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What High School is REALLY Like

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School is starting soon so I brought my friend Koen with me to talk about some stories we have as well as advice for anyone going to high school! Hope you find it funny and maybe a bit helpful.
If you have any funny stories or any helpful advice please let me know in the comments!
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Thanks for reading all this, I wish you a lovely day!


  1. Invisible Image

    Invisible Image

    6 hours ago


  2. Rose Bud

    Rose Bud

    7 hours ago

    Two or three days before the quarantine, there was an ambulance and two cop cars and the whole recess was spent worrying if the kid had COVID. two or three days later, the school shut down. The kid supposedly had his heart rate go way down or way up (according to the reading teacher)

  3. sadeggyolk


    7 hours ago

    6:14 he was laughing at that king bach ice cream vine before any of us were

  4. Luciana Perez Hinojosa

    Luciana Perez Hinojosa

    12 hours ago

    2:25 the bulldoooooooooooooooooooooooooooog (I acctually have one so that´s why I´m so happy about it)

  5. Elena Keller

    Elena Keller

    20 hours ago

    “HEY SISTERS” Me: wait did I click the wrong thing?! Oh wait nvm lmao

  6. Nightwing shadow

    Nightwing shadow

    Day ago

    He kinda sounds like james

  7. Jillian Turner

    Jillian Turner

    Day ago

    _at the bit about asking upperclassmen for help_ Me: Oh. Right. I'll be a Junior this year. Fuck.

  8. Name


    Day ago


  9. unknown child

    unknown child

    Day ago

    I cried in class and everyone started staring at me so I cried more . Teacher didn't care tho :,) so its alright

  10. fundude


    2 days ago

    All the seniors in my school fucking hate freshman and as a sophomore I kinda get why.

  11. Mik Kat

    Mik Kat

    3 days ago

    Was laughing hard af u till remembered I never had a graduation 😔

  12. CatzbeCatz


    3 days ago

    My aunt has one of those spoons.

  13. Geneby Star

    Geneby Star

    3 days ago

    Oh my gosh, I love besties talking in vids

  14. Drawing worm

    Drawing worm

    4 days ago

    High school is a mood lol

  15. kyattotsumi


    4 days ago

    I don't get the spoon joke....

  16. Clownery hehe

    Clownery hehe

    4 days ago

    Thats some of the whitest shit ive ever heard 7:00 🤣

  17. Roscoe Bosco

    Roscoe Bosco

    4 days ago

    hey guys, I am going to high school in about 2 weeks. Could anyone give me some advice? I am really nervous and barley have any friends but luckily covid is making my school do shifts. I still am kinda nervous, I am very short and skinny and don't even look like a freshman lol.

  18. uchiha 907

    uchiha 907

    5 days ago

    Do you know Revolutionary war paintings? Thats what boys bathrooms look like

  19. ukulele_nerd07


    5 days ago

    1:39 reminds of this vine “I mean I get complimented alll the time” “AHAUGHAHAHA” “I DO!”

  20. A human ?

    A human ?

    6 days ago

    I’m joining high school Straight after lockdown

  21. C


    6 days ago

    our upperclassmen will just tell you the wrong way if you ask them which way a class is

  22. Mistermink 8

    Mistermink 8

    6 days ago

    Comically large spoon

  23. Zander Shadow

    Zander Shadow

    6 days ago

    I bage to differ not alot of people like me as a friend I only have 2 rl friends T^T 1 of which is my ex we still love each other but she was forced to end the relationship for 2 reasons 1) her mom 2) she moved to Waterloo T^T miss you Bianca so I don't think north is going to be different for two reasons 1) people only really noticed me when I got my glasses and 2) my other friend might not be going to north and I shy

  24. elagent barry

    elagent barry

    6 days ago

    06:15 i have so much respect for your teacher if yall wander why there is a film on youtube called rejected and the first thing the charecter says is my spoon is to big

  25. Tenelum


    7 days ago

    This is not what Highschool is like you need to say the fuck word every 5 minutes for it to be accurate

  26. del r

    del r

    7 days ago

    i remember having a breakdown in class in my last year of elementary cuz my teacher asked if i was ok when i was sitting there looking depressed and i cried because i knew she knew i attempted suicide

  27. The Emo Adventures of Sara the Nerd

    The Emo Adventures of Sara the Nerd

    8 days ago

    My classmates last year would actually wait till the 11:59 due time for assignments. Idk I thought it was funny

  28. Ava


    8 days ago

    Who else took the SAT in 7th grade, like just for "practice and fun" as my dad said

  29. Star Stella

    Star Stella

    8 days ago

    Title: What HIGH School is REALLY Like Thumbnail: Kid smoking getting HIGH I see what your doin.

  30. Lee Wiegand

    Lee Wiegand

    8 days ago

    *my spoon is too big*

  31. Pianoman


    8 days ago

    "Hey teacher, I got you some paper plates!" *I refuse.*

  32. Ashlee Simons

    Ashlee Simons

    8 days ago

    Going into hs and I am terrified. Ik everyone in my class feels the same way and Ik that I won’t get bullied. But I still feel a huge rock in my stomach when I think abt going into hs. Ughh I hate this feeling so much

  33. Typical Ukraine

    Typical Ukraine

    8 days ago

    When I was in 8th grade, we were all coming back from lunch, and all of a sudden, some kids were just singing All-Star. This happened more than once.

  34. questforbalance


    9 days ago

    It was the beginning of my grade and I was in the hall and saw this couple where about to kiss in front of me and my art teacher saw what was about to happen so she interrupted them asking if they are together and it worked. I almost died.

  35. Whatever Draws

    Whatever Draws

    9 days ago

    The incident at my school was me getting suspended for standing up for myself 😌

  36. Wish WOF

    Wish WOF

    9 days ago

    Him: I vaped Advertisement: if you vape you could be inhaling toxic metals into your lungs

  37. Kathleen Valencia

    Kathleen Valencia

    9 days ago

    Im going 2 higscool the next yerd so emmm Mom kant i skep Mi mom:NOO YOU***

  38. Eeveelegendartist :3

    Eeveelegendartist :3

    9 days ago

  39. yepthatsme


    9 days ago

    I swear- I was horrified of high school because of the way my middle school teachers described it (most of them) ... lowkey I miss my teachers 😤 they were the bomb 🥺

  40. Cassady R.

    Cassady R.

    9 days ago

    Freshman year, first day of school, I had an art class and I couldn’t find it and I was panicking cuz I had like...3 minutes left before the bell rang and so I asked one of the senior/juniors (don’t know what she was) if she could help me and she said “yeah! I’m actually going that way anyway, I’ll walk you there” and she was literally so nice so yes. Don’t be afraid to ask 🥺✨



    10 days ago

    Best thing to do in college. Get things done before the deadline



    10 days ago

    Whenever u laughed and was on the floor. It reminds me of Mable from gravity falls

  43. Angel Martinez

    Angel Martinez

    10 days ago

    0:00 I actually laughed at this

  44. lillossay


    11 days ago

    is your brother James charles

  45. Peyton Goodhew

    Peyton Goodhew

    11 days ago


  46. Hypocc


    11 days ago

    This video is lowkey cringe ngl

  47. B̥ͦu̥ͦb̥ͦb̥ͦl̥ͦꪗ_Chaꪀ ᴥ

    B̥ͦu̥ͦb̥ͦb̥ͦl̥ͦꪗ_Chaꪀ ᴥ

    11 days ago


  48. Joy_Matters Isabel ayule

    Joy_Matters Isabel ayule

    12 days ago

    Me: SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP ppl: she has a boy friend......... Me: friends friends friends friends........

  49. dion doyle

    dion doyle

    12 days ago

    Advise for college EAT!!!! take out will do , but try make it even if its all junk just please eat ya foods

  50. Art Nerd

    Art Nerd

    12 days ago

    At my middle school we didn't have much homework, but in highschool however! We have tons of homework!

  51. Doggie wolf girl

    Doggie wolf girl

    12 days ago

    Me tryna listen to the noises in the backround audio:SHUT UP

  52. natty_mc_ ratty

    natty_mc_ ratty

    13 days ago

    I’ve watched this so many times shajhsakhekshd

  53. Vimity


    13 days ago

    10:54 the humans In my school give you the nastiest look or they ignore you and there aren’t any adults or security guards walking around ;-; which also means the “humans”get away with a lot of stuff like putting weed in the vents of the west wing =~=

  54. Pinto Terra

    Pinto Terra

    13 days ago

    Advice for college: Read the fucking syllabus

  55. Deutalios 818

    Deutalios 818

    13 days ago

    Koen looks like he’s wearing a mask.

  56. Mytho Logic

    Mytho Logic

    13 days ago

    Koen's Twitter: "Dumb Bitch" me: He is tho

  57. Lyla Rolfe

    Lyla Rolfe

    13 days ago *You're welcome*

  58. Dee Riley

    Dee Riley

    13 days ago

    Me being 13 and already having my whole collage stuff planned -3-

  59. Sleepy._.Gacha


    13 days ago

    who else is here for the 200th time?? :P vv

  60. jamee doger

    jamee doger

    13 days ago

    Oh yea, the boy’s bathrooms are full of pee, you actually come out with wet shoes