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0:00 Teaser
0:16 Quick Sponsor Message
0:27 Intro
1:45 Dr. Charles McMuscle Explainer
5:27 Sponsor Message
6:12 Body Design
6:45 Plasma Cutting Body
7:11 Brain Design
8:36 Main body Build
9:32 Final Assembly
11:56 The Test!
16:56 Project Debrief
20:05 Outro

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  1. RAWICE511


    Month ago

    Very interesting! I love the look of the pneumatic muscles but it does seem like the restricted ROM is a limiting factor to the designs functionality but all in all dope project! Would be awesome to explore different ways of augmented strength enhancement! Also good discussion at the end of the video addressing the pros and cons can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for a future exo suit 😱

    • Marshal White

      Marshal White

      19 days ago

      He needs a lot more money and support first before he makes his move you dummies

    • Ryan Panchoo

      Ryan Panchoo

      21 day ago

      👁👄👁 you right you right

    • New change unlisted_viewer

      New change unlisted_viewer

      22 days ago

      OMG DUDE I used to watch your assassin creed hidden blade videos! Still cant build any tho lol



      24 days ago

      Can you guys make the origonal springlock bonnie suit?

    • Gamer Technology

      Gamer Technology

      26 days ago

      @the Hacksmith Hello, I know you're super busy but if you haven't already have you already made a Portal gun and shoes? I wanna do an unboxing or a partnership for my US-state channel of that and you're the only US-state I know of who can do impossible builds and would like a way to make this happen if it is indeed possible. Hopefully I can hear from you soon.

  2. Ekam Banerjee

    Ekam Banerjee

    8 hours ago

    No one's gonna talk about how crysis started happening yesterday?

  3. Ra33s Gaming

    Ra33s Gaming

    10 hours ago

    0:32 He is Captain America 👀👀👀👀

  4. Landon Weldon

    Landon Weldon

    12 hours ago

    I'm watching this on August 7th 2020 ahaha

  5. andrew hunt

    andrew hunt

    14 hours ago

    Its August 7th 2020

  6. astronomy_unknown ?

    astronomy_unknown ?

    17 hours ago

    what if instead of using a couple of large muscles you used a lot of smaller muscles could you carry more

  7. Marie Woodward

    Marie Woodward

    23 hours ago

    today is august 7th 2020

  8. the VC world

    the VC world

    Day ago

    Hello hacksmith make Ironman exo suit you can insert the motors in the joints of hand that motors are very powerful the can lift 100 kg when motors start the band a hand with power

  9. Bobby George

    Bobby George

    Day ago

    I happened to watch this on exactly August 7

  10. fart PLAYZ

    fart PLAYZ

    Day ago

    The progress bar thingy is so cool If you can't see it I'm sorry for you

  11. veenoable


    Day ago

    Fuck.. it's today.. it happens today.. They ceph today

  12. Sesyrity


    Day ago

    Очень маленькая амплитуда движения

  13. James Gould

    James Gould

    Day ago

    Crysis happens on Aug 7th 2020?!....... that's today

  14. TechnoThresh


    Day ago

    Today is Crysis day

  15. oggy jack

    oggy jack

    Day ago

    Guess what, I am watching this on 7th August,2020.

  16. oggy jack

    oggy jack

    Day ago

    Next make a flying Saucer.

  17. Navy Bo

    Navy Bo

    Day ago


  18. Retro Gamer

    Retro Gamer

    4 days ago

    There was a news outlet that reported on this actually

  19. wardwyseur


    4 days ago

    how is the ringing in your ears, that was loud, hope u ok!

  20. Skylar Hansen

    Skylar Hansen

    4 days ago

    Can this arm make it so u can one arm stormbreaker

  21. RePlay


    5 days ago

    Queda de braço com uns maluco que parece um cigarro solto de tão magro kkkkkkkkkkkk

  22. Yahya Kardes

    Yahya Kardes

    5 days ago

    Maximum Armor???

  23. Xiron24_


    5 days ago

    Exoskeleton from advance warfare video: looks like an exoskeleton Doesn't break Can lift a car Crysis arm: looks nothing like anything from crysis Can barely lift tire Broke and almost kills doppelganger cap

  24. Timothy Gulliksen

    Timothy Gulliksen

    5 days ago

    What happened to the Inspector Gadget project

    • the Hacksmith

      the Hacksmith

      5 days ago

      Didnt want to die

  25. Acxp____


    5 days ago

    Lisp problem?

  26. Chamal Rizky

    Chamal Rizky

    6 days ago

    You should consider making it as fullbody rig instead of a part of the body. Since the balance can be off and your body muscle won't be able to hold for long.

  27. One Fluffy Boy

    One Fluffy Boy

    6 days ago

    Just remember that in an Alternate Timeline he probably has government funding and probably made a super hero Team or something

  28. Arda 04

    Arda 04

    6 days ago

    2th August 2020, now

  29. Ice


    6 days ago

    I love what this guys can do

  30. N.T.


    6 days ago

    I love how he almost died 3 times and still kept trying it out

  31. Jeremy G

    Jeremy G

    6 days ago

    I feel like we knew about all of these flaws like... in the 50's. The 1150's... B.C. Congrats. You went back in time.

    • the Hacksmith

      the Hacksmith

      6 days ago

      You realize they wouldn't have even had the concept of exoskeletons back then right...?

  32. Gixxer983


    6 days ago

    Meanwhile the back is geting destroyed. You dont lift with your arm, your back does it...

  33. zach pettit

    zach pettit

    7 days ago

    You should make a fully functioning fallout power armor

  34. Ssen


    7 days ago

    Hack smith technology is the finest in the world!

  35. Years


    7 days ago

    Imagine having a Weightlifter, or Powerlifter wear this

    • bilias hour

      bilias hour

      7 days ago

      How is the government not paying him to make more deadly weapons like this

  36. kory boan

    kory boan

    8 days ago

    Make A Hoverboard

    • bilias hour

      bilias hour

      7 days ago

      This makes me think of bionic commando game

  37. shrikant salunke

    shrikant salunke

    9 days ago

    Can you make Falcons wings

    • bilias hour

      bilias hour

      7 days ago

      How is the government not paying him to make more deadly weapons like this

  38. Abhishek Sahu

    Abhishek Sahu

    9 days ago

    Why you not try to make a gandam

    • wnnalis cioov

      wnnalis cioov

      8 days ago

      Is it just me or is he a perfect mix in between wolverine iron man and captain America looks wise

  39. Arunmor


    9 days ago

    Can't you make one big or two big muscles that envelop your actual muscles then build the metal structure on the outside? Basically the opposite of this design. Its easier to move metal joints when they're further away from your body. The muscles themselves are flexible-ish.. About the time you were starting your channel is when I was brainstorming ideas to build a full exoskeleton, money got in the way, lack of tooling, space.. etc. Sad. 😞😞.

    • wnnalis cioov

      wnnalis cioov

      8 days ago

      You should make a full body muscle armor

  40. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov

    9 days ago

    2:01 as soon as August 7th starts, the whole world is finna change

  41. Abraham Palomo

    Abraham Palomo

    9 days ago

    Deberías de hacer las alas de Batman

    • wnnalis cioov

      wnnalis cioov

      9 days ago

      I swear that this guy is just alternate reality Cave Johnson

  42. Lincoln Cramer

    Lincoln Cramer

    10 days ago

    Do a left handed bionic arm please I'm left handed

  43. LastTube584


    10 days ago


  44. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    10 days ago

    Good job 👌👍

  45. Brian Stapleton

    Brian Stapleton

    10 days ago

    James looked like a crack head in the thumbnail 😂

  46. oxi tocin

    oxi tocin

    10 days ago

    why women live longer....

  47. Jacob Tallar

    Jacob Tallar

    11 days ago

    Next challenge: make it smaller

  48. L O K I

    L O K I

    11 days ago

    Sir i have a question can i contact you?

  49. Joshua Engle

    Joshua Engle

    11 days ago

    U should make something from halo next

    • alida flus

      alida flus

      11 days ago

      Hair helmet

  50. Don Ango

    Don Ango

    11 days ago

    Larry wheels left the chat . Aaahhgrrrrr

  51. 6Ꮢ6 Gaming

    6Ꮢ6 Gaming

    11 days ago

    This makes me think of bionic commando game

  52. ACE production

    ACE production

    12 days ago

    How is the government not paying him to make more deadly weapons like this

  53. Epic JOJO EJ

    Epic JOJO EJ

    12 days ago

    You should make a full body muscle armor

  54. Caden Merrill

    Caden Merrill

    12 days ago

    Is it just me or is he a perfect mix in between wolverine iron man and captain America looks wise

  55. Daniel Delasandro

    Daniel Delasandro

    12 days ago

    I think you should do a nother rainbow six siege video.

  56. Mr. Entertainer

    Mr. Entertainer

    12 days ago

    I swear that this guy is just alternate reality Cave Johnson

  57. Jack The Wrapper

    Jack The Wrapper

    12 days ago

    Make the Sonic Gun!

  58. DJMSM Please subscribe to me

    DJMSM Please subscribe to me

    12 days ago

    Big San almost killed his idol and boss and he didn’t even say sorry... wow.

  59. Timothy Mark! the-halfwit

    Timothy Mark! the-halfwit

    12 days ago

    if you ever read this I hope you could make a edge of tomorrow looking exoskeleton because that would be amazing

  60. razeenrajaful


    13 days ago

    This guy is my new favorite character from hacksmithaverse