Doja Cat - The Tale of Becoming Doja Cat | Vevo LIFT

Doja Cat - The Tale of Becoming Doja Cat (Vevo LIFT)
Welcome to the world of Doja Cat. Born and raised in L.A., the 24-year-old self-taught singer-rapper is a vet of sorts. The arts were central to her upbringing, and she started sharing her music on Soundcloud back in 2013. A year later she dropped her much-buzzed-about ‘Purrr!’ EP. Ever since, she’s nurtured an ever-growing array of feverish fans who revere her for combining a radiant charisma with unique flow and tongue-in-cheek lyrics (see: the irresistible“MOOO!”). Seems like Doja has designed her version of alt-R&B to take off in any direction she chooses. Tours with Lizzo and Theophilius London led right into 2018’s impressive ‘Amala,’ her debut proper, followed by last year’s ‘Hot Pink.’ That album’s “Say So” is currently clocking big numbers. Arresting visuals help. Her videos for both her radio juggernaut and "Rules" are wildly fun. When the Vevo production team united with the feline phenom to figure out performance ideas, the creative juices were flowing. The goal? Put the “cat” in Doja Cat - a decision that resulted in what’s probably our most ambitious studio build to date for a LIFT performance. For her “Streets” performance, she splashes around; for "Say So" she paws her way through a two-story cat tower. For her 'Becoming' interview she explains the genesis of her character and her sound. Learn all about 2020's hottest star.
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Doja Cat
Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Priya Minhas
Producer: Sacha Noelle
Producer: Maddy Schmidt
Producer: Ben Fuqua
Producer: Hayley Sliger
Production Company: Contrast Films
Director of Photography: David Okolo
Editor: Austin Prahl
Design & VFX: Sydney Emery
Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro & Jordan Ferree
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  1. Kiaahh D

    Kiaahh D

    21 minute ago

    I love her💗😻

  2. † Sweet Moon [A.M] †

    † Sweet Moon [A.M] †

    Hour ago

    Sometimes I say I want to die, but I remember why I am still alive:

  3. Amara Nembhard

    Amara Nembhard

    Hour ago

    Love your music Doja

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    7 7

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  5. * S u n x f l w e r *

    * S u n x f l w e r *

    2 hours ago

    is nobody gonna talk about the amazing editing!?

  6. Star


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  7. tymika welsh

    tymika welsh

    2 hours ago

    She doesn't seem so cancelled to me...

  8. Markeith Jackson

    Markeith Jackson

    3 hours ago

    Man i really like Doja she makes very good music and she's comfortable in her own skin and very beautiful man

  9. f-society 2.0

    f-society 2.0

    4 hours ago

    pura basura

  10. Graham Smith

    Graham Smith

    4 hours ago

    So damn sexy.

  11. The K Channel

    The K Channel

    4 hours ago

    One aesthetic that really appeals to me about Doja is how she can be sooo sexy but lady like at the same time. Idk how to describe it. She’s so enticing and mesmerizing from her music to her looks, I can’t get enough.

  12. José Cavanhaqui

    José Cavanhaqui

    5 hours ago

    Who else went to MOO?

  13. _Honeypie


    6 hours ago

    I really sleep on her like she’s a bed

  14. Lisa Lozano

    Lisa Lozano

    7 hours ago

    I love you dojidoj 💕💕💕💕

    • Bunker Boy

      Bunker Boy

      2 hours ago

      Would you let her sit on your face

  15. 40 subscribers before 2021

    40 subscribers before 2021

    7 hours ago

    I am waiting for James Charles and doja cat collab, it's coming Y'all

  16. 1k subscribers

    1k subscribers

    7 hours ago

    Like only if you like her ☺

  17. oxana tronza

    oxana tronza

    8 hours ago

    She is decoding yarn of meaning...

  18. xoobo vola

    xoobo vola

    8 hours ago

    "I'm never going to keep doing the same thing everyday so whatever box people wanna put me in, i'm always gonna break out of that." Beautiful quote, Beautiful human being

  19. Kiro YT

    Kiro YT

    9 hours ago

    Hermosa Beautifull

  20. K Thegodinfinity

    K Thegodinfinity

    9 hours ago

    I 🖤 Doja

  21. nikolay


    9 hours ago

    You’ve been famous for less than a year and you always made a video like this? Proof your career is gone...

    • nikolay


      8 hours ago

      xoobo vola and true. I don’t even dislike her but making this video and acting like you’ve been famous for 5 years is a little insane. She wasn’t even known until February and later bc of say so and her song boss bitch from Birds of Prey

    • xoobo vola

      xoobo vola

      8 hours ago

      very fresh

  22. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez

    10 hours ago

    Doja is by far my fav. Rapper!

  23. Carola Tesla

    Carola Tesla

    10 hours ago

    I miss her old songs, apart from "say so" they all feel so commercial, her old songs felt more unique more "real" I know she can do better.

  24. MadebySTVR


    10 hours ago

    She gorgeous idc 🔥

  25. chipmunk


    11 hours ago

    i love doja cat becauseshe is a female rapper/song writer but she's not like other artists! she is so sweet and not to mention AWESOME! and she is really pretty on top of ALL of that! and her music is worth listening to until 10:00pm. (wich i may or may not do...)

  26. Casper


    12 hours ago

    i really miss her IG Lives i hope she'll come back to it once everything will calm down since its so fun to see her making beats, asking for feedback, actually interracting with fans or read more erotic fanfiction like its a shakespearian play lol, in fact id love if she also started streaming on twitch that would be really cool.

  27. isley do to

    isley do to

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  28. SmallCat


    13 hours ago

    I love you Doja!!

  29. Valentina Neuschwendter

    Valentina Neuschwendter

    13 hours ago

    Einfach 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣👎👎👎🙈🥱🥱🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  30. Dank Meme

    Dank Meme

    15 hours ago

    Shes fucking chill af doe and funny as hell😂😂

  31. David Johnson

    David Johnson

    15 hours ago

    How anyone likes a white Supremist supporter beggars belief, you need your heads testing. I would replace her with Snoochie Shy if I had powers. DJ but I bet she could rap, bubblegum rap comes with no talent.

    • Xanny X

      Xanny X

      8 hours ago

      She’s not a white supremacist, it was debunked

  32. Inbal C

    Inbal C

    15 hours ago

    shes so cool

  33. Waraporn Muangthong

    Waraporn Muangthong

    16 hours ago

    Ummmmm to sex

  34. it's raining tea in 2020

    it's raining tea in 2020

    16 hours ago

    I want Doja to have a ASMR channel her voice is so smooth

  35. BlackPink in your area

    BlackPink in your area

    16 hours ago

    Заводной апельсин тын тын тырырын тын тын тын тын 😆

  36. Daniela Ferreyra

    Daniela Ferreyra

    16 hours ago

    very fresh

  37. lucid dream

    lucid dream

    16 hours ago

    l love doja cay

  38. pleb weeb

    pleb weeb

    17 hours ago

    You've got to have mad respect for Doja. She's so talented it's fucking crazy.

  39. Белла Саркс

    Белла Саркс

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  40. Anitha Dixit

    Anitha Dixit

    17 hours ago

    This lady can't be cancelled 💪

  41. Andresytius Felype

    Andresytius Felype

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  42. Emnet Chanyalew

    Emnet Chanyalew

    17 hours ago

    Doja is relatable as a human being😊

  43. kim aa

    kim aa

    18 hours ago

    I think pink is a creature for you💞🛐👑

  44. Ant PillowGang

    Ant PillowGang

    18 hours ago

    I most definitely relate to locking myself alone in my room and that being my most productive mind time.

  45. Emily Minaj

    Emily Minaj

    18 hours ago

    anyone used to watch doja on periscope? b4 instagram live was even a thing 👁

  46. Doğukan :d

    Doğukan :d

    18 hours ago

    QUEEN D 🤩

  47. Bernadette CHINCIO

    Bernadette CHINCIO

    19 hours ago

    Hi DOJA I really like your music and you are creative continue what your doing and take care ❣️ ALOHA

  48. Maccia Bunton

    Maccia Bunton

    19 hours ago

    Is doja still cancelled or is she good now?

  49. Kuron Vernon

    Kuron Vernon

    19 hours ago

    Queen in the making!💖

  50. Stéfani Rodrigues

    Stéfani Rodrigues

    20 hours ago

    I love Doja 💖

  51. Kerlan Ayamesem

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  52. Dead Fresh TV

    Dead Fresh TV

    21 hour ago

    Damn they got her too 🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢



    21 hour ago

    Doja Cat tem muito talento pra ser uma Mega Star, Carismática demais

  54. Macherie Amour

    Macherie Amour

    21 hour ago

    I dont care. I’m not canceling Doja. People who are far worse remain in the spotlight . I like her. The end

  55. Mi kel

    Mi kel

    22 hours ago

    This editing style was so amazing id love to see more of this. She really nailed all these looks!

  56. Dezi' Nation

    Dezi' Nation

    22 hours ago

    I like her ! Plus , she's creative & really talented! She makes you want to see what she has coming out next ....🛎✊🏿💪🏾

  57. cowgirl boots

    cowgirl boots

    23 hours ago

    bruh i LOVE her i literally watched most of her lives and i have the biggest girl crush for her she has a vibe that like pulls you over i dunno she is a queen i really do love her man

  58. Banzy Frankly

    Banzy Frankly

    23 hours ago

    Juicy will always be a vibe....even the instrumental makes me so happy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Takes me back to the day I discovered her last year😭😭😭😭😭

  59. nathan vanwert

    nathan vanwert

    Day ago

    No she was born Doja period 😂

  60. MaCayle Blue

    MaCayle Blue

    Day ago

    Im glad your ok😄