I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony

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We went to Biosphere 2 to explore and try to understand it's confusing past.
Check out Lexie’s version of the experience!
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  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory

    8 days ago

    Thank you for allowing us to continue doing good with our platform and with Seek Discomfort. I know brands always say "We're in this together!" type of stuff but we do genuinely feel a responsibility towards the community to shine a light on positive stories and create a ripple effect of change in whatever capacity we can. So we're excited you're along for the ride and so curious to see where the rest of the year can take us :)

    • Jed Caesar

      Jed Caesar

      20 hours ago

      Say hi to Derin guys From the fam

    • David Kanouse

      David Kanouse

      Day ago

      Y r u taking corona tests when its not dangerous

    • Skelakin


      2 days ago

      Leop Oenl bad lands chugs do need his manscaping tho

    • Nick Martinez

      Nick Martinez

      2 days ago

      Do the podshare places in California

    • Sydney Patrick Marsh

      Sydney Patrick Marsh

      2 days ago

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  2. Taylor Tomashot

    Taylor Tomashot

    2 hours ago

    You guys are the reason why I love US-state. It is because of you guys that people's dreams come true. Yes Theory is the best!

  3. efrain reyes

    efrain reyes

    2 hours ago

    Fk this shed we have natural outside garden this money save for hungry guys in África

  4. MJ


    3 hours ago

    I toured this fascinating facility years ago during a hail storm! 😂Very interesting.

  5. nomia cast

    nomia cast

    3 hours ago

    I remember going to biosphere 2 as a kid for a couple field trips and i loved it! Once life starts to go back to normal i'd love to go there again. Its so cool you guys got to go swimming in the ocean!

  6. Elsa W

    Elsa W

    4 hours ago

    i went there at 12 years old and it was amazing! I couldn't decide whether the lung or the ocean was my favorite.

  7. Robert Martinez

    Robert Martinez

    4 hours ago

    Man the cabal has those girls very trained to comply

  8. Tyne


    4 hours ago

    Ay I been there

  9. Anhilliator1


    4 hours ago

    I remember going there as a kid! My hat flew off in the Lung.

  10. Adam Bush

    Adam Bush

    4 hours ago

    There was a movie made in the 90’s called Bio-Dome starring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin.

  11. Patrick


    5 hours ago

    Really disturbing how often people have masks off. We know they didn't isolate for fourteen days and then get tested.

  12. Rock girl

    Rock girl

    5 hours ago

    Yes theory makes me realise how much there is to life and how much I am missing out on it ..... their videos make me tear up every single time

  13. Adam Wallace

    Adam Wallace

    5 hours ago

    $200,000,000 facility that's abandoned, and there's a shit ton of people in the world literally starving, to death. Human beings are crazy bro lol

    • Adam Wallace

      Adam Wallace

      5 hours ago

      @Rock girl If you can read what I typed then you should probably respond in the same language so I can understand.

    • Rock girl

      Rock girl

      5 hours ago

      Ein wunderschöner Botanischer garten, der aber gar nichts mit einer Space Colony zu tun hat, viel zu anfällig für alles mögliche.

  14. Josh Garrrcia

    Josh Garrrcia

    5 hours ago

    Went there for 7th grade field trip.

  15. Barb Riley

    Barb Riley

    6 hours ago

    Happy tears 😊

  16. KitKatKaelyn


    6 hours ago

    Everyone: Wow this video is amazing Me: How did that girl swim in those very long earrings

  17. Lucas Phan

    Lucas Phan

    6 hours ago

    This is amazing. You guys are amazing fucking people!

  18. Ryan A Wilson

    Ryan A Wilson

    6 hours ago


  19. Eliza Vlogsandgaming

    Eliza Vlogsandgaming

    6 hours ago

    I bet this video popped up on my science teachers recommended

  20. noel natividad

    noel natividad

    7 hours ago

    Biological Oxygen Demand. The "shit" you learn working in water treatment. Hahaha

  21. Slut


    7 hours ago

    I literally live next to the biosphere. Crazy to see this.

  22. Isabella P

    Isabella P

    7 hours ago

    Thank you for being the absolute definition of humanity and empathy, this was absolutely beautiful! I wish the best for Symphony, she deserves all the good in this world!!!!!

  23. Znaded Fire

    Znaded Fire

    8 hours ago

    Biosphere 2, *in Biosphere 1*

  24. kiwiseeds9


    9 hours ago

    i live up northern eastern or arizona and i usually go down here every 3 years to see a change in what these students have created , it’s so cool. especially going down under a certain area and there’s a glass wall from the ocean and you can see the fish and snails. i recommend checking it out

  25. Angel Villarreal

    Angel Villarreal

    9 hours ago

    Cameraman trynna smash

  26. Ryu Heaven

    Ryu Heaven

    9 hours ago

    is ammar turnin gae

  27. Bitzs


    9 hours ago

    I've been there on a school field trip it was pretty cool

  28. Sangboi Tangpua

    Sangboi Tangpua

    9 hours ago

    i love you symphony 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Alter Knochen

    Alter Knochen

    10 hours ago

    Ein wunderschöner Botanischer garten, der aber gar nichts mit einer Space Colony zu tun hat, viel zu anfällig für alles mögliche.

  30. Kluckboys


    11 hours ago

    Stop simping ammar

  31. Paul Hruby

    Paul Hruby

    11 hours ago

    I guess Pauly Shore was out that day?

  32. Dylan Fullero

    Dylan Fullero

    12 hours ago


  33. tonymarony1


    12 hours ago

    the voice of the guide is very annoying to me. Girls if you talk this way please stop, take voice lessons.

  34. Taj


    13 hours ago

    I loved the girl telling her story at the end. Please don’t cry baby girl you are empowered by your experiences and you are strong and resilient so please don’t cry. I’ve lived a hard life and it does make you appreciate things around you. I love the kindness they showed towards their friend. I am a new subscriber and forever supporter now. Love you guys! Best of Luck to you all.

  35. Charlie ZzZ

    Charlie ZzZ

    13 hours ago

    Symphony is such a beautiful person.

  36. JFAM The Movement

    JFAM The Movement

    13 hours ago

    Ah... Coronavirus tested before allowing to travel? What's next for you, a mandatory tracker implant? Hypocritical liberty is bliss ain't it?

  37. Olivia Austin

    Olivia Austin

    13 hours ago

    Petition for Yes Theory to hike the most challenging part of the Appalachian Trail together.

  38. Natia Williams

    Natia Williams

    14 hours ago

    $prettytia98 🙏🏽

  39. Doge The dog

    Doge The dog

    14 hours ago

    Had a class bout dis in school could have used this

  40. BoOm BaLlOoN

    BoOm BaLlOoN

    15 hours ago

    Never heard of yes theory prior Came here to see someone take a tour of a condensed Earth Left very satisfied Take my subscription

  41. eric_abyolo


    15 hours ago

    Viva Los Bio Dome!

  42. Rajveer Mote

    Rajveer Mote

    16 hours ago


  43. gautam khattri

    gautam khattri

    17 hours ago

    That girl with glasses is kinda Amar's type

  44. Agus Charlone

    Agus Charlone

    17 hours ago

    Im proud of the human race, us. Knowing this its impossible that we can disappear from the universe. Things can be fuck up in the world, but look at this. There is a lot of hope. We are the people in charge to make the right changes and keep learning! Thanks Yestheory.

  45. Oğulcan Şatafoğlu

    Oğulcan Şatafoğlu

    17 hours ago

    I cried in the end, thanks to you @yestheory. You are all amazing peoples.

  46. semimalovatic


    18 hours ago

    “We found ourselves sleeping in the car”

  47. shame138


    21 hour ago

    We've truly entered sad times when most people have never seen bio dome. Viva los bio dome!

  48. Petranilla14


    21 hour ago

    I've always thought that it failed because they moved in too quickly. I am sure if they redid the experiment now it won't fail because the ecosystem had time to adjust. They were to eager to begin. Nature takes time and we humans are too impatient.

    • Philoctetes Returns

      Philoctetes Returns

      21 hour ago

      Wrong, very wrong.

  49. Philoctetes Returns

    Philoctetes Returns

    21 hour ago

    I think this was place where the scientists ended up having a lord of the rings type of fight (without murder) split up into two groups and never talked to each other again after it was over. Happened in the 1990s. The experiment of living in a closed self sustaining environment was not just a failure physically, it was a social failure. They cheated, by sneaking in supplies after the experiment began and they were all very malnourished when it was over and not on speaking terms. I remember this. Imagine if this had been on Mars, with NO where to escape to. There really would have been murders.

  50. Dionis Llupo

    Dionis Llupo

    21 hour ago

    Could you guys release some seek discomfort hoodies!?

  51. 01 02

    01 02

    21 hour ago

    well, son, *a LOT* of us *DO remember!!* this 'space colony experiment.' seriously, why *wouldn't we?? recall??* so, *NO,* it's the *YOUNGSTERS* and then *also* certain *other* demographics of human-beings - esp., in, 'the WEST,' who have/had *NEVER* heard about it. and ok, *so:* certain ridiculous, nerdy & absurd assumptions *aside??*: good on *YOU!!,* *'chile,' [yes, *'chile,'* vs., 'child,'] for making a video about it.. *Awesome Sauce!* we, *guess!!* you DID this! cool!! and, *so, you DID, do!!* a wonderful & necessary service for the world! 👍💕🌈☮️🌷☯️💗🙋🏾‍♀️🥁😃

  52. Aarav Shisodia

    Aarav Shisodia

    22 hours ago

    I saw this on Vox

  53. prasad rajendran

    prasad rajendran

    22 hours ago

    My dad asked me to quit Yes Theory immediately video of Ammar, unmaar or samaar 😂 whomever.. Such a Drama video 👎👎 PS: There comment section is off so commenting here about that, you drama peoples 🤫

  54. kolim jone

    kolim jone

    22 hours ago

    Imagine if the earth is destroyed and the biosphere 2 is the only thing left, flying through space...

  55. Fastlane racing co.

    Fastlane racing co.

    22 hours ago

    I would live there like imagine having your own earth to play around in.

  56. Corey Hanson

    Corey Hanson

    22 hours ago

    I could figure out how to convert it into the world's largest bong. Hotbox life.

  57. Burak Kaklik

    Burak Kaklik

    22 hours ago

    such an inspiration guys

  58. Judith Calzadillas

    Judith Calzadillas

    23 hours ago

    I live in Tucson were that is I’m really a big fan of u guys but really sad that I couldn’t see u

  59. Juan José

    Juan José

    23 hours ago

    I think you need some latin blood on your team. Hint: I’m Mexican.

  60. Ben Hutchinson

    Ben Hutchinson

    23 hours ago

    Yo I’m a new subscriber and I know you all have heard it a million times but I truly believe this is one of the most important and inspirational channels on US-state. Thanks for what you do it’s fucking awesome. Come chill in Omaha, NE my fam makes really good food. Love y’all!