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MULAN Trailer (2020) Disney Movie

MULAN Trailer (2020) Disney Movie
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  1. Jade Currie

    Jade Currie

    Hour ago

    I'm not seeing Chien-Po and the lads..

  2. Manny Ramones

    Manny Ramones

    2 hours ago

    Mulan coming to a theater nea-- I mean only for $30 on Disney Plus

  3. Palak D

    Palak D

    3 hours ago


  4. Nae


    5 hours ago

    Where is Mushu

  5. Arie Friyan

    Arie Friyan

    5 hours ago

    So, this movie about chinese people speak singlish ?

  6. Heidi Bird Music

    Heidi Bird Music

    5 hours ago

    What got me about this was the re-use of "Reflection" in the score. Sounds epic. Looks good, too.

  7. Singularity Interest

    Singularity Interest

    6 hours ago

    Nahh I'll pass. Disney and Hollywood are just so happy to suck up to the Chinese.

  8. Devin Atkins

    Devin Atkins

    7 hours ago

    Wait what happened to musiu?? You know the little dragon lol

  9. Nguyen Vu

    Nguyen Vu

    8 hours ago

    DON WATCH. YinFei is terrible as in The Mummy Emperor .. Super dull . She spoke like learning by heart, no feeling, no punctuation.. WASTE OF TIME.

  10. Angel Gomez

    Angel Gomez

    10 hours ago

    It is my duty to protect my family! 💪🏽💪🏽

  11. JetFalcon


    10 hours ago

    Ironic that COVID 19 started in China just when Disney was gonna release a movie about a Fictional Chinese woman.

  12. Peace Happy

    Peace Happy

    11 hours ago

    Nah, looks like a boring Chinese movie. Lion King remake was a discovery channel documentary about lions.

  13. Razeef Bakar

    Razeef Bakar

    12 hours ago

    we must be stronk... and where the fork is the dragon, and i am waiting for the three transvestite

  14. Hannah Jo

    Hannah Jo

    15 hours ago

    I remember her from that one movie that she was in with an exo member

  15. Marilyn McConnell

    Marilyn McConnell

    16 hours ago

    I'm not crying, I'm not crying, I said I'm not crying okay, so just leave me alone. Whispers quietly: So beautiful😢.

  16. UndergroundGirl


    18 hours ago

    Omg I forgot how sad the dad falling down scene was 😭😭😭😭

  17. Goku


    19 hours ago

    Where the lil dragon

  18. ufogoat29


    19 hours ago

    She supports CCP.

  19. Nelly Lopez

    Nelly Lopez

    22 hours ago

    Damn covid 🙄

  20. aaron srok

    aaron srok

    22 hours ago

    Wow so it's a serious film. That's pretty awesome.

  21. Sebastian Olives

    Sebastian Olives

    23 hours ago

    Thank You Corona, Now EVERYONE i Mean EVERYONE Hates You

  22. Kostas apnet

    Kostas apnet

    Day ago

    shut up and dance

  23. Jennietics


    Day ago

    Anyone here know when will it release? 🙂 Im so excited

  24. Rhea Haridas

    Rhea Haridas

    Day ago

    there is no way her hair is still perfectly curled after all that

  25. naz naz

    naz naz

    2 days ago

    where is MUSHU GURL?

  26. ViriiK


    2 days ago

    Mulan was a real person from my hometown, and the fact that actress is also from that region makes me even more proud.

  27. jonah


    2 days ago

    He calls himself what? He fights along side... a witch? WTF IS THIS????

  28. JM3025 Crypto/Hodler

    JM3025 Crypto/Hodler

    2 days ago

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  29. [AMV GOD]

    [AMV GOD]

    2 days ago

    I got chills when she said I am hua mulan who will bring honor to us all

  30. Maria DLA Londono

    Maria DLA Londono

    2 days ago

    It's not the same without Mushu😐

  31. Koofaloofa


    2 days ago

    I got chills. Oh btw, so are these Frank Zhang's ancestors? I saw them shapeshift

  32. Belsom


    2 days ago

    I'm an emotional wreck, I'm so excited and AHHHHHH!

  33. Skippy Kubheka

    Skippy Kubheka

    3 days ago

    No Mushu??!!!!

  34. NCT ist Top

    NCT ist Top

    3 days ago


  35. Gisselle ST

    Gisselle ST

    3 days ago

    I was so looking forward to this movie!

  36. Anika Black

    Anika Black

    4 days ago

    When is this on Disney+ ?

  37. michael angelo macapagal

    michael angelo macapagal

    4 days ago

    so...still no mushu?

  38. Cat Calico

    Cat Calico

    4 days ago

    I know it's nitpicking but politics aside, the costume designs are anachronistic and somewhat cheap-looking. (they look more like stage costumes or cosplay outfits rather than real costumes of that period. If you watch actual Chinese historical dramas you'll see the difference) The costume design team definitely tried to be faithful to the animated version, which was anachronistic and bursting with Orientalism. TBH I wouldn't see this movie in theaters even if they got the costumes right, because Im tired of their cashgrab reboots

  39. its Emily

    its Emily

    4 days ago

    Sorry but if he doesn't cut her hair with a sword I'm going to be so disappointed, and honestly where did this witch and sister come from🤣

  40. Shreylife Stories

    Shreylife Stories

    4 days ago

    From Cdrama to Hollywood .Such a successful journey

  41. Stephan Miron

    Stephan Miron

    4 days ago

    Mulan... then Disney Princess that truly showed courage

  42. xoxo


    4 days ago

    When 'Reflection' started playing...😭😭😭

  43. A Bretonnian Man-at-Arms

    A Bretonnian Man-at-Arms

    4 days ago

    This is either going to be the best film of its year, or the worst.

  44. Duxford Academy

    Duxford Academy

    4 days ago

    goosebumps all over

  45. Beegii Ryuzaki

    Beegii Ryuzaki

    5 days ago


  46. Haddassah B

    Haddassah B

    5 days ago

    I need to watch this I really..... need to watch this. Corona go away

  47. Bbe Cute

    Bbe Cute

    5 days ago

    where is mushu and cri-kee??

  48. CIIR


    5 days ago

    where is Mushu?! WTF Disney?! DISHONOR...dishonor on you, dishonor on your family...dishonor on your cow...

  49. Abelardo Jr. Aranil

    Abelardo Jr. Aranil

    5 days ago

    No Mushu, we ain't watching.

  50. jjanyangi


    5 days ago

    I already make a promise with my friend to watch this movie together when this was released but until now we still stay at home as well :)) oh when this virus will go away? I really miss watching cinema and hangout with my friend so bad 😭😭

  51. Anjali Anilkumar

    Anjali Anilkumar

    5 days ago


  52. Holly Straka

    Holly Straka

    5 days ago

    they filmed a little bit of this on my grandparents farm we got to keep some props

    • Holly Straka

      Holly Straka

      5 days ago

      @jjanyangi yeah

    • jjanyangi


      5 days ago

      for real?

  53. Ivy Shelton

    Ivy Shelton

    5 days ago


  54. LionOfJudah Gaming

    LionOfJudah Gaming

    5 days ago

    This movie looks like total crap... I mean the only thing this shares with the animated movie is the name... the story line here isn’t even Milan’s story, what a way to ruin people’s childhoods with this garbage

  55. mxnsoonn


    5 days ago

    I'm disappointed If li shang wasn't hot

  56. E McC

    E McC

    5 days ago

    Bring on the virus, but no kissing. Chinese censors won't allow it and Hollysuck always complies with their commie masters.

  57. Sheep BlasterYT

    Sheep BlasterYT

    5 days ago

    I'm not watching it unless it has "Now all of China knows your here"

  58. Lauren Margolin

    Lauren Margolin

    5 days ago

    I love Mulan💗

  59. Siyao Lin

    Siyao Lin

    5 days ago

    If I don’t see a fucking tiny ass, talking, walking, dragon I will be disappointed

  60. V & D

    V & D

    5 days ago

    Love the music