin you. He will destroy your life with black tar heroin.

  41. Hayden Ott

    Hayden Ott

    15 hours ago

    Do you still feel stupid for using aimbot in fortnite

  42. william kaslow

    william kaslow

    16 hours ago

    The big bruvaa I died

  43. AggroCheerio


    16 hours ago

    Where’s faze rain at?

  44. Skullgamer


    16 hours ago

    Anyone sees highsky in the background if you don't subscribe if you do like

  45. corszy


    16 hours ago

    If adapt punched like that in a fight he would get rocked he bends over after every punch

  46. Metasebya Eshetu Bekele

    Metasebya Eshetu Bekele

    16 hours ago

    what happned with adapt



    16 hours ago


    • UnwilledShip 980

      UnwilledShip 980

      6 hours ago


    • UnwilledShip 980

      UnwilledShip 980

      6 hours ago


  48. Duc Le

    Duc Le

    16 hours ago

    Kay the demon

  49. sneakybeaver


    17 hours ago

    Why are the faze guys so cringe....

    • UnwilledShip 980

      UnwilledShip 980

      6 hours ago

      Yes they are

  50. Liam Foster

    Liam Foster

    17 hours ago

    God dam adapt gotta stop with that coke

  51. jayden lim

    jayden lim

    17 hours ago


  52. Malaki D

    Malaki D

    17 hours ago

    Is adapt ok? ... ).(

  53. Shane Goodwin

    Shane Goodwin

    18 hours ago

    Is Alex good cause Ik Nordan not there anymore

  54. b3an


    18 hours ago

    pls dont beat me up

  55. Gabriel Gaming

    Gabriel Gaming

    18 hours ago

    What happend to ur hand Jarvis?

  56. Raze_Haribo_yt_btw


    18 hours ago

    U guys r strong 💪🏻

  57. AdrenalineViper0


    18 hours ago

    Bruh thats legit ryan reynolds

  58. bob mitchell

    bob mitchell

    19 hours ago

    Adapt is a healthy crackhead

  59. Jordan Gales

    Jordan Gales

    19 hours ago

    Adapt is the goat imo.

  60. Popskii


    19 hours ago

    Do you guys own the machine?

  61. Junior Gold

    Junior Gold

    19 hours ago

    Alex vs brad ! We need 30k more !!!

  62. Eris Shosholli

    Eris Shosholli

    19 hours ago

    Ay I don’t care I have a higher score than fraizers 1st one my highest is 926

  63. sway playz

    sway playz

    19 hours ago

    alex looks homeless

  64. goat -Sven

    goat -Sven

    19 hours ago

    He need to figth with that big guy

  65. dizzy doozy

    dizzy doozy

    20 hours ago

    love the vids jarvi

  66. Mosa Haydari

    Mosa Haydari

    20 hours ago

    I actually thought a boxing match was happening with Bradley and Alex lol

  67. Zafa MKL

    Zafa MKL

    20 hours ago

    Wana play fortnite

  68. Mienarf-مينارف


    20 hours ago

    6:00 الماسونية Illumenty

  69. Yurple_ Durp

    Yurple_ Durp

    20 hours ago

    If any faze members are seeing this pleas try and save Alex and rain I grew up watching the and they were my inspiration please help them

  70. 10k subs before quarantine ends challenge

    10k subs before quarantine ends challenge

    20 hours ago

    Read my channel war

  71. yo relixxジ

    yo relixxジ

    20 hours ago

    WTF jarvis i like 17 and hes stil keeping With the otter guys holy

  72. Junior Barragan

    Junior Barragan

    21 hour ago

    Teawap edit the ending out

  73. Tanilo Solis

    Tanilo Solis

    21 hour ago

    Who is Canela it’s Canelo and this video is fire 🔥

  74. NOR_JimmyBoBilly


    21 hour ago


  75. Albin Krasniqi 5 Högastensskolan

    Albin Krasniqi 5 Högastensskolan

    21 hour ago

    Hallo jarvis

  76. dragos florea

    dragos florea

    21 hour ago

    Like it up people!!



    21 hour ago

    Its over 100k like come adapt vs bradly

  78. Keiran Schembri Wismayer

    Keiran Schembri Wismayer

    21 hour ago

    This is a sdmn video from ages ago

  79. FaZe Avxry

    FaZe Avxry

    21 hour ago


  80. jessica castro

    jessica castro

    21 hour ago

    Hi everyone