Why You Can Spot Bad Green Screen

Green screen looks terrible sometimes. Here's why. • Get access to CuriosityStream, including Nebula and my original series, for just $2.99/month here: curiositystream.com/tomscott
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  1. tae is everywhere

    tae is everywhere

    59 minutes ago

    “Fricking flipping gosh darn” - Tom Scott, 2020

  2. BlueMushroom 64

    BlueMushroom 64

    Hour ago

    1:54 This Guy No.1 is Dr Koothrapali This Guy No.2 Is Dr Sheldon Cooper

  3. the neek

    the neek

    2 hours ago

    I found it the agggggggggggg giy

  4. Blitz Of The Reich

    Blitz Of The Reich

    2 hours ago

    Shout out to my boy Medlife!

  5. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo

    2 hours ago

    I'd like to buy your animator and whoever else is responsible for the technical side of this video several beers

  6. AAA Channel

    AAA Channel

    3 hours ago

    Am i the only one that can see the chair sometimes?

  7. DyNaMiC King

    DyNaMiC King

    4 hours ago

    Culprits of bad green screen: Green face or green algae all over your body.

    • dolimi jotoo

      dolimi jotoo

      2 hours ago

      Ur green screen has always been tragic! Why gd ytubers dont!!!!

  8. Daixen Sorest

    Daixen Sorest

    5 hours ago

    The thumbnail makes you look like an overly excited grandma that gives out cookies and butchers children in her free time

  9. JackAnimated


    5 hours ago

    Yo why his head shaped so weird

  10. AIO by vtb

    AIO by vtb

    5 hours ago

    Indian channels need to see this video To improve their so called graphics

  11. Bob Larry

    Bob Larry

    5 hours ago

    The thumbnail is AGGRAVATING

  12. Aarthi Shanker

    Aarthi Shanker

    6 hours ago

    Omg nebula has the youtuber mike boyd

  13. Ben White

    Ben White

    6 hours ago

    On a recent episode of Better Call Saul, a car was gunning toward Jimmy in the desert. Obviously Bob Odenkirk couldn't really be in frame during such a dangerous stunt, so they had to use a green screen. They solved all the problems presented in the video by shooting the green screen on the actual location using the same camera setup and and the sun for lighting.

  14. 100 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    100 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    6 hours ago

    *“Something’s wrong. I can feel it.”*

  15. Marjannuel Saturnino

    Marjannuel Saturnino

    7 hours ago

    Talking 5 minutes straight without forgetting line is somewhat superb

  16. aprilASM TV

    aprilASM TV

    7 hours ago

    Thank you for the goid ideas..its very helpful for me

  17. waffle


    8 hours ago

    How does tom not know who Sheldon is

  18. Bex


    9 hours ago

    This video made me an expert of spotting bad green screen now

  19. nam'


    10 hours ago

    Why can't i spot good green screen ?

  20. diungy alisnr

    diungy alisnr

    10 hours ago

    Your animator deserves cookies for this, those badly done green screen parts were perfect.

  21. Butter Horse

    Butter Horse

    12 hours ago

    because I have eyes, Scott

  22. Brazilian Goddess

    Brazilian Goddess

    13 hours ago

    Me: Trying to study Tom Scott: Why You Can Spot Bad Green Screen

    • diungy alisnr

      diungy alisnr

      10 hours ago

      I learn more than you in 10 minutes than my school in 5 and a half hours

  23. Jafooly Porchers

    Jafooly Porchers

    13 hours ago

    Ur green screen has always been tragic! Why gd ytubers dont!!!!

  24. Ozzzy


    13 hours ago

    Good video. Keep it up!

  25. Bob Ransome

    Bob Ransome

    14 hours ago

    Bad green screen always makes me think of Baker/Davison era Dr. Who which had some really ropey examples,

  26. Zipper 16

    Zipper 16

    14 hours ago

    0:55 Literal nightmare fuel

  27. Charles Cannon

    Charles Cannon

    14 hours ago

    *Move camera closer* My brain: This is wrong, this is wrong, intiate vomiting, purge the evil Me: No it's just a video that....wow that really hurts my stomach weird.

  28. razlight789


    14 hours ago

    Everyone needs to see this video

  29. David


    14 hours ago

    30 Rock made that green screen OBVIOUS as a joke that was set up a few episodes before about how shabby green screens are

  30. petegamer jam

    petegamer jam

    15 hours ago

    I love that mike boyd was in the trailer ( sorry if i got the name wrong)

  31. TheReaverOfDarkness


    15 hours ago

    Sometimes I feel like they're poorly greenscreened because the producer never actually wanted me to believe they were filming on location, and only wanted the shot to be convincing enough for me to suspend my disbelief. I am fond of some minor filming errors because it enables me to empathize with the film crew and get a perspective on what it's like to be there making the movie.

  32. Francesco Ventura

    Francesco Ventura

    15 hours ago

    Very interesting, but what about the two drums and a cymbal that fall off a cliff huh?

  33. Nexxxaz


    16 hours ago

    why you can spot a suboptimal microphone positioning

  34. The PG Pickle

    The PG Pickle

    16 hours ago

    Most people: Watching and following the video Me: Imagining what it would look like reversed

  35. Kekistani Brawler

    Kekistani Brawler

    16 hours ago

    alright now debunk 9/11 chopper 5 footage

  36. knightRider997


    16 hours ago

    The _exposure time_ part does not convince me at all. That would make sense *if background video played at a framerate=1/exposure time* but that just isn't the case. Once I have sufficient light+camera capabilities to achieve 30fps on the foreground video, I can simply match such value in the background video hence create a 1-to-1 map between the two's frames. This also matches with the so called blur issue continuing even later on in the video, which you can notice between his arms and body. Or maybe I am missing something. Let me know.

  37. Clockwork Kirlia

    Clockwork Kirlia

    17 hours ago

    Okay now this is really interesting and may come in handy some day! Massive props to that editor of yours.

  38. The Angry Scout

    The Angry Scout

    18 hours ago

    I learn more than you in 10 minutes than my school in 5 and a half hours

  39. Rolandas Grigaitis

    Rolandas Grigaitis

    18 hours ago

    one ad a day makes me give your video a dislike, have a nice day :)

  40. serdy ximi

    serdy ximi

    18 hours ago

    Filming tip: If you don't have a green screen, film on a blue screen and then replace the background with green.

  41. Stooby


    19 hours ago

    Not having your background mirrored so that UK cars drive on the right and signs are backwards helps as well!

  42. ALF Club

    ALF Club

    19 hours ago

    Send this to Caden cy

    • serdy ximi

      serdy ximi

      18 hours ago

      Or just use LED screens and unreal engine like star wars are now doing

  43. Cromwell the Conqueror

    Cromwell the Conqueror

    19 hours ago

    Daniel Greene has the best green screen

  44. Kpop Junkee

    Kpop Junkee

    19 hours ago

    captions: only criticism is when the wall was gonna come in to revoke their n-word pass me: WAIT wHaT



    20 hours ago

    I thought that said cant then

  46. Doktor_Kitten


    20 hours ago


  47. Nickname


    20 hours ago

    THESE ANIMATIONS! give William a raise

  48. Эльдар Огоньян

    Эльдар Огоньян

    20 hours ago


  49. Brace Yourself

    Brace Yourself

    20 hours ago

    Ironic, because yours isn't particularly good.

  50. Saad Chaudhri

    Saad Chaudhri

    21 hour ago

    Why do you sound like Eddie Redmayne???

  51. Laljiahir 5

    Laljiahir 5

    21 hour ago

    Mike is hire

  52. Green Apple Fx

    Green Apple Fx

    21 hour ago

    Ha ha !!! Superb one mer too

  53. I Feel Terrible

    I Feel Terrible

    22 hours ago

    You’re a great guy that did his research. Like always.



    22 hours ago

    Anyone watch this on 144p like me because too poor🤧... But the quality of the video is still great at 144p 😀

  55. Owuski


    22 hours ago

    This video has 1,691,755 views

  56. Thomas Vlaskamp III

    Thomas Vlaskamp III

    23 hours ago

    At work, we have the weather wall. It's a big green screen. When we have school field trips, we show them the wall, but we also have a blanket that is roughly the same shade of green. So when we drape the blanket over the kids body, they become a floating head. Ah the fun you can have in television

  57. sillycliff512


    23 hours ago

    this is a problem for people who arent artists. This is normal when u draw or do paintings. Have to figure out the lighting always.

  58. Lanna's Missing Link

    Lanna's Missing Link

    23 hours ago

    Or just use LED screens and unreal engine like star wars are now doing

  59. Dave Kirwin

    Dave Kirwin

    Day ago

    Finding the graphics get more and more challenging every video! BTW I did notice the car shot was flipped but thanks for explaining why green screen so often looks 'wrong'

  60. Justin X

    Justin X

    Day ago

    BBT did that bad green screen on purpose

  61. Karen


    Day ago

    Wait, Kate McKinnon is British!?!

  62. lilaxeree


    Day ago

    why does zooming in and moving the camera look different tho

  63. Jan Sten Adámek

    Jan Sten Adámek

    Day ago

    I think you also need to match camera lens diameter, or at least adjust the distance and zoom based on that

  64. VR & AR Development & Studio

    VR & AR Development & Studio

    Day ago

    A *NEBULA* Series?! Can you do one about Globular Clusters (and whether they are pre-galactic super massive black holes in the process of acreeting?) just an idea I had when i was 4 or 5..

  65. Stickmany


    Day ago

    The animator must be very dedicated to make this video

  66. Brisoka


    Day ago

    This probably is, the most like vs dislike difference i've seen in my life. Congratz!

  67. Captain Online

    Captain Online

    Day ago

    ... because it's bad?

  68. Carbz


    Day ago

    There must be some leap in AI and greenscreening / bluescreening

  69. Stale memes Are best

    Stale memes Are best

    Day ago

    You can only like this if you didn’t search for it

  70. deanolium


    Day ago

    Another issue is when you have the green screen reflecting off people's skin. Either it keys out a slight part of them, or you just have this weird slight green going on

  71. •·• wørthless_sûmmer •·•

    •·• wørthless_sûmmer •·•

    Day ago

    no one: 1,6 million people: interesting.

  72. Ivan DaGr8

    Ivan DaGr8

    Day ago

    Compliments to the editor of this video.

  73. Melissa Simmonds

    Melissa Simmonds

    Day ago

    This guy is AMAZING.

  74. JimJam


    Day ago

    Let's be honest, everyone gets this guys videos recommended every few weeks

  75. cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo

    Day ago

    a bit uncanny or 'off', that kind of green-screening does a good job of doing a bad job.

  76. Wehdeo


    Day ago

    This video is proof that we need professional video producers and filmmakers with an aesthetic sense. Thanks Tom for helping average people understand the types of things we have to think about everyday. Hope it leads them to a better appreciation for this field.

  77. s t a r s w i r l

    s t a r s w i r l

    Day ago

    Wait, you're trending in denmark, congratulations!

    • cnmmd qiuoo

      cnmmd qiuoo

      Day ago

      His green screen looks off

  78. Père Nestor M'Bilou

    Père Nestor M'Bilou

    Day ago

    That why I hate the MCU movies (especially the Avengers ones). The images are so ugly.

  79. mmdday


    Day ago

    so you never explained why the 30 rock scene looked wrong...

  80. Ambient Kitty

    Ambient Kitty

    Day ago

    Dude ur head is big makes u look funny