The Psychology of Azula l Avatar: The Last Airbender

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“Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality” by Timothy Leary
“Schizophrenia in Children” by J Louise Despert
“Patterns of Parent-Child Relationships in Schizophrenia” by Suzanne Reichard and Caril Tillman
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  1. Hello Future Me

    Hello Future Me

    Year ago

    This video was blocked by Viacom, and while I'm disputing it, I don't know how long it will be up, so if you'd like to see more of this kind of content, please consider supporting me and Supreme Leader Mishy here >>> (+Discord!) I've had a total of 13 hours sleep in the past 72 hours. It's 6AM here, and I'm so freaking tired, but here you go: Azula's psychology. Stay nerdy, Tim

    • Ariesstar26


      Day ago

      Hello Future Me I’m a quiet fan but you really outdid yourself with this video. Exceptional and insightful breakdown of this character. I have an ENTIRELY different perspective of Azula. Please don’t stop doing these character analysis videos.

    • Selina Kyle

      Selina Kyle

      4 days ago

      Hello Future Me Your name is Tim and you’re promoting nerdism. I’m getting Tim Drake vibes here

    • Rainstrider Streamflower

      Rainstrider Streamflower

      6 days ago

      When you debunk Azula being a psychopath, you might be confusing psychopath with sociopath. Since psychopaths don't act rashly while sociopaths do. There is one character I'd define as a sociopath, Sol Regem from TDP!

    • Erin Marin

      Erin Marin

      8 days ago

      possibly because you where saying bitch instead of beach - sorry man for the language but try to fix it. I even have problems with it since i have an lisp

    • Un Jota Pe

      Un Jota Pe

      8 days ago

      F*ck Viacom, this video is amazing

  2. Доктор парадокс

    Доктор парадокс

    7 hours ago

    If Azula was in our world Ozai would have blamed videogames

  3. Bork PomPom

    Bork PomPom

    11 hours ago

    Honestly watching the show I always remembered her interactions with Ursa. I immediately remember that the only time Ursa tells Azula that she loves her is in Azula’s delusions. “What is wrong with that child?” made me feel so bad for her. When she tries to teach Azula right from wrong she presents Azula as a troublemaker/bad egg rather than a kid not knowing better since her value system was taught to her by her father. Even if she did also love Azula it would’ve been hard for any kid to interpret that as something other than mom only liking the other sibling.

  4. SSol V

    SSol V

    13 hours ago

    And people say that is imposible to make good kid's shows HA. But now that I'm a teenager I appreciate Avatar a looot more

  5. Caitlin Redmond

    Caitlin Redmond

    14 hours ago

    this is so amazing. i love your work. i’ve been slowly but thoroughly watching every avatar and lord of the rings video you’ve ever uploaded

  6. Arrow Azura

    Arrow Azura

    14 hours ago

    My dad's a narcissist, so I'm picking up familiar vibes right now.

  7. Marnie Crough

    Marnie Crough

    18 hours ago

    Why does this sound like my moms boyfriend

  8. oof scadoof

    oof scadoof

    Day ago

    Aw shoot this crap almost made me cry.

  9. Elias Edberg

    Elias Edberg

    Day ago

    Best psychology video ever

  10. Gatorgrey


    Day ago

    Mai: i love zuko. Azula: so I have confusion

  11. Jojo Fi

    Jojo Fi

    Day ago

    This video is one of the best videos i've EVER watched. Good job on that

  12. Yes I am a Witch

    Yes I am a Witch

    Day ago

    Azula was literally a mind bender

  13. Devin Pradhan

    Devin Pradhan

    Day ago

    I love how this video is almost an hour long just to explain Azula’s mentality. She really is psychotic mess:

  14. Will Maas

    Will Maas

    Day ago

    this might just be the best video essay i've ever seen

  15. Selenia Perla-Flores

    Selenia Perla-Flores

    Day ago

    So its basically her Father fault right?

  16. Xxstevo69xX


    Day ago

    Azula is literally one of the best villians ever written.

  17. Lindsey Squire

    Lindsey Squire

    2 days ago

    Azula got pride but not love from her father, and fear from her mother. Zuko got love from his mother but hatred from his father. Luckily, Zuko had Iroh, but Azula just had her father to further corrupt her. I sincerely hope that after the show she recovered her mental health and redeemed herself with the help of her family (Zuko and Iroh, not Ozai).

  18. Nite Lite

    Nite Lite

    2 days ago

    So the bitch is just crazy folks.

  19. itarfer


    2 days ago

    Antisocial personality Disorder and Psycopathy are the same thing...

  20. itarfer


    2 days ago

    Psycopaths tend to be level headed. You're thinking of Sociopaths. And Machievellian personality and psycopathy can coexist. They make up two out of the 3 traits of the dark triad which are supposed to predict violent and antisocial tendencies

  21. Tich Mbiri

    Tich Mbiri

    2 days ago

    So in-depth thanks

  22. Jack Baumgart

    Jack Baumgart

    2 days ago

    The dude straight up busted out a DSM-5 for this video

  23. Kiba Sorata

    Kiba Sorata

    2 days ago

    I used to rule my brotherhood with my sisters with fear....being jealous that they were two and i was one, they were girls and i was a boy, and still...i was ruling them by telling everyone how awful and rude they were to me....when i didnt even began to understand that our father ruled us with the fear of being imperfect and mother from the other hand....she was pretty much Ursa, and she didnt feared my father, but she was not the mother that he had planned, she wasnt perfect at motherhood but she was still loving, at a point when she became depressed with the fact that my father was turning us into not ourselves, but rather our "premature" perfect selves...wanting to always be listened, obeyed and respected, and while he deserved it sometimes, he was still searching for more....and then my mother realized that what he was just trying to be perfect apart from everyone else, trading love and care for mere respect and the point where he blamed everyone, even us for his mistakes. And so it began our search for his approval and admiration...its just now that i see....i was just Azula as a kid, awful, disrespectful and searching a perfection to compare to my fathers that is not there...but then rather to have an uncle Iroh....i had a mother moms rising from depression is probably the most amazing and outstanding moment ive ever witnessed. Going through therapy, despite dealing with a troubled marriage and some spoiled brats, i just happen to remember her words after a courts audience: "He cannot make me perfect, because not even he is perfect and if he decides to search perfection and admiration, let him....but dont think for a second, he can make me perfect." And i finally understand what she meant, if people want to mold their worlds by just making everyone exactly like they want them to be....its just not a perfect is a world of someone who dreams to be perfect, but he isnt....and so we come back to me and my sisters....who we actually became zuko, with the help from our Mother Iroh....and our father, but we choose to be free, loose and above all...imperfect, cuz for us imperfection isnt a weakness, but perfection is something our time is not even worth searching.... Thank you and good night, Benders.

  24. Rike B.

    Rike B.

    2 days ago

    this is like the bestestest video on Azula ever. Love your analysis so much, thank you for your time, energy and dedication!

  25. Truth Be Told

    Truth Be Told

    3 days ago

    Something I don’t see people talk about that much is that Azusa had eye bags under her eyes when she loses her sanity showing she wasn’t sleeping well

  26. Ezra Sims

    Ezra Sims

    3 days ago

    Ursa: what is wrong with that child This guy: well...

  27. Moon Wing

    Moon Wing

    3 days ago

    Dang... what a way to end that off. Chills man, chills.

  28. Mike Arvid

    Mike Arvid

    3 days ago

    Beeing abondont by a parent is one of the worst things a child can go through. Noticing how someone you are detatched to someone you depent on just goes away makes you feel unloved in so many levels and I think the show respected this aswell. Even with a rescue parent you will often experience what Azula felt like. I love this show for making her character so deep. Also they showed that you can find a nother way with Zukos one of a kind developement but I still want and need it for Azula aswell. She is my favorite character not because of her actions but really because of the way she was written and the amount of respect you see watching her.

  29. Alexis García

    Alexis García

    3 days ago

    This is a masterpiece from a psychological perspective, I watched it all. I'd share it to my friends but non of them likes psychology and avatar as much 😂

  30. E2B2


    4 days ago

    8:14 Haha! You fool! A Dai Li agent in Ba Sing Se disguised as an old janitor actually lied without Toph knowing!

  31. Ana Alicia de Paz Noriega

    Ana Alicia de Paz Noriega

    4 days ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I just recently finished the show and I really wanted to take a deep dive into Azula's and Zuko's psychology, psychology in general is something I find deeply interesting and this video was great! You went into her full depth I annotated all the terms and made notes as you spoke! I find sooooo fascinating how a character. can have such deep psychology that can be so easily translated to real-life events and people. It's obvious you've put immense amounts of work for this and I really appreciate it! I understand her character much better and it was simply amazing to see you break her down, thank you!!

  32. Shingie Bulle

    Shingie Bulle

    4 days ago

    27:22 doesn't she have her father's eyes?

  33. Pennelope Layne

    Pennelope Layne

    4 days ago

    Towards the end I honestly kinda feel bad for her. You could tell she wanted emotions but couldn't feel them. And due to the betrayal of Mai and ty Lee she trusts no one and becomes paranoid. She goes crazy because she felt that she deserved better.

  34. Selina Kyle

    Selina Kyle

    4 days ago

    I always feel horrible for Azula because I know the only reason she is like this is because of her father. She’s not the villain here. She’s just a child who was guided into this horrible idea of the world and the people in it. A lot of people say that Ozai is the bad guy but I don’t even believe that. The only reason this was started in the first place was because Sozin was a deluded man with a crazed vision of the world and he raised his child, Azulon, to see it that way too. And Azulon raised Ozai to believe what his father told him and now he’s passed it on to his daughter that only wants to advance in her government and gain respect, loyalty, and love from her father because, like stated, her relationship with her father is the only relationship she has where she actually has to work to keep it strong because she’s not the one in charge. Azula is a very interesting character because it really shows how much a child changes based on how the people around them teach each other and direct them in which way they see fit.

  35. Bidness Time

    Bidness Time

    4 days ago


  36. Roberticovanlamoen


    4 days ago

    Two damaged children... it's sad. The amazing Azula vs Zuko Agni Kai that i love so much that has so much power in it and truly show what they have both become should have never happened...

  37. Blu3rice


    4 days ago

    You know a kids show is not just a kids show if someone can make a 50 min long analysis video of only one character

  38. Skylar Patterson

    Skylar Patterson

    4 days ago

    I wanna see the philosophy of MoMo next.

  39. Yomaris


    5 days ago

    This is one of my favorite video essays of all time. People tend to dismiss Azula as just a brat, a spoiled child or, plainly, a villain we all love to hate, but her story has always been tragic. Thank you so much for making this.

  40. Zokizzy Foshizzy

    Zokizzy Foshizzy

    5 days ago

    Azula is Donald Trump if he actually had a brain.

    • Ted Bundy

      Ted Bundy

      4 days ago

      Or was a fire bender

  41. sharonnn


    5 days ago

    i think it wouldn't have made sense for azula to get redemption during the show, but the comics were really a great opportunity for her to be redeemed :( i think she deserves it

  42. Lucy Pascall

    Lucy Pascall

    5 days ago

    My brothers a mistak

  43. Jason Gallegos

    Jason Gallegos

    5 days ago


  44. Pasanius Ventris

    Pasanius Ventris

    5 days ago

    if i think too much about azula i start crying

  45. Yyhrva


    5 days ago

    20:20 I hate this guy stairing into my soul =(

  46. May Hare

    May Hare

    5 days ago

    At 38:00 you mentioned that because she had little regard for her own safety, she is suicidal. While that’s the case for most suicidal patients, I feel like in Azula’s context she jumped off of Appa because she had complete confidence in herself and her abilities that jumping off from any height will not kill her (we’ve seen her fly using flames to propel herself), not because of suicidal tendencies. Not once has she shown that she wanted to die, not in the animated series, not in the comics. Always, she wanted to keep going to become superior to everyone else once more.

  47. wolf


    5 days ago

    I feel like I was watching criminal minds.

  48. Alida Gupta

    Alida Gupta

    5 days ago

    This hit a little too close to home

  49. Reaper Skull

    Reaper Skull

    6 days ago

    The past always repeats itself but remember when is the bad guy actually the villain

  50. andrew77714


    6 days ago

    Funny thing is she wanted love but went about it the wrong way cuz of her upbringing.

  51. Abigail Mun

    Abigail Mun

    6 days ago

    19:23 dont mind me, just a marker

  52. Mallory Green

    Mallory Green

    6 days ago

    Can't help but shed tears for her...

  53. Rainstrider Streamflower

    Rainstrider Streamflower

    6 days ago

    I'm sure Azula is well aware that the so-called performances of her "friends" and brother weren't actual performances. I think she just doesn't care! I think by performances, she means they are like performances in her eyes since Azula doesn't care about other ppl bu HERSELF!

  54. Rainstrider Streamflower

    Rainstrider Streamflower

    6 days ago

    "Dad's gonna kill u! Really he is!" "Azula always lies, Azula always lies"

    • Ted Bundy

      Ted Bundy

      4 days ago

      "This is how she feeds the animals"

  55. Tjen Broun

    Tjen Broun

    6 days ago

    What would happen if Azula was the banished one ?

  56. Tea Tsuneko

    Tea Tsuneko

    6 days ago

    Watching this again cuz Azula is everything

  57. Miriam


    7 days ago

    Great video! But if I remember correctly, psychopaths are very calculated and don't do impulsive things (for the most part). However, sociopaths are quite impulsive, also because they're more attached to their emotions.

  58. Shay


    7 days ago

    "Azula is crazy and need to go down" - Dragon of The West

  59. Gamer Jon1990

    Gamer Jon1990

    7 days ago


  60. George Unruh

    George Unruh

    7 days ago

    “No. She’s crazy And she needs to go down”~ Iroh