Crypt x Quadeca x Dax x Scru - Four Horsemen (Official Video)

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You asked for it, we gave it to you. Crypt x Quadeca x Dax x Scru - Four Horsemen. I will be reacting to some reaction videos, so make some reaction videos!
Okay, everybody tryna get a piece off of my fuckin' pie,
I'm the sauce, why they leaving me off to the fuckin' side?
Why you want the smoke?
You obviously gonna die
This shit a walk in the park but I'm not gonna let it slide.
I forgot your name I think I'm suffering from old age,
All these rappers are acting in this shit they doing role plays, all day,
choosing how I'm eating like Chipoltle
Put my moves on that bitch and then she acting like Ole,
Back to the matter at hand,
I'm hearing my name like its a chatter at hand,
I been getting hits like I'm the batter at stand,
Moving like I'm Drake in it Back to Back man,
everybody they wanna know,
how I took it to the top with the rest so I hit a flow,
and I'm really on to these bitches,
I think they not gonna listen
but I can promise I'm giving it till I'm hitting the door so you know,
clock winds down its ready to blow
got your bags packed cause I think I'm ready to go,
I got ahead of my friends
since I got ahead of my foes,
yea I went rogue and I aint no regular Joe
You dont really wanna fuck with us
we the next dudes who are coming up
all you other bitches get up under us
we the Four Horsemen here to fuck you up
You dont really wanna fuck with us
we the next dudes who are coming up
all you other bitches get up under us
we the Four Horsemen here to fuck you up
1 2 3 4 ya you know I’m bout to make this shit simple, 3 niggas on a song with a goat, and a random ass beat turn this mufuka to a hit single, I done made it out the gutter on my mother tarzaned in the jungle now I the got money stacked like a Pringle , so you better swipe right for the night have god in your life cuz I’m piping something off Christian mingle facts!
Who you know got a dick make a bitch do a splits like she doing gymnastics, I could make a whole kitty stretch like the warm up prior to Nba team doing practice, I can turn a gay bitch straight like you drawing wit a ruler in them geometrical type of a classes
I could make a
I could make a white lotta shit happen
Bitch ima dragon
Played in parks that were Jurassic
When it got drastic
Shit got tragic
Yeah they’ll split ya cabbage
See You got trashed
Becuase you Garbage
And all the Rapping
Got you ravished
You minor infractions
Since 21 my shit was savage
I told’em Issa Knive, then stab him
Ya toes Ima Tag’em
Ain’t talkin roasts But ima drag him
Right to the wolves and let them have him
Fizza be swaggin
You niggas jacking like Aladdin
Without a Genie I make magic
You slow lil bastard
You spoke bout Ratchets
Hope you have it
Or get to Ducking like A Mallord
This bitch sing a ballad
I’m wilding
Puching while I’m battling
Like “Oh You mad Becuase one Styilin”
Oh you mad cuz I ain’t silent?
Just be glad that ain’t violent
Time to go fishing,
I'm on a mission,
to bring in bitches, with my disses,
I got em trippin,
I'm in they mentions,
they think that Crypt is,
the one that's fibbin',
when I say that I'm on top of the game and one of the best in the business,
I throw my lines out and I grab 'em with the hook,
reel them in and throw 'em on they own grills to be cooked,
and I fillet em until they resemble their own look,
I give 'em a 0 on the scales then I leave them shook,
You don't wanna battle me matter fact it'd be kinda like a queen to a rook,
you can only move in one direction but I take over everything that you wish you could,
Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack,
blood slippin' out me teeth cause I ate them all as a snack,
they got big barks but no heart they pussies like cats,
and now I run that bitch with the dead alpha male on my back.
Everybody here can example skills that they have,
and we'd put an end to these bitches our here thinkin' that they can rap
we like a group of people walkin' into a chapel, NO CAP.
Attackin any bastard that's wack we gettin' in our bag so feel the wrath
of the 4 horsemen a force that is for sure to be goreing shit
leavin corpses in an assortment of portions to send to the morgue and Crypt
and this a warning hit, the coroner reporting this
Crypt, Dax, Scru, and Quad commiting murder recording this.


  1. Crypt


    Year ago

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    • Sleroyplayz5447


      Month ago

      I would like this if dad wasn’t here

    • Anthony Bell

      Anthony Bell

      2 months ago


    • Skdbehdje Endherbjddnendjdh

      Skdbehdje Endherbjddnendjdh

      3 months ago

      My god bro this shit blew me away

    • Vveve Vvev

      Vveve Vvev

      3 months ago

      The part was good

    • Vveve Vvev

      Vveve Vvev

      3 months ago

      Crypt you stealing Eminem’s flow from one of his songs

  2. I wish I could upload on xbox

    I wish I could upload on xbox

    21 hour ago

    First song dax doesn't mention bring a janitor?

  3. Shepperd


    3 days ago

    fucking FIRE🔥🔥🔥

  4. RZN_FrZdy


    3 days ago


  5. RZN_FrZdy


    3 days ago


  6. The King

    The King

    4 days ago

    The four horsemen of wearing a shirt! Wait....

  7. Robin Dickerson

    Robin Dickerson

    4 days ago

    I can definitely see why this made them hate dax... This really was an asshole move on his part

  8. Bill ngo

    Bill ngo

    4 days ago

    I wonder wut the budget was for this video

  9. Spotted*HaIL YT

    Spotted*HaIL YT

    4 days ago


  10. Peter Luetjen

    Peter Luetjen

    4 days ago


  11. TmZz-Ghost —

    TmZz-Ghost —

    5 days ago

    Bro so close to 1million subs omg

  12. Lawless gstar

    Lawless gstar

    5 days ago

    that chorus made my ears bleed😪 and all i heard when scru was rapping was "azzgagabxnzjsjaa" 😂😂 wtf was this bullshit?!

  13. Senpai


    6 days ago

    Anyone wanna do a cover of this with me?

  14. Revelation


    6 days ago

    f i r e

  15. Siddharth Rath

    Siddharth Rath

    6 days ago

    Dax tried to show that he’s the best rapper among the rest n dissed them, yet his verse was the worst and Scru n crypt destroyed him with their disses later on. Lol 😂

  16. Christian Lima

    Christian Lima

    6 days ago

    This is weird

  17. Aka Neymar

    Aka Neymar

    7 days ago

    Why is everyone hating on Dax?

  18. MDG 09

    MDG 09

    8 days ago

    Jeez crypt,dax,quadeca and scru jeez that is an insane four horsemen

  19. JustinTime


    9 days ago

    the song that started it all...

  20. Karen Werner

    Karen Werner

    9 days ago

    That hooked kinda sucked

  21. MikelyThebest


    10 days ago

    Yeet this is really good, good job

  22. jKilLa gAmez

    jKilLa gAmez

    10 days ago

    yo why’d they give dax the shortest verse

    • CrossFireMusic


      9 days ago

      Cause he messed it up, then he dissed all of them in the actual song

  23. MaddragonX


    10 days ago

    Ngl, Quadeca looking like Morgz

    • CrossFireMusic


      9 days ago

      Eh, not really

  24. I love marvel 1

    I love marvel 1

    10 days ago

    Crypt were the four horsemen here to fuck you up Crypt holds up eight fingers

  25. I love marvel 1

    I love marvel 1

    11 days ago

    Dang this shit was fire

  26. mudbin22


    11 days ago


    • Lawless gstar

      Lawless gstar

      5 days ago

      This song was absolute ass zzzz

  27. Ashraf Danish

    Ashraf Danish

    12 days ago

    Need another Crypt x DAX track this year!

  28. Youtuber Rozonexkt

    Youtuber Rozonexkt

    12 days ago

    *Wow an janitor can rap so good*

  29. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin

    13 days ago




    13 days ago

    Dax gets paid 1,300 USD to rap about his dick (colorized)

  31. Fre Shava Cado

    Fre Shava Cado

    14 days ago

    I always missed see that crypt mouth was open at the thumbnail

  32. MagicKrackers


    14 days ago

    Quadeca kinda ruined the vibe at the beginning but then Crypt came and brought it back

    • MDG 09

      MDG 09

      7 days ago

      What the what do you mean I think that he had one of the best verses

  33. Nate Terpstra

    Nate Terpstra

    14 days ago

    LMAO! Dax thinks he's the "Goat"... His verse was the worst of the 4! Come on.. *Facepalm XP XD

  34. Dan Schween

    Dan Schween

    14 days ago

    this hook sucks. quad dax and scru definitely all knew this too but they didn’t have the heart to kick him off and replace him on the chorus.

  35. Egy Kicsit

    Egy Kicsit

    18 days ago

    Nah, pass.

  36. RevertLOLS


    19 days ago

    Dax is so petty he changed his lyrics last min to diss the other 3 by saying 3 people on a song with a GOAT (him but thats lies) Even tho he had the worst verse on this whole track

  37. ICantPG3D


    20 days ago

    Crypt still look cute even tho he tried to be serious

  38. Richmond johnson

    Richmond johnson

    20 days ago

    lol dax had the best part but they all did good

    • Typ0


      16 days ago

      U good bro?

  39. Stevv Mangevv

    Stevv Mangevv

    21 day ago

    Dude Its fuckin dax

  40. James Welsh

    James Welsh

    21 day ago

    Dax What is the best one you others need to quit

    • Typ0


      20 days ago


  41. Jack Duggan

    Jack Duggan

    21 day ago

    Quadeca, Dax and Crypt don't even have to try to be better than Scru

  42. Evan Eleven

    Evan Eleven

    21 day ago

    I love Dax

  43. Alsaad


    22 days ago

    *this is epic*

  44. alessio bordone

    alessio bordone

    22 days ago

    bro pls make the same song without the one with weird hair... u guys are so good (not redfckhair)

  45. Ansøn Wang

    Ansøn Wang

    22 days ago

    wow youtube rap really is the biggest tragedy of the last 5 years

    • 2 2

      2 2

      4 days ago

      I agree

  46. Musa Rizwan

    Musa Rizwan

    23 days ago


  47. WaterMelon YT

    WaterMelon YT

    24 days ago

    I won't lie not a fan of the hook but otherwise not bad

  48. Leland Newsome

    Leland Newsome

    25 days ago

    Dax half assed you

    • E


      22 days ago

      This is old

  49. Diss-Grace The Rapper

    Diss-Grace The Rapper

    25 days ago

    Iconic cuzz it started the Dax beef

  50. Jade Logsdail-Oliver

    Jade Logsdail-Oliver

    25 days ago

    Scru sounds like KSI

    • Jade Logsdail-Oliver

      Jade Logsdail-Oliver

      17 days ago

      @E he does

    • E


      22 days ago

      No he doesn't....

  51. Pebble


    25 days ago

    God, Everyone was talking about some good shit I mean aside from Dax

  52. Jayle


    25 days ago

    I wish Dax didn’t do what he did, this song is the biggest fucking banger otherwise.

  53. Truplushes


    26 days ago

    quadeca be looking like noah boat

  54. Lee ONeill

    Lee ONeill

    26 days ago

    Who made this beat????

  55. LordSpankyMcPoo 420

    LordSpankyMcPoo 420

    27 days ago

    This is like the ghetto version of Worldwide Choppers, but still fire!!!

  56. Neature’s Tree

    Neature’s Tree

    27 days ago

    Crypt: Death (rapping about leading the pack, being the queen to a rook. Death in my opinion is the most powerful, the leader horsemen. Because war, famine, and pestilence can all be stopped to varying degrees but death is always there. Always lurking). Quadeca: Famine. (A little more literal- he mentions food such as pie, chipotle, and sauce during his verse. Though famine is probably one of the most vague horsemen, second only to Death itself.) Scru: War. (Constantly speaking about fighting and violence in his verse. “I told ‘em Issa a knife then stab him” being a notable mention for this point. “Punching while I’m battling” is also very important to mention to further this. His verse was very intense and the background of his section was focused on strength, with the scenery and props being gym equipment.). Leaving Dax as: Pestilence. (Although this point wasn’t intentional, he has the weakest verse in my opinion. And pestilence to me is a weaker horsemen because 9 times out of 10, it’s easy to stop. Easy to make a cure and such, though current situations prove this otherwise. Although I don’t have something that could be intentional for this, Dax is still pestilence. Easy.)

    • Varz 156

      Varz 156

      11 days ago

      Dude... how did you do this? Hats off to you my man.

  57. Arrogant American Officer

    Arrogant American Officer

    27 days ago

    Why y'all hating on Dax, he was a janitor, expect some bad rhymes, my dude needs some more experience and it will be better overtime.

  58. yaboi killermemestar

    yaboi killermemestar

    27 days ago

    Crypt: Fire Quadeca: Hype as hell Scru: Swag Dax: It's trash!

  59. Ambitixnkidd


    28 days ago

    I’m pissed off I just now found this but damn this man Crypt can spit🥴🥴

    • Mr GucciSparkles

      Mr GucciSparkles

      27 days ago

      Shit same I always knew he was good but never really listened to him

  60. Joey the Jaguar

    Joey the Jaguar

    28 days ago

    Crypt: fire hitter Quadeca: hard hitter Scru : little hitter Dax: mop hitter