Sup dude and dudettes,
The time has finally come for me to start my RV build. I completed step one, which was to tear out all the dated, crusty, musty, dusty and rusty interior of this 1991 Toyota Hiace mini RV. Now that this camper is nothing but a fiberglass shell, I get to rebuild it as my own:)
hugs and kisses,
Jennelle and Alfredo
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  1. John Brown

    John Brown

    57 minutes ago

    Why is this in my recommended. I don't watch videos like this.

  2. Catherine


    59 minutes ago

    You are the definition of “the girls are doing it for themselves “ 👏🏽👏🏽

  3. Hector Halo

    Hector Halo

    Hour ago

    Эх пожить бы с ней))

  4. Rita and Cat

    Rita and Cat

    Hour ago

    You inspire me so much 💕

  5. Notice Me Cherry Pie

    Notice Me Cherry Pie

    Hour ago

    Thank you US-state recommendations for this video I did not ask for but thoroughly enjoyed

  6. Choco Cookie

    Choco Cookie

    Hour ago

    wasn’t this uploaded before or am I delusional

  7. Mia R

    Mia R

    Hour ago

    Jennelle is such a vibrant and hard working person. I love this channel ❤️❤️

  8. Ms Gel Galore

    Ms Gel Galore

    Hour ago

    I Am Woman hear me roar

  9. Romi Rome

    Romi Rome

    Hour ago

    Alfredo is growing great vid

  10. Richi46


    2 hours ago

    omfg u are soooo cute

  11. Melissa Mason

    Melissa Mason

    2 hours ago

    I may or may not have just watched all of your videos in one day.....However, I like how you added graphics and a non-black ending screen. You have great editing skills for someone who said they never had any prior. You're absolutely living my dream. I can't wait to see the next video when it comes out!

  12. Kayla Allen

    Kayla Allen

    2 hours ago

    I just wanna know how you learned to do all of this. Like...reading? US-state videos? A family member? 😂 I need to know so I can learn too

  13. Cpt. Jones

    Cpt. Jones

    2 hours ago

    Is no one gonna question how the fuck this chick got millions of views out of nowhere? HER FIRST VIDEO GOT 10Million views? Is that not suspicious? Why are y’all acting like it’s normal? I don’t understand.

    • Cpt. Jones

      Cpt. Jones

      Hour ago

      Kiwi Kingdom Yeah, I know. I’ve been on it since the start. I still think this is not normal.

    • Kiwi Kingdom

      Kiwi Kingdom

      Hour ago

      This drama was like months ago, and everyone talked about it. It's definitely odd, but I don't think it matters.

  14. isabele bonatto

    isabele bonatto

    2 hours ago

    Damn that’s wild you’re doing this alone lol

  15. karend169


    2 hours ago

    Do you have anyone helping you, or is this just you?

  16. MelodyK


    2 hours ago


  17. West Minster

    West Minster

    3 hours ago

    #WeirdosUnite 💯

  18. Leilani Gumbert

    Leilani Gumbert

    3 hours ago

    did anyone else see that she wore overalls or like jumpsuits everyday?

  19. Whiteboy Steve

    Whiteboy Steve

    3 hours ago

    I'm in love

  20. Noemie


    4 hours ago

    Elle est magnifique cette meuf putain

  21. rohroh mae

    rohroh mae

    4 hours ago

    Dude!!! I kept checking everyday!! To see if she post a new video.😂🤣🤣🤣 nothing for today

  22. Mina Laifey

    Mina Laifey

    4 hours ago

    Words can not describe how satisfying this was...

  23. honey love

    honey love

    5 hours ago

    Janelle you are AWSOME

  24. Dawn Elizabeth

    Dawn Elizabeth

    6 hours ago

    As a classical violinist..... I appreciate your background music. Mostly cause I’ve played it 😂✌🏼❤️

  25. Emmarie Reppert

    Emmarie Reppert

    6 hours ago

    i love that shes not afraid to get her hands dirty

  26. Mostcom


    6 hours ago


  27. Sidney Mantissa

    Sidney Mantissa

    6 hours ago

    I'm in love! 💏

  28. Sidney Mantissa

    Sidney Mantissa

    6 hours ago

    Would you marry me? You don't have to do all that. I'll buy you a brand new Winnebago Travato! I'm also a pilot and aircraft owner. We can tour the country by land or air, your choice!

  29. Mariah


    7 hours ago

    I would be so overwhelmed

  30. Katie O'Connor

    Katie O'Connor

    7 hours ago

    homegirls i didn’t think you were gonna remove EVERYTHING

  31. Sandra M

    Sandra M

    7 hours ago

    That was epic! Girl, you are... INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!! LOL

  32. Squash !

    Squash !

    7 hours ago

    Do you live in their or do you have a home and use the van

  33. Christopher Cummins

    Christopher Cummins

    7 hours ago

    If she would only eat meat

  34. Michael Edmonds

    Michael Edmonds

    8 hours ago

    Can We Talk About How She In Like 5 Months She Gets 1 Million Subs With Like 30 Vids The Norris Nuts Have Been Doing US-state For 3 Years With Like 200 Vids And have 2million Subs JENNELE HOW CHU DO IT

  35. J U.S.A.

    J U.S.A.

    8 hours ago

    That was the EZ part of this rebuild. Enjoy the new accommodation 😬

  36. Cloudy X Rainy

    Cloudy X Rainy

    8 hours ago

    Imagine getting liked and pinned

  37. unicorn blood

    unicorn blood

    9 hours ago

    We Stan an independient women

  38. Sarai Chavarria

    Sarai Chavarria

    9 hours ago

    I would still be trying to pull out the seats 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  39. Wintokki


    9 hours ago

    I love how she’s doing this all by herself, yet still looking so freaking cute in her many overalls!! If this was sponsored by them, how brilliant! All I want to do is buy all the overalls and tear apart things!

  40. Coraleigh May-Dewitt

    Coraleigh May-Dewitt

    9 hours ago

    Umm building a car from scratch would have been easier

  41. April Cretzman

    April Cretzman

    9 hours ago

    what model of rv is this? Its a great size

  42. Devin McCullough

    Devin McCullough

    9 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, I subbed as soon as the intro was over. Boy was I not disappointed.

  43. hanna.


    9 hours ago


  44. Henni Kroetz

    Henni Kroetz

    10 hours ago

    I love love ur channel so much , best Van/camping US-state channel ps. I am waiting for a new video

  45. Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarah Elizabeth

    10 hours ago

    You are a boss 👏🏼👏🏼 That mold is scary though. Please make sure that whatever is causing it gets fixed before you rebuild, that can cause a lot of scary health issues 😭

  46. I only watch Youtube

    I only watch Youtube

    10 hours ago

    Oml,the beginning,I love the little animation!💕

  47. Denny L

    Denny L

    10 hours ago

    Not only incredibly hard work, but she’s extremely mechanically inclined, with a vision. I love independent women.

  48. sonia ochoa

    sonia ochoa

    11 hours ago

    I love her lol

  49. Larissa Karski

    Larissa Karski

    11 hours ago

    The fact that all the comments are saying ‘omg look she did this all by herself’ shows just how sexist our world is

  50. vinb0


    12 hours ago

    Post more😤

  51. Mina Last

    Mina Last

    12 hours ago

    Make more vids they are fun

  52. Don Kiko

    Don Kiko

    12 hours ago

    Remember when woman stayed at home cleaning and cooking ...every grandpa 👴

  53. aniamzione 3.2

    aniamzione 3.2

    12 hours ago

    Hello scrivo da italia

  54. Curt Schmidt

    Curt Schmidt

    12 hours ago

    Damn. I just found out that I have watched all your videos. 😞 What am I going to do now?

  55. Mitchy Bee

    Mitchy Bee

    13 hours ago

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the final look. I totally appreciate the work involved in the demo. You go girl ❤️

  56. Lisha Thug life

    Lisha Thug life

    13 hours ago

    Then we proceed to take off the wheels then the brakes then the Engine

  57. Manas Vlogs

    Manas Vlogs

    13 hours ago

    she is a demolition queen

  58. Marta Escobar

    Marta Escobar

    13 hours ago

    Beautiful, smart, funny and a hard worker........can I adopt you?

  59. Max Paxton

    Max Paxton

    13 hours ago

    Who gives a crap?

    • Richie Richardson

      Richie Richardson

      12 hours ago

      Her 2.44 million subscribers ?

  60. Dom Daniella

    Dom Daniella

    14 hours ago

    How’d you learn how to do all this? I’d love to do this!