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Buying a Forbidden Pet

Technically.. I did before anyone pulls the CB card. Everything you ever loved is banned
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  1. IdiotzZ Gacha studioZ

    IdiotzZ Gacha studioZ

    55 minutes ago

    I have a shiba inu of my own and he loves attention! To the point where he’ll be sleeping and everything, but as soon as you get up it’s him whining-

  2. Creature X

    Creature X

    3 hours ago

    this dog will cure cancer and covid

  3. Lailla Tumpap

    Lailla Tumpap

    4 hours ago

    I should be looking for -for LOVE /( '-')\

  4. Joe Breuer

    Joe Breuer

    5 hours ago


  5. Greasytrashcan


    6 hours ago

    Stan tabs friend for clear skin

  6. Greasytrashcan


    6 hours ago

    2:27 YUH ACAB

  7. Cara Pritchard

    Cara Pritchard

    7 hours ago

    When you started singing "nobody told me life was going to be this way" i paused the video and laughed like this "heh heh heh heh" in perfect tune and timing and went :"HOLY CRAP THAT WAS IN PERFECT TUNE".

  8. More_ Chicken

    More_ Chicken

    7 hours ago


  9. Saikyo Miho

    Saikyo Miho

    8 hours ago

    If I was you I would have named her snow

  10. ɴᴀʜ


    8 hours ago


  11. Alejandro Martinez

    Alejandro Martinez

    9 hours ago

    Dogs follow you to the bathroom to protect you

  12. slime boy

    slime boy

    10 hours ago

    Call me peta cause imma bout to do absolutely nothing!

  13. Yona hime-sama

    Yona hime-sama

    10 hours ago

    Aww he's so cute

  14. Lewzz


    10 hours ago

    0:13 anyone else see Sans?

  15. Andrew Schwarz

    Andrew Schwarz

    10 hours ago

    i have an akita and i have to say: don't get one it sucks it scars you

  16. Archi UwU

    Archi UwU

    11 hours ago

    The first skull I saw at the beginning of the video was sans’s head. Can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not

  17. tara clarke

    tara clarke

    14 hours ago

    Dad:sh** sh**sh**sh** Puppy:*puppy dog eyes*

  18. Seven


    14 hours ago

    I feel like the Owner of the pet shop is a Russian cause of her accent (If she’s not then my bad)

  19. Something on th internet _

    Something on th internet _

    14 hours ago

    0:04 if you look closely at the pile of skulls, you will see sans

  20. MADGSKILLS Plays


    15 hours ago

    Ferrits are legal

  21. Isabella Hunt

    Isabella Hunt

    15 hours ago

    Ngl... i ACTUALLY thought it was a Polar Bear...

  22. OwoAngel64


    17 hours ago


  23. Maia Cazacu

    Maia Cazacu

    17 hours ago

    4:15 D O G

  24. zero


    18 hours ago

    That speech though😂😂😂

  25. Artemis Katsaros

    Artemis Katsaros

    22 hours ago

    "and have 10 times the energy than someone who drank a whole pack of monsters" Me on my second pack: "Is that a challenge"

  26. Minion Monkey

    Minion Monkey

    23 hours ago

    0:03 SSSAAAANNNNSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Lemon


    Day ago

    I have 4 dogs..

  28. Mariana Geoffrey

    Mariana Geoffrey

    Day ago


  29. Shady 1111

    Shady 1111

    Day ago

    0:14 found sans

  30. SilvertheDufus


    Day ago

    nice sans cameo.

  31. elite•spizey


    Day ago

    me in a game: gets a kill the hot mic: 9:19

  32. Dragonfruit the rain-wing

    Dragonfruit the rain-wing

    Day ago

    Fun Fact: Not all fun facts are fun

  33. Andrew Bales

    Andrew Bales

    Day ago

    Did anyone see sans

  34. Media Demon 25

    Media Demon 25

    Day ago

    Polar 2020 she’s the best president

  35. Meme Scope

    Meme Scope

    Day ago

    "my fatass thought this was cheesecake" - UberPotatoez from twitter

  36. Michelle Burke

    Michelle Burke

    Day ago

    Dogs follow you into the bathroom because wolves follow each other to the bathroom so predators don’t attack

  37. Temmie_ Time

    Temmie_ Time

    Day ago

    Sans: 0:03

  38. Alana teehee

    Alana teehee

    Day ago

    pupper 2020

  39. Oscar Myers

    Oscar Myers

    Day ago

    Cute Polar Bear

  40. a whiteboard

    a whiteboard

    Day ago

    00:04 poor sans

  41. Mr. Doggo

    Mr. Doggo

    Day ago

    My dog looks like a polar bear to

  42. M ø ø ñ L ī g h t

    M ø ø ñ L ī g h t

    Day ago

    No one: Not a single soul: Your dad: Dog.

  43. Bentley Wayne

    Bentley Wayne

    Day ago


  44. Michael Mell

    Michael Mell

    Day ago

    pupper 2020-

  45. Khaled Cheboui

    Khaled Cheboui

    Day ago

    The first thing I noticed when I saw the bodies is that there's a sans skull 😂

  46. warlieto lazo

    warlieto lazo

    2 days ago

    I’m not LATE

  47. Beanz Beanz

    Beanz Beanz

    2 days ago

    Dang the pet store lady was saying acab before we even knew what it meant

  48. Kimiplays


    2 days ago


  49. Roei Danin

    Roei Danin

    2 days ago


  50. Tony Man

    Tony Man

    2 days ago

    Who else put there hand on there heart and head bless the pupper

  51. Haniel Lopez

    Haniel Lopez

    2 days ago

    2:26 Minneapolis felt*

  52. Chill Skater

    Chill Skater

    2 days ago

    what is the grumpy face thing or ''one of these things''

  53. Tess Troxel

    Tess Troxel

    3 days ago

    Who else DIED when they herd S H I T S H I T

  54. Jacob Escobar

    Jacob Escobar

    3 days ago

    I’m 8

  55. Jacob Escobar

    Jacob Escobar

    3 days ago

    I’m in 2060

    • Jacob Escobar

      Jacob Escobar

      3 days ago

      Also timerlers

  56. Aizel Ann

    Aizel Ann

    3 days ago

    9:14. O my god im dying HAHAHA XD💀

  57. the lonely chip

    the lonely chip

    3 days ago

    Me: drinks a unhealthy amount of energy a day. Tabbes: yeah they have more power than a person that drinks 10 energy's a day. Me: I think I'm ready for dodge

  58. The Video Game Hunger 01

    The Video Game Hunger 01

    4 days ago

    I wonder if Tabbes is going to make another video in 2020 or a series of videos about how Super Super messed up and depressing 2020 has been.

    • The Video Game Hunger 01

      The Video Game Hunger 01

      4 days ago

      2020 might just be a preview for how this decade is going to go. The next 10 years might be just as bad as this year 2020. Or a bit better

  59. The Video Game Hunger 01

    The Video Game Hunger 01

    4 days ago

    Who is watching this in 2020.

    • The Video Game Hunger 01

      The Video Game Hunger 01

      4 days ago

      10:54 I like the art work there.

  60. The Video Game Hunger 01

    The Video Game Hunger 01

    4 days ago

    4:55 I didn't realize it until now. But Tabbes's animated self reminds me of Soul Eater (even though I missed most of that series.) Or Fire Force.

    • The Video Game Hunger 01

      The Video Game Hunger 01

      4 days ago

      There was a time when my cat (named Tiger) came into the bathroom I guess I didn't close the door enough so Tiger went to the litter box in solidarity with me I guess.