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Which Shape CUTS BEST? (Weed Eater Line at 100,000 Frames Per Second) - Smarter Every Day 238

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What’s it called? Weed Eater, String Trimmer, Weed Wacker, Whipper Snipper?
Google Trends map here:,weed%20wacker,string%20trimmer,weedeater
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THE WINNING SHAPES (As a result of this EXTREMELY limited data set)
Oregon “Gator Line” (Called “sharp square” in the video)
288 ft ~ $15:
895 ft ~ $30:
Star shaped line
Cyclone Brand
140 ft ~ $15
855 ft ~ $50
(I couldn’t find Shakespeare for a good price on Amazon but here is the style I tested)
125 ft ~
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I thought this was a well written break-down of different shapes:
It’s interesting that so many different companies have their own proprietary shape etc, but I can’t find any scientific research to back any of it up. Fascinating!
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  1. SmarterEveryDay


    4 days ago

    Robert subscribed then hit the bell. Be more like Robert. In all seriousness I was impressed by how quickly he came up with a well thought out, nuanced hypothesis without even a moment’s notice. Huge thanks to Robert. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon at Thank you! Destin

    • Robert Kelley

      Robert Kelley

      14 hours ago

      I happen to be subscribed yes

    • Sota


      16 hours ago

      Since the H1 is not statistically significant, it might as well just be a coincidence that the star shaped one is better. This needs more testing Austin!

    • US Army Military

      US Army Military

      19 hours ago

      greetings friendship friends US-stater, I am very happy to be here, the video content is very interesting to watch. Can't wait for interesting video content, good luck to developers! I recommend joining! great concept and i'm glad i'm here! I hope that the content you present is entirely successful for the benefit of all users. The concept and purpose of this content is very good. This is content that explains the benefits of this content in the future and history. I hope to do my best at every opportunity to make video content and the latest information every day grow to be great and useful for many people.

    • Andrew Jackle

      Andrew Jackle

      Day ago

      What’s up with the giant blood splatter looking thing on your garage ceiling?

    • jay


      Day ago

      That moral signaling at the beginning has me wanting to unsubscribe instead

  2. tasmedic


    27 minutes ago

    It's interesting but when you're cutting grass, you're not cutting it one blade at a time, you're cutting multiple blades at a time, laying against each other. This is likely to change the interaction between the line and the grass, since the line will be working against a higher load, and one that varies along the length of the line. So, I'd like to see what happens against something resembling a lawn or decent sized tuft of grass.

  3. Macca Green

    Macca Green

    38 minutes ago

    No one in Australia calls it a strimmer... It's a whipper-snipper if it's a light weight version, and a brush cutter if it's a heavier duty machine.

  4. AN Making

    AN Making

    56 minutes ago

    Robert is The Man

  5. p4nzerfaust


    Hour ago

    We in Germany call it: "Trimmer"

  6. Wil


    Hour ago

    as you do

  7. Hugs


    Hour ago

    It's called a whipper snipper.

  8. Jonny Boy

    Jonny Boy

    2 hours ago

    I think weed whacker dude is right actually. The thickness combined with the fact it's got several sharpish edges all the way around it both makes it spin faster and cut better due to less resistance. Just like the antennas with the spiral thing. It helps with drag. As well as just the sharp edge itself. Being more of them around the line. Closer together. Makes less of a blunt surface. Which cuts through the grass better. I've always wondered what the differences in the line does as far as the cut. Guess I know now. Lol.

  9. King Savage

    King Savage

    2 hours ago

    I was born in Michigan, always called it a weed whacker. Been in California for a decade. Never once heard the term weed eater. Today i find myself apart of yet another minority

    • annag cocl

      annag cocl

      2 hours ago

      own an acre or more of land. Then also get weed wacker string designed for your motor.

  10. Brett Phillips

    Brett Phillips

    2 hours ago

    Your assumption is the cleanest cut is the best for your yard, with the video showing how some lines cut, while other delaminate the blade of grass. My question would be how does this affect regrowth and the health of your lawn? A delaminated weed stalk might take longer for the plant to repair and grow back, or could introduce a larger chance of disease to a lawn, so how cleanly things cut could be half the story. A great experiment all the same and I thoroughly enjoy your videos.

    • annag cocl

      annag cocl

      2 hours ago

      Anyone worth his weight knows that the thicker strings are for weed eaters with more horse power. The box stores usually sell the low to mid range machines. They might hav

  11. noodles6669


    3 hours ago

    What I think is that realistically it doesnt matter how clean the cut is. It wont make a huge difference in your strimming. What will make a big difference is line durability and line weight. I would assume a greater weight gives you a better cut through thicker grass. BUT apart from that the durability will make a much much bigger difference. If you are working for hours at a time through thick stuff, you know how many times you have to pull your line out again when it's cheap stuff.

  12. Krutarth Mehta

    Krutarth Mehta

    3 hours ago

    each video of this channel is worthy to publish as product research/research paper. just put some infographics like bar chart , tables , and etc... with co auther robert.... the more you know the more you don't know or dunning kruger effect all the best for future video.

  13. Old Kid

    Old Kid

    3 hours ago

    that map was obviously made by some sicko who calls weed wackers an eater

  14. JoeEatsMoney


    3 hours ago

    I call it a weed whacker. It rolls of the tongue the best imo



    3 hours ago

    Don’t forget each line comes in different diameters too. I personally use the Oregon line as it’s made from Toughasfuckium and lasts the longest before wearing down. The lines that have a different material core tend to not just snap off.

  16. john horner

    john horner

    3 hours ago

    Very cool footage but ... This test isn’t accurate As you are putting tension on the blade of grass so it will cut different Than in a real world situation. I would think the tracking with the line hitting different spots is definitely to do with the shape Kinda like a airfoil on a airplane wing And rpm with the motor spinning it differently This whole subject is a can of worms that could go on for awhile I’d love to see the same test done with free standing grass. The results would probably be different I noticed a massive difference with the propeller like attachments for weed eaters They seem to cut and run better @smartereveryday

  17. Gurp


    4 hours ago

    In my opinion the star shaped one has a cleaner cut because it has more corners therefore there is less of a flat part to hit the blades of grass causing rippage

  18. John van de Wetering

    John van de Wetering

    4 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Destin have more of an accent when he is talking with weedeaterdude?

  19. Timmy Da Japa-knee Boy Katonk

    Timmy Da Japa-knee Boy Katonk

    4 hours ago

    Hey, Robert. Tim from Los Angeles.

  20. Svent Istvan

    Svent Istvan

    4 hours ago

    No weeds involved in your are testing on GRASS..........try weeds next time please......lets say its called a grass edge trimmer...

  21. bigghoss762


    4 hours ago

    I use both 'weed eater' and 'weed wacker'. When I was a teenager we had a gutless electric one that was OK for edging the lawn but terrible at actually cutting down the unmaintained area of the property that got overgrown with thistle and stuff. I ended up just raising own lawnmower to it's highest setting and using that.

  22. marre v

    marre v

    4 hours ago

    I think it doesn"t really cut because you slowly closen in on the grass string. So it starts cutting with let's say 50% of the grass string. And the point of the line. Maybe if you close faster to the grass, so it cuts the grass immediatly at once; it cuts cleaner? Grtz

  23. John Black

    John Black

    4 hours ago

    This video agitated me more than I like to admit till the very end, when he ackowledged that the ability to cut cleanly through a blade of grass is just one variable that has to be considered. Still love the video.

  24. Aussieboy101


    5 hours ago

    Whipper snipper

  25. Steve Kenney

    Steve Kenney

    5 hours ago

    In Central NY state , I call it a weed wacker !

  26. Lukas millard

    Lukas millard

    5 hours ago

    Doesn't even recognise Aussies like me that call it a whipper snipper

  27. Travis k

    Travis k

    5 hours ago

    Anyone worth his weight knows that the thicker strings are for weed eaters with more horse power. The box stores usually sell the low to mid range machines. They might have 1 model that is considered landscaper grade and the rest are homeowner models. Go to a true power tool store and get a trimmer with some ponies behind it, especially if you own an acre or more of land. Then also get weed wacker string designed for your motor.

  28. Grubbs Tavern

    Grubbs Tavern

    5 hours ago

    What it comes down to is bed edging. Will it melt in the head or break apart? Master weedeaters know, take off the blade on the guard and run your line a little long and run it at 1/2-1/3 speed. Saves line and gas.

  29. calamariari


    5 hours ago

    W e e d w h a c k e r

  30. Liliana Gentry

    Liliana Gentry

    6 hours ago

    Me, in washington calling it a weed wacker

  31. Wazoo117


    6 hours ago

    shape wont matter much after 5 min of use cause then it all turns to rough round at the tip where it matters the most

  32. Max Jyellee

    Max Jyellee

    6 hours ago

    In Guam, it's called a bush cutter.

  33. Joseph Garner

    Joseph Garner

    6 hours ago

    Aussie here, its are called a Whipper Snipper... we are awesome at naming things

  34. A A

    A A

    6 hours ago


  35. rodreago


    6 hours ago

    In Australia the common populace do call it a whippersnipper as the graph shows. But if you work in Conservation industry or in the bush where use these really annoying tools everyday, we call it a brushcutter. These things suck, you spend more time relining them or fixing them with a broken part then actually cutting through the bush. If someone can engineer or design something that uses less breakable parts you could make a nice profit.

  36. Nathar45


    6 hours ago

    I really enjoyed Robert. What great energy and subtle, warm humour!

  37. Cameron Smith

    Cameron Smith

    6 hours ago

    Week. Whacker.

  38. Desel


    6 hours ago

    if you have a 3d printer, please try a dekagon shape

  39. Desel


    7 hours ago


  40. Steven Cofer

    Steven Cofer

    7 hours ago

    I think the skewed variable is the weight/tension on the grass. I know why you did it but it doesn’t represent real world conditions and perhaps the lines will cut differently under normal conditions. Other factors to consider is the RPM and the different line speed based on weight of the line. I know you can’t control all variables.

  41. Grace Crone

    Grace Crone

    8 hours ago

    As a Lowe's worker, I'm just impressed at how clean/stocked their seasonal department is right now

  42. Nehmiah Rutan

    Nehmiah Rutan

    8 hours ago

    Whipper snipper🤣

  43. London Schabes

    London Schabes

    8 hours ago

    I live in Florida, everyone I know including myself call to a weed wacker. Hm

  44. The Grain Doctor

    The Grain Doctor

    9 hours ago

    Weedeater guy is awesome. Bring him back!

  45. Mark Kmiecik

    Mark Kmiecik

    9 hours ago

    I wonder if the English call them weed wankers.

  46. Tim Crow

    Tim Crow

    9 hours ago

    I am in Seattle, and always called it a "handheld rotating bio-flora discipline tactical instrument." No, actually, I've always called it a weedeater.

  47. X


    9 hours ago

    its a weed wacker

  48. CatzHoek


    9 hours ago

    Robert's cool

  49. Sean Grace

    Sean Grace

    9 hours ago

    I would love to see a slow motion video of a scythe slicing through grass like a razor blade, not mashing it to shreds like all these power tools.

  50. Alex Kart

    Alex Kart

    10 hours ago

    in RF we call this device "garden trimmer" or just "trimmer" (depending on context)

    • Alex Kart

      Alex Kart

      8 hours ago

      @zuygj bnsv good answer in the wrong place.

    • zuygj bnsv

      zuygj bnsv

      9 hours ago

      the surface area hitting the grass is consistent but with enough edges to split the fibres instead of pushing and delaminating.

  51. SnkrheadArt


    10 hours ago

    Do one on why cats are afraid of cucumbers. Lots people would like im shure.

    • zuygj bnsv

      zuygj bnsv

      9 hours ago

      analysis of which line was best".

  52. mason farnsworth

    mason farnsworth

    10 hours ago

    It's a fricken weed wacker. It wacks the weeds. It doesnt eat it. U primitive southern animals! Yes I'm from Wisconsin. Lol

  53. AustinPhelpsHD


    10 hours ago

    @SmarterEveryDay Hey destin, ive seen you do some videos at MSFC in Huntsville, Al, i was curious as to where you are located in correlation to the Space and Rocket Center because i live in the Huntsville Area :)

  54. Mishka


    10 hours ago

    I'm from NY, we call them weed whackers. Your chart is wrong. This is unacceptable.

  55. Benjamin Bullington

    Benjamin Bullington

    10 hours ago

    From Pennsyltuckey, and we firmly say “weed eater”. No other name is appropriate.

  56. Nadine Turner

    Nadine Turner

    10 hours ago

    I've always called it a whippa snippa.

  57. Benjamin Lefebvre

    Benjamin Lefebvre

    11 hours ago

    Before you talked about carbon monoxide, I thought it would have been obvious you had bought an electric weed eater. Also you could hear the string sound better without the sound of the explosion engine.

  58. CantGoBack


    11 hours ago

    I haven't finished watching the whole video yet but, when I had a lawn, I exclusively used the star line

  59. tom diggity

    tom diggity

    11 hours ago

    destin , australians call it a whipper snipper 100% , its describes the tools function as the cord whips and snips the grass .... :) duh :P

  60. Ben Fake

    Ben Fake

    11 hours ago

    Random thing you may be able to help out with: slow mo launching people on a trampoline. Like when two people are bouncing and one person gets pushed higher from the other persons previous bounce.

  61. Rodrigo IQ

    Rodrigo IQ

    12 hours ago

    I'm from a small border town in Mexico and we call it weera, I think it comes from weed eater

  62. Tim Bolton

    Tim Bolton

    12 hours ago

    I tried copper wire in my weedeater once... It's too heavy, so it really taxes the tiny motor - and also the copper stretches (ductile) under the centrifugal force, and as soon as it hits the cutter/guard, it sends shockwaves down the wire and it breaks at its weakest point. That sends little whips of hot metal flying through the air toward your shins! NOT RECOMMENDED! :)

  63. T Zero

    T Zero

    12 hours ago

    I would think the sharp sharp square and the star shape are having two side by side edges cutting the blade of grass simultaneously, which is why it would be taking out a section of the blade of grass completely.

  64. Jacob Wright

    Jacob Wright

    12 hours ago

    Definitely called an Edger not any of those names

  65. Janak Vadgama

    Janak Vadgama

    12 hours ago

    Your madness is inspiring!! Thank you for making us Smarter Everyday

  66. chris osh

    chris osh

    12 hours ago

    I use 3mm nylon coated steel cable for most of my heavy weeds, anything tougher I use a 6 or 8 tooth blade. I have worked professionally with strimmers and brushcutters for decades, most of the fancy shapes just cost more, what really matters is how tough and wear resistant it is. I pay about $15.00 for 45 metres of the steel cable from china and use a solid aluminium head that clamps four pieces at a time, that will easily cut an acre of tough weeds.

  67. jasoncy31


    12 hours ago

    I just bought one of those push along string trimmers and was quite literally standing in Lowes last week at that display thinking "I really wish there was some sort of scientific analysis of which line was best".

  68. eyebrid


    12 hours ago

    When I started watching I said the winner will be the star shape. Why? Like a golf ball's dimples, the grooves cause less air turbulence allowing it to spin on a level plane, plus the surface area hitting the grass is consistent but with enough edges to split the fibres instead of pushing and delaminating.

  69. Paxton Cargill

    Paxton Cargill

    13 hours ago

    its a weed whacker and nothing else

  70. stingray ampeg

    stingray ampeg

    13 hours ago

    Thank you!

  71. Thomas Batista

    Thomas Batista

    13 hours ago

    It would have been a 2min video if you had watched Project Farm's video, which was released just before your first video on this theme.

  72. Freedom1man


    13 hours ago

    "WEED EATER" is a brand name, like "FRIGIDAIRE" is a brand name

  73. Fernando Monge Cruz

    Fernando Monge Cruz

    13 hours ago

    It makes no sense to test the lines with the weeds under tension. The material will not behave the same under natural conditions.

  74. Hackers Gamers

    Hackers Gamers

    13 hours ago

    Whipper snipper mate

  75. Richard A. Johnson

    Richard A. Johnson

    13 hours ago

    Weed eater. That is all. 😁

  76. B.T. Burton

    B.T. Burton

    14 hours ago

    When you call it an edger but Destin didn't list that on his fancy graph. :(

  77. Cody Kong

    Cody Kong

    14 hours ago

    Living in california, I've always called it a weed whacker

  78. Ted Krapf

    Ted Krapf

    14 hours ago

    Another great video Destin. Robert is awesome, what good fortunate :)

  79. Нимай Караваев

    Нимай Караваев

    14 hours ago

    I suppose the trimmer is much more international name for this thing

  80. Kai Nickens

    Kai Nickens

    15 hours ago

    I was watching this and my 95 year old great grandmother called it a grass cuter thing-a-ma-jig.