Lie Detector Test with My Sister - frustrating af

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  1. Emily J.R.

    Emily J.R.

    4 hours ago

    Dude the mood kinda felt off when he was dissing her how she look on her birthday 😥

  2. aivuhhn sy

    aivuhhn sy

    5 hours ago

    Gurl she thought bretman's gonna press the button hahaha 6:28

  3. Sophonie Estime

    Sophonie Estime

    5 hours ago

    all she can do is eat haahaha she really scared of a shocker

  4. Celeste Arrazolo

    Celeste Arrazolo

    5 hours ago

    So funny 😂 we just did one too!

  5. bweona bwount

    bweona bwount

    6 hours ago


  6. Acemums 282 gam

    Acemums 282 gam

    6 hours ago

    he is going crazy!!!

  7. Destiny Hunt

    Destiny Hunt

    6 hours ago

    She's had two children and multiple tattoos and she's out here freaking out over a lil zap 😂

  8. Nemesis


    6 hours ago

    All the comments are like Princess is so cute here... I literally want to slap her face for being so irritating. I would've pulled her hair on camera.

  9. •Itz_EliUwU• Chavez

    •Itz_EliUwU• Chavez

    6 hours ago

    I love how he always gets mad at princess 😂

  10. Vincent Sanco

    Vincent Sanco

    8 hours ago


  11. M G

    M G

    8 hours ago

    6:12 lmaooooooooo

  12. Yvonne Yvonne

    Yvonne Yvonne

    8 hours ago

    Tooooo Fucken Funny!

  13. Bonnie Hendrix

    Bonnie Hendrix

    9 hours ago

    I love you Bret but what are you doing to ur hair 😩😢plz STOP

  14. Prince Maradial Vibes

    Prince Maradial Vibes

    9 hours ago

    Small youtuber here tulungan tayo 1 like Subscribe kita, subscribe muko Comment done guys. 🙏

  15. Boss Cat

    Boss Cat

    9 hours ago


  16. tanisha luthra

    tanisha luthra

    9 hours ago

    Love u guys! Funny video

  17. Talons X

    Talons X

    10 hours ago


  18. Emily Hanel

    Emily Hanel

    11 hours ago

    Princess made me not want to watch this

  19. julie tran

    julie tran

    11 hours ago

    Princess is so annoying. I had to literally turn off the video

  20. Dhebora Lau

    Dhebora Lau

    11 hours ago

    Wahahaha just so cute to watch! I love you both!

  21. Val Higheagle

    Val Higheagle

    11 hours ago

    The lie detector: Princess (has given birth twice and has tattoos): I HAVE ANXIETIES

  22. Miya Valerie

    Miya Valerie

    11 hours ago

    Hello Poison Ivyyyyy and her plant.

  23. itsreallyalissa


    12 hours ago

    This is giving my flashbacks of when I used to force my little siblings to play school with me and they wouldn’t participate

  24. Paolitaa B

    Paolitaa B

    12 hours ago

    She’s definitely annoying in this video

  25. Ελπιδα Κεφσεριδη

    Ελπιδα Κεφσεριδη

    13 hours ago

    Got as pissed as Bretman did😩 daaamn Princess

  26. SaiSai Prz

    SaiSai Prz

    13 hours ago

    the green straw. 👀👀👀👀🤣

  27. Leigha Wilkinson

    Leigha Wilkinson

    13 hours ago

    This girl has given birth to 2 babies but is afraid to get shocked by this toy 😂

  28. Butterfly Beauty

    Butterfly Beauty

    13 hours ago

    New drinking game every time Bretman gets annoyed at Princess take a shot

  29. Hailey Morato

    Hailey Morato

    14 hours ago

    plz someone explain jack and po ?

  30. Janela Evangelista

    Janela Evangelista

    14 hours ago

    Ka-stress hahahahahahaha



    15 hours ago

    chaka 😂🤣😂😂

  32. Stephanie TM

    Stephanie TM

    15 hours ago

    Awh, love to Maee 🌹🤗 as well as you, Bret lmao.

  33. Aneslin A

    Aneslin A

    16 hours ago

    bretman's whole outfit matches the trees at the back

  34. Ann NINANG Mo atbp.

    Ann NINANG Mo atbp.

    17 hours ago

    So real guys i love it so much! Please keep posted! keep safe and god bless to all..Love you bretman and princess❤

  35. Buttercup


    17 hours ago

    princess's laugh is too funny its like ahAaHAAAAhhAAAAAHAAHAH

  36. Shaniya StJean

    Shaniya StJean

    17 hours ago

    i cant wit these too lol

  37. Haribo duda

    Haribo duda

    18 hours ago

    I GOT the same crocs.

  38. Tori Guerrero

    Tori Guerrero

    20 hours ago

    i would’ve lost my shit 😂😂😂

  39. mlrds lopez

    mlrds lopez

    20 hours ago

    I friggin missed this 😂

  40. Famous Bitchachos

    Famous Bitchachos

    22 hours ago

    "i literally pulled your hair harder than this before." Trust me i've used that lie detector and its more SHOCKING than everrr!! So i guess mae lost her hair before :/

  41. Adás


    22 hours ago

    motherfucking game 😭😭

  42. Emma Gould

    Emma Gould

    22 hours ago

    This makes me want to rip my hair out!!! 😂

  43. Sixtythree 0063

    Sixtythree 0063

    22 hours ago

    8:23 get mad? I thought u already mad tho 😂😂

  44. vanilla bean xx

    vanilla bean xx

    Day ago

    i’m surprised bretman hasn’t dragged her yet

  45. Sophia Pacheco

    Sophia Pacheco

    Day ago


  46. Dreamcatcher Twins

    Dreamcatcher Twins

    Day ago

    When you’re two moods manifest as siblings..

  47. Dima AN

    Dima AN

    Day ago

    i love that bretman matches with the trees in the back !!

  48. s m b x

    s m b x

    Day ago

    bretman lowestkey tries to read Princess Mae like when he was like “somebody is finna turn 20 with two kids...” like why couldn’t he just mention her bday and how they are gonna turn up or whatever... bretman is soooo shadyyyy in the funniest sneakiest most sibling like ways!

  49. Austin Harvath

    Austin Harvath

    Day ago

    Slap her face girl grow up

  50. •Rose Petals•

    •Rose Petals•

    Day ago


  51. Latimer Harris-Ward

    Latimer Harris-Ward

    Day ago

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  52. Its Me PHSenior

    Its Me PHSenior

    Day ago

    Alternative title: Trying to annoy brettman

  53. His Queen

    His Queen

    Day ago

    You guys match the background trees outside Lmao! (just had to point it out ) I AM A SUB SO DONT HATE!

  54. Nancy Ratnasari

    Nancy Ratnasari

    Day ago


  55. sheentheexplorer


    Day ago

    Hhahahaha “it’s says I’m telling the truuuuuth!!!”

  56. Kitty's On the move

    Kitty's On the move

    Day ago

    bretman looks like the plants outside

  57. ندى محمود

    ندى محمود

    Day ago

    Bretman: "have you ever thought..." Princess:"that i'm *cute* yes" Bretman::thats a lie...even if you do think" She is *cute* tho🥀🖤

  58. Daisy Rodriguez

    Daisy Rodriguez

    Day ago

    Brets laugh is a mood lol

  59. Strange time TV glmv

    Strange time TV glmv

    Day ago

    Why she built like that

  60. hailey .

    hailey .

    Day ago

    8:01 LMAAOO

  61. Evelynn Yang

    Evelynn Yang

    Day ago

    Bretman: The whole fucking video is gonna be like this! (Screaming and yelling) Me: More than halfway through the video🤣🤣🤣

  62. George Don

    George Don

    Day ago

    I needed this video unedited

  63. Zion Smith

    Zion Smith

    Day ago

    can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that bretman is so unproblematic

  64. t ø p h

    t ø p h

    Day ago

    He loves cleo more than money:(

  65. Selena Romanelli

    Selena Romanelli

    Day ago

    omg I couldn't watch this she's so annoying

  66. Justice ForAll

    Justice ForAll

    Day ago

    Justice for Vanessa Guillen

  67. doliio volay

    doliio volay

    Day ago

    Bretman: i never lie 5 min earlier: imma compulsive liar

  68. Medeea


    Day ago

    7:10 God I love them, and Bretman's laugh

  69. Rawda Ayman

    Rawda Ayman

    Day ago

    You know that bet is angry when he calls princess "Mae"

  70. Selena Rangel

    Selena Rangel

    Day ago

    I had to stop watching this .. she annoying..

    • doliio volay

      doliio volay

      Day ago


  71. Mina Sharp

    Mina Sharp

    Day ago

    Bretman matches his mf plants. Get on the level

  72. senzafinee


    Day ago

    No wonder bretman is always yelling at princess LOL

  73. eliana delgadillo

    eliana delgadillo

    Day ago

    My faded ass bretmans hair looks like the plant in the background !!

  74. Destiny Michelle

    Destiny Michelle

    Day ago

    I dont want to be rude but princess was annoying afffff

  75. Sharon Kim

    Sharon Kim

    Day ago

    dEn brEaK iT

  76. Ume Marie Cobarrubias

    Ume Marie Cobarrubias

    Day ago

    Bretman’s hair be matching with the plants outside

  77. Carrie Gore

    Carrie Gore

    Day ago

    Hey. Im starting my channel, youtube is hard, can you guys help me? please?

  78. JM52991


    Day ago

    Princess is so annoying how does bretman have the patience?? I woulda just not even finished the video. I woulda quit. Stop being budussy!!!

    • JM52991


      Day ago

      Thumbs down. I didn’t even finish watching the video.

  79. NESStea 27

    NESStea 27

    Day ago

    Bretman is so angry that i'm imagining he's hair is on fire 🤣

  80. Alexis Sherie

    Alexis Sherie

    Day ago

    Omfg! Y'all kill me. I'm dead af!!