I Bought A FAKE Bugatti Veyron On Ebay (And It's WORSE Than You Think)

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Today, I show you the latest arrival to the garage - A Bugatti Veyron....kit car...based on a Honda Civic. And I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.
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  1. Justin Ortega

    Justin Ortega

    17 minutes ago

    Run it over with a tank.

  2. R VDB

    R VDB

    4 hours ago

    This is actually the first time in my life i’m glad i am almost blind.

  3. Dubey Ji Ki Vines

    Dubey Ji Ki Vines

    13 hours ago

    Make it real honda civic

  4. backup plan

    backup plan

    18 hours ago

    but will it blend?

  5. Koning Bull

    Koning Bull

    21 hour ago

    Make it a real and first CARS Lightning McQueen

  6. Mike Brant

    Mike Brant

    Day ago


  7. Chris Brownlee

    Chris Brownlee

    Day ago

    Turn it back into the original car...... but cooler and faster

  8. Rocks Are People Too

    Rocks Are People Too

    Day ago

    The VR4 up on the platform keeps stealing my attention. Those have a special place in my heart.

  9. Deadpool The gamer999

    Deadpool The gamer999

    Day ago

    The back of the car looks like a 👽 eyes

  10. Phresh Facts Tv

    Phresh Facts Tv

    Day ago

    You could build it and give it to one of us!

  11. Miguel Escorza

    Miguel Escorza

    2 days ago

    Show up to Bugatti meet in this

  12. Neil Desira

    Neil Desira

    2 days ago

    Bro just take the engine out for an extra engine, and burn the damn thing🔥🔥🔥🚨🚨🚒

  13. AA-ron


    2 days ago

    Rally Car?

  14. NoNameYJ Torres

    NoNameYJ Torres

    2 days ago

    demolition drag!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. FoxForger


    2 days ago

    Me: "Mom can we have a bugatti?" Mom: "We have a bugatti at home" Bugatti at home:

  16. rezihk


    2 days ago

    Try to get it sold at a Barrett Jackson auction

  17. Richard Sanderson

    Richard Sanderson

    2 days ago

    3000GT still looks boss even with lambo to compare

  18. William Lee

    William Lee

    2 days ago

    Why Bro ? Really? Just talk about a real super car , not that junk!

  19. Ben Walkup

    Ben Walkup

    3 days ago

    Why... just why

  20. NOMAD EG6787

    NOMAD EG6787

    3 days ago

    Isn’t this the fake Bugatti that Drew reviewed?

  21. Jose's Vapors Choice

    Jose's Vapors Choice

    3 days ago

    Build it better.

  22. Mark Douglas

    Mark Douglas

    3 days ago

    FFS man, stop buying numerous projects and finish one.......

  23. Bossgamer360


    3 days ago

    Why do I lowkey want this to fix it up and make it badass

  24. Supercar Scott

    Supercar Scott

    3 days ago

    Burn it, burn it and never look back.

  25. Clifford Hayes

    Clifford Hayes

    3 days ago

    I love his sarcasm in 90% of this video 😂😂

  26. Mattie 334

    Mattie 334

    3 days ago

    Set it on fire 🔥

  27. Jessie gana

    Jessie gana

    3 days ago

    Why did you buy:for the views Where did you buy:somewhere In eBay



    3 days ago

    Dude the parts don’t even fit together properly, I feel sick man need to take a week off after this one

  29. Fabian Garcia

    Fabian Garcia

    3 days ago

    Get the hp the same as a buggatti unleash those VTEC hp

  30. Abdul Hafiz

    Abdul Hafiz

    3 days ago

    ride it into the dirt like a rally car

  31. Abdul Hafiz

    Abdul Hafiz

    3 days ago

    The previous owners a bitch for taking out them speakers😂😂

  32. Yung Chad

    Yung Chad

    4 days ago

    Whoever made this needs to be locked up

  33. John Paul

    John Paul

    4 days ago

    Can I buy it from you for about $500

  34. John Paul

    John Paul

    4 days ago

    Can I buy it from you for 500

  35. Majin


    4 days ago

    Make at an actual good replica

  36. Jamie Smith

    Jamie Smith

    4 days ago

    Return it to stock

  37. Hasnain Ali

    Hasnain Ali

    4 days ago

    Make it like a real buggati

  38. Uzi C

    Uzi C

    4 days ago

    There is one for sale that looks a lot like a Bugatti veyron it’s using a cougar frame you should have gotten that

  39. Schiffy 117

    Schiffy 117

    4 days ago

    I’m dying. This is a fantastic video. Keep up the good work!

  40. TheAmazingKlitos


    5 days ago

    Make a bugatti

  41. Nathan Bonsal

    Nathan Bonsal

    5 days ago

    The only reasonable thing to do is to put a VR6 in it with a huge turbo and then run it until it catches fire

  42. bcbncv


    5 days ago

    Steering wheel jiggle.. I lold :D

  43. R. Sharma

    R. Sharma

    5 days ago

    No ebay motors, only cars and bids thanks.

  44. Ronaldo Rojas

    Ronaldo Rojas

    5 days ago

    Do a paint job on it

  45. Noodels Grafick

    Noodels Grafick

    5 days ago

    Drive it to a dairy qween

  46. xxxGotBoost?xxx


    5 days ago

    This was on drew peacock. The car 😂😂😂

  47. Oskar Piwnikiewicz

    Oskar Piwnikiewicz

    5 days ago

    Next video bugatti veyron vs opel meriva

  48. Crazy Mations

    Crazy Mations

    5 days ago

    Destroy it. My eyes hurt

  49. Munkhtulga M

    Munkhtulga M

    5 days ago

    The dislikes:People(mainly kids)thinking this is the real one and is hating Tavarish

  50. Duzurix Duzurix

    Duzurix Duzurix

    5 days ago

    Holy fuck. 5 speed manual transm 1000 hp veyron. What a beast.

  51. Anthony Portillo

    Anthony Portillo

    5 days ago

    When you wanna flex on your youtube subscribers and instead buy a 1990 honda at 20,000,000% over price civic

  52. Phnergelde


    5 days ago

    Oh those brakes, the cherry on this pie of hideousness! 😂🤣😂🤣

  53. Dan gaming 124

    Dan gaming 124

    5 days ago

    Me and drew peacock see that

  54. alex yallop

    alex yallop

    5 days ago

    Take the body work off

  55. tinknight 123

    tinknight 123

    5 days ago

    When you buy a Bugatti on wish

  56. Cedric Lan

    Cedric Lan

    5 days ago

    You should turn it into a 25% Veyron then! A nicely finished and running one that people would love to buy :)

  57. mr savage

    mr savage

    5 days ago

    buy a real Bugatti veyron engine and build it up

  58. aati


    5 days ago

    ”Mom I want a Bugatti” ”We have Bugatti at home” The Bugatti at home:

  59. WEACE


    5 days ago

    WAIT.. SO YOUR TELLING ME I can sell my 14 year old brothers Integra that he half ass built in the back yard slap some Type R stickers on it and make it look like a "ReAl MeChAnIc" posted it and make $50k off a car that cost $500! cant wait XD

  60. Jack Hamilton

    Jack Hamilton

    5 days ago

    Blow it up