Summer Splash Is Here | Fortnite

Summer is still going strong with the Fortnite Summer Splash! Read more here:
There will be daily LTMs including refreshed classics along with some all-new ones coming soon. Also, check out the Summer Legends Pack which is available now.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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  1. Wolf 003

    Wolf 003

    21 minute ago

    2019: Remember when Fortnite had animated weapon trailers. 2020: Remember when Fortnite had weapon trailers.

  2. Garrett Skarovsky

    Garrett Skarovsky

    26 minutes ago

    Yo can you please bring the Wild West mode please

  3. Doge Editz

    Doge Editz

    35 minutes ago

    Plz bring back the pump take the tac out if u do plz I’m begging 🥺

  4. EastboundWand44


    3 hours ago

    So glad I stopped playing this game when I did

  5. Lil Ski Ski

    Lil Ski Ski

    4 hours ago

    Warzone Is Better Then Fortnite Right

  6. Tadeo Rivera

    Tadeo Rivera

    5 hours ago

    Fornite x gorillaz plis

  7. Mr.Googlyeyes


    6 hours ago

    I think everyone can agree that fortnite is way out of ideas this summer than last year...

  8. Gura Max

    Gura Max

    14 hours ago

    Please add style for Zoey without glasses

  9. Purple Guy

    Purple Guy

    17 hours ago


    • yroohj gouy

      yroohj gouy

      13 hours ago

      Make tacs better

  10. Mike and Jess Mccartain

    Mike and Jess Mccartain

    20 hours ago


  11. Justyn Chery

    Justyn Chery

    20 hours ago

    U drop this🤴oh wait that was for cod here 🤴🤴

  12. Bradford Saunders

    Bradford Saunders

    21 hour ago

    Epic please bring back the Divine Weapon Wrap back in the item shop I've worked so hard but I finally have enough vbucks!

  13. Gifted Tabby Bee

    Gifted Tabby Bee

    21 hour ago

    epic games is literally like mr krabs epic games:MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY

  14. General Shepard

    General Shepard

    23 hours ago

    Hey epic one question How many bullets does it even take to kill to kill a 9 year old

  15. Dulce Ornelas

    Dulce Ornelas

    Day ago


  16. mixio hili

    mixio hili

    Day ago

    "Wait, so Summer Splash is here? Still?" "Always has been."

  17. Pepito Roberto Popo

    Pepito Roberto Popo

    Day ago

    Where is the cars?

    • The World According 2 Sean

      The World According 2 Sean

      Day ago


  18. rex and ocean

    rex and ocean

    Day ago

    My username is bluesman0640

  19. Kamohelo Ntsane

    Kamohelo Ntsane

    Day ago

    Epic plz next season add more progressive skins

  20. 78 Gamers23

    78 Gamers23

    Day ago


    • mixio hili

      mixio hili

      Day ago

      I want to die

  21. Keymani Highsmith

    Keymani Highsmith

    Day ago

    Can you give me skin

  22. Red Teddy

    Red Teddy

    Day ago

    Bro epic I have the every single requirement for this game but it is not supporting my honor 8x even though it has the aoftware update to android version 10 so please allow fortnite to support on this mobile

  23. Fabián The Phantom Thieve

    Fabián The Phantom Thieve

    Day ago

    Bring back the LMG

  24. Abed Almlek

    Abed Almlek

    Day ago


  25. Matthew Rosenfeld

    Matthew Rosenfeld

    Day ago

    Make tacs better

  26. Chrisss


    Day ago

    fat jonesy is my spirit animal



    Day ago

    Epic games, please bring the galaxy scout skin back in the item shop In fortnite, I’m begging you, my friend let me know but was in the shop yesterday but I couldn’t get it, please bring it back in the shop, soon, please.😭

  28. Kaiser Auspan I

    Kaiser Auspan I

    Day ago

    Pokimane skin plz uwu

  29. Sad Paco Taco

    Sad Paco Taco

    Day ago

    Is the shutdown actually happening

  30. Pinky Pank

    Pinky Pank

    Day ago

    Tbh I don’t care about sets I just want those dang darn cars

  31. Gobra_gentwo


    Day ago

    Where Bryce

  32. sophia and GENO Robinson

    sophia and GENO Robinson

    Day ago

    Can you make the island flood again 😁

  33. The pokemon maniac

    The pokemon maniac

    2 days ago

    More expensive than robux In my country..

  34. Green Deadpool YT

    Green Deadpool YT

    2 days ago

    I want to die

  35. I' am I

    I' am I

    2 days ago

    When will fishstick come back?PLS comment

  36. Santiago Robles

    Santiago Robles

    2 days ago


  37. Pavol Tancos

    Pavol Tancos

    2 days ago

    Can you add a summer music pack

  38. YasPlayz V1

    YasPlayz V1

    2 days ago

    epic i beg you pleese unbanned jarvis pleese i beg u

    • YasPlayz V1

      YasPlayz V1

      2 days ago

      But sos what said

    • YasPlayz V1

      YasPlayz V1

      2 days ago

      Were you just tryin to make me angry

    • YasPlayz V1

      YasPlayz V1

      2 days ago

      Sos man

    • Mitchell the dead meme

      Mitchell the dead meme

      2 days ago

      @YasPlayz V1 nothing your mad 🦶👁️👄👁️🦶

    • YasPlayz V1

      YasPlayz V1

      2 days ago

      And I'm not pissed

  39. Fighter Lm

    Fighter Lm

    2 days ago


    • okow tina

      okow tina

      2 days ago

      Come in Android

  40. GH05T


    2 days ago

    bring back pump

    • GH05T


      2 days ago

      i do be spittin fax doe

  41. Ahmad Kay

    Ahmad Kay

    2 days ago

    A 24 second vid is 42 on trend wow

  42. Cheesey does Drawing

    Cheesey does Drawing

    2 days ago

    At 0:07 isn’t that a Thor skin?

    • Mitchell the dead meme

      Mitchell the dead meme

      2 days ago

      No it's dad bod jonesy duh

  43. SonicX15 *

    SonicX15 *

    2 days ago

    Hey fortnite please please give us the (shadow archetype) skin and the (Nite Gunner) skin in the item shop, also please bring back the patriota (Dynamic Shuffle) [emote] in the item shop as well

  44. Mohammed Adham (Al

    Mohammed Adham (Al

    2 days ago

    Can you make this season end at September 20 Because I still didn't finish the battle pass

    • Mitchell the dead meme

      Mitchell the dead meme

      2 days ago

      They're not going to read your comment you're not going to finish this season it's okay we all don't finish the season some of us haven't even got the battle passes so thank yourself for getting the battle pass

  45. woop woop

    woop woop

    2 days ago

    Put cars in please i cant play this anymore

  46. IRIX gled

    IRIX gled

    2 days ago

    Can We Gat A Valorant Colaberation

  47. Ilyas YT

    Ilyas YT

    2 days ago

    The old map pls😭😭😭😭

  48. Fusion zvd

    Fusion zvd

    2 days ago

    Please addd cars

  49. Rie Powers

    Rie Powers

    2 days ago

    i hope fortnite looks at this comment. Please, im dying for the emote- infectious to come back out please fortnite you will make my day! :-:

  50. DeadpoolLover :3

    DeadpoolLover :3

    2 days ago

    I see you got the mvperry OC

  51. mercedes caldez

    mercedes caldez

    2 days ago

    yo epic we need also (free 3rd Bday rewards and summer splash rewards and aqua man boss in Cral AKA coral castle pls

  52. Turtle Dude 67

    Turtle Dude 67

    2 days ago

    Where is slide

  53. Sanskar Adhikari

    Sanskar Adhikari

    2 days ago

    Come in Android

  54. Jintae Macdonald

    Jintae Macdonald

    2 days ago

    I like it so I am going to boy it

  55. HUN Rolka29

    HUN Rolka29

    2 days ago

    If you Want back s9 or old fortnite Comment Here!

  56. 正体不明の未確認飛行物体まさきんぐ


    2 days ago


  57. Toxinz


    2 days ago

    where are the new lams

  58. Skye and ollie

    Skye and ollie

    2 days ago

    Fortnite the pack wont show up on my item shop

  59. Nicklus Nelson

    Nicklus Nelson

    2 days ago


  60. Jose Pablo Emanuel Rixtun Flores

    Jose Pablo Emanuel Rixtun Flores

    2 days ago

    Put servers in Central America !!!!!