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Disney's live-action Mulan official trailers starring Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor.
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Disney’s Mulan, the epic tale of a fearless young woman who risks everything out of love for her family and her country to become one of the greatest warriors China has ever known, opens in UK and Ireland cinemas in Spring 2020.

When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. “Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”


  1. Sailaja Johansson

    Sailaja Johansson

    5 hours ago

    Where is Mushu and the Cricket😫😫😫😫

  2. Putri Lestari

    Putri Lestari

    21 hour ago

    I don't know why, but my tears fell looking at this trailer

  3. Janelle Moerman

    Janelle Moerman

    Day ago

    Over 5 months after the 1st release date, I just want it to go on Disney+ so I can watch it!! Please Disney, make me happy.

  4. AparnaV K.S

    AparnaV K.S

    2 days ago

    Where's Mushu?? And Cricky?! I would've loved to see Eddie Murphy Back as Mushu!!! But the Movie is Gonna be EPIC n AWESOME Either way :) Mulan My Disney fav! ( Alongside Moana and Merida)

  5. amanda heintzman

    amanda heintzman

    3 days ago

    This movie is incredibly relevant to recent events in my opinion. I have always loved how this movie inspires young girls to be their best selves, and helps them to realize that in life you must fight for those you love. Crying from beginning to end. Well done, Disney.

  6. 白曰夢遊


    3 days ago

    亦菲本姓黃。 哈哈~我愛死妳了O(∩_∩)O~

  7. Agh Yaat

    Agh Yaat

    3 days ago

    Trailer of this movie is so exciting! Must watch!!

  8. Christian Zamudio

    Christian Zamudio

    4 days ago

    Iba pala mulan napanuod ko 😂😂😂

  9. Carrie Huang

    Carrie Huang

    4 days ago


  10. Skirmish_ Noob

    Skirmish_ Noob

    4 days ago

    Thanks torrent i love u too 😂😂

  11. A Bretonnian Man-at-Arms

    A Bretonnian Man-at-Arms

    4 days ago

    I am going to do something I rarely do for these movies, and I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt, aside from the weird ass armor the Jurchens are wearing (I assume they are Jurchen since they are the guys who really liked screwing over china) I know it's been out but I never watch these movies until at least months after

  12. Michael Du

    Michael Du

    6 days ago


  13. Sakura Madison

    Sakura Madison

    6 days ago

    ムーランは強くて美しい女性だと本当に思います。公開が楽しみ!絶対観ます! Mulan is strong and beautiful women. I’m so excited to watch this movie!

  14. Adam Ibrahim

    Adam Ibrahim

    6 days ago

    Weirdest movie ever

  15. Nique Ness

    Nique Ness

    7 days ago

    Mulan was always my fave. I was really looking forward to this then covid had to mess with my plans.

  16. Christopher Banigan

    Christopher Banigan

    8 days ago

    #BoycottMulan No Canadian should support this film.

  17. KhmerD0g


    9 days ago

    Why does Disney make most of their movie rated PG-13 and lower? I want to see Disney makes rated-R and rated-NC17 movies

  18. Manuel Ortega

    Manuel Ortega

    9 days ago

    Espero se estrené en México va estar chida 😱😃👍

  19. Lalaine


    10 days ago

    Liu Yifei as Mulan?!!! 😍😍😍 Omg is her time to shine again !! Btw I recommend you to watch her other movie SO YOUNG 2: Never Gone ✌️😍 it's good

  20. Mikhail Ivanov

    Mikhail Ivanov

    11 days ago


  21. Love Not hate

    Love Not hate

    11 days ago

    Watch it to support CCP brutality. Boycott it to support freedom.

  22. 이쁜엄마


    11 days ago

    공산당 영화는 절대 안보랍니다.

  23. Just ML PH

    Just ML PH

    11 days ago

    Liu Yifei 😍😍

  24. Thremski &Co.

    Thremski &Co.

    12 days ago

    Sounds really weird to hear Asians sound like white people after listening to BTS' beautiful accents all day long.

  25. man im

    man im

    12 days ago


  26. man im

    man im

    12 days ago


  27. man im

    man im

    12 days ago


  28. Mr Rivers

    Mr Rivers

    12 days ago

    I’m actually looking forward to this movie.

  29. happy thoughts-ken

    happy thoughts-ken

    12 days ago

    I had goosebumps seeing this trailer

  30. David Reinhart

    David Reinhart

    12 days ago

    Can’t you guys just remake the movie and not add a stupid rich.

  31. Jocelyn Dancel

    Jocelyn Dancel

    13 days ago

    You have a snake

  32. Karlz Batiao

    Karlz Batiao

    13 days ago

    Hollywood: how many cartoons from the 90's do you plan to remake as live actions movies? Disney: YES...

  33. Joy Landis

    Joy Landis

    13 days ago

    I waited for this in cinemas here in the Philippines until it finally came last March 2020 but so sad we cannot watch it because of the national lockdown due to the pandemic. It is supposed to be a birthday treat for my daughter...

  34. unknown gurl

    unknown gurl

    13 days ago

    1:52 damn I can't have enough of this scene! it gives me chills

  35. Ainash Tleubayeva

    Ainash Tleubayeva

    13 days ago

    When is going to be in Kazakhstan?

  36. Lazy_ Noya

    Lazy_ Noya

    13 days ago

    Im only annoyed by the fact they took out the part where she cuts her hair with the sword,i really liked that part.

  37. Summer Nioh

    Summer Nioh

    13 days ago

    Disney: Chinese lives matter !! money money

  38. Cassee


    14 days ago

    Subtitles: "By eating of his Imperial Majesty" 2:37 That's a fun plot twist :P

  39. 山野微风


    14 days ago

    I want to know what the background music of this promotional video is, thank you!

  40. Hannah B

    Hannah B

    14 days ago

    On March 27 *HAHAHAHA* cries

  41. Nube


    14 days ago

    Shes very beautiful. I first saw her in Love of the condor Hero.



    14 days ago

    :D love this trailer

  43. MultiKayla15


    15 days ago

    Omg! I can Not WAIT for this to finally come out!!!! 😭😭😭😭 the fact that they are gonna follow more closely to the actual Legend of Mulan while still making references to the animated version makes me so excited to see how they will do that! Plus the action looks awesome yet so pretty! 😁

  44. Seltherine Salazar

    Seltherine Salazar

    15 days ago

    with or without mushu, in my opinion this film would be great YASH QUEEN YASH

  45. Steve C

    Steve C

    16 days ago

    My father cannot fight but this Yifei cannot even act. Won't watch this stupid Mulan shit.

    • Asspop87


      15 days ago

      wuhan flu

  46. Sakura Japz

    Sakura Japz

    16 days ago

    Where is Mushooooo??!!!

  47. Lewas Paige

    Lewas Paige

    16 days ago

    Cannot wait to take my niece

  48. Anna Liza Rance

    Anna Liza Rance

    16 days ago

    Hoping that this pandemic will be gone soon and looking forward to watch this one great movie.i've been waiting for this before the spread of covid19.😔😔😔

  49. Mary Aeline Cruz

    Mary Aeline Cruz

    17 days ago

    When can we watch this😢

  50. crystal kan

    crystal kan

    17 days ago

    i love how mulan is so realistic Disney: let's add a witch!

    • Chitoge606 Kirisaki

      Chitoge606 Kirisaki

      3 days ago

      @Peter Tran i was so sad to learn that they didn't add shang. They were so cute in the animated version, i was excited to see real life acting between them but i guess that's not happening 😓😓😓😭

    • Peter Tran

      Peter Tran

      11 days ago

      ik and they removed shang because its "innapropriate" the movie might be good but this will be like the live action avatar compared to the original

    • Niccolò Paganini

      Niccolò Paganini

      12 days ago

      The witch is actually mentioned in the original myth.

    • crystal kan

      crystal kan

      14 days ago

      david sby whoops forgot about that ahahaha

    • david sby

      david sby

      15 days ago

      were you talking about the cartoon version? the one with a talking dragon-snake-thingy?

  51. Gayongorsa's Vlog

    Gayongorsa's Vlog

    17 days ago

    when will it be aired?

    • GhostonFire


      17 days ago

      Gayongorsa's Vlog June 24?

  52. Jiri Litao

    Jiri Litao

    17 days ago

    Fcking Coronavirus

  53. chengfamily chengfamily

    chengfamily chengfamily

    17 days ago

    #BoycottMulan Say no to #PoliceBrutality!

  54. Shirly Tolete

    Shirly Tolete

    17 days ago

    Last night, I’ve watched old Mulan movie (it’s also good) because of this. I’m waiting for this movie in the big screen but pandemic happened, I’m still excited to Liu Yifei🥰, I like her so much. I just wish Shawn Dou is Prince Hou, but it’s okay if its not him.😉

  55. Yoyo Yoky

    Yoyo Yoky

    18 days ago

    Where is mosho the dragon 😒

  56. luna JLCR

    luna JLCR

    18 days ago

    Where is Wushu? Where is romance? Where is is cricket? A Witch why???

  57. Jessica Castro

    Jessica Castro

    19 days ago

    I love it 😍 is cool her leyend is real 💪🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  58. Jeyda San

    Jeyda San

    19 days ago

    Crystal liu has been my favorite actress ever since... She deserves this I've waited for the movie but we are in pandemic and it got cancelled.. plus mr IP is her commander also my fave martial artist T__T whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  59. The Fink Sisters

    The Fink Sisters

    20 days ago

    If mushu isn’t in this than I really can’t call in Mulan

  60. Cyra Elza Binoy

    Cyra Elza Binoy

    20 days ago

    im confused cuz the father said that mulan is powerful?