Film Theory: Willy Wonka RIGGED the Golden Tickets!

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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a gem in the history of movies. It stands out not just for the acting and the main story, but all of the things you can find hiding beneath the surface. It is a surprisingly ominous movie and the character of Willy Wonka is at the center of the horror. We've talked about Wonka using the Golden Tickets to pass off his OSHA violations onto the winner, but what if that was not the only trick he's trying to pull? What else is Willy Wonka up to? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. cowsticks7


    19 minutes ago

    video pitch for food theory witch chocalate bar is best

  2. unknown


    35 minutes ago

    Theory idea. Who is jason voorhees father?

  3. Illusive Duck5

    Illusive Duck5

    36 minutes ago

    I know i sound like a nerd but you wouldn’t need to use removal, because 1 person could (while not likely) get 2 tickets.

  4. Frank


    37 minutes ago

    Nice fallout new Vegas reference 18:16

  5. pink_ angel

    pink_ angel

    40 minutes ago

    i know this might be random but can you do a theory on Battington's lost VHS tapes. It looks like a normal channel until you filter the videos to their most popular, then you should be able find most of their "lost VHS tapes". I've seen channels reacting to the VHS tapes and I've seen most of them myself with my some of friends. the VHS tapes seem too have a hidden story behind them and i want you to check it out. i don't know and i don't care what theory you do, i just really want you to do a theory about the channel. here is the link to the channel: us-state.comvideos. I'm sorry if this comment sounds pushy or something, I've never commented before TwT.

    • Kat_chan


      23 minutes ago

      I've watched most of the lost VHS tapes, and I also think there is a hidden story/ message behind them. I think there is more to the lost VHS tapes then some creepy toys and figures! There seems to be a storyline/ plot to them but I'm not completely sure. I hope Matpat makes a video on them it would make my day knowing the truth behind these creepy videos, tho I've watched most of them I still have some questions.

  6. t pop

    t pop

    43 minutes ago

    music theory

  7. DepressionCuring Dog

    DepressionCuring Dog

    44 minutes ago

    Can you do a silly idea where you test if 682 could wear 035 and the problems and effects of this combo if possible? Just a suggestion.

  8. Owen Blat

    Owen Blat

    Hour ago

    We need survival theory!

  9. jade lauren

    jade lauren

    Hour ago

    I have a question, in the original book didn’t they have 6 ticket winners but decided not to put the last one in movie since she got killed off

  10. Vanessa Afton

    Vanessa Afton

    Hour ago

    i can't get twitter account but this really bugs me.... *WHO* is Willy Wonka's Mother?

  11. Juli


    Hour ago

    one thing you forgot to consider (or maybe just didnt mention) would be that not every person even bought any candy bars for example Charlie has a family of 7 but they only buy 3 bars in total now in poorer areas not only would there be less people who buy large amounts but also less people who would buy any at all, so that would probably increase the percentage as well

  12. fyremunky


    Hour ago

    One thing you didn’t account for at the end... the rich girl didn’t purchase the chocolate. It was from a bulk purchase that was unwrapped utilizing the factory workers.

  13. fluttershy thecutest

    fluttershy thecutest

    Hour ago

    Have you seen Alan tortial i need a theory on that

  14. Jordan Ez

    Jordan Ez

    Hour ago

    Bro Thanos only set us back 50 years...

  15. Sebastian Arellano

    Sebastian Arellano

    Hour ago

    Mat Pat: Lets get Film theory to 10 Million! Me: (Makes 5 other alt acounts)

  16. Danman05 .

    Danman05 .

    Hour ago

    Hi there Matt Pat I love your videos I have an idea for a Theory: How much would it cost to build a robot boxer from Real Steel

  17. TheScienceWhiz


    Hour ago

    Who also thought food theory was a joke

  18. Thomas Moore

    Thomas Moore

    Hour ago

    Dear Mat pat: Please make a film theory on the magic school bus. if you really dig deep, there is stuff about Mrs frizzles parents, (they were pirates) and explain to me why she choose to be a school teacher when she could be saving the universe like Dr. who! I mean her bus can travel through time, shrink itself, and get to mars in less then a minute!! who knows if Mrs Frizzle secretly is a time lord saving the universe from unknown dangers. Every trip, it seams like she has an encounter with someone who knows her. PS. I know it might be a lot of watching kid tv show episodes. so I could feed info on Reddit free of charge as a loyal film theorist. and I wouldn't mind getting a shout out if you decided to do an episode about this ;)

  19. Dakoda Clark

    Dakoda Clark

    Hour ago

    game theory pitch. is it possible to create the bliss from far cry 5

  20. 1 Million Subscribers W/ No Videos

    1 Million Subscribers W/ No Videos

    Hour ago

    Right when the hands came out at 8:21, it's like the middle hand was so yellow, I was expecting a Simpsons reference or something... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  21. Louise Banks

    Louise Banks

    2 hours ago

    Got to the end by utilising the 10 second skip function. The plug at the beginning is understandable but went on so long. To get a mid theory plug and another long one at the end was too much mate.

  22. Summer M

    Summer M

    2 hours ago

    god I LOVE research like this!!! so fun!

  23. Brad Cole

    Brad Cole

    2 hours ago

    What about the theory that owen Wilson from total drama is based on the actor owen Wilson.

  24. Ashules


    2 hours ago


  25. Zaidin Hamzah

    Zaidin Hamzah

    2 hours ago

    Is it possible to deflect a missile in space in cartoon wander over yader? PlS anwers

  26. vina jaranilla

    vina jaranilla

    2 hours ago

    How about Conspiracy theroy

  27. Spy helper

    Spy helper

    2 hours ago

    What about blue sky studios like spies in disguise?

  28. Quindell Hayes

    Quindell Hayes

    2 hours ago

    المالك والمشاهدين والمشتركين. تم فصل المشاهد (Quindell) وإنهائه من قبل مؤسسة ACP. يجب إرسال أي أسئلة بخصوص هذا الإعلان كتابة إلى مؤسسة ACP. ويلي ذلك إنهاء فوري للورقة. تم إنهاء Directline007.p. تنتهي

  29. Daniel Castellanos

    Daniel Castellanos

    2 hours ago

    I searched in what year does Charlie and the chocolate factory take place and got the same answer on safari. 😂

  30. Maskyboi 72

    Maskyboi 72

    2 hours ago

    Theory with for film theory: what is the number in the bottomless pit episode in gravity falls

  31. Aaron Mcneal

    Aaron Mcneal

    3 hours ago

    Wow. The math and inclusions in this one it's amazing. Love your channel. Keep up the great work!

  32. Maxon Schreave

    Maxon Schreave

    3 hours ago

    I used to make film theories with friends when I was at high school and when it came to Willy Wonka's factory we definitely likened it to coca cola, not only because it made sense in terms of economics but if you just look at what Coca Cola represented as a corporation in terms of politics of the world. So yeah that's an amazing guess

  33. temmie otter/cat

    temmie otter/cat

    3 hours ago

    you forgot the probability of 1 person getting 2 tickets (ie agustus veruca other people)

  34. Embee


    3 hours ago

    The idea that Wonka Riggs it becomes even more clear in the remake. We see him place the tickets himself by hand. Which implies he knows where they're going, and when the fake ticket is announced its Wonka that discredits it, the only way he would know without seeing it, is if he knows where the tickets are and who they're supposed to go to.

  35. Rockets 777

    Rockets 777

    3 hours ago

    The movie pretty clearly implied fate had chosen the kids.It's kind of like Santa magic, he didn't directly control it but he works directly with the aspects of fate and judgement. There are some interesting, dark undertones to this film though.

  36. Sinovis


    3 hours ago

    Vsauce: starts with a simple question and in the end he has talked about all sorts of mad things Film Theory: Goes right from the start by answering all sorts of mad things, just to finally answer a simple question

  37. The Lion's Den

    The Lion's Den

    3 hours ago

    Theory pitch for food theory arazona tea is better for you then soda

  38. squiddyboy _diego

    squiddyboy _diego

    3 hours ago

    my theory mat pat is actually thanos he evidence is right there he snapped a bunch of people out of exsistence

  39. GhostFox 9110

    GhostFox 9110

    4 hours ago

    MatPat: If You Liked this episode and let's face it you got the the end of it, ya did Me using it as background sound: yes yes I did

  40. XxtitanfallghostXx


    4 hours ago

    4th wheel slot, BOOK THEORY!

  41. Lucas Jones

    Lucas Jones

    4 hours ago

    What about a book or song theory?

  42. Kellen Grace

    Kellen Grace

    4 hours ago

    You didn't factor in taste or preference of candy or even factor in preference in brands of candy bar back then what if a lot of people in other countries didn't want to compete and spent there money on another brand hmmnhmmmm you didn't think about that did you?

  43. lhw1221


    4 hours ago

    My first thoughts in the episode First WTF is this for a question Second : how will you answer that I am From germany and we belive It increases racism over all ethnic groups, if such statistics are even available. So we don't have that, and we already have a whole country out. I won't go any further, because the question is impossible to answer in my eyes. I would like to point out that I find the question politically uncorrect. Let a german tell you, that these questions are more dangerous for everyone, than I think you realize.

  44. bestking Storm

    bestking Storm

    4 hours ago

    He needs to do a theory on where fez was born in that 70s Show

  45. aVa Lol

    aVa Lol

    4 hours ago

    why where Mary Poppins go to other children is it connected to the other movie about the kids who get rid of there Nannie's because they are scared of the kids? Sorry forgot the name

  46. Gayle Woodruff

    Gayle Woodruff

    4 hours ago

    im subed to all chanels

  47. Federico Olivares

    Federico Olivares

    4 hours ago

    Near ten years? More like near 11

  48. Noah ALTREKY

    Noah ALTREKY

    4 hours ago

    And what makes it more ovieous that the candy that’s nearest too candy he doesn’t take

  49. Teisa


    4 hours ago

    Actually would Removal even matter because of the possibility that someone could get two golden tickets??? It’s very improbable but not impossible.

  50. The Life of M O T H

    The Life of M O T H

    4 hours ago

    I wonder what would happen if a hobbit stepped on a lego?

  51. Dankcreeper


    4 hours ago

    Final part of logo idea Meme Theory?!?!?!

  52. Mikey Compton

    Mikey Compton

    4 hours ago

    Hey next channel needs to be furniture theory

  53. Zeph Samdperil

    Zeph Samdperil

    4 hours ago

    In Dahl's "The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me", which takes place in England, they mention Wonka candy as a foreign import

  54. Cadeboy13


    4 hours ago

    I just thought of something MatPat should try to predict the SpongeBob anime's plot going off what they've already released, like the 4 Openings and the 1st episode, and maybe drawing from other anime that are kinda similar and their paths (like Naruto by the looks of it)

  55. The Science guy's here

    The Science guy's here

    5 hours ago

    For once I thought you actually looked at all the Evidence

  56. Pancakes Animation

    Pancakes Animation

    5 hours ago

    Theory Pitch for Film Theory: What does Eliza’s gasp mean at the end of Hamilton

  57. Rylie Dash

    Rylie Dash

    5 hours ago

    will u do a theory on King from the owl house being bill ciphers new form? Plzzzz there so similar

  58. Lukeawsomeness2


    5 hours ago

    Fortnite boo

  59. Austin Directo

    Austin Directo

    5 hours ago

    If your video buffers at 12:03 , then the loading circle will go perfectly around the circular flag in the middle.

  60. TruePerception


    5 hours ago

    Well, it's easy to assume Wonka would have known which cases went where. They placed the tickets, tracked where that case ended up going, and sent Slugworth to intercept the winners. It's also not crazy to assume that the legalize required that only children could be the "winners". We can exclude Slugworth intercepting Charlie so quickly as dramatic for drama's sake. If he was watching that store specifically, and jumped in a car, he could have gotten in front of a running child.