Jaden Smith calls out SHANE DAWSON for what he did to his sister! #DramaAlert Will Smith Family MAD

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  1. DramaAlert


    Month ago

    Dr Disrespect just tweeted: Champions Club, Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision... Firm handshakes to all for the support during this difficult time. -Dr Disrespect

    • Xxsxnny_cloudsxX


      11 days ago

      I love you

    • Xxsxnny_cloudsxX


      11 days ago


    • Test account Meowdfwc

      Test account Meowdfwc

      24 days ago

      But Jaden won't call out his father big willy style.

    • ruben boswall

      ruben boswall

      Month ago

      he was banned for smoking

    • Amber Deleon

      Amber Deleon

      Month ago

      i saw an article saying that he got banned because him ninja and shroud were plotting to make a new streaming platform that will be competitive to twitch

  2. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

    4 days ago

    Yo my last name is Smith Full name Ryan Smith

  3. radha singh

    radha singh

    5 days ago


  4. Park Our

    Park Our

    5 days ago

    This is very disappointing:( didn’t know Shane was like this why does everyone end up being bad like wtf?

  5. Mr Clutch

    Mr Clutch

    14 days ago

    Karma’s a bitch to Jada hahaha

  6. Chandler Thompson

    Chandler Thompson

    14 days ago

    US-state is to stupid to ban people apperently

  7. Chandler Thompson

    Chandler Thompson

    14 days ago

    I like how US-state’s trending always has the worst videos ever

  8. Beanie Artz

    Beanie Artz

    16 days ago

    I feel bad for Shane.. but you need to take responsibility for you actions, your an adult, time to take accountability

  9. sheila turner

    sheila turner

    16 days ago

    Shane Dawson got a bad rap. He has apologized humbly. The Smiths should do what Jesus would do...Love and Forgive!!! Just saying the truth!!!!

  10. Gacha AnimatorYT

    Gacha AnimatorYT

    17 days ago

    Ok but like, I disagree. You say the worst apologies are good and the best are the worst. Such is the burden of human opinions...

  11. Ada Tutorial

    Ada Tutorial

    20 days ago

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  12. lumity


    20 days ago

    LMAO ricegum out there still trying to get any ounce of clout

  13. Albino Orca

    Albino Orca

    20 days ago

    Pulling a Kardashian to stay relevant I see

  14. Arshin Sn

    Arshin Sn

    20 days ago

    Like what the heck Shane Dawson but that was a long time ago right he change people change but he is friends with a problematic people so

  15. daddyfish 3

    daddyfish 3

    20 days ago

    i thought jaden was the sister

  16. Jazzy._.spamzzz


    20 days ago

    Me: “hmmm, what’s gonna happen in July? 🤔” July: “Tati comes out”.....”Shane gets cancelled cancelled CANCELLED”...what’s next august ;-;

  17. karen Hattaway

    karen Hattaway

    22 days ago


  18. Emily Olivarez

    Emily Olivarez

    22 days ago

    Of course I really love Shane and the content he puts out but what he did was just not okay it’s was wrong and just make me and really everyone else uncomfortable I do not support Shane any more and the people who make up excuses for him and clearly do not have children,a family or is a young girl or child. This is just wrong.

  19. Teresa F.

    Teresa F.

    23 days ago

    The Smith family wants to cancel Shane but keeps quiet about Will being on the Epstein flight logs... interesting.

  20. Simon Dahl Nielsen

    Simon Dahl Nielsen

    23 days ago

    When keem is talking about toxicity, lol.. you live of it and boosting it out in the community.

  21. Simon Dahl Nielsen

    Simon Dahl Nielsen

    23 days ago

    Your nose is too deep in people's lives, this mans should be stopped

  22. Chungo


    24 days ago

    2:59 of course he fucking did...

  23. -_grey_-


    24 days ago

    So why is stuff only coming up now? how come people didn’t say something back then? why do people wait until it’s 10 years later to start drama? I understand some situations where you wait but for most of this I don’t see an excuse. If you have a problem take care of it as it’s happening and don’t wait forever to do so. Edit: ALSO if someone made a mistake let them fix it because they know they did wrong you don’t need to continue bashing them just let some stuff go

  24. Test account Meowdfwc

    Test account Meowdfwc

    24 days ago

    But Jaden won't call out his dad lol

  25. Wanye


    25 days ago

    OLD VIDEOS! WHY THE HELL ARE PEOPLE SO KEEN ON PULLING OUT SHIT FROM THE PAST LIKE GOD DAMN! This is like calling out some 30 year old man for something he did when he was a teenager😪

  26. long furby08

    long furby08

    26 days ago

    Aren't you a trump supporter?

  27. Rattle


    26 days ago

    idk why keem gets hate he dosent make the news he just tells it

  28. Exploring Is living life

    Exploring Is living life

    26 days ago


  29. Bazyf _

    Bazyf _

    27 days ago

    Yeah so he did this but original when you saw this you didn’t do anything so why now like don’t turn on someone who changed and doesn’t say this anymore- btw I’m talking about Shane

  30. Griphter


    27 days ago

    Jaden is daddy's little boy chasing the clout by shaming others when what happened was supposed to be a joke and it happened year ago back then it was socially accepted to be a Psychopath on the Internet kids now a days are too sensitive.

  31. Jasmine Nicole

    Jasmine Nicole

    27 days ago

    Ice is fake asfffffff. His body language says it all. He misses the money.

  32. Allen M

    Allen M

    27 days ago

    I unsubbed from His channel

  33. reviewfor thetube

    reviewfor thetube

    27 days ago

    Uh oh shit getting real

  34. Pax Inviscis

    Pax Inviscis

    28 days ago

    I know why Dr Disrespect was banned......He shot J.F.K

  35. Jotarosimp


    28 days ago

    I wonder what Ryland thinks👀

  36. Scruff D0g

    Scruff D0g

    29 days ago

    Shane Dawson made all this videos "The Dark Side of Whoever" Meanwhile Shane Dawson always had a bad dark side. You mess with the GOAT Will Smiths family, your career should be over.

  37. Sam McCarty

    Sam McCarty

    29 days ago

    It will be ironic if Maxwell drops Will Smith's name.

  38. Sterb


    29 days ago

    Thank god Filthy Frank switched to music before cancel culture became a thing

  39. OctoBro


    Month ago

    Why is will Smith in the thumbnail?

  40. George Stefanovic

    George Stefanovic

    Month ago

    The hypocrisy! Guess who's name was on Jeffery Epstein's flight logs-WILL SMITH!!!

  41. Spiracy Bam

    Spiracy Bam

    Month ago

    Rice gum low key tryna slide in for a feature with jaden hahahaha

  42. Dropped Truckz

    Dropped Truckz

    Month ago

    Jaden Smith gay af

  43. Cokee Mitchell

    Cokee Mitchell

    Month ago

    I’m going to be honest, this whole this about Shane is kinda annoying all this stuff happened years ago, Shane has grown as a person and he’s not like that anymore.

  44. Patrick Rapan

    Patrick Rapan

    Month ago

    Keemstar > H3

  45. Ähhh Gäääh

    Ähhh Gäääh

    Month ago

    Omg this guy is disgusting i donte even know how jeffre can be friends with him

  46. Sugar and Salt

    Sugar and Salt

    Month ago

    Dr disrespect had sexual with Alinity

  47. Amer Carroll

    Amer Carroll

    Month ago

    I don’t understand Doc has a HUGE US-state following, can’t he just go there?

  48. COD11738 1

    COD11738 1

    Month ago

    Didn’t keen say the n word 🤔

  49. lllDOZElll


    Month ago


  50. Zeke Cosgrove

    Zeke Cosgrove

    Month ago


  51. Emmet Brown

    Emmet Brown

    Month ago

    damn the homie will I wonder how he feels

  52. Steph Ponsi

    Steph Ponsi

    Month ago

    if dr d did something criminally it would be known already

  53. Liz Overtime

    Liz Overtime

    Month ago

    Okay but why was chrisandthemike playing in the back? 😂

  54. Nehemiah Subscribe

    Nehemiah Subscribe

    Month ago

    How does he take what Jjs parents said as them choosing Dejis side, whichever parent it was literally stated "You're both to blame" that's not picking a side

  55. Hayden Cejka

    Hayden Cejka

    Month ago

    love how keem instantly threw out the idea that drdisrespect is banned because of the “me too” movement. yeah it looks bad but why are you even assuming anything to that level with 0 evidence for it.

  56. NickOnPC


    Month ago

    *U need to start putting people’s names instead of saying “other people think” I feel like when u say that it’s your opinion and ur just trying to cover that up. U do this shit all the time.*

  57. Pretty Binch

    Pretty Binch

    Month ago

    y’all loved shane for the same reason u hate him now

  58. Tj


    Month ago

    "people change" no,people know how to change their characteristics just so people feel symphony for them,but deep down they are the same

  59. dadolf


    Month ago

    Why did this just get notifications for this?

  60. Sam Chafe

    Sam Chafe

    Month ago

    The smiths want to smite Shane Will smith: awww it’s rewind time