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2020 C8 Corvette vs Dodge Demon // DRAG & ROLL RACE

Check out for your chance to win a 2020 Corvette Stingray Z51 plus $20,000 and support a great cause.
With its incredible reputation for straight-line acceleration, Thomas and James put the 2020 C8 Corvette up against the established drag race king: the Dodge Demon. The Demon costs a whole bunch more money and has a ton more horsepower, so this is insane. But hey, its US-state. And things don't always go as predicted. Watch to find out. Subscribe!
A massive thank you to Mahk from the Zebra Corner channel. Go check out his new stuff here! us-state.comfeatured
For more C8 content, go check out Cars and Crosbie here:
Post-production by Karston Chong
And Thomas Holland
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  1. Throttle House

    Throttle House

    10 days ago

    Finally we are back at the Throttle House Test Track!! And there's plenty more where that came from on the way. And a huge thank you to Mahk for turning up right on time. Go check out more of Mahk's hilarious antics on the Zebra Corner channel.

    • Blacky_IDK


      15 hours ago


    • Hemi power

      Hemi power

      4 days ago

      Throttle House The Cars Can’t do anything with these guys driving them.

    • Hunter Arnold

      Hunter Arnold

      6 days ago

      Came here from Zebra Corner 💜

    • iPhone11 Kids

      iPhone11 Kids

      7 days ago

      Hey you no demon are for drag racing that why it didn’t when do you no about cars watch demonology boat head why are you on US-state I’m still going to subscribe to you you boat box sand head you look live wroug head Demon is the fastest car in the world in a drag race think look it up now you got people slow H j by n

    • Twitta Velli

      Twitta Velli

      7 days ago

      great vod. 8 series coupe vs c8 "neckst"

  2. Richard Cerritelli

    Richard Cerritelli

    2 hours ago

    I would take the Corvette any day. Dodge piece of shit Dodge always has so many problems with quality control

  3. Alchemist124860


    2 hours ago

    Corvette looking so similar to a Lamborghini inside and out

  4. ahren poston

    ahren poston

    3 hours ago

    they peddled the demon or they used the black key. bias af. your channel is no longer credible

  5. Crashcoast 915

    Crashcoast 915

    3 hours ago

    They didn't cover the license plates

  6. Damian’s_Garage


    3 hours ago

    Ah yes Mahk

  7. Archie Shawn

    Archie Shawn

    3 hours ago

    I think this guy should've warmed the tires up first in the demon

  8. troymassey90


    4 hours ago

    Demon lost both races. Vette is cheaper and has less power. Demon is overrated on the street.

  9. Damian Silva

    Damian Silva

    4 hours ago

    Gtr would smoke both

  10. SS Finesse

    SS Finesse

    5 hours ago

    The Corvette is the business!

  11. Robin Niehaus

    Robin Niehaus

    5 hours ago

    Well, if you race the top of the line c8 when it comes out. Then it would dust the demon. That c8 is base model too. Just think about it

  12. Gabriel Sweat

    Gabriel Sweat

    6 hours ago

    Stop using paddle shifters in ANY RACE!! UGH

  13. Concerts MN

    Concerts MN

    7 hours ago

    Demon is still my favorite car 👹

  14. The blue Traxxas Rustler

    The blue Traxxas Rustler

    9 hours ago

    I died when I saw Mahk

  15. Troll Network

    Troll Network

    9 hours ago

    Who else skipped to the race?

  16. Daniel Ibrahim

    Daniel Ibrahim

    10 hours ago

    I subscribed because of Mahk. That is all 😂

  17. Anthony Gaona

    Anthony Gaona

    13 hours ago

    So sad for dodge they waste there time over the years putting more hp on there cars. But never focused on making there cars lighter and aerodynamic. Its all about making the car balance very well and Chevy hit a home run on this C8 the new King 🤴. Only chance Dodge has to compete with the C8 is bring back the Viper.

  18. Tyler X

    Tyler X

    13 hours ago

    5:26 Thank you so much for saying those words!!

  19. Robert Scott Truesdell

    Robert Scott Truesdell

    14 hours ago

    I came to watch the drag race but instead got "treated" to this silly cult of personality. WTF.

  20. Wild Sock

    Wild Sock

    15 hours ago

    Tf he didn't use the proper wheels and fuel???

  21. Blacky_IDK


    15 hours ago

    Wheres the demon kit

  22. # KM01

    # KM01

    16 hours ago

    U can tell the guy in demon don’t know how to drive it

  23. Juan Ramirez

    Juan Ramirez

    17 hours ago

    Warm up the tires

  24. Owen Clayton

    Owen Clayton

    17 hours ago

    I’m sorry but the demon is way faster in a drag race there’s no reason the corvette should have won, I’m not saying the driver was bad, just that he messed something up

  25. nicholaslokos


    17 hours ago

    I find this race unfair, as the Corvette has its absolute best conditions and the Demon has the absolute worst. I see this video as just a promo for the vette.

  26. ulrek54321


    18 hours ago


  27. Anthony Costa

    Anthony Costa

    20 hours ago

    C8 ain't no joke. Even on a roll it lost by a car length. 305 hp deficit and made it close. CHEVY FOREVER.

  28. Mack Brown

    Mack Brown

    20 hours ago

    Now, boost the Vette and see where the Demon stands.

  29. Patrick Gardner

    Patrick Gardner

    21 hour ago

    I don't have the money to donate but if I win I don't want the 20,000 ill donate it all to charity. Make as many dreams come true as I can

  30. Manny Gonzalez

    Manny Gonzalez

    21 hour ago

    On the 1/4 rolling race the vet still was pretty good

  31. Itz_Suba


    21 hour ago

    Im liking mark bring him in more i dont like chevy either.

  32. Itz_Suba


    21 hour ago

    Can you guys do a 2020 shelby cobra vs. the c8 corvette

  33. ConcernedConservative


    Day ago

    I think the Demon is very one dimensional and not really good for street use. The C8 is a serious street machine that virtually no car can beat 0-100. Nothing under 200k at least.

  34. Ani Jp

    Ani Jp

    Day ago


  35. Sobirjon Sobirov

    Sobirjon Sobirov

    Day ago

    Why can’t he launch the demon🤣😂😅

  36. Billy Bill

    Billy Bill

    Day ago

    Get a better driver lol

  37. Steven Sandoval

    Steven Sandoval

    Day ago

    I want to see how the c8 compares to another vehicle with a launch function with the same front wheel drive or awd whatever it has

  38. Khames Alkhteeb

    Khames Alkhteeb

    Day ago

    لو معهم النسمو كان احلا

  39. Chase Czapnik

    Chase Czapnik

    Day ago

    If the demon was launched properly it would have destroyed the C8 😂

    • Chase Czapnik

      Chase Czapnik

      Day ago

      Like who the fuck spins a demon that much at a launch?

  40. L.I. Ndlaku

    L.I. Ndlaku

    Day ago

    He can't launch a Demon lol.

  41. QuietStormX


    Day ago

    👎😷 Rolling drags.... 🤬👀

  42. xoobo vola

    xoobo vola

    Day ago

    The question here is who will take” Lamborghini “ cycling

    • xoobo vola

      xoobo vola

      Day ago

      Demon vs porsche 911 turbo s pleaseee

  43. FlockerLP


    Day ago

    This is a trash track tbh

  44. Speed Phantom

    Speed Phantom

    Day ago

    With that understeer, soon there will be a lot of C8 Vettes in the junkyards. Hope GM fixes that, so it can be a proper sports car. They almost got it right... almost.



    Day ago

    Now bring both the c8 and demon on a drag strip and we'll see who's the real winner.

    • Jayden Vallejo

      Jayden Vallejo

      Day ago

      Y’all dodge fans always have a excuse for everything

  46. Texas Plinking

    Texas Plinking

    Day ago

    Omg, Mahk was a pleasant surprise 😂

  47. Fred Martinez

    Fred Martinez

    Day ago

    I can't imagine that Corvette with a turbo and I'm a Ford guy I know whats coming

  48. Toronto 111

    Toronto 111

    Day ago

    You think that c8 is fast? Wait till the z06 and zr1 come out.

  49. richardbixler


    Day ago

    @1:05 look at the difference in tires! The Dodge has way stickier tires and still lost. Oh yeah, the extra 1,000 lbs probably doesn’t help the Dodge either.

    • Unknxwn XX

      Unknxwn XX

      15 hours ago

      His launch was extremely terrible. And he was spinning

  50. Lethal5.0


    Day ago

    Now do the C8 vs the new GT500

  51. Nolimitdev


    Day ago

    18 year old wat are the chances I’ll actually win a corvette 🤔

  52. Ray Sason

    Ray Sason

    Day ago

    Everybody4getting dodge produce family size travel cars I own both46++lbs Charger rt,300c both travel very well kids sleep fine stretches out with set belt on great truck space12h trips

  53. Ray Sason

    Ray Sason

    Day ago

    2500lb car ...vs 4800lbs

  54. Michael Salazar

    Michael Salazar

    Day ago

    That bum doesnt know how to race a demon thats why!!

  55. Rosa took my seat

    Rosa took my seat

    2 days ago

    Dodge demon vs an entry level corvette. Fuck dodge! Wait till the higher level trims come out it will be even worse. I've humbled plenty of hellcats just running N/A in a 14 yr old vette.

  56. Leandro Agostinho

    Leandro Agostinho

    2 days ago

    Só perdeu porque a corrida foi feita nesse asfalto cheio de areia. Se for feito num asfalto limpo, o resultado seria diferente

  57. HomesliceDrummer


    2 days ago

    Base model Vette 495 hp. If Z06 has 600-650hp, wider tires and more capable brakes and suspension it will be hurting a lot of feelings. Demon is a monster car, with race gas a skinnies/radials. On the street it's untamable and unusable.

  58. Joe Smoe

    Joe Smoe

    2 days ago

    C8 kicks ass!

  59. Rony Talhouk

    Rony Talhouk

    2 days ago

    Demon vs porsche 911 turbo s pleaseee

  60. Levi Baggett

    Levi Baggett

    2 days ago

    Demons NEVER lose.

  61. Jeff Burch

    Jeff Burch

    2 days ago

    Sort of reminds me of an evolution of the Beach Boys song "Shut Down" a drag race between a fuel injected stingray and a 413 dodge dart, only each car has like 3x as much horsepower lol

  62. okow tina

    okow tina

    2 days ago


    • okow tina

      okow tina

      2 days ago

      Hello boys. The donation page has an option to enter the sweepstakes without donating and that link does not work. Just cycles you back to the donation options.

  63. Brian Pina

    Brian Pina

    2 days ago

    “2.7 liter”😂

  64. Aaron Crook

    Aaron Crook

    2 days ago

    Seeing a surprise Mahk cameo almost brought a tear of joy to my eye.

  65. John Caccavale

    John Caccavale

    2 days ago

    You just don't know how to drive that dodge it is a beast you haven't tamed, with someone who knew how to drive it there wouldn't have even been a race.

  66. Goalie Dad 33

    Goalie Dad 33

    2 days ago

    LOVE seeing a 4 seater, 2 tonne coupe spank the vetter on the rolling start when traction issues are out of the equation, LOVE IT!!!!

  67. sheryl_lori ellingson

    sheryl_lori ellingson

    2 days ago

    That means, on the street, the new Shelby GT500 beats them both.

  68. TK 6059

    TK 6059

    2 days ago

    If you can afford either one it's considered "first world problems."

  69. Travis Cannon

    Travis Cannon

    2 days ago

    Another video aiding my assumption that hell cats and demons are overrated. I hate Chevy but damn that corvette is badass

  70. Subramaya Swain

    Subramaya Swain

    2 days ago

    U fool...u don't know how to drive a demon. This is a disgraceful. U r insulting demon intentionally.🤣👎

  71. Itz_just_a_ 5.7

    Itz_just_a_ 5.7

    2 days ago

    This is not even a close comparison, C8 is base model. Should have been a 392 set or hell cat at most

  72. mephisto1025


    2 days ago

    Pointless be more creative next time .

  73. Julien Dyer

    Julien Dyer

    2 days ago

    times pls, i would like to know the times

  74. M


    2 days ago

    I would still take the c8

  75. never stop fighting

    never stop fighting

    2 days ago

    You can't do 1 rolling start and expect that to be the way it'll always end up. The rolling srart will almost always have 1 guy hitting the gas before the other, but moreso then racing the lights.

  76. never stop fighting

    never stop fighting

    2 days ago

    It takes over 300 extra hp and a supercharger with a rolling start to barely edge out the vette. Supercharge or turbo the vette and this is not even close no matter what.

  77. Romero Bryan

    Romero Bryan

    2 days ago

    MAHHHHKKKK we missed you MAHK!! 😂😂

  78. S G

    S G

    2 days ago

    That track series animation was truly excellent👍

  79. life02ab


    2 days ago

    Hello boys. The donation page has an option to enter the sweepstakes without donating and that link does not work. Just cycles you back to the donation options.

  80. Lyben Sush

    Lyben Sush

    2 days ago

    You know where I don’t have to green screen myself? Your mom’s house🤣