Polo G - 21 (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
Polo G - 21 (Official Music Video)
Directed by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Khaled Rohaim & Keanu Beats
VFX by Scissor Films
Director of Photography - Logan Meis
Steadicam by Renard Cheren
Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino & Krista Worby
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  1. IExoticDemon


    6 minutes ago

    This will be a classic

  2. Nathan Collins

    Nathan Collins

    47 minutes ago

    Juice wrld poster in his room don’t do drugs or shootouts plz polo we need ur music

  3. Reginald Knight

    Reginald Knight

    56 minutes ago

    Like. Down 👇🏿

  4. Wrecker4life On 60 FPS

    Wrecker4life On 60 FPS

    Hour ago

    Please protect this man we can’t lose him he one of the last

  5. Levi Hampton

    Levi Hampton

    Hour ago

    Listen to your misic



    2 hours ago


  7. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez

    2 hours ago


  8. Tripp Capalot

    Tripp Capalot

    2 hours ago


  9. Sureta Lesure

    Sureta Lesure

    2 hours ago

    Dude drop more music😭😭😭

  10. jurbear


    3 hours ago

    0:40 man this line and the next is just wild. "cant relapse off these drugs man rip to juice"- "we was tweakin of the percs i popped my lastr one with you" shits crazzzy

  11. Maegan O

    Maegan O

    3 hours ago

    1000 Subs with no videos

  12. jyair cabiness

    jyair cabiness

    3 hours ago

    Hope he don't pass away like the recents the past 3 year's

  13. Maegan O

    Maegan O

    4 hours ago


  14. Nickbrandon X2

    Nickbrandon X2

    4 hours ago

    Im just here staring to the ceiling....

  15. Minkye


    4 hours ago


  16. Festus Igbagiri

    Festus Igbagiri

    5 hours ago

    he is a freak of the rap gang seriously \ god

  17. BadVibeZ


    5 hours ago

    All the people that disliked this video is the Karen's that got mad when he said drugs 😂🤣

  18. Tobbles


    5 hours ago

    0:55 TV is What u missed

  19. Texx.13


    6 hours ago

  20. Matte Train

    Matte Train

    7 hours ago

    Bruh I was watching this with my eyes closed and there we’re flashes of stuff

  21. Cutie Pax ϟ

    Cutie Pax ϟ

    8 hours ago

    the guy shooting polo do be a stormtrooper doe

  22. Gaming Tube

    Gaming Tube

    9 hours ago

    On case you not know , 21 stands for the age that him and lil peep and x died at roughly on average , also , when juice said we aren’t making it past 21 in his song Legends

  23. Patrick Gabe S. Guino-o

    Patrick Gabe S. Guino-o

    10 hours ago

    @keanugonzagabeats awit pa nga

  24. Marquise Thomas

    Marquise Thomas

    10 hours ago

    Top 3 lyricist out of Chicago: 1. Polo G 2 . Polo G 3. POLO G

  25. NFL Young Dog

    NFL Young Dog

    10 hours ago


  26. TendingBoot7409


    10 hours ago

    The 10k dislikes Don't have ears

  27. sheri conley

    sheri conley

    11 hours ago

    I just heard R.I.P to Juice omg that’s hits so hard

  28. Daniel George

    Daniel George

    11 hours ago

    I just noticed that the legends never die cover was on 0:24 RIP juice wrld 💔

  29. Nikolai Belenski

    Nikolai Belenski

    12 hours ago

    I thought it was 21 savage collabe

  30. valett


    12 hours ago

    its very cool track

  31. Sean Maurer

    Sean Maurer

    13 hours ago

    anyone notice juices album cover for LGN 0:24

  32. caiden nguyen

    caiden nguyen

    13 hours ago

    Did anyone see juice WRLDs picture on the wall when polo g got up the bed 🥺😖

  33. ICY_ShockSkull


    13 hours ago

    Polo is finna be a legend

  34. Tempo


    13 hours ago

    Who else saw the white ghost thing at 0:50 behind the card you got to go frame by frame to see it

  35. Makeitdropjay -

    Makeitdropjay -

    13 hours ago

    🐐 talking about I

  36. Axertery Roblox

    Axertery Roblox

    14 hours ago

    0% drugs 5% guns 30% bullets 1000000000000% Juice Wrld

  37. Axertery Roblox

    Axertery Roblox

    14 hours ago

    0:25 0:53 R.I.P Juice Wrld

  38. Dani CanR

    Dani CanR

    15 hours ago

    2:27 pffff imagine missing a shot like that

  39. Guiliamo Van De L'Isle

    Guiliamo Van De L'Isle

    15 hours ago

    10Rapper Eminem was to afraid to rap

  40. Marcus bentley

    Marcus bentley

    15 hours ago

    I love this song

  41. Young Shogun

    Young Shogun

    15 hours ago

    is it just me or dod anyone see fortnite guns at the end

  42. Trey Wibur

    Trey Wibur

    15 hours ago

    I think the end actually just proves he’s a goat

  43. Hypo_pw


    15 hours ago

    This man stays on that grind

  44. jokester


    15 hours ago

    Going to PayPal anyone who can give me a legit reason this song is bad

  45. Awesome awesome Boy

    Awesome awesome Boy

    16 hours ago

    R i p the juice

  46. Lets do this

    Lets do this

    16 hours ago

    jiuce wrld at 0.55

  47. Giant Gaming

    Giant Gaming

    16 hours ago

    This shit is fire as hell

  48. Gabriel Play’s

    Gabriel Play’s

    16 hours ago

    In almost every song of his he has those same beats almost in all songs even in heartless

  49. HC AnTi

    HC AnTi

    17 hours ago

    Same I respect him for him and if anyone has a problem with him then don't pay attention to him simpleeee

  50. Astro Supreme

    Astro Supreme

    17 hours ago

    Who else saw a juice wrld poster in the back

  51. Notalii- Ahmed

    Notalii- Ahmed

    17 hours ago

    My girl said she doesnt like polo G, now shes single

  52. sebi


    19 hours ago

    cea mai buna melodie nocap ngl



    19 hours ago

    Real goat💯💯💯



    20 hours ago

    Anyone else see the juice wrld pic in his bedroom

  55. Call of duty World

    Call of duty World

    20 hours ago

    Polo g is a young man but a legend we can’t loose him like xxxtentacion,juice WRLD,lil peep

  56. jdog Heron

    jdog Heron

    20 hours ago

    R.i.p juice

  57. Josh Jackson

    Josh Jackson

    20 hours ago

    Polo is actually the 🐐

  58. FADE Buildz

    FADE Buildz

    20 hours ago

    anyone else notice the guns change at the beginning ??? when hes posted at the door then next scene shooting lol small details lemon polo always rocking

  59. Abdi Ahmed

    Abdi Ahmed

    20 hours ago

    Rip the juice I wish I can pop my last with u dam rip juice I bet 2pac is smiling

  60. V I B E L O R D

    V I B E L O R D

    20 hours ago

    polo g hit 21... ah shit,here we go again