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Diablo 2 Baal Runz 101

!!!!!HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY DIABLO 2!!!!!
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  1. DekA


    52 minutes ago

    Что произошло. Я как человек не знающий англ, не понял

  2. Wissle


    Hour ago

    l m a o :'D Beautiful!

  3. jackson yee

    jackson yee

    2 hours ago

    1:53 made me RofL so hard 😂😂😂

  4. ales


    4 hours ago

    "Oh my gosh, finally!" I laughed so hard, my colleagues asked if I was okay.

  5. Clemente Quintana

    Clemente Quintana

    4 hours ago

    Please make another one this was the greatest summary of Diablo 2 I've seen haha or at least for battle net

  6. Stefan de Jong

    Stefan de Jong

    5 hours ago

    People say that Diablo 2 was the best ARPG ever, but if a remake comes out and people see that all you do is kill the last boss over and over and over and over again, they'll get pretty bored pretty fast.

  7. Angel Atanasovski

    Angel Atanasovski

    5 hours ago

    8 months rly

  8. 102 world

    102 world

    5 hours ago

    Cant wait next one :(

  9. Dima 135

    Dima 135

    6 hours ago

    Newer played D2 online.

  10. nachodemon666


    6 hours ago

    Me: changing the wallpaper of my mother's computer. Mom: I am impressed, mortal.

  11. pt z

    pt z

    6 hours ago

    Who else just redownloaded this game just after this video?! The graphic is the only issue, and I'm 100% Blizz can earn more than the FF7 rw if they make a Diablo 2 rw

  12. julbot1


    7 hours ago


  13. Wayne WW Brown

    Wayne WW Brown

    9 hours ago

    how true is that but is the runner to Baal using a hack? me thinks yes do next Diablo Bots please what I don't like is people who try to trade the fantastic belt that is not legend

  14. mixio hili

    mixio hili

    9 hours ago

    That music, those sound effects, oh, the nostalgiaaaa... T_T

  15. WarBird


    9 hours ago

    01:08 Mr.Carbot is crying Xdddddddddddddddddddd

  16. bill gangsta

    bill gangsta

    10 hours ago

    YESSSS FINALLY!!! lol :D

  17. Kaida Hikari

    Kaida Hikari

    10 hours ago

    Not when you were the assassin going 1000mph to open the portal for the rest >:)

    • mixio hili

      mixio hili

      9 hours ago

      multiplayer was so good , specially at the start of a season , when you had 8 players going through the game from the start

  18. HorusHeresy1982


    11 hours ago

    Man the day you're in a nightclub and start to have your first ever panic attack because you suddenly become aware of how many Baal runs or trades you're missing while you're in a club with your mates is a fucking sobering experience. Told my girlfriend I had a problem and dumped everything I'd spent years collecting in a giveaway and never played again.... True story.

  19. Mikaël Rathe

    Mikaël Rathe

    13 hours ago


  20. Lbot beenthere

    Lbot beenthere

    13 hours ago

    You missed the part where you spawn in and the gloams rape u and the bots leave game. I got a dead HC assassin on the top 10 probably 20 or 39 now

  21. Mark Nadeau

    Mark Nadeau

    15 hours ago

    I am surprised the game "mule" or "parking" hasn't made it lol

  22. Tommy Brant

    Tommy Brant

    16 hours ago

    wow. just. wow. so accurate it's uncanny

  23. Anders Pedersen

    Anders Pedersen

    18 hours ago

    Seems accurate.

  24. Kurushi


    18 hours ago

    Thats why you always create the next baal run while theyre in the previous one :moon face:

  25. Kevin Park

    Kevin Park

    18 hours ago


  26. Interesting Output

    Interesting Output

    19 hours ago

    The pinnacle and bloody accuracy of our early 2000's frustrations in two minutes. Good work, crew.

  27. fistoz


    20 hours ago

    hahaha, love D2 tribute :D But I can't relate, I've always been among the quickest, baalrun leaders ! There's just a little something missing in the multiple games you can join in the beginning : the D2 specific trade format "N Enigma O pgs", "O Forty eth bug N Hrs" and such ^^

  28. Mufasotep


    20 hours ago

    "Free Plz" LOL!!

  29. sometimes I just Warri

    sometimes I just Warri

    20 hours ago

    didnt know tyrael had malfurions voice

  30. 平面设计频道b-crossTV


    20 hours ago

    im 29 years old damn

  31. 平面设计频道b-crossTV


    20 hours ago

    im 29 years old damn

  32. Marcus Munch

    Marcus Munch

    21 hour ago

    this is actually touching really hard the boys, i remember EVERYTHING about this

  33. MrDeothor


    22 hours ago

    Still better game than D3

  34. Mozgodrobil


    22 hours ago

    Only missing Sorceress's Static Field spam, but genius none the less!

  35. Tero E

    Tero E

    22 hours ago

    This is perfect.

  36. Yunocchi Yuphoria

    Yunocchi Yuphoria

    22 hours ago

    did this guy just forget how long you sit around waiting for baals minion waves to spawn?

  37. Cedric Ophoff

    Cedric Ophoff

    23 hours ago

    That music just gets me every time.

  38. X Y Z

    X Y Z

    Day ago

    LOL! so effing nostalgic!

  39. 느금마


    Day ago


  40. tarrker


    Day ago

    Eh. It's more like "That game does not exist". "That game does not exist". "Game is full".

  41. Jinxe vis

    Jinxe vis

    Day ago

    I was hopeing for the CD key lockout aswell

  42. RomireTV


    Day ago

    I dont get it?

  43. Isenhart


    Day ago

    More Diablol2 plz! BTW where's all the bot spam?!

  44. Renato Di Sabatino

    Renato Di Sabatino

    Day ago

    Amazing! =D=D=D

  45. Deman Dema

    Deman Dema

    Day ago

    I didn’t play online back then. Is online Baal harder than lan Baal with 4 people?

  46. xyxyxy xyxyxy

    xyxyxy xyxyxy

    Day ago

    0:29 and he fell down xDDDD

  47. Tallon Qsack

    Tallon Qsack

    Day ago

    Pretty much.

  48. Airhead_


    Day ago

    that El rune though.

  49. Big Kahuna

    Big Kahuna

    Day ago

    Forgot the long runs to find Baal, then sorc grabs all drops and leaves game.

  50. Toni and Troy

    Toni and Troy

    Day ago


  51. Profixt Rope Access

    Profixt Rope Access

    Day ago


  52. Megasaiyu


    Day ago


  53. Kage261


    Day ago

    Poor guy needs a Enigma. :(

  54. Shym


    Day ago

    so true! good old memories

  55. Rob Williamson

    Rob Williamson

    Day ago

    Good times.

  56. atheno chen

    atheno chen

    Day ago

    aww poor baal xD

  57. Nate the Skate

    Nate the Skate

    Day ago

    Yo Carbot! would you be willing to cartoon an upcoming fan made reforge of battle for middle earth the video game? I am going to ask in every video from here on out until I get a response.

  58. Gabriel Saz

    Gabriel Saz

    Day ago

    bot net

  59. Nicolas M

    Nicolas M

    Day ago

    And here's your daily reminder that Activision killed Hots BEFORE Baal even showed up in it, despite it being a great game with a large and growing playerbase.

    • MrsHoneyFlavah


      3 hours ago

      I also heard that they were killing hots, but they keep releasing new heroes and such?

  60. Arg Etect

    Arg Etect

    Day ago

    Are.... Are you no longer being repressed?!

  61. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez

    Day ago actually really accurate.

  62. EpiD3MiC


    Day ago

    haha so good

  63. Julien Willems

    Julien Willems

    Day ago

    it's absolutely true !

  64. 187Um E

    187Um E

    Day ago

    a remaster would have been much better news for us real fans who don's care about phones

  65. Rodrigo Melotto

    Rodrigo Melotto

    Day ago

    This is so accurate I couldn't stop laughing

  66. Camilla Saietz

    Camilla Saietz

    Day ago

    Hahaha... This is so true 😂😂

  67. 89qwyg9yqa34t


    Day ago

    You forgot "Realm Down." If you join a game that is complete, you have to wait five minutes to join again, or you'll eventually get soft-banned for joining too many games.

  68. Martin


    Day ago

    Omg, this is so accurate, it's almost creepy.

  69. moonho kang

    moonho kang

    Day ago

    real diablo 2 fans know that its all about that ASSassin running upwards on the screen

  70. Konzetsu


    Day ago

    Nothing about finally getting a fresh run only to have a ganker pop in? or teleport mages and jump barbarians outpacing the entire group, find Baal and kill him whilst you’re stuck wading through the hordes of enemies they kited and then ditched?

  71. Protostar


    2 days ago

    I remember the loading screen all too well.

  72. vexienroe


    2 days ago

    Fucking amazing.

  73. Rorre


    2 days ago

    ancients plz free plz I can feel that :D So true

  74. H MR

    H MR

    2 days ago

    I'm missing the lvl 99 bot accounts, the chat spam for the latest online item seller, the pally and amazon enigma armor teleporters, the full tal rasha set sorc and most importantly THE GLOAM DOLL MURDER COMBO IN THE THRONE ROOM!

  75. Beretta249


    2 days ago

    Ah the Assassin. Most forgotten and least liked D2 hero. RIP, Clawdia.

  76. Brother Paul

    Brother Paul

    2 days ago

    Aside from your amazing work from Diablo to Starcraft and beyond. There are 50 million idiots playing CoD for no reason and a waste of life. You deserve 50+ Million subs because your work is better.

  77. Grégoire Lecocq

    Grégoire Lecocq

    2 days ago

    Well done carbot : these fellows mates are figuring truly demons next to Bhaal

  78. social3ngin33rin


    2 days ago


  79. mr burns

    mr burns

    2 days ago

    Hahahaha poor Baal XD

  80. Wai Kwan

    Wai Kwan

    2 days ago

    remember when people couldn't catch up so they would try to steal the lobby name. XD