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  1. Jeffreyy T

    Jeffreyy T

    4 hours ago

    I would love to be Jeremy's assistant😘😁😀

  2. Jessica Pantaleon

    Jessica Pantaleon

    5 hours ago

    Ur face is red

  3. iilxnely vibezz

    iilxnely vibezz

    10 hours ago


  4. Maureen Cairns

    Maureen Cairns

    12 hours ago

    You and Pierson should date!

  5. astroreta 123

    astroreta 123

    17 hours ago

    5:09 He's eyes r sooo funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Maria Fernanda

    Maria Fernanda

    17 hours ago

    182k. Come on Pierson

  7. Rithvik B

    Rithvik B

    21 hour ago

    They r soo red 2:00

  8. Jayden Lee

    Jayden Lee

    Day ago

    No brent is her boy f

  9. Ava Spooner

    Ava Spooner

    Day ago


  10. Ava Spooner

    Ava Spooner

    Day ago

    when oierson looks into my eyes

  11. Keeks Grnwd

    Keeks Grnwd

    Day ago

    It happened be her assistant

  12. *_Planty Plants_*

    *_Planty Plants_*

    Day ago

    #jeremson 😉😎😂 sorry Brent! 😜

  13. Kailyn Woods

    Kailyn Woods

    Day ago

    Pearson going to keep doing Keeping Up with the appshians

  14. elisa r

    elisa r

    Day ago

    I'm scer you person

  15. Rishika Ghosh

    Rishika Ghosh

    Day ago

    broo it reached 150k pierson HIRE JEREMY

  16. Ashlesha Singh

    Ashlesha Singh

    Day ago

    #binod make it viral ppl!!!!!

  17. Athena The Cat

    Athena The Cat

    Day ago

    She was such a good sport 👏👏

  18. Sama Diab

    Sama Diab

    Day ago

    They blush real hard😳

  19. Grace Song

    Grace Song

    Day ago

    i honestly thought mason would be Jeremys personal assistant

  20. Kathy Chappell-Cook

    Kathy Chappell-Cook

    Day ago

    How did you just your arm???

  21. Psycho killer

    Psycho killer

    Day ago

    Why aren't you guys wearing masks ??

  22. Aira’s Lifestyle

    Aira’s Lifestyle

    2 days ago

    The title should be "peirson will say yes to me for 24 hours" lol

  23. Alzay Dorsey

    Alzay Dorsey

    2 days ago

    How did he hurt his hand

  24. Alouh Family

    Alouh Family

    2 days ago

    1:52 they are both blushing BRENT IS SO MAD RN!

  25. rasha rasha

    rasha rasha

    2 days ago

    Way is your arm broken 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  26. Chirag Shantilal Jani

    Chirag Shantilal Jani

    3 days ago

    We r waiting for Jeremy being personal assistant vdo.. M

  27. Lauren C

    Lauren C

    3 days ago

    Pierson knows how to properly brush her teeth

  28. XxSugary N SweetxX

    XxSugary N SweetxX

    3 days ago

    He so Hawt- ♡

  29. Myah Bæza

    Myah Bæza

    3 days ago

    honestly i ship jeremy and pierson more than brent and pierson

  30. Nantricia Ali

    Nantricia Ali

    3 days ago


  31. That’s Just Ava

    That’s Just Ava

    3 days ago




    3 days ago

    Who ships Pierson and Jeremy

  33. Tiger Cui

    Tiger Cui

    3 days ago

    Jeremy is so annoying

  34. lilly tweedale

    lilly tweedale

    3 days ago

    perison is correct with the toothbrush stage!

  35. Asher Gebremichel

    Asher Gebremichel

    4 days ago

    Peirson what do you care about what people says about you just do everything you think it is right i personally think like that i don't care what other said

  36. Rexvrt


    4 days ago

    Just saying Brent Probably got Mad when Pierson was feeding him

  37. イWノイᄃん


    4 days ago

    150k LIKESSSS

  38. sriraag shiva

    sriraag shiva

    4 days ago

    Uhhhh it's 180k likes now



    4 days ago

    If you give brent More likes than he has piercen will be his assistant

  40. Jamison Gustavus

    Jamison Gustavus

    4 days ago

    I ship them

  41. Katrice c

    Katrice c

    4 days ago

    I can literally smell his feet and his toothpaste through the camera disgusting🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  42. Jennette Hales

    Jennette Hales

    4 days ago

    You definitely put toothpaste then water

  43. Riya Rawal

    Riya Rawal

    4 days ago

    So all this while he was talking without brushed teeth!!

  44. World of Jasmine

    World of Jasmine

    4 days ago

    Jeremy i love you

  45. Tejashvi Singh

    Tejashvi Singh

    5 days ago

    @peirson love ya gurll

  46. 41 z

    41 z

    5 days ago

    i love jeremy's blue eyes and i love pierson too and the balbljp that is the name i gave to the fam b- brent a -andrew l- lexi r b-ben l-lexi h j- jeremy p- pierson if i forgot anyone please write in the comments

  47. Tina Echipare

    Tina Echipare

    5 days ago

    I ship you guys

  48. Anushree gowda

    Anushree gowda

    5 days ago

    And this video as to be done by Brent

  49. Zariah Adams

    Zariah Adams

    5 days ago

    Peirsons right you put the water on than toothpaste than water again 😂

  50. Mr.rex tino

    Mr.rex tino

    5 days ago

    ????no comment

  51. Smiley Girl

    Smiley Girl

    5 days ago

    Jeremy: I cant do anything with my hand. Also Jeremy: Films the whole video with that hand.

  52. Zara Danyal

    Zara Danyal

    5 days ago

    Hi how are you how's your hand

  53. Aiko Banks

    Aiko Banks

    5 days ago


  54. Eriana Chaney

    Eriana Chaney

    5 days ago

    What happened to his wrist??

  55. Tasha Rodriguez

    Tasha Rodriguez

    5 days ago

    So funny

  56. Tasha Rodriguez

    Tasha Rodriguez

    5 days ago


  57. Marion Wambui

    Marion Wambui

    5 days ago

    Jeremy likes Pierson

  58. Farah Amira

    Farah Amira

    5 days ago

    they look like a couple!

  59. Lusanda Tshwete

    Lusanda Tshwete

    6 days ago

    prison is the best friend everyone want's to have

  60. Hero Saga

    Hero Saga

    6 days ago

    You put the water first then the toothpaste