ASMR NEXT LEVEL for Brain Melting Tingles and Deep Sleep

Let's take it to the NEXT LEVEL! Prepare yourself for some BRAIN-MELTING TINGLES. And, be warned, they most likely lead to very deep sleep. ASMR Zeitgeist presents a variety of brand new and experimental ASMR triggers from ear to ear. It also includes all the popular trigger classics such as tapping, scratching, crinkle sounds and brushing. But, with a little twist. ;D
This is a no talking ASMR trigger assortment with a whispered intro. Sounds only start at 3:20
Please listen with headphones or earbuds to fully experience the binaural sound.
This ASMR video is intended to help you study, relax, sleep, and TINGLE. Enjoy! :D
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C U SOON! :)



  1. asmr zeitgeist

    asmr zeitgeist

    8 days ago

    Hey sweet insomniacs & tingle lovers, are you ready for the next level?? I have got some brand new, intense and brain-melting triggers for you tonight. I hope you like it! Let me know down below which one you enjoyed the most. :)

    • wattmelberries


      5 hours ago

      I liked the clay one best

    • Icyy Max

      Icyy Max

      17 hours ago

      Elon musk asmr

    • Lillie Sanchez

      Lillie Sanchez

      19 hours ago

      I loved every trigger, this my first time on ur Channel and I have to say I loved this video. This is by far the best asmr head I've ever seen. New fan here thanks for the tingles, u really really helped me relax and get sleepy gn hun!

    • Zoeie


      20 hours ago

      those cloth gloves & the wand thingies from the intro are god level

    • Melissa Garrison

      Melissa Garrison

      23 hours ago

      What is this machine

  2. Selinsgrove


    10 seconds ago

    Jmd Deutsch fühle mich so alleine lol

  3. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini

    14 minutes ago

    Me tryna see if i can see his hands poke in frame when he’s moving the tube things like: 👁👄👁

  4. Cøøkie Stëaler :3

    Cøøkie Stëaler :3

    15 minutes ago

    Me: >chilling to asmr< US-state: *IMMA BIG KID NOW! IMMA BIG KID NOW!! :D* Me: hippity hoppity I will break your kneecaps

    • Cøøkie Stëaler :3

      Cøøkie Stëaler :3

      8 minutes ago

      @bilinas mini all the gay boys are attracted to straight boys, all the straight boys are attracted to lesbian girls, all the lesbian girls are attracted to straight girls and all the straight girls are attracted to the gay boys. (I have nothing against LGBTQ btw. Infact I'm the "L"! I just thought it was funny.)

    • bilinas mini

      bilinas mini

      14 minutes ago

      (Warning this comment is out of context. Oh and my english is bad sometimes) Have you notice that most of attractive men are gay? Xd

  5. Jarret Hicks

    Jarret Hicks

    23 minutes ago

    Trigger is our word, you can say trigga

  6. KruKahdinho Dolly guaraná

    KruKahdinho Dolly guaraná

    27 minutes ago

    Man...i think...i..think..YOU ARE THE BEST CHANNEL OF ASMR OF THE WORLD\( '^')9

  7. Colleen McFadden

    Colleen McFadden

    31 minute ago

    Of course...only you would have a pillow in the nicest green hue next to the cutest pink tee. It's an outfit in the making. I see snuggly jammie pants in the future. The pink and green are meant to be! (paired together.) ,,,when I was little, my crayons talked, and had personalities. They hung out and chatted about school and how much they loved my art. They also fell in love with each other... Does this seem crazy?. Favorite crayola color was midnight blue. It still is. Omg. I know I'm going to be buying a 64 pack tomorrow. I love to color. And I'd need a cool coloring book from the 80's. Look!. Your videos are not just for sleeping.. they are an inspiring stimuli as well. 🧚‍♀️☀️🏵️☘️🌺🌀🌊

  8. Parker Franklin

    Parker Franklin

    41 minute ago

    “ Alex looks a little different “ me no shit the fuckers glowing

  9. CallMeJoe


    43 minutes ago

    His voice seems far too deep for his body

  10. Raven


    52 minutes ago

    doesn´t he look like a f1 pilot ???

  11. Brandon Hartono

    Brandon Hartono

    57 minutes ago

    Thats like iron man

  12. Colleen McFadden

    Colleen McFadden

    Hour ago

    Michael, First, WOW! This was my first time watching a asmr creation by you. Actually I restarted it bc I mostly listened the first time. I'm watching "the ears" as I'll call it right now. This is unlike anything else I've experienced. I usually don't like whispering, but leave it to you to change that. I'm a fan now. And I will be drifting off to another video in 5 minutes. Insomnia is maddening. It is what started me looking for "sleep music." Then I found guided sleep meditation and hynosis, and finally, asmr. That has led me to your channel. Can't wait to hear/see my next video. Thank you for sharing your creativity with this and other nightriders. 🙆 😔😴🙋‍♀️💞

  13. ELEVEN tm

    ELEVEN tm

    Hour ago

    Please make a part 2 of all the previews please

  14. joseph reese

    joseph reese

    Hour ago

    I'm listening to this with my ear buds... I THINK I'VE BEEN LOBOTOMIZE😵

  15. Lisa Benavides

    Lisa Benavides

    Hour ago

    Hi sweet ❤ heart..do you have a place I can talk to you one on one..i have some issues that I think you can help me THREW this ..baby one of your vedios

    • Lisa Benavides

      Lisa Benavides

      Hour ago

      Just sadness..i don't feel good about ma self..i am sad all the time..i want to be happy...i can't find happyness in ma life

  16. Alas҉t҉o҉r҉


    Hour ago

    Plot twist: he was saw and hasn’t scratched his throat in years

  17. Loafey Muffins

    Loafey Muffins

    Hour ago

    POV: your not deaf 😳

  18. freya keating

    freya keating

    Hour ago

    Not a man I’m so uncomfortable

  19. Ella Henshall

    Ella Henshall

    2 hours ago

    Is anyone else wondering how much Alex 2.0 cost?

  20. firemaster 2233

    firemaster 2233

    2 hours ago

    20:06 oh... this... this is kinda spooky

  21. firemaster 2233

    firemaster 2233

    2 hours ago

    (Warning this comment is out of context. Oh and my english is bad sometimes) Have you notice that most of attractive men are gay? Xd

  22. Lee Morgan

    Lee Morgan

    2 hours ago

    Probably the best asmr video I've ever seen mate.

  23. Ethan Crawley

    Ethan Crawley

    2 hours ago

    This mask is designed for skin treatments, blue is the anti aging colour and it can go red which boosts collagen. They retail for about $5k and each treatment costs about $40

  24. Cheese Eater

    Cheese Eater

    2 hours ago

    We need a 10 hours version.

  25. D player

    D player

    2 hours ago

    Timestamps: Start- 00:00 End-35:39

  26. aesthetic koala

    aesthetic koala

    2 hours ago

    3:26 this made me extremely uncomfortable but that's fine cuts it sounds nice

  27. Dankdatshiet


    3 hours ago

    I didn't know Lewis Hamilton did ASMR.

  28. Polarsternchen


    3 hours ago

    Hi, super Video wie die davor auch, aber es war alles recht futuristisch orientiert. Kannst du mal eine Zeitreise zurück machen mit z.B. mehr hölzernen Objekten? Bitte? Hattest ja mal im dt Video gefragt was man für De repräsentierend nutzen kann. Vielleicht kannst du "typisch Schwarzwald" einfließen lassen. Denke dabei zumindest immer an viel Holz und so :)

  29. Adam Clark

    Adam Clark

    3 hours ago


  30. YourLocalHufflepuff


    3 hours ago

    I- I’m not so sure I want my brain to melt I- Oh wait hold on- It already has, you just killed the 1/1000000000 of a brain cell I have left, I don’t think I it makes a difference. Especially since it took me half the video to write that and the other half to figure out how to spell since.

  31. Angie Ajani

    Angie Ajani

    3 hours ago

    This didn’t help and I’m still tired and can not sleep, I’m just gonna watch some slime or something

  32. R6_Boi


    3 hours ago

    Is my man guiding a plane for liftoff lmao

  33. Subbing to anyone who subs to me

    Subbing to anyone who subs to me

    3 hours ago

    Skittles commercials are getting really out of hand

  34. Max Evans

    Max Evans

    3 hours ago

    I feel like this frequency is doing something to my brain... I just don’t know what.

  35. savage


    3 hours ago

    bruh wtf are those things

  36. butt hole

    butt hole

    3 hours ago

    I just remembered when zeitgeist used to go double screen when he he said his name

  37. The World Of Concerts

    The World Of Concerts

    3 hours ago

    Wenn man bei seinen Videos nicht einschläft dann weiß ich auch nicht weiter haha

  38. Desert Igor

    Desert Igor

    3 hours ago


  39. Big Mac

    Big Mac

    4 hours ago

    it could be a skin in Starwars xD

  40. Hannelore Krafft

    Hannelore Krafft

    4 hours ago

    Du bist doo mega ps: ich weiß das du deutsch kannst weil du heißt ZEIT...GEIST

  41. matejcool


    4 hours ago

    The future guys

  42. TheRainbowCarrot


    4 hours ago

    I think alex is really enjoying it...

  43. Liam Somay

    Liam Somay

    4 hours ago

    I feel like im playing “detroit: become human”

  44. Sven 007

    Sven 007

    4 hours ago

    The sister of Alex is Alexa

  45. Robin Dobros

    Robin Dobros

    4 hours ago

    Where does he get all the props?

  46. thedragon12


    4 hours ago

    You're such an artist, all your videos impress me by its audio quality and even more by its visuals

  47. thesquash 326

    thesquash 326

    4 hours ago

    I didn't get asmr feelings or found this as asmr material but yeah i do agree that video is really good and of next level/coming future. Your hardwork is clearly there👍

  48. Leanne Lilly

    Leanne Lilly

    4 hours ago

    I never knew what tingles felt like until now

  49. Jess


    4 hours ago

    Was not expecting the plot twist at 21:38

  50. Joe Lande

    Joe Lande

    4 hours ago

    This is awesome and you are now my new favorite ASMR channel! Liked, subscribed and I will be catching up with your past videos.

  51. JL


    4 hours ago


  52. Nevio_008


    4 hours ago

    Asmr zeitgeist hat einfach ASMR durch gespielt 😂 😂

  53. Liam Pråhl

    Liam Pråhl

    4 hours ago


  54. TheBlackDiamond


    4 hours ago

    6:23 I really like the noise of the thing dabbing against the ear

  55. Атанас Костов

    Атанас Костов

    4 hours ago

    Is this asmr from the future?

  56. Jonas Pleuß

    Jonas Pleuß

    5 hours ago

    Hey, wann kommt das nächste Video auf deutsch? :-)

  57. Yuls ASMR

    Yuls ASMR

    5 hours ago

    Zeitgeist is introducing the future to us

  58. Yuls ASMR

    Yuls ASMR

    5 hours ago

    God! I feel i'm in a movie

  59. Yana Yuiko

    Yana Yuiko

    5 hours ago


  60. Joseph Gray

    Joseph Gray

    5 hours ago

    I was searching "how to get away with sucking toes of your sleeping neighbors" and THIS weird crap was recommended. Thanks US-state, but no thanks. I'm not into this weird stuff.